A Mercenary's War

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Expert Marksman

Translated by: Spot

Edited by: Isalee

The thing that frightened Gao Yang the most was the two shot, two kill sniper. Thankfully, the two cars blocked off the sniper’s vision. Even though Gao Yang had exposed himself twice, he didn’t hear any shots that sounded like an AK-47.

Gao Yang was being fired at so much that he couldn’t raise his head as he was semi-surrounded by twenty some people. Even if he frequently changed locations, the moment he revealed his head even a tiny bit, it would incur the wrath of a succession of bullets right away. The enemy didn’t dare charge in, but Gao Yang had no opportunity to strike back.

What Gao Yang couldn’t understand was that even though he was facing off with the black soldiers only, their uniforms were pretty much the same. It was obvious that only four to five had great accuracy. The firing rate and timing of the shots were all reasonable, however the rest of the people could only spray and pray. Gao Yang also realized that they wouldn’t release the trigger until the magazine was empty.

Gao Yang knew that the end of his days was approaching. If the opposing force continued to use firepower to suppress him and encircle him completely, it would be all over. The strange thing was, from start to finish, nobody utilized the onslaught of bullets to take action.

Gao Yang couldn’t leave nor return fire. At this moment, he heard somebody order a string of commands. Although the person who issued the command spoke English, it included a mix of weird words so Gao Yang couldn’t completely understand it. He could only guess that it meant for the men to start advancing.

A few men slowly rose up and jogged over to where Gao Yang was. If everyone was crouching down, no one would have the upper hand. Only when they stood up would both sides be able hit each other.

Gao Yang continuously kept a close eye on the enemy's movements. He saw a few of them stand up, and he immediately started firing. In order to increase his accuracy, Gao Yang chose to fire in bursts. He consecutively fired two rounds and killed two people. The rest immediately dropped down. No matter what the commander shouted, they wouldn’t even lift their heads.

Gao Yang impatiently assessed his enemies. Just then, he heard the enemy command an order: “Sayaf, let your troops go together. If you guys still only wish to enjoy the scenery, we’ll just withdraw.”

“Shut up, idiot. Get out of my way. I’ll show how my men do things around here.”

From the opponent’s shouting, Gao Yang managed to pull some critical information. There were two groups and their relationship wasn’t very good. Furthermore, Gao Yang now knew that one of their names was Sayaf — in Arabic, it translated to the Executioner. A name like that felt like a bad omen for Gao Yang.

Gao Yang worked a couple years in foreign trade. He had the most dealings with Asian, African, and Latin American countries that were poor. Other than English, people from these countries also spoke Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and etc. Thus, Gao Yang had frequently heard these languages. Even though he wasn’t fluent, but because he interacted with them so much, he self-studied them.

Even though he wasn’t proficient in Arabic, he knew certain words and he had even learned some Arabian customs. He knew that Arabs had complex surnames and people who had killed a lot were commonly named Sayaf. Hence, Gao Yang felt that his current enemies were powerful.

By now, Professor Buck and the tribal chief should have been at a safe distance. Gao Yang knew he couldn’t wait any longer. He had already completed his task at stalling the enemy. Now it was time to get the hell out.

If he were to be surrounded, then he’d be deader than dead. If he started running now, even though it’d be a narrow escape, he still had that slim chance of living.

He had to run while concealing himself or else there was a 99 percent chance that he would get shot in the face. Momentarily, Gao Yang felt like a hero heading out never to return.

Gao Yang felt his operation was very tragic, and it was a pity that there weren’t any spectators. Since he couldn’t fully express his courage and sorrows, it gave Gao Yang a sense of regret.

While trying to not exposing his head and changing to a fresh magazine clip, he shot in a couple directions first. Then he immediately jumped up and ran for his life.

Gao Yang ran in an irregular S-shaped route like no tomorrow, while praying to all the gods he knew for protection. From Buddha to God, all the way to the ten plus A’Kuli tribe gods, he did not miss any of them. After all, what he was going to do next? Without the protection from the gods, apart from death was still death.

Gao Yang spared no effort in trying to guide his enemies away. He chose a direction that was forty-five degrees away from the route the tribal chief took. Even though there were gunshots and bullets flying all around him, Gao Yang didn’t care and ran with all he had. He didn’t know if a god actually answered his prayers of if his luck was off the charts. With a single breath, he managed to run a few hundred meters. Gao Yang was still perfectly fine.

When a large tree appeared in front of Gao Yang, he immediately hid behind it as he was completely devoid of energy. After somewhat catching his breath, Gao Yang walked out from behind the tree, shot a short burst of gunfire, and then quickly hid again.

Because he was out of breath and his hands were shaking, Gao Yang’s shot didn’t hit anyone. However, the most important thing was that he managed to put two hundred meters between them. His hit chance naturally fell because they were now further apart.

Even though he didn’t hit anyone, Gao Yang’s godly aim deterred them and made the forces chasing after him slow down.

Gao Yang observed himself from head to toe after he hid behind the tree. Other than the fact that the outer part of his left leg was scratched up, there were no other injuries whatsoever, making Gao Yang overjoyed with the turn of events.

After calming himself a bit, he peered out with half his body. He didn’t need to accurately aim before pulling the trigger because whoever was in front was already doomed to die. 

General aiming and rapid firing was Gao Yang’s habit and greatest ability. As a marksman, shooting a couple thousand bullets as practice was definitely not for show. Even though Gao Yang mainly practiced with multi directional flying plates and a double-barrelled shotgun, he had a knack for using any type of gun. Let alone, when Gao Yang was playing the “wargame,” he used the emulated AK-47 series so he was very familiar with the gun. 

If the distance were a bit further, Gao Yang might have been caught. In close range, no matter what gun Gao Yang used, even though he couldn’t possibly make a hundred shots equal a hundred kills, he could easily make seven to eight shots out of ten.

Every time the gun was fired, the person at the very front would die. Because this was Gao Yang’s last battle, he wanted to instill a sense of fear in those chasing after him. If nobody wanted to run at the very front, they would absolutely slow down.

Fortunately, Gao Yang’s tree was extremely thick. Even two people wouldn’t be able to wrap their arms around it. Even though the tree trunk was being shot at and wooden chunks were flying everywhere, the bullets couldn’t penetrate through the tree trunk, providing Gao Yang with an adequate amount of protection. 

Gao Yang squatted down and with another leap, he left the tree trunk’s cover and started shooting only to immediately withdraw. Although Gao Yang couldn’t see if his shot hit its target or not, the enemy was calling out in panicked voices, notifying Gao Yang that he had killed another person.

Gao Yang was unwilling to expose his head. The enemy didn’t follow his wishes of not daring to tread forward. Even though they were much slower than before, they were still inching closer step by step. The tree was on the verge of losing its protective screening, leaving him wide open within the enemy’s target range. Also, because Gao Yang couldn’t shoot from both sides simultaneously, he could only choose to fire from the trunk’s right side. Under enemy fire, the right side of the tree lost a layer of thickness. It also made Gao Yang not dare to attack from the right.

Gao Yang decided that before he made a run for it, he had to repress his enemies’ speed once again. After taking a deep breath, Gao Yang suddenly fired two burst shots suddenly from the left side of the tree.

Even though he shot from the left side and his body had been completely exposed, fortunately the enemy was caught unprepared. His risky action didn’t get him in trouble. On the contrary, the two bursts manage to kill an enemy. In addition, Gao Yang’s dangerous attack finally had some effect as a majority of the enemies laid on the ground.

Borrowing the shot’s suppressing effect and taking a quick gasp of air, Gao Yang took a huge stride backwards, and started running away in an S-shaped path. 

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