A Mercenary's War

Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Importance of Having Good Equipment

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Seeing Gao Yang hang up, Tribo shadily snuck up next to Gao Yang and said, “Bro Yang, just now when I heard you taking Yanko’s call, did you say that the equipment for handloading ammunition is here already? Where are they?”

Gao Yang said repugnantly, “When you speak, please have the initiative to stand further away from me.”

Jin and Grolev also shot condescending looks. Tribo helplessly stepped backwards twice under their stares. He grimaced in anguish and said, “Won’t get infected from talking, y’all are too petty man.”

Gao Yang righteously said, “Please take note, we’re not afraid of being infected by you. We look down on you. Alright, please go to the corner of the wall automatically and listen to us talk about the important stuff. First, Ulyanko called and asked us to go to Libya ASAP. Gaddafi’s thirst for mercs is unprecedented. He said there might even be opportunities to get ten grand per day of work, but it is highly competitive. Also, he wants me to provide him the list of equipment to buy ASAP so that he can quickly prepare everything beforehand.

“The second matter, which is also the most important thing currently is that Kathleen is coming to South Africa. She’ll be arriving after one week. She can only stay for three days, and since Hare needs a week of treatment for his gonorrhea, we can basically set off in ten days.”

Grolev nodded and said, “These two pieces of information are good news. I want to know — what’s the job for the ten grand a day? Is the risk very high?”

Gao Yang shook his head and said, “Don’t know, Ulyanko said that the risk isn’t high, but I don’t think his words are trustworthy at all. We have to find out a little more beforehand and decide according to the situation. If it’s something we can accept as a job and is also viable for us then it’d be the best.”

Tribo anxiously said, “Bro Yang, equipment for handloading rounds, don’t forget about that.”

Gao Yang nodded and replied, “Hmm, those were also just sent here. We can take the goods later together. Two sets in total, Hare and I will pay for it.”

Tribo excitedly said, "Well, we waited for so long, and the goods finally arrived."

Gao Yang asked Bob about the documents on handloading bullets for the M1A in his hand and immediately called Ulyanko, hoping to get those items. The equipment for reloading the bullets wasn't very expensive, but it was very troublesome to get each separate component. Ulyanko had to buy the brands that Gao Yang specified: propellants, warheads, primers, new shells, and designated electronic scales. It was very troublesome to get them all.

Bob was an American. Most of the things he used were American goods. Plus, the United States was the country with the most civilian firearms. Therefore, the related products for guns and ammunition were also the most complete and in stock. If Ulyanko wanted to buy everything, he could only buy from the United States. Hence, it took twenty plus days to send the things to South Africa.

In fact, to be honest, Ulyanko took only twenty plus days and he had already sent so many things that were prohibited on air into Gao Yang's hands. It was pretty much ‘God's’ speed already. If Gao Yang bought them himself, he probably would have bought everything; it’s just that the goods would take forever to arrive.

Gao Yang ignored Tribo. He just stood up and said, “Wait for Hare to get his injections, then we’ll quickly go back and pack up our things. By the way, list out everything we need. It’ll be easier that way for me to report them to Ulyanko.”

In the remaining time period, Grolev accompanied Tribo to wait for the injection at the hospital while Gao Yang and Jin Fang received goods at some landmark building in Johannesburg.

Gao Yang and Jin returned home before they picked up the goods. Because the two sets of bullets, repackaging equipment, and raw materials amounted to a total of more than seven thousand dollars, they had to to go home and get the money first since they had an insufficient amount of cash on them. 

The contents of the two sets of bullet-reloading equipment were not exactly identical. Each contained a pretty large box and Ulyanko was still very dedicated to his job: before collecting the money, Gao Yang was given a list of expenses, indicating various unit prices to prove that the equipment was provided at their respective cost prices.

The price of the two sets of equipment was less than four thousand dollars, but the transportation fee amounted to quite a bit. Ulyanko mentioned that he utilized his special channel. Otherwise, Gao Yang could do nothing else but continue to wait. Hence, the shipping was very expensive. 

The two sets of bullet-loading equipment were more like a test for Ulyanko. Gao Yang was still very satisfied with Ulyanko’s professionalism. After they happily brought their stuff back home, they coincidentally entered the house together with Tribo and Grolev. 

Deeply afraid that Tribo would only focus on researching the newly-arrived bullets and equipment, Gao Yang deliberately ordered Tribo to pack up his stuff and list the stuff he needed to buy first. Tribo did not open the box after listing the stuff down and he began to organize his own things. 

Gao Yang had a lot of things to bring to Libya. Three guns were a must. Therefore, he did not need to buy weapons again. However, for high-precision, sniper-specific bullets, Ulyanko had to prepare more for Gao Yang. The other would be the bulletproof vests, as well as the clothes and boots and stuff. Gao Yang also wanted Ulyanko to help buy them.

It wasn't that Gao Yang was focusing on efficiency such that he was too lazy to purchase his own clothes. The problem was that more professional clothes and boots were very difficult to find in Johannesburg. Hence, Gao Yang simply let Ulyanko handle the clothes and boots.

Things like boots were not to be underestimated. It might seem like that they did not have much to do with combat, but these seemingly unrelated things could affect the outcome of the battle to a large extent.

After long and hard marches on lengthy journeys, one side had blisters on their feet and would hurt whenever they touched the ground. And those on the opposing side were wearing comfortable boots and socks; both feet were very comfortable at their disposal. Who would lose out when both sides engaged in battle?

In a cold and heavy downpour, the party wearing ordinary clothes would be soaked from head to toe; it would be difficult to even aim after freezing and shivering. Who would win when if they fought with the other side that was dressed in good-quality clothes that had kept them warm and dry?

On the battlefield, any unremarkable detail could determine the battle outcome. Therefore, all countries’ armies would, within their capabilities, do their utmost to improve their military equipment. Moreover, from a mercenary's outlook, although one needed to pay for themselves if they treasured their own puny lives, one would of course pick up whatever was best.

A majority of the mercenaries' equipment was not as good as those of an ordinary soldier from a country with formidable military power. Not to mention, the elite special forces. It wasn't that these mercenaries didn't want to use good stuff — they simply could not afford them. Of course there were those that treasured money over their lives, and they weren't few in numbers amongst the mercenaries.

Most people like that had one thing in common: they would go for food, drinks, gambling, and prostitutes. They did not care whether the stuff they wore were suitable for combat. They did not even care about their lives; enjoying everything as much as possible when alive was their motto.

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