A Mercenary's War

Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Thirty Percent

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Tribo felt that time flew by really fast. A month had gone by before they felt anything.

Tribo underwent a month of shooting practice and his marksmanship improved greatly. In that month of time, he fired around ten thousand bullets. Excluding the first few days of familiarizing himself with the feel of holding the gun, Tribo had to aim carefully and shoot every bullet with his heart and soul for the rest of the days. Hence, shooting ten thousand rounds in a month was actually a lot already. Tribo started with normal bullets at first, but after that it was all highly-refined rounds. Hence, in this case, the total cost of the number of bullets expended was over five thousand USD.

It was just that ever since he was involved with the black lady named Tu-tu, he would obviously return home at a later time. The first few days weren’t really much, but seven to eight days after that ‘man-rape’ event, even Gao Yang could see that Tribo’s steps and movements were getting weaker and sloppier[1].

To be able to reduce Tribo, whose nickname was “Draft animal[2]”, to such a state of weakness… Gao Yang felt that he should warn Tribo to not fall and become overly exhausted from a black gal’s belly. But after some deliberation, he still forfeited the idea. As a mercenary, only Heaven knew who would perish on the battlefields. Since he had opportunities to enjoy himself, he might as well not spoil the fun.

Actually, in the group of four within the Satan Mercenary Corporation, Tribo being the second to break his virginity still somewhat induced envy in Gao Yang and Jin Fang.

That’s right, Gao Yang was indeed still a poor virgin boy. When he was in school, he only cared about playing around, and he didn’t have the time or concentration to find a girlfriend. When he graduated and started working in society, he finally had some thoughts about it. But he was stranded in South Africa, and lived as a savage for three years of his life. As for Jin, he would be surreptitiously chuckling to himself should he manage to see any females in the unit.

Tragically, he lived twenty plus years but he still was a virgin[3]. Waves of indignation rose in him whenever he recalled this. Especially when he thought about dying someday as a virgin. He couldn’t rest in peace with his eyes closed.

Being a virgin boy was already pitiful enough. What was more aggravating was that he had to face a bewitching, voluptuous, and good-looking girl who also had elegance and quality in her. And this beautiful lady was also vengeful and plaintive in her demeanor when Gao Yang always avoided her. It was just a step away from what Tu-tu did: ‘reverse-rape’.

Seeing a big beauty like that was like an automatic given, but Gao Yang couldn’t do it no matter what.

Gao Yang didn’t care how old Elena was, but the greatest psychological barrier couldn’t be overcome. It was simply because Elena was Grolev’s precious daughter. Wooing a girl that was his brother-in-arms and life-and-death’s; he couldn’t do such a thing regardless of any reason.

It was also only one month, but Gao Yang felt that his days were like years. Facing double the pressure from Elena and Jin, the torment on both the physical and emotional fronts led Gao Yang to feel like he was in hell in that one month.

Gao Yang currently wished Kathleen would arrive in South Africa earlier. Even if he had to compete over a woman with a woman, he would come to terms with it. There was still a month left before Kathleen’s arrival date. Gao Yang didn’t know if he could endure it until then.

Gao Yang originally intended to just rest and relax for a month. He wanted to use that time to also develop his close combat abilities. Now that the one-month period had arrived already, although it wasn’t a black and white rule that had to be addressed and adhered to, Gao Yang felt that it was time to consider returning to the battlefields.

Gao Yang’s close combat standards increased by leaps and bounds. He felt that during the month of training, he basically had filled up his greatest loophole in this field.

Jin’s training method was really not bad. Gao Yang improved extremely fast while he was under pressure from doing anything badly or wrongly. Admittedly, under intense pressure, learning efficacy would be greatly enhanced. Gao Yang had already developed his muscle memory. When attacked, his muscles would react before his brains even did. This would be the so-called ‘instinctive reaction’. Both Jin and Gao Yang were very satisfied to have reached such a standard in just a month.

After internalizing every technique and strike that Jin especially repeated, Gao Yang could now mix and match and utilize them. Although he still had to endure getting beaten up during training, it wasn’t purely a one-sided beating. He could sometimes retaliate and that made his days a lot better.

Gao Yang wouldn’t be forced flat to the floor by Jin so easily now. His foundations were pretty decent already, and after this crash course, his reaction and attacking speed increased by folds. According to Jin, Gao Yang could already dismiss three to five normal men. Even if Gao Yang was battling a Commando that endured rigorous training, he also had the ability to fight.

High-achieving disciples emerged from renowned masters. It definitely made sense. Although somewhat disoriented and a sorry figure still, Gao Yang could still exchange blows for ten plus rounds with Jin. Of course, Jin lowered his threshold to teach and practice with Gao Yang. If it were a life-and-death brawl, Jin would still be able to finish Gao Yang off in one hit. The difference of ten plus years with the kung fu basics wasn’t so easily balanced and easy to catch up to.

After the last day of the crash course in the evening, Gao Yang was going to get out of this tiresome and tormenting life from the month’s worth of training.

Gao Yang, who was still fighting with Jin, moved backwards and left a clear space between the two. He then waved continuously and said, “It's over, it's over, we are done for today, special crash course ends right now too.”

After saying that, Gao Yang raised both his hands and roared to the skies, “Hurrah! My difficult days are finally over!”

Jin was still stuck in the moment and was reluctant to end it. “Time really flies, it's been a month already. But don't think that it's over. When there's chance next time, you still have to continue your training. What's your standard now, from where to where? Still far from being an expert man. Even when you're not free you still have to practice. Kung fu is something that will be gone forever without maintenance.”

Gao Yang wiped his sweat and said, “Got it, will practice whenever there's time. Won't leave it to rust. Hare should be back soon now, I'll go take a bath. When you see Hare in a moment, call Old Ruski to come to my room together. We got to discuss what's next.”

During the month that Gao Yang and the rest spent on resting, Ulyanko called a few times and asked Gao Yang when they were going to Libya for war again. But Gao Yang hadn’t decided on their return to the battlefield.

Profiting from the advanced media nowadays, any situation in Libya or information about Libya could be seen on television. Gao Yang and the rest just had to watch the news on a daily basis to know about the progress of the war in Libya.

After entering the month of May, Gaddafi's days were already very difficult. Even his seventh son, Saif Thanks, and his three grandsons were all bombed to death in that air raid. Gaddafi had long since avoided public exposure. Government troops were steadily losing. The Opposition that was based in Benghazi announced their initial victory with much haste and speed.

Although Gaddafi's days weren't easy, it was still too early for the Opposition to celebrate. Libby's political landscape actually hadn't stabilized into a positive state yet, at least when including the capital, Tripoli, and many other big cities which were still in Gaddafi's hands. If NATO didn't send land forces, the Opposition didn't have the capability to end the war in one shot.

Gao Yang showered and changed into clean clothes. He returned to his room, and not long after, Tribo who had returned and the rest of them entered his room.

After the four rallied up, Gao Yang solemnly said, “We have rested and relaxed for a whole month, so everyone should have recovered. Ulyanko called me a few times to ask me when I'm going to Libya. I never gave him a reply. We all know about the situation in Libya. Tell me guys, when should we go, and which side should we choose?”

Jin usually looked to Gao Yang for every decision, and Tribo always habitually listened to Gao Yang about everything. Gao Yang also didn’t expect them to provide much of an opinion, so he mainly wanted to hear what Grolev had in mind.

Grolev solemnly said, “We don’t desperately need money. I think we can wait for a few days more, and listen to the situation for a bit. After that we can then decide to be hired for either side. The Opposition gave a lot less, but the risks of fighting the government troops are small too. Gaddafi gave a lot, but as time goes on, the situation would also get harder and harder. Both have their boons and banes, but you’re the corp head. No matter the choice, it’s on you.”

Gao Yang nodded and said, “We should get ourselves good equipment first. Then ask Green Mamba and Ulyanko, nope, forget about Ulyanko. That guy’s always thinking about his profit, he wouldn’t care about our lives or deaths. Old Ruski, you have to hear out from your friends a little to see which side is more advantageous. We’ll take that side. In conclusion, we’ll make preparations to set off in the next few days.”

After saying that, he suddenly thought about something. He said, “Hare, how’s your progress? We didn’t see how your marksmanship is these few days. Can you snipe now? How about this? Tomorrow we’ll go to the range to see your shooting skills and see that Tu-tu gal you’re dating. I’ve been really curious this whole time.”

Tribo hesitated a little and said, “To be honest, there’s some distance from me being a sniper. But hitting moving targets within three hundred meters isn’t a problem. Wouldn’t be so useless after returning to the battlegrounds the second time around. It’s just that the range I'm going is a little small, the furthest being three hundred meters only. How about I start going to the wild and train where there are no people?”

Gao Yang was astonished. “The sun’s really rising in the west… you don’t crave your Tu-tu anymore?”

Tribo was abashed. “Can’t take it anymore, black girls are too ferocious, four to five rounds a day. Now it’s twice a day and she’s not satisfied. Bro, I’m totally blended dry, can’t last anymore. I better quit on my own initiative. Ah, of course the main reason is still that the range’s too small. Wasn’t I planning on using these few days to try shooting long distances man?”

Gao Yang nodded and said, “Very well, tomorrow I’ll accompany you to a secluded place. Right, how about we forget about tomorrow. Twenty plus days of time would probably be enough to check. You better find a doctor tomorrow if you’ve contracted HIV, that’s the important thing.”

Tribo’s face was all white, he quivered, “Bro Yang, don’t joke man, that joke ain’t funny at all.”

Gao Yang’s eyebrows were furrowed. “Who’s joking with you? Don’t forget about the thirty percent, this is thirty percent man, do you feel that it’s a small probability?”

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Translator’s note(s):

  1. More precisely, he was shagged and tired after the shagging.
  2. The type that works.
  3. Come on, no problem being a virgin or anything. Affinity takes time. Always Available~

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