Zhan Long

Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Dragon Crystal

I leaned over and picked up the crystal. It had a faint glow and felt warm in my palm. The crystal was transparent, allowing me to see the Dragon Flame power inside. Even though the Earth Dragons weren’t truly considered flying dragons, they were the closest relatives to the true dragons. Even so, holding Dragon Power wasn’t an easy thing——

[Dragon Crystal] (Dragon Power 17 points) : This is an energy crystal that was created from a being that is closely related to the Dragon Tribe. A material for smithing equipment and weapons as well as fortifying cities. This crystal increases attack and defense effects and is closely related with the power of the dragon crystal.


Materials for smithing weapons and equipment? Itss probably similar to the ore that’s used to increase attack effect. Nevermind, I’ll just throw it into my bag for now.

After collecting the Dragon Crystal, I continued pushing forward.  I purposely went around to the eastern side of the Dragon Nest. That way I could avoid seeing any other players.

The dense forest was practically covered with lower tier dragon tribe monsters. Getting there was a long and slow process. At the same time, I messaged the Head of [Zhan Long] Logistics, Fox——


“Yea, little Li what’s up?”

“Help me look up what Dragon Crystals are for. Is there a price for it on the market yet?”


A few minutes later, Fox sent a message, “Dragon Crystals are used for upgrading equipment. It increases the dragon power of weapons and it can also increase the Dragon Health Defense effect on armors. However, at the moment, there haven’t been dragon type monsters and nobody’s gotten any Dragon Crystal drops, so nobody knows what the effects are. In addition, the NPC army is buying all of the Dragon Crystals in the Eastern Plaza. Its one of the necessary materials for the Dragon Crystal Cannon.”

“Yup, I got it!”

Content, I closed the the message window. If it’s like that, then the Dragon Crystals are useful. All of the Silver, Gold, and Purple Tier Equipments that I got, I immediately made into God Army Cards. I needed to leave some more space for the herbs and the Dragon Crystals.


However, after killing seventeen Earth Dragons, I only got two Dragon Crystals. That was enough to prove that the drop rate for these Dragon Crystals was very low. I didn’t expect that it would be so low even with my 300+ charm. Any players with less than 100 charm probably won’t get even one drop if they killed a hundred. As for players with under 50, they would have to kill 1000 to get one and that was an extremely painful and long process.

“Pu chi….”

I cut off a head with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. When another crystal dropped, I looked up into the distance. I could make out some human shapes in the distant mountain. I quickly leapt up and entered into the forest. After carefully watching, I could make them out better. It was [House of Prestige]’s Bai Li Ruo Feng, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and the others. Looks like this map was their first target after entering the city. Motherf*cker, they have the Tian Ling City insignia on their shoulders too. The time of the Chinese Servers main city had finally arrived. The unavoidable conflicts were appearing one after another.

Nevermind them. The mountains were covered with Earth Dragons. There was enough for them to kill. I just needed to make sure I was the first to reach the Dragon’s Nest.


Not long after, another big group of people appeared. This time, it was [Hero’s Mound]. Q-Sword and Sword Tears were both there. I could even see some other people who were from Ba Huang City. It was Wang Ze Cheng and Yan Suo. [Hero’s Mound: Division One] had finally decided to join the main guild’s events. To be honest, Wang Ze Cheng probably doesn’t want this. He was perfectly content as guildmaster in Ba Huang City. However, there was no other choice. He had to go to Tian Ling City to unite with the main guild.

The two big guilds weren’t particularly fast in their advance, while I was by myself. I could rely on [Camouflage] and go around them. If I really couldn’t avoid them, then I would just fight them head on. With my Ancient Heavenly Tiger assisting me, the speed of my advance and my retreat would not be an issue.

Close to two hours later, I finally reached the Dragon’s Nest. The peak of the mountain was shaped like a dragon’s head. Below it was a dark cave that seemed to tunnel deeper into the mountain. As expected, the Blue Dragon lives here.


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and I urged my horse forward into the tunnel. The ground was wet and slippery. After I entered, I found out that there was a total of three floors and I was currently on the first floor of the Dragon’s Nest Cave. When I looked downward, I could see roaring flames and lava slowly bubbling at the center. The third floor was around 500 meters away from me. From a distance, I could see a blue dragon at the center of the nest. He rested at the top of a cliff and relaxed in the warmth from the flames. He was in the middle of a deep sleep. He blew flames through his nose as he snored.

“Gu dong…”

I gulped as I looked. The BOSS was so close to me. However, the best case scenario was that I didn’t provoke it. This BOSS was not necessarily something I could fight by myself. Especially since I could see the faint words “Demon Harvest” tier above its head. Nevermind, I definitely couldn’t kill a BOSS on this tier. Even if i called upon a hundred or so of [Zhan Long]’s players to come here and help, I still wouldn’t be confident in our ability to kill it.

I glanced around. I cared more about the Dragon Spit Grass!

Within the walls of the nest, I could see grasses growing from the crevices. They were very thin but they grew in groups. Yup, those are the ones I want!

I looked forward, I saw a three meter tall Armored Dragon Man standing guard there. He had a crimson sword at his hip. When he saw me, he pulled it out and began to screech as it charged at me. Motherf*cker, it was a Valkyrie Tier Vice-BOSS. It had around 4,000,000 health. Killing it would be hard. More importantly, it would take too much time.

My Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and lunged forward to kill the monster. Close to three minutes later, I killed the Armored Dragon Man. My experience rose up quite a bit. On top of that, it dropped 200+ gold. However, I couldn’t waste any more time here. Otherwise, if [Hero’s Mound], and [House of Prestige] get here, I would have a difficult time acting.


Standing on the first floor of the Dragon’s Nest, I looked at the map to check out my surroundings. Around 70 meters ahead of me was a mass of Dragon Spit Herbs. However, between us were 27 Armored Dragonmen. If I killed them one by one, then I would be wasting too much time.

I glanced at me left arm and pondered for a bit. Yup, it was worth the risk!

I raised my arm and activated [Dragon’s Hook]. I then locked onto a rock and activated it!


The [Dragon’s Hook] flew out with its long rope. “Keng!” It drilled itself into the wall. I then shank the rope, bringing me and my horse flying into the sky. I flew forward in a straight line. Right before I hit the wall, I released the hook. My Flying Scythe Horse whinnied and fell to the ground with a heavy thud. With that one move, I had passed over all 27 of the Valkyrie Vice-BOSSes. Looking up, I could see the Dragon Spit Grass. I happily began to collect herbs. Not long after, I had 71 stacks of Dragon Spit Grass in my bag. I looked around and saw that there were two other bunches in the adjacent cliff.

I put away my mount and activated the [Dragon’s Hook] again. I aimed it at the cliff with one bunch of Dragon Spit Herbs. I flew forward again and clung to the cliff. I was like one of those people who hung from cliffs to pick herbs. I continuously collected the Dragon Spit Herbs. I soon swept through all of the Dragon Spit Herbs in the area. This trip was extremely fruitful. When the players from [Hero’s Mound] and [House of Prestige] discover that all of the monsters are still here, but the Dragon Spit Grass was gone. I can’t even imagine what kind of expressions they’ll have.

After picking all of the grasses from the first floor, I carefully looked around me. I noticed that there were a couple of ropes of vines. This was how I was supposed to get to the second floor. Under the hot wind in the cave, the vines began to swing!

Even though I could easily get to the second floor with my [Dragon’s Hook] I decided to check it out anyway!

I put away my mount and then grabbed one of the vines with my hand. Then, I gave it a strong tug. It seemed pretty sturdy. I then leapt off and slid down the vines. The second floor was far beneath me. I gave a slight swing and then pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword. “Keng!” I stabbed it into the side of the cliff, sticking myself to the wall. Then, I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword. “Ka Cha!” I cut down the vine that I was hanging on.

Hmph hmph, if it was like this, then won’t [Hero’s Mound] and [House of Prestige] not make it down here right? I’m really too evil…..

However, right at that moment, I suddenly heard a “Sha sha” sound from above the vine. A new vine sprout was growing in its place. After a few minutes, it grew back to the original length. I nearly spat blood onto the cliff. This system was set up so that players couldn’t make lowly attacks like this. Nevermind, I’ll just keep looking for Dragon Spit Herbs in the area!

On the bright side, after killing all of these Armored Dragon Men, I got another Dragon Crystal. At least I hadn’t killed them for nothing.

Furthermore, after collecting all of the Dragon Spit Herbs, I had been making the medicine on the spot, in case I got killed and dropped the herbs. If that happened then it would be too much of a waste. How could I let the enemy rush skills in my stead.


Right as I shot my Dragon’s Hook at the cliff to pick more Dragon Spit Grass, I heard a scream. In the distance, a group of people charged into the Dragon’s Nest. They were on the opposite side and could see me!

I couldn’t allow that!

I quickly dashed away and hid behind a group of vines and activated [Camouflage]. That way, the players 150 meters away from me wouldn’t be able to see me. Yup, those were [House of Prestige] players. Bai Li Ruo Feng lead the party with his bow in hand. He wore a full suit of high level leather armor and brought 100+ [House of Prestige] players with him.


Bai Li Ruo Feng walked in the front. He looked up and said, “Dragon’s Nest Floor One… why can’t we see a single Dragon Spit Grass? This is illogical... “

Quick Thunder Swift Wind raised his battle axe and said, “Bro, maybe it only grows where the BOSS is? Look, the Blue Dragon Hilbert is laying there. Its drool is nearly falling out. Let’s hurry up and kill it!

Bai Li Ruo Feng squinted and said, “Don’t be impatient. Q-Sword brought 400+ of the elites from [Hero’s Mound] and is right behind us. Who knows if they’ll try and take the kill from us. Tell the brothers outside to be on watch. [Hero’s Mound] has a pretty good reputation in Fan Shu City. Q-Sword isn’t the kind to bully the weak, but that doesn’t mean his underlings aren’t. Especially that Division One guildmaster Cang Cheng. That man isn’t benevolent in any way. While he was in Ba Huang City, he rose hell in the city during his fight with Xiao Yao Zi Zai.”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind smiled cruelly, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai? [Zhan Long]? Ha ha, I’m closing in on their level. With that, [House of Prestige]’s revenge will be brought down upon them….”

Bai Li Ruo Feng shook his head, “No. Don’t be rash and attack [Zhan Long]. Xiao Yao Zi Zai isn’t a simple person. His allies, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds are even more complicated. [House of Prestige] is still in the middle of growing, so we shouldn’t make too many enemies. Let’s first develop ourselves and then make alliances with other guilds. We shouldn’t attack. If we do, we must give Xiao Yao Zi Zai and [Zhan Long] a crippling blow!”

“Ok, I understand…”