Zhan Long

Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Magic Dragon's Nest

I happily walked around in my Yuan Rong Combat Boots, and looked again at the items that the BOSS dropped. I kept all of the Pardon Cards and Soul Gems in my bag, and held the Fire Qilin’s Halberd in my hand. OK, this task could already be considered finished. I was feeling very happy. I could now go to Captain Lan Luo to collect my reward.

I urged my horse on, and brought out my Ancient Tiger God with me. In the distance, I saw ten or so players from [The Knights Templar] that were hiding in the bushes, as if they were planning to launch a surprise attack on me. However, I didn't pay attention to them. The DPS of this group of people was too low, and they wouldn't be able to instantly kill me even if they came at me together. Besides, I also had a Level 11 potion. If they couldn’t instantly kill me, then I would be able to completely counter and kill all of them.

I lowered my head and looked at the Fire Qilin’s halberd. There was a faint, glowing shimmer on its surface. However, this signified that it was a Quest Item, and I was unable to equip it. Also I was also unable to see any of its stats. But its stats shouldn't be too bad, and it definitely had a higher attack power than my Dragon Reservoir Sword, at the minimum. In any case, it was the weapon of the main city’s emperor, so it definitely wouldn’t be lacking.

My Flying Scythe War Horse entered the forest once again, and I arrived at the temporary campsite not long after. The two archers were currently using a small knife to cut some roasted horse meat. They cut one piece and handed it to Knight Captain Lan Luo, but he had a grieved expression, and said,“This is the meat of my mount, I can't eat it…you guys should eat it, I can still endure. Besides, I don't know if that kid can really complete the task. If he can find and return the Fire Qilin’s Halberd, then it'll be a great achievement. Otherwise we’ll have to report back our inability to complete the task…”

The young female healer consoled him: “Captain, you don’t need to be worried. I feel that that young warrior can definitely complete the mission. My woman’s intuition tells me that he is a person with an exceedingly strong willpower and strength, so much so it exceeds our imagination!”

“I hope that's the case!”

At that moment, the Flying Scythe War Horse dug its hooves into the grass. I got off the horse and ran to the campsite, with the glistening Fire Qilin’s Halberd in my hands. It was the first thing Captain Lan Luo saw. Hope sprung in his originally listless eyes. He suddenly stood up, and said,  “Good kid. As expected, you really brought the Fire Qilin’s Halberd back…”

I walked up to him and raised the halberd in my hand. I laughed, “Is this the weapon of the emperor that you wanted me to find?”

Captain Lan Luo excitedly snatched the weapon from my hands and laughed, “This is great, you really did it! Young warrior, your strength has made me astonished! Come, this is the reward that belongs to you!”


System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the SS Grade Mission [Retrieve the Fire Qilin's Halberd]. You have obtained the mission rewards: Level experience+17%, Gold+8000, and your reputation in Tian Ling City has increased by 2000 points!

Yup, there's only a gold and experience reward. However, that was already enough, I didn't come here for equipment. Besides, I also got Soul Gems after killing the BOSS. That was already enough, after all, I couldn’t be too greedy!

I turned around and looked into the distant thick grass. There were a total of 17 players from [The Knights Templar] who were still lingering in the thick grass. Unfortunately, this group of players didn't think that my level was high, or that my stats were also high, which also meant that I had already noticed them due to my [Perception] being higher than theirs.

I ignored them, and stood alone in the campsite. I took out my Alchemy Furnace, Devil God Grass and Dragon Spit Grass, and began activating my Level 11 [Medicine Refining]. Actually, it was a Heavenly Tier Level 1 [Medicine Refining], but I'll just call it Level 11 for the time being. After I put 3 portions of Dragon Spit Grass and 7 portions of Devil Grass into the Alchemy Furnace, it slowly transformed into 3 Dragon Spit Pills, which had unique recovery effects. Following the sound of a bell, the skill level of my [Medicine Refining] continuously rose——


System Notification: Congratulations, you have successfully created [Dragon Spit Pill] ×3, and your Mastery has increased +30!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have successfully created [Dragon Spit Pill] ×2, and your Master has increased +20!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have successfully created [Dragon Spit Pill] ×3, and your Mastery has increased +30!


This went on until I finished using up all of the Dragon Spit Grass in my bag. I looked at my Skill Mastery again. Hm, seems like there was still quite a bit of a ways to Level 12 [Medicine Refining]. Now that I’m level 114, I should already be creating  Level 12 [Medicine Refining] pills. The best outcome would be for me to reach Level 12 [Medicine Refining] before the Hero’s Wings tournament starts. With Level 12 medicine as a backup, [Zhan Long]’s team will have a bit of an advantage when fighting in the Hero’s Wings tournament.

[Medicine Refining LV-Heavenly Tier Level 1]: Degree of Mastery 12360/50000

I had only completed 24.7% of the mastery level, and there was still a large gap. I'll have to continue working hard. However, I had already taken all of the Dragon Spit Grass in the Earth Dragons Canyon, so it seems like I'll have to find a new place to collect it from.

Opening the world map, I saw that 90% of Tian Ling City’s map was still dark, hiding its treasure to other players. In fact, many maps would require the player to first personally enter a location before lighting up. This would make the player’s adventure in the game have a greater meaning.


A single message came from the beautiful Cang Tong, “Pig, are you in the Earth Dragon Canyon?”

“Yup, why?”

“Big idiot…you went and PKed with people again…Shang Li from [The Knights Templar] is currently gathering troops at the east side of Tian Ling City. They have gathered 400+ fifth advancement players. Furthermore, it seems like they've roped in some players from [Hero’s Mound]’s main guild, threatening to go to the Earth Dragon’s Gorge to beat you until you eat sh*t…”

“Eat sh*t…” My whole body trembled, “The people from [The Knights Templar] really fuss over small matters. I've only killed around 100 of their people…”

“Also, the two big guilds [Hero’s Mound] and [House of Prestige] are both gathering all of their manpower. According to my sources, they're trying to go clean out the Magic Dragon’s Nest. Among these two guilds, Q-Sword and Bai Li Ruo Feng both have the [Medicine Refining] skill, and it seems like they're trying to level up their skill level, just like you. The main objective of their trip to the Magic Dragon’s Nest is to look for Dragon Spit Grass. Should we from [Zhan Long] also go?”

“No need…” I thought for a while, and said, “Let Li Mu and Qing Qian take some people to farm levels and check out the maps. Also, the many territories in Tian Ling City have just opened up. We should pay some attention to various types of mounts. We must have some of the defense type mounts, attack type mounts, and speed type mounts, and snatch them before the other guilds discover them. We should develop more first rate players with mounts. During the coming team battle, these mounted players will be main force that will charge and kill enemies.”

“Yup, I know. Just leave the issue of looking for mounts to me. Are you going to the  Magic Dragon’s Nest alone?

I slightly smiled: “Yup, it's convenient for a single person to come and go. That way, I won't have too many obstructions. If I bring too many people, it'll be inevitable to have a fight with [Hero’s Mound] and [House of Prestige] where no one gains anything.”

“Ok, then take care of yourself!”

“I know, give me a quick kiss…”

“That, we’ll talk about it when we go offline!”


I looked at the map again. The Magic Dragon’s Nest borders the Earth Dragon’s Gorge, so it seems like it's more convenient if I want to go over. Perhaps I could even be in front of [House of Prestige] and [Hero’s Mound]. Yup, let's go!

I turned around and entered the forest. I quickly went into [Stealth] mode and hid amongst the bushes. A group of people from [The Knights Templar] hurriedly chased after me, but the explosive increase in speed when my mount went into Charge Mode let me brush off these pursuers in the blink of an eye. I circled around them, and went in the direction of the Magic Dragon’s Nest.

I galloped even further forward, and I went outside of the lush forest. This part of the Zi Wu Mountain was split into two mountain ranges, and the Magic Dragon’s Nest was surrounded by the Zi Wu Mountain in a loop-like shape. Taking advantage of the extinguished volcano, I sped up my horse to cross over the eastern Zi Wu Mountain. Everywhere that the iron hoof of the war horse stepped on was scorching lava. The Ancient Tiger God roared and chased after us. Suddenly, a strong wind blew against me from the center of the mountain I looked downwards, but I could only see the enormous shape of a mountain valley cover my vision. In the middle of the mountain valley, I could distantly see the the perilous peak of the mountain, which was in the shape of a dragon head. I didn't even need to think, the Magic Dragon’s Nest was there.


System Notification: Please take notice, you have entered a dangerous map——[Magic Dragon’s Nest]!

Map Introduction:Magic Dragon’s Nest, this is an area that has been cursed. The corrupted Blue Dragon・Hilbert has already forcibly occupied this area for 700 years. Hilbert is an enormous dark element dragon which escaped from the Hybrid Demon Territory, after being cursed by the Elf Queen Lanais. His soul was corrupted, causing him to become incomparably savage. Relying on his extremely great strength, he destroyed the 500 soldiers from the empire that were originally stationed here. After that, he assembled a group of inferior Earth Dragons to help him protect this area, causing the Tian Ling Empire’s repeated attempts(3 times) to attack the Magic Dragon’s Nest to suffer a miserable defeat. It is said that Magic Dragon Hilbert is very fond of treasures, and has collected many treasures within his cafe. However, this is also the true reason why many adventures have perished.

Looking at the map introduction, I slightly laughed. This was going to be very simple. What I was planning to do was to sneak into the Magic Dragon’s Nest and collect the Dragon Spit Grass. Normally, Dragon Spit Grass could only grow in the high quality living areas of the dragon race, which had the bloodline of an enormous dragon. As the name suggests, Dragon Spit Grass requires dragon spit in order to grow, and Hilbert was an authentic blue dragon that was a highly ranked member of the dragon race. There was no question about it, there was definitely Dragon Spit Grass there.


I unsheathed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and tugged in the reins. The Flying Scythe War Horse immediately and mightily raised its front hoof and let out a long neigh, charging down the mountain range, straight towards the mountain valley where the Magic Dragon’s Nest was.

After entering the mountain valley, it didn't even take me a few minutes before I met my first opponent, a cumbersome yet savage looking Earth Dragon. It had the head of the dragon race, but it didn't have any wings, causing it to only be able to crawl on the floor. A Level 121 Titan Tier monster, kill!

Looking at my Dragon Reservoir Sword, it's [Kill for Blood] ability was already at 100%. This was good news. The people from [The Knights Templar] had good value. At least they raised the attack power of my main weapon to the upper limit of 100%.

My blade swiftly and fiercely cut through the forehead of the Earth Dragon. It opened its mouth and dealt [Engulfing Flames]. The 2000+ points of damage took me by surprise. The stats of the monsters here were much stronger than the monsters in the Earth Dragon’s Gorge. However, this was also nice, as it could help me stack up the defense ability of my Hidden Dragon Armor. The longer I was online, the more exciting the battles were, and the stronger I was getting!

“Pu pu pu…”

Under the control of my thoughts, the Flying Scythe War Horse advanced and retreated, and cleverly dodged the attacks. I continuously to slice at the weak point of the Earth Dragon, it's neck, dealing a lot of critical damage. .

Less than 20 seconds later, the Earth Dragon let out a wail and fell. It dropped 2 gold coins, 37 silver coins, and a grayish-brown crystal.