Zhan Long

Chapter 622

Chapter 622 - Yuan Rong Combat Boots

Reckless Soldier was holding his rifle, and urged his black coloured war horse on. His other hand was holding a heavy shield, as he said “When did Xiao Yao Zi Zai become a monster? Whatever, let’s go! Slaughter him! Even if it’s the real Xiao Yao Zi Zai, we have to kill him! Now that Tian Ling City has opened, who does [Zhan Long] think it is?  Don’t forget that this is the world ruled by [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound]. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is just a clown jumping around!”

Shang Li also nodded his head: “Move out, first kill that Frost Earth Dragon, then kill that BOSS!”

The several dozens of  players from [The Knights Templar] uniformly charged over. Under the form of the Earth Dragon, I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and whirled around. A meteoric Dou Qi appeared on my blade, and in the next moment, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] exploded in the group of people. As before, it also turned into the Frost Earth Dragon’s breath attack. But the attack power was definitely mine, and a few Swordsmen and Berserkers were directly instakilled.

“Sha sha…”

I didn’t retreat but instead advanced, carrying my sword and charged towards Shang Li. To capture a group of bandits, I must first capture their king! A cluster of densely packed [Scattered Shot]’s flew over at me. Under my urging, the Flying Scythe War Horse let out a screeching neigh, and it aggressively stomped and shattered the rock, rapidly changing direction and speeding up, causing the attacks to MISS. At the same time, two MISSes consecutively appeared on the top of my head. I had just missed a mage’s [Lullaby]. Motherf*cker, this was quite lucky. Once I got afflicted with Sleep, then it could really turn dangerous.

I clenched my teeth, and opened my palm towards the group of the people. It was the fifth advancement skill that came from Frost——[Ice Domain]!


A frosty shockwave blossomed below my feet, and instantly, all of the players from [The Knights Templar], regardless of whether they were close to me or far away from me, were sealed by ice. The multiple [Mana Shield]s were simultaneously broken by the ice seal. With a roar, the Ancient Heavenly Tiger had already charged over, killing its way into the crowd using [Burstfire Raid]. Taking advantage of the Mages and Archers that were frozen, it raised its head and used [Fierce Roar], instantly killing a group of people. There weren’t that many Mages and Archers left after its charge.

I followed up by sweeping my sword into the crowd, rapidly attacking and killing crowds of players. The people who were killed by me couldn’t revive for 60 minutes. In addition, The Ancient Heavenly Tiger and I basically instantly killed everyone we attacked. It was to the extent where the Healer’s [Revive]s would be rendered totally useless even after they used a [Hundred Battles] BUFF.



Reckless Soldier broke out of the ice, with rage plastered across his face, “He attacked first, this is definitely Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

“You don’t say, his pet’s already come out!”

Shang Li suddenly used his blade to attack from behind. His war horse raised its front hoof, and raging flames appeared on his blade. A heavy [Holy Fire Cut] landed on the back of my shoulder. “Clang”, I trembled from the impact, and lost 6712 points of health. The attack power of this guild leader from [The Knights Templar] was not bad. With another [Holy Shield Strike], I was immediately stunned for 2 seconds. Ye Du Ge started charging at me from my flank. He threw a [Flying Dagger]+[Combo], coupled with the attacks from a few other Archers and Musketeers. My health immediately fell. Within the blink of an eye, I only had less than 10000 health! The feeling of being ganged up on and attacked didn’t feel too good!


After I broke free from the Stun effect of the [Holy Shield Strike], I raised my hand and activated [Cleansing Rain]. I quickly swallowed a Dragon Spit Pill, and my health was immediately restored——



I gently waved my hand, and [Binding Chains] was activated. It directly chained up the legs of Ye Du Ge. I slashed my blade, and the Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword shined. With a ‘ka ka’, the two swords sliced up Ye Du Ge, and also healed me for quite a bit of health——





My war horse turned around, and the Zhen Yue Sword blocked a slash from Reckless Soldier with a “Clang”. I used my arm to forcefully block Shang Li and his pet’s attacks. I used my Zhen Yue Sword to suddenly attack forward, to test the waters. With a “Pu Pu”, it penetrated Reckless Soldier’s combat armor. This was a famous Knight who had extremely high defense. I unexpectedly only dealt 5000+ damage to his health with this attack. B*st*rd, I had heard that Reckless Soldier’s basic defense was at least 9000+. Looking at it now, it seems that it was true. The equipment that I sought after was primarily for increasing my attack, and his was for increasing his defense. Even though we had similar base defenses, the added defense from his bonuses created an entirely different defense in real combat.


Reckless Soldier angrily shouted. The heavy shield slammed on to the floor, activating [Heavenly Shield Wall]. He shouted: “You motherfxxker Xiao Yao Zi Zai dragon. If you have guts, come and kill this daddy!”

I couldn’t help but stare blankly. Was he trying to use defense to look down on my attack?

The Flying Scythe War horse advanced forward and suddenly rammed into him. With a “Bang”, Reckless Soldier lost his balance. I waved my hand, activating the Demon Sword Master Card and raised my attack power by 30%. At the same time, I activated my skills. [Fierce Ice Blade] suddenly penetrated through Reckless Soldier’s shield. Simultaneously, [Sword Tempest] engulfed the surroundings. Within the raging winds, I extended the fingers on my left hand outwards, binding Reckless Soldier. Three Dragon Reservoir Swords magically appeared around him, and they suddenly exploded out. [Great Realm of Desolation] had successfully activated, and within the blink of an eye, three enormous damage numbers appeared--





[Sword Tempest] and [Great Realm of Desolation] were counted as special skills that included Magic Attack within them, causing them to be remarkably effective when attacking heavy armor type players. Reckless Soldier’s mount immediately disappeared, and he fell to his knees. He never would have thought that he would actually be instantly killed by my combo attack. Of course, I still had the appearance of an Earth Dragon in his eyes.

At this moment, Shang Li, who was behind me, had already retreated several steps. His target was once again shifted back to the boss, as he loudly shouted: “The BOSS only has 2% health left! Ignore Xiao Yao Zi Zai, and kill the BOSS first!”

The remaining 30 or so people hurriedly surrounded the Earth Dragon King. Shang Li had also charged over to become the Tank. The few remaining Archers and Assassins were trying to delay me. The Assassins already had [God’s Dance], [Absolute Step] and [Twin Blade Harmony] charged up, just waiting to give me a decisive blow.


Looking at this situation, I reacted instantly and swung my twin swords. I used [Dragon Transformation], and my blades swept outwards. A gust of air surged outwards, simultaneously pushing away a few Archers and Assassins. At the same time, I looked at the BOSS’s health. It was nearly time for me to act. I also deactivated my transformation of the Frost Earth Dragon at this moment. My heroic armor appeared before the eyes of the crowd, and the Flying Scythe War Horse that I was sitting on was also mighty beyond compare. I suddenly raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and pointed it towards the heavens. With a “Pa Cha”, a lightning bolt struck from the heavens, and gathered on the blade of the Dragon Reservoir Sword. The black clouds gathered in the sky, and in the next moment, countless bolts of lightning dragons descended from the sky. It didn’t differentiate between the other players and the BOSS, indiscriminately killing everything in the surroundings.


Despair appeared in Shang Li’s eyes, as he held his heavy shield, “What skill is this?”

The body of another Archer trembled, “Motherfxxker, it’s [Thundering Heavens], Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s Holy Ghost Level 2 skill...damn it, our operation this time is an utter failure…”

Before he finished speaking, the Archer had already been killed by the lightning. Though Shang Li had activated the effect of [Divine Shield]. Chunks of his health suddenly dropped, and he looked at me with bloodshot eyes, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, just you wait. I will definitely make you regret attacking [The Knights Templar] of your own initiative today. Just wait!”


The lightning dragons fell to the earth, killing Shang Li. There were a few Archers and Mages in the distance that had already relied on their skills to escape outside the radius of 100 yards. Looking at the world-shaking attacks by the lightning dragons, they were all dumbstruck, and could only stare blankly as their guild leader got killed off.

The health of the Earth Dragon King was already low. It howled out in grief, and was continuously screeching in pain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand its words anymore. With a “Swoosh”, a golden light flowed out, and I levelled up to Level 114. Simultaneously, the Earth Dragon King also dropped a bunch of equipment with a banging sound. I ignored the equipment, and instead went directly to the tail of the Earth Dragon King, and grabbed the handle of the Fire Qilin’s Halberd. With a “Pu Pu”, I pulled it out and furrowed my brows. The digestive system of this Dragon King wasn’t too good...

“Sha sha sha…”

I did my best to wipe the Fire Qilin’s Halberd in the grass. Only then did I throw it into my bag, and walked in front of the Earth Dragon King’s corpse. I used my leg to kick away its front claw, and I saw three pieces of equipment quietly laid out there. There was a Saint Tier staff that was meant for Healers, which added 40% to the effect of heals. I could sell it for cash, but I could also throw it into the guild storage. I stashed it away in my bag. The second piece of equipment was another Saint Tier leather leg guard. Its stats were ordinary, so I threw it into my bag. I could throw it into the guild storage as a contribution.

The last piece of equipment was the one that I regarded as the most important. It was a pair of combat boots for heavy armored player. There was a faint glow of Dragon power on its surface. After all, it was a piece of equipment that dropped from the Earth Dragon King. I waved my hand over it and its stats appeared before me. Yup, this massacre wasn’t in vain--

[Yuan Rong's Combat Boots] (Divine Tier Equipment)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1800

Strength: +137

Stamina: +135

Agility: +133

Magic Attack: +130

Additional: Increases the user’s Physical Defense by 27% and Magic Defense by 45%

Additional: Increases the user’s movement speed by 50%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 22%

Special:[Strength of Yuan Rong], With strategies to assist Yuan Rong, there comes a miraculously strong power. [Strength of Yuan Rong] passively increases the user’s attack power by 1000 points.

Introduction: Yuan Rong Combat Boots, In the ancient times there existed a famous general who swept across the six kingdoms and united the world under one king. After his achievements he retired and lived a peaceful life in the mountains. With the natural minerals he found there, he created a pair of combat boots. Then, with the fur of spirit beasts, he forged it into a pair of Yuan Rong’s Combat Boots. This pair of combat boots has had many owners, and has lingered for countless years. Legend says that whoever obtains the Yuan Rong’s Combat Boots will obtain supreme military strength.

Required Level: 110

Required Charm: 200


Looking at the stats of Yuan Rong’s Combat Boots, I felt like I was nearly blinded...even if the stats of Divine Tier Equipment was extremely strong, this special effect was just too domineering. Raising 1000 points of attack was practically letting it compare with the stat increase from any godly weapon.

With a “Ka”, I successfully switched out my equipment. The Ancient Cloud Stepping Boots had already exited the limelight, and were history. Now that the main city system was already open, it was about to become a power struggle between the top players. It was already time for the Cloud Stepping Xiao Yao to switch into the Yuan Rong  and battle on all four fronts. This pair of boots arrived at a very good time, especially when the Hero’s Wings competition was just about to kick off. Raising 1000 basic points of attack was simply too useful. When I looked at my stats again, my attack power had increased greatly--

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Knight)

Level: 114

Attack: 7580-9122

Defense: 10166

Health: 45737

Magic: 12150

Charm: 366

CBN Battlenet Rankings: 12


My skills, in total, added 60% to my attack My equipment added another 269% to my attack. With 9122 points of attack as a base, my actual attack was 9122×429%, which was a total of 39133 points of actual attack. However, it still wasn’t as high as my defense. Using the formula to calculate attack and defense, my defense couldn’t be broken by my attack. However, my Dragon Reservoir Sword could ignore 40% defense, so, if I used my attack to hit my defense, one sword attack would still hurt!