Zhan Long

Chapter 621

Chapter 621-Beautiful Lady Dragon

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Time passed like drops of falling water. The corpses of Earth Dragons filled the path behind me.

After I killed 100 of them, My heart was filled with frustration. I should’ve gotten a Dragon Costume Card by now!

However, even after I killed another 100 dragons or so, it still hadn’t dropped, and I wasn’t feeling too good about my chances.


I continued killing them, and within the blink of an eye, it was already 11 o’clock in the morning. The main city had already been open for 4 hours, and a lot of people had probably arrived already. I could already distantly see some people moving about at the edges of the Earth Dragon Canyon. This wasn’t good news. Once someone came, I would appear disadvantaged as I was working alone. Furthermore, people who could get here would all be fifth advancement players who were Level 100+. These people weren’t terrified of others at all.

As I was worrying about my situation, an Earth Dragon suddenly let out a wail and fell under my Zhen Yue Sword. When it died, a fiery red-coloured card simultaneously floated down to the floor. When I picked it up, I saw that it was the Quest Item that I needed——the Dragon Costume Card. The effects of the card were very simple. It could help me impersonate a dragon, and have the outer appearance and scent of the dragon race. This would prevent someone from being surrounded and attacked by the Earth Dragons.


My palm lightly shook, and the card was already fading away. It turned into rays of red light that seeped into my armor. Following that, my body suddenly trembled. My palm was beginning to transform into a dragon’s claw, and my body was slowly kneeling down, and I had to rely all four of my limbs to walk. A change was also happening to my head. My eyes were separating, and were now located on the two sides of my head. Furthermore, when I opened my mouth, I could see that my tongue that was at least 2 meters long, and there was a viscous liquid on it that would terrify people.


I secretly cursed. If Wan Er saw this appearance of mine, she wouldn’t want me, dead or alive.

The effect lasted for 2 hours. Time was precious, go!

I twisted and moved my bloated body. This body of mine was now that of a Frost Earth Dragon’s and I brandished its claws and crawled forward. During the journey, my deep blue eyes glared at the other Earth Dragons beside me. As a result, these monsters actually didn’t guard themselves against me, and there was even a Frost Earth Dragon that approached me and opened its wide mouth, speaking to me. It used the Earth Dragon’s language that I could now understand to say: “Hi, little boy. Why are you looking like that? Are you a newcomer? Don’t go away, brother. There’s a beautiful Blazing Earth Dragon over there. Follow me to go look at it, I’ll teach you something about life. Supposedly, that Blazing Earth Dragon came from the Magic Dragon’s Nest!”

I was scared of being exposed, so I just followed it and crawled over there. There were two Earth Dragon’s lying on the mound of earth. When I looked over into the distance, there was a female Blazing Earth Dragon crawling over there. It was chewing on the arm of a cave-dwelling werewolf, as it lazily looked around its surroundings.

My whole body trembled, “It doesn’t look very good!”

The Frost Earth Dragon beside me disdainfully looked at me, and said: “Pei, you simply don’t have the eyes to appreciate beauty. Look, the limbs of that Blazing Earth Dragon are full of energy, and there are flower patterns on her neck. And look at her butt, it’s long and full of thick scales. When her tail moves, she’ll also carelessly expose that private area that’ll make people fascinated. Ah...I’m already getting excited. Brother, let’s go and subdue her. You can go first, I’ll go after you!”

I shuddered again: “There’s no need, brother? Melons taken by force aren’t sweet. I learned this ever since I was a young kid….”

The Frost Earth Dragon looked disdainfully at me disdainfully, and said: “You’re so cowardly. You’ll be destined to be a loner for the rest of your life. Fine. Since you’re willing to give up such an extremely rare chance, then I’ll go by myself. When you see me sleeping and living with her later, then I’ll see you drooling. Since you won’t do anything, I’m not gonna let you get with her. Not even a chance!”

As he said that, he bent his head down, and dragged a bunch of bramble flowers on the mound of earth, and unsteadily walked over to confess his love.

I muttered to myself, and grabbed a rock from the mound of earth. I lightly threw it, fxxk you!


The Blazing Earth Dragon got directly hit on its head, and it immediately let out an angry roar. I immediately retreated. I turned my tail and charged directly towards the nest of the Earth Dragon King, and thought to myself: “Waking her up from her sleep, Brother, I can only help you this much!”


There were no other obstructions during my journey. I quickly entered the nest of the Earth Dragon King. I discovered that it was a dry caved in pathway. There were Level 122 Titan Tier Imperial Bodyguard Dragons, the guardians of the Earth Dragon King, everywhere guarding the surroundings. But with my dragon body, they simply didn’t pay attention to me, and let me go in. As I walked in, I raised my head to look around. I suddenly discovered that there were red grasses that densely covered the rock wall. I carefully looked at it, and was endlessly happy. It was actually the Level 10 herb, Demon God Grass. Mother, this Demon God Grass is extremely hard to obtain, and the price outside is also very high. There were so many Demon God Grasses here!

I ignored everything else, and first went to collect these grasses. I’ll level up my [Herb Collection] skill to Level 12 before doing anything else. Furthermore, Level 10 herbs were so precious. Not collecting them now would truly be a waste!

And so, I proceeded to collect the herbs while still in my dragon form. Fortunately, it didn’t affect my movement at all. I had already collected several stacks of the Demon God Grass in my bag. I collected them all by the side of the road, and soon, my bag already had 20+ clumps of Demon God Grass. I felt like I just struck gold.

After advancing just a bit more, I entered the second underground layer of the nest. I could see that that there were some flourescent-light-emitting herbs mixed within the Demon God Grass. It was the treasure that I was painstakingly looking for, Dragon Spit Grass!

I excitedly collected it. There wasn’t that much Dragon Spit Grass sadly. It seemed that even though I was in the Dragon King nest, there weren’t many growing there.



I meandered forward for another 30 minutes, and finally arrived at the ground floor of the nest. I moved forward again. Stealthily I saw an enormous Earth Dragon napping. Its whole body was covered with brown coloured scales, and its appearance resembled an alligator. Looking at it, its appearance was disgusting. There were even two ‘Beautiful Lady Dragons’ beside it that were attending to it. The claws of the Earth Dragon King were gently stroking the neck of the lady dragons, as it slept deeply.


I grinned, and crawled around in all directions, looking for the feces of the Dragon King. After looking for a long time, I finally found an enormous chunk of feces next to a stone wall. It resembled a small mountain. It felt like this was the bathroom of the Earth Dragon King, and the stench stank very badly.

Furrowing my brows, I clenched my teeth. To a fearless person, no fence was high enough! Go forward youngster!

I waved my claws, and I searched around in the pile of feces, finally discovering a metal sword, a golden helmet, a cloak, a pipe, and other things that belonged to humans. However, I couldn’t find the so called Fire Qilin’s Halberd. I wasn’t feeling too good again. Where in the world did this Fire Qilin’s Halberd go? Is it possible that it was digested, and the Earth Dragon King didn’t poop it out?

It can’t be possible, right? Great Emperor Luo Ke’s weapon should at least be a Deity Tier weapon, even if it’s the worst case scenario. Then how could it be digested? Was it made sloppily?

That can’t be right. It should still be in a different place...

I continued rummaging. I rummaged through the Earth Dragon King’s feces three times, but didn’t find the Fire Qilin’s Halberd. I was almost about to rage quit, but right at this moment,  a Blazing Earth Dragon suddenly rushed over, and used the Dragon Language to loudly report: “Great King, it’s not good! A group of strong youths brought their weapons here and are making a ruckus in our Earth Dragon’s Canyon! They’ve already killed their way to the entrance of the Dragon King’s Nest!”

The Earth Dragon King suddenly woke up from its sleep, and angrily shouted: “What did you say?? Those petty humans actually have the cheek to challenge the dignity of a Deity? Damn it! All members of the dragon race, follow me, I want to eat them alive!”

“Yes, Great King, I’ve already gathered the troops!”

As he said it, the Blazing Earth Dragon crawled over and used its claw to grab my neck: “Stinky brat, don’t hide here and be lazy! The time for you to dedicate your life to His Majesty has arrived!”

I nodded my head: “Yes, please let me go first!”


At this moment, the Earth Dragon King stood up, and headed towards the outside of the nest. I also finally discovered that, under the swaying of the Earth Dragon King’s tail, where its ‘chrysanthemum’ was located, there was actually the tip of a golden halberd. Furthermore, there were raging flames that were circling around its surface. Immediately, I almost went insane. One portion of the Fire Qilin’s Halberd was already pulled out, and there was still half a portion inside it! What kind of situation was this!?

What should I do!?

I painfully followed the group of dragons outside. On the outside, I could impressively see players that were wearing the Tian Ling City insignia killing monsters. There were roughly 25 people from the looks of it, and they were all from the same guild, [The Knights Templar]. They were originally the number four guild in Fan Shu City, and the guild leader was called Shang Li. The vice guild leaders Ye Du Ge and Reckless Solder, as well as the other people, were all here. I recognised this group of people. They were allies with [Hero’s Mound], and they had previously attacked our [Zhan Long] during the Chi Yu Han rescue mission, and had caused quite a bit of damage to us. Motherf*cker, we’re actually meeting again today, it’s truly an inevitable clash between enemies!

Looking at the Fire Qilin’s Halberd that was sticking out of the butt of the Earth Dragon King, I immediately made a plan. Yup, these people definitely want to kill the BOSS, and this Earth Dragon King was a Level 122 Divine Tier BOSS. If they can kill it, then I’ll seize an opportunity to obtain the last attack bonus from the BOSS. If they can’t kill it, then they’ll at least take out 50% of the BOSS’s health, and it won’t be too difficult for me to kill it then. Okay, I’ll do it like this!

Besides, if it’s necessary, I’ll personally take care of this group of people. Once Tian Ling City opened, Wang Ze Cheng will bring [Hero’s Mound: Division One] over, and become one of Q-Sword’s wings and continue rampaging about. There’ll definitely be a fierce battle between them and [Zhan Long] so there was no need to act weak or merciful. If they deserve to be killed, then I will kill them.


In the distance, Ye Du Ge was holding his dagger as he said: “Guild leader, the Earth Dragon King is a Level 122 Divine Tier BOSS, and its stats are very high. We currently have over 12000 people online. Later, you act as the tank and the rest of us will deal damage. First clean up those Frost Earth Dragon’s beside the BOSS! There aren’t many of them, kill all of them in 10 minutes!”


The Archers, Mages, and Musketeers aggroed the monsters. The Frost Earth Dragons beside me were aggroed over there and were killed one by one. It didn’t even take 10 minutes, and the Earth Dragon King was already standing there alone, roaring. They were going to start fighting the BOSS!

I twisted my body and went to the back to hide. I couldn’t be seen by them.



The Earth Dragon King let out an angry roar, and stamped on the ground, running straight towards them. It opened its mouth and swallowed an Archer, killing him instantly. It swung its long tail, and killed another person again. Right at that moment, Shang Li activated [Assault], stunning his target. The golden longsword danced about and hacked and slashed. [Dou Qi Armor] was also successfully activated, substantially increasing his resistance. At the same time, [Divine Provocation], the fifth advancement skill of Knights, was activated. It was a skill that substantially attracted hate, which also made the Earth Dragon King firmly lock its attacks on him.

At the same time, another group of people from [The Knight’s Templar] appeared in the distant hillside. With this, their total number of people almost exceeded a hundred. The Earth Dragon King was a Divine Tier BOSS. Although it was strong, it was completely unable to compete with Lin Han, Luo Lin, these types of main story Epic Tier NPCs. Being killed was something that would happen sooner or later.


15 minutes later, the Earth Dragon King only had 7% of its health left. My opportunity was coming  After the Earth Dragon King swung its enormous tail and brought the ceiling caving down on them, 20+ players from [The Knights Templar] were instantly killed. The remaining people were all at critical health!


I unsheathed my sword, and urged my horse forward. But to everyone else, it looked as though an Earth Dragon was charging forward. I used a Pardon Card, and my Zhen Yue Sword had already flew outwards, turning into a dragon flame that pierced through the bodies of three players, killing them instantly!

Immediately, the Earth Dragon King was astonished, and was extremely appreciative towards me: “Brat, you’re actually saving me in this kind of time. After we kill this group of humans, I’ll definitely reward you heavily!”

At the same time, the whole body of the vice guild leader of [The Knights Templar], Ye Du Ge, trembled. He retreated a few times, as if he had saw a ghost: “Am I going blind? This Earth Dragon’s name is ‘Xiao Yao Zi Zai’?! What kind of f*cking scam is this?!”