Zhan Long

Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Journey to Tian Ling City

The opening ceremony itself was actually very boring. Li Mu, Wan Er, Qing Qian and I were already regretting the fact that we didn’t bring a pack of poker cards to play Chinese Poker. Just when we were about to be bored to death, Fei Er finally announced the beginning of the player representatives speeches. First up was the number one gamer from China——Fang Ge Que. Lu Chunyang pushed Fang Ge Que’s wheelchair to help him get up onto the stage, and Fei Er passed the microphone to him.

Gripping the microphone, Fang Ge Que looked at the several hundreds of players below the stage. He wryly smiled and said: “There are so many people here today, please don’t laugh if I tremble while speaking...actually, I didn’t prepare a script for today. But I would like to just say one thing. [Destiny] marks the first golden age in the history of gaming, and I hope that during this Hero’s Wings tournament, we are friends first, and competitors second. If no one offends the people from the Chinese server, we won’t offend anyone. We are modest and calm people, but that does not mean that we are weak. To those ambitious people who want to provoke the players of the Chinese Servers, then I just want to say one thing to you: ‘If you have the courage to provoke us, you should have the courage to collect a thousand corpses!’ Alright, I am finished speaking.”

Fang Ge Que left the stage to a thunderous applause. Even though the Hero’s Wings tournament hadn’t started yet, the smell of gunpowder between the players was already extremely thick.

Following that, it was time for the Korean players to go up the stage. A player that I didn’t recognise went up the stage and spoke a lot in Korean. After that, the accompanying staff used Chinese and English to translate his speech. The gist of his speech was: “Korean players are unparalleled under the heavens, just wait for our great simida-something* army to bloodbath you noobs.”

*TL Note: a sarcastic comment on Korean names, since its the only phrase most Chinese people know

Li Mu stared at the Korean representative who was on the stage and clenched his fist, “I really want to beat him to death…”

I calmly smiled, “Don’t rush. If you want to beat him to death, do it in the game. Besides, people who have the qualifications to come here aren’t people who are easy to deal with. If you want to beat him to death, you must be strong enough…”

Li Mu rubbed his nose, “Alright, I’ll work hard!”

At this moment, the American player representative went up the stage. It was that Kyle. After he went up the stage, a disdainful look appeared in his eyes. He looked at the many players below the stage, and started to use English to deliver his speech. My English wasn’t especially praiseworthy, and I couldn’t understand the majority of his speech. But when he finished speaking, he suddenly approached the microphone, and used clumsy Chinese and in a mocking tone, “When I entered, I saw... a few familiar Chinese players. You guys should wait and see...during the Hero’s Wings competition, we’ll definitely beat you guys into a pulp. Look properly...once the country war starts, your Tian Ling City will definitely be crushed by the iron hoofs of our Iron Skull City! This is your fate!”

Once this sentence rang out, the Chinese players were immediately furious. Jian Feng Han suddenly stood up, and roared, “Kyle, what shit did you m*therf*cker just spew! What do you even count for? You actually dare to talk nonsense here?!”

Ye Lai also stood up and shouted,“So do the American players only have this kind of character? Were your manners eaten by the dogs?”

Wan Er and Dong Cheng were also furious. I calmly placed my hands on top of  the hands of these two little misses on the table, and said, “Don’t get angry. Being angry will just let them get what they want. Just wait and see. This Kyle better pray he doesn’t meet us during the Hero’s Wings competition, or else I’ll definitely repay him with ten times the humiliation!”

Wan Er nodded her head, “Yup!”

The crowd was extremely tense. Even the players from the American team felt that the situation wasn’t too good. The beautiful woman with blonde hair immediately put down her game helmet, and ran on to the stage in two or three strides. She took the microphone from Kyle’s hand, and after glaring at him, she used a mixture of broken Chinese and English to apologize, “All of the Chinese people here, I’m sorry. Please forgive Kyle’s ignorance. On behalf of Kyle, I’ll...apologize. I hope that you guys won’t take it to heart. Friendship comes first. I hope that we won’t become enemies because...because of this issue…”

I furrowed my eyebrows: “Who in the world is this woman?”

Ye Lai softly spoke, “She’s the guildmaster of Iron Skull City’s number one guild——[Blades of War]. Her ID translated into Chinese is Sky Rose. She’s a Level 111 Lava Swordsman, and she’s number one in the rankings of the American server. No one has been able to challenge her number one spot.”

Tang Qi laughed, “Her body doesn’t look bad, and her personality doesn’t look bad either…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “That kind of opponent is the scariest!”

Ye Lai was deep in thought, “Yup, the poisonous sting of a rose is often the most painful…”

Li Mu grinned: “With your appearance, I would’ve thought that you’d never tasted the flavour of a rose. Haha, I wouldn’t have thought that Fatty Ye also had this kind of lament…”

Ye Lai glared at Li Mu, said, “With the appearance of your distinguished self, I think that you have no qualifications to laugh at me…”

“F*ck your m*th*r!”

“F*k off…”


Not long after, the situation calmed down. Fei Er continued her announcements. After that, members from the Hero’s Wings organisation came out to give short speeches and talk about this miraculous competition.

This went on until it was almost 4 o’clock. Finally, Fei Er announced a piece of information that made everyone extremely excited: “After the news conference of this time’s Hero’s Wings, we will open the Seven Great Main Cities after 15 hours!”

“Fxxk, the seven great main cities are going to open?” Li Mu was startled.

Ye Lai squinted his eyes and smiled: “The Chinese area is going to be interesting…”

Mu Xuan replied: “The seven great main cities are about to open, which means that the resources of our Tian Ling City is going to be divided by the various big guilds. Sigh, everyone’s going to be fighting over it, it’s going to be so violent…”

Yan Zhao Warrior laughed: “No way, we are people with good morals.”


Mu Xuan was startled as she looked at the Yan Zhao Warrior who was beside her, “Middle aged man, when were you sitting here?”

Yan Zhao Warrior was also startled, “Do I really have no presence?”

A 20+ year old little miss that was sitting beside Yan Zhao Warrior laughed: “Guild leader, you’re losing a bit of face…”

Li Mu slightly smiled, “Beautiful miss, are you the Six Ya that was in the legends? The newly collected vice guildmaster that Yan Zhao Warrior got? You’re very pretty…”

Six Ya blinked her eyes, “Oh? What’s newly collected? Do I have that kind of taste? I still prefer Q-Sword, Li Xiao Yao, General Wang Jian, these kinds of handsome guys...

Q-Sword who wasn’t far away shivered, and looked at Sword Tears, “Sister, why do I feel that someone is cursing me?”

Sword Tears lightly laughed, “Brother must have slept too late last night. Its all cause you went levelling like a madman again!”


Thus, this went on until it was almost 5 o’clock, where the opening ceremony finally ended. The officials had organised a dinner party. Furthermore, they also opened the hotel room doors for me, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, and the other people. Fei Er said that it was too late, and that it would be dangerous for us to drive at high speeds at night. And so, they planned to let us return back in the morning. However, I strongly refused it. The main cities were about to open in 15 hours, and I was planning to go online at exactly 7 o’clock to be the first person to enter Tian Ling City!

And so, I ate my dinner and took a group of people back to Hang Zhou in my A4. Ye Lai, Li Mu, Qing Qian, Q-Sword and the other people also took a night flight to return home. Everyone understood the significance of the first main city, and that the early bird catches the worm. People who were slower would be at inferior to other people in terms of resources.

When we arrived at Liu Hua University, it was already 9 o’clock at night. I tidied myself up and went to sleep. I set my alarm for 6 o’clock and went to sleep!


Resting my head on my pillow, I extended my Yi Hai outwards. I could clearly feel Wan Er’s faint aura in the neighbouring room. She wasn’t a practitioner, and so there was a limit to the strength of her aura. However, at this short distance, it was much easier for me to protect her. This was due to the fact that while I was this close, any kind of aura that was slightly stronger than normal would be unable to escape my perception. Even if they weren’t a cultivator, I could still tell the evil intentions that people had.

It was very quiet during my sleep. 8 hours later, I was awoken by the alarm clock. I turned over and stood up, then hurriedly washed myself up.

When I left my room, Wan Er and Dong Cheng had already prepared breakfast in the second floor’s hall. It was an extremely simple breakfast, with milk,bread, fruits, and other things. They said that it was very healthy, but I was more used to eating two meat buns for breakfast.

Wan Er was holding her steaming milk as she laughed, “I heard that teleportation to the secondary level city from the Level 1 City hasn’t been opened yet, so players can’t teleport over, and have to walk to get there. Also, everyone was also teleported back to Ba Huang City during yesterday’s maintenance, so it’ll definitely be extremely crowded when we log in, just like when the server first opened.”

I laughed, “I suddenly feel energetic after hearing this…”

Tang Qi replied, “Li Xiao Yao, you have an advantage because of your mount. You can enter the main city the first moment that it opens. So, what are you going to do after arriving at Tian Ling City?”

I instantly replied without thinking, “I’ll first have to understand the approximate geographical map of Tian Ling City before doing anything. There isn’t any official information that’s been released about it. Actually, I was planning to first look at the distribution of resources in Ba Huang City, such as the high grade herbs and mining sites. There’s definitely going to be many resources that Ba Huang City doesn’t have. I’ll have to quickly take them over in the first refresh...

Wan Er giggled, “You’re trying to find the places in Tian Ling City where Dragon Spit Grass is grown?

I didn’t deny it, “Yup, the Heavenly Tier [Alchemy] and [Herb Gathering] skills have already combined. Dragon Spit Grass is one of the necessary materials for the Level 1 [Medicine Refining] skill. Whoever can get the most Dragon Spit Grass will be the first person to reach Level 2 in [Medicine Refining]. They’ll also have control over the highest quality potions. It’s going to be the Hero’s Wings tournament soon, and you can just imagine how precious high quality medicine will be. This is something that will cause a big fuss.”

Dong Cheng replied, “You definitely won’t be the only person who thinks like that. Also, people who can arrive early in Tian Ling City will definitely not be low levels, and so they won’t be too weak. You must be prepared. There’ll definitely be a fierce fight!”

I clenched my fist, and smiled, “Whoever dares to steal my Dragon Spit Grass will do so at the risk of losing their lives! Don’t worry, just leave the issue of Dragon Spit Pills for the Hero’s Wings tournament to me.”

“Yup yup.” Wan Er happily nodded her head.

Tang Qi said: “Then prepare some for me?”

I nodded my head: “Sure. 1000G for one, do you want it?”


“Do you want it or not?”

“Give me 10!”

“OK, we have received your order.”



After eating, I returned to my room and went online!


Light appeared in my eyes. I still had to wait for the server’s opening time. There was still about 12 minutes left.

I quietly waited. When the server started the countdown, I was already continuously pressing the accept button to get into the game.”


The character interface appeared, and I directly entered. The screen flashed before my eyes, and I was already standing in Ba Huang City with my sword. There were players continuously logging in around me. I didn’t think of it much, and summoned my Flying Scythe War Horse and called out my Ancient Tiger God.

Let’s go, Tian Ling City!