Zhan Long

Chapter 616

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Chapter 616 Hero’s Meet

After we finished eating it was already ten o’clock at night.

All of us walked out the door. Outside of the restaurant, there was a total of five cars parked there. Besides Wan Er and my car, there were three other Benzes. They were all Wang Ze Cheng’s. A couple of young men clothed in suits were waiting outside. When Wang Ze Cheng got close, they shouted “Mr. Wang” and greeted him with a bow. This kind of style was something none of us could match.

After getting on the car, Wang Ze Cheng turned around and grinned, “Qin Wen, Wan Er, good bye and goodnight!”

Qin Wen nodded in acknowledgment. Wan Er on the other hand grabbed my hand and then hugged my arm and gave me a kiss. At that moment, Wang Ze Cheng’s expression immediately turned into embarrassment. He turned around and climbed into the car.

Qin Wen raised her brow and asked, “Just what’s going on?”

Wan Er softly said, “Wang Ze Cheng just isn’t as simple as you had thought before. Sister, it’s best if you leave him in the future.”

Qin Wen nodded, “Of course I knew that. I only know him for business. I’m not some love struck fool. I wouldn’t be nice to just anyone who was handsome. What I want to ask is, before this, what did Wang Ze Cheng do in Hang Zhou?”

Dong Cheng replied, “After he came, he and Li Xiao Yao made life hard for each other. It seems as though he has feelings for Wan Er. Furthermore he has a very special position. Otherwise, our Brother Xiao Yao probably would have beat him to within an inch of his life.”

“Besides that?” Qin Wen pressed.

I rubbed my nose and explained, “Besides that, within the first week of starting school at Liu Hua University, he had stolen our classmate, Liu Yin’s girlfriend, Suo Yue. On top of that, he made a move on Suo Yue right in front of him. What I’m saying is, he did it, right in front of him…”

“What?!” Wan Er was stunned, “Pig, how come you’ve never told me about this?”

I coughed, “I was afraid that your innocence would be tarnished…”

Wan Er was speechless.

Qin Wen nodded and said, “Wang Ze Cheng was the most handsome boy in the university I was at in Japan. He had switched between a dozen girlfriends or so in that time. That I knew. However… I didn’t think he would be that arrogant! Wan Er, from now on you must avoid him. I will talk about this with Uncle, and tell him to be more careful.”

“Ok, then let’s go back! Tomorrow, Dong Cheng, Li Xiao Yao, and I have to go to Shanghai….”

“Oh? What for?”

Tomorrow is the official announcement for the Hero’s Wings Cup. We’ve been invited to the event. This way, we will be more informed with the connections there. Anyways, we’ll be going there tomorrow…”

“Understood. That’s good, because I have to go to the office tomorrow, so I’ll be busy anyways. You guys do your stuff!”



We returned to our apartment. I logged on and trained my skills some more. I brought [Heal], [Wind Blade], and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] all the way up to Heavenly Tier Level 1. Only then was I satisfied and logged off. I had to go to Shanghai tomorrow.

The morning of the next day, I got up early. We had to arrive in Shanghai Game Center before 12.

We left around 8. I put on a new black jacket. The seasons were turning and it was starting to get colder and colder. Wan Er and Dong Cheng both wore thick jackets. They looked like two cute dolls. By the time the three of us walked down stairs, we saw that Tang Qi was running after us, shouting, “Wait. Can I carpool with you guys?”

I was stunned, “You’re going too?”

Tang Qi muttered, “F*ck, don’t underestimate me so much. At the very least, I’m still ranked 15th in the CBN Battlenet Rankings. Don’t all of the top 20 get an invite? Why wouldn’t I go… That… little miss, let me carpool….”

Dong Cheng pouted her lip, “Do what you want. Either way, I’m just here to get free food, free drinks, and free rides. Brother Xiao Yao is driving the car.”

I asked, “Which should we drive?The BMW or the A4?”

Wan Er smiled at me, “You decide!”

I thought about it for a second, “Then let’s drive the A4. It can fit the four of us comfortably. Driving the BMW7 is a little too high profile. It’s not in line with [Zhan Long]’s principles.”

Tang Qi rubbed his nose, “Ha, that’s funny. [Zhan Long] doesn’t lose one bit to [Prague], and [Vanguard] in Ba Huang City. You’ve only been established for three months and yet you’ve charged straight into fifth place in the China Guild Rankings. How could a guild like that keep a low profile?”

I turned around and glared at him, “Braggarts are prone to danger. Take care of yourself…”


Tang Qi was awed and said, “Understood. Let’s set out then, Brother Xiao Yao!”


We all climbed into the car and I drove towards Shanghai. Hang Zhou was only an hour away from Shanghai. The entire time, the two girls sat in the back and chatted about clothes, snacks, and makeup. I focused on driving. Tang Qi took a few calls. They seemed to all be professional calls. That b*st*rd really didn’t have a simple status. He definitely wasn’t as simple as a practitioner. Maybe he was just like Tang Gu and opened up several milk tea chains and is a famous person worth over a million!

At around ten in the morning, the A4 slowly came to a stop in front of the Shanghai Game Center. We entered into a roundabout where there were three girls with name tags. One of them raised their hand and pointed to a place for me to stop. I pulled over to the place she pointed to. She then walked over to the window and asked, “Are you here to participate in the Hero’s Wings Cup?”

I pulled down the window. When she saw my face, she shouted “Ah!” and widened her eyes, “You look incredibly familiar… you are, you’re Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the guildmaster of [Zhan Long], right?”

I smiled, “That’s right. Cang Tong, Cang Yue, and the Seventh Tang are all in the car. We’re here to participate in the announcement. Do I just park the car here?”

“Yup, that’s fine. You can register it here with me!”

Wan Er and Dong Cheng both got out of the car. The girl who worked here was stunned. Clearly she had never met Cang Tong and Cang Yue in the game, these two beauties. The Seventh Tang was also very handsome and elegant. That b*st*rd really does have a good poise. He really is an obedient child from a prestigious house.


When we entered into the great hall, we registered. At the same time, I noticed that there were quite a few people that I recognized. Among them, Q-Sword and Sword Tears were there. There was also quite a few foreign players. Some were from the west, and some were from Korea, Japan, India, and Russia. The girls who worked here brought over a flag and stuck it onto my shoulder. It was probably a way to signify my country. That was a pretty good idea. This way, we could at least easily tell.

“Look, who’s that?”

In the distance, I could hear a flirty voice. When I looked over, Tang Qi and I both shuddered. There, dressed in a white furry short skirt was a beautiful woman. Her legs were long and sleek. Furthermore, her face was fairly pretty and she had a full chest. The way she was staindng was incredibly charming. Without thinking, I knew who she was. Especially from the way she looked at me and walked over. She grinned, “Well well, if it isn’t my Little Zai Zai? You’re so handsome in reality… mwah!!”

I felt goosebumps crawling over my arms and grabbed Wan Er’s hand, “Help me hold her off….”

Wan Er smiled, “What are you afraid of? Is Mu Xuan gonna eat you or something?”

Helpless, I walked forward and said, “Mu Xuan, hi!”

Mu Xuan brought a girl with her and smiled, “Hehe, you’re looking pretty good…. You’re so strong in the game. I feel like the most perfect male player in the China Servers isn’t Q-Sword anymore…”

I quickly coughed, “Keep it down…”

In the distance, Q-Sword glanced over at us and didn’t say anything. Mu Xuan, Wan Er, and Dong Cheng quickly formed a circle. She praised Wan Er and Dong Cheng for their beauty and poise. She even asked that they become sisters.

Not much longer afterwards, another group of people came by. It was Jian Feng Han, Simple, and Fushen Thousand Blades. This was the first time I had met Jian Feng Han in person. He truly was an imposing young man. He smiled at me and gave me a nod, “Li Xiao Yao?”

I nodded back, “Mu Rong Han?”

Simple walked over and held her hand out for a shake, smiling, “No matter what conflicts happened between us in the game, we’re still friends in real life, right? Li Xiao Yao, I’m Mu Rong Jun, in other words, Simple in the game. We’ve cooperated more than once in the game. This is our first time meeting in real life, I hope that we can take care of eachother more often.”

I smiled, “That’s right. Every time we’re in team battles, don’t you also take care of me….”

Mu Rong Jun grinned, “It’s nothing. You would do the same, no?”


Not long after, another group came by. It was Ye Lai and his two vice guildmasters. This crazy gamer from Yang Zhou let out a big laugh and hugged me right as he walked over. He smiled, “Haha, and here I thought you were some frail boy in reality. Never did I think you were so well built!”

I glared at him, “F*ck off!”

“Ha ha…”


Right at that moment, another group of players walked in. They looked incredibly tired. After all, these were all players from the west. The girls that worked here introduced them, “These are all players from America. There’s a total of 51 of them. American players are the most important faction in Once the country battles activate, then every one of them will become our most powerful rivals!”

I couldn’t help but stare at them. These American players also glanced at us multiple times. One of them was a black man that was at least 200cm tall. He smiled to me and raised a fist, displaying his power.

“Motherf*cker, does he want to fight?” Ye Lai flared up. He was practically out of his seat already.

I quickly pulled him back and laughed, “What is this little provocation? Just wait until he raises his middle finger…”

Jian Feng Han commented, “That American wearing the black down coat, I recognize him. In the country battles, he was the one who brought people and defeated China’s third level three city…”

As he said that, the man looked over at us. He seemed to recognize Ye Lai. He smiled, and actually pointed his middle finger. Motherf*cker, looks like in the game , China and America had a lot of conflicts.

“Son of a B*tch”

Ye Lai roared. He wasn’t going to hold off any longer. He threw a kick, sending the chair flying into the air.


The American players were incredibly strong. With one step, he kicked away the chair and charged over. He raised a fist and was going to throw it right at Ye Lai.


Ye Lai wasn’t a practitioner. Furthermore, he wasn’t as well built as those westerners. I quickly slid in front of Ye Lai and raised my hand, taking the punch!


Under that strike, I didn’t move an inch. The American player retreated and was stunned, “What’s up?”

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