Zhan Long

Chapter 615

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Chapter 615 Qin Wen

In Xia Men, it was already getting close to dinner time. After she and I returned to Ba Huang City, we both logged off. It was 5:20, about time for Wan Er’s cousin to arrive.

In reality, I knew deep down in my heart that this cousin was here to deliver the “Emperor’s Command”. Lin Tian Nan has probably already spoken with her. She was here to supervise everything I did. If I tried to make any moves on the little miss, then without another thought, this cousin would not remain courteous to me. Even though I wasn’t afraid of that per se, it was still best to be careful. After all, if the family is happy, then everything else will seem better…”


After washing my face, I felt refreshed again. I put on a nice shirt and walked out of the house. When I arrived in the garden, I noticed that Wan Er and Dong Cheng were already waiting at the door.

After a few minutes, a CRV slowly pulled up to the driveway and stopped before Apartment 7. “Ka Cha” the door opened and a long pale leg with heels stepped out. The owner had incredible curves that were wrapped in a short black skirt and white blouse. She wore a black trench coat on top of it and carried a small purse. The woman was fairly pretty. She looked to be around 25 years old. If Wan Er was a 10, then this woman was around a 9. Of course, if we were talking about the sexiness of a mature woman, then she would be a 10, and Wan Er would probably only be a 5. Our little miss had a younger prettiness to her beauty.


Wan Er dashed forward and hugged the woman. She then sweetly smiled, “We haven’t seen each other for at least two years right?”

Her cousin laughed and glanced over at Wan Er. She exclaimed, “Wan Er…. you’ve grown up so beautifully! You really know how to make someone jealous!”

Wan Er blushed, “Don’t tease me the moment you see me, do you even want to live here?”

The cousin laughed and said, “Alright then. My good Wan Er, quick, introduce me. These three are your friends right?”


Wan Er went to Dong Cheng’s side and smiled, “This is Dong Cheng. She’s my best friend. I’ve mentioned her to you a lot…. And then this. This is Tang Qi. He’s the Seventh Tang in the game and ranked 15th on the CBN Battlenet! Ai ya, Tang Qi, you’re drooling. This is my cousin. Her name is Qin Wen. You guys can just call her Sister Qin Wen…”

Tang Qi was stunned, “Sister Qin Wen? Eh.. alright then. I heard it as *Kiss Sister…..”
TL Note: Qin Wen sounds a lot like Qing Wen, which means kiss in chinese

Dong Cheng glared, “Idiot, what are you thinking of?”

Wan Er pulled Qin Wen to me and said, “Oh, this is the security guard that dad wanted you to watch over. Li Xiao Yao. And …”

Wan Er’s face turned pink. She drummed up the courage and looked up at me and said, “Sis, he’s my future boyfriend and I like him a lot. Thus, if you don’t like it then go ahead and tell dad!”

Qin Wen was startled. Clearly, she didn’t realize that her cousin would display such a show of courage right as she got off the car. She quickly recovered and smiled, “You don’t have to confess so much so suddenly. I’m not some kind of unreasonable person. I’ve seen lots of romance between young people. Don’t worry. Just don’t be too lovey dovey in front of me. As for your dad, I’ll help you out in convincing him to come around. Just don’t be too fiery about it….”

Wan Er smiled, “Yup. I understand. Sister really is nice…”

Qin Wen looked at me and said, “You’re Li Xiao Yao? The Xiao Yao Zi Zai of ?”

I nodded, “Yes that’s me. Qin Wen, do you play too?”

“Nope. I don’t have enough time to spend in the game. There’s a lot of things I have to deal with in the company. I’m so jealous of you guys!”

As she said that, Qin Wen looked at me more carefully and said, “Wan Er told me that you were 25 years old? How come I can’t tell? You look pretty young actually. And handsome… hehe, no wonder even the picky Wan Er has fallen for you. Xiao Yao Zi Zai…. you’re so popular and mighty that no one dares to approach you in ….”

Wan Er was speechless, “Sis, you should be more dignified!”

Qin Wen smiled, “Alright alright. Help me grab my luggage. Looks like the place you’re living in is pretty good. Are you renting it?”


“I’ll talk with your dad tomorrow and have him buy the place. Renting isn’t that convenient after all….”

“Wouldn’t that be a waste?”

“A waste? I think, from how much your dad loves you, he would’ve bought the entire university a long time ago. Only then would he have let you go to school here.”

Tang Qi and I were so peechless.

In this one moment, Tang Qi and I could both feel that country bumpkins like us were just too bothersome in this richer person world.


We went up the steps to the apartment. Qin Wen began to unpack and prepare her room. Every room was pretty big. She had especially brought over a desk so that she could work from home. Everything in her room was different from that of us gamers.

She didn’t finish until seven. As I stood in Qin Wen’s room, I asked, “Where should we go for dinner to welcome you to the apartment?”

“There’s a restaurant outside of the school. I’ve already made the reservations.”


After half an hour, the five of us left the school and went to a restaurant that was in the suburbs. Qin Wen had reserved a room for us. Wan Er ordered from the menu. Tonight, she was the one paying. Now that her sister had come back, it was her responsibility.

“Is it just the five of us?” Dong Cheng asked with a smile.

Qin Wen shook her head, “Oh, a friend of mine is coming too. They’re almost here.”

“Oh? Who’s your friend?” Wan Er asked.

“You’ll know when they’re here!”

“Hmph, you’re actually keeping us in suspense!”


At around 8 in the evening, we heard a Xi Xi Suo Suo sound. In the next moment, two males and a woman came into the room. The men were all dressed in suits. One of them looked incredibly familiar. When I got a good look, I immediately stood up. Energy began to revolve around my fist as I roared, “Wang Ze Cheng?!”

It was Wang Ze Cheng. He had even brought his girlfriend Suo Yue. The other person was a young man around 20 years. From his appearance, I could already tell that he was Windy Walker. He was the Vice guildmaster of [Hero’s Mound: Division One], and was Wang Ze Cheng’s right hand man.

Wan Er was stunned, “Sis, how do you know him?”

Wang Ze Cheng reached out a hand and smiled, “Qin Wen, we haven’t seen each other in three years, is that right?”

Qin Wen smiled, “Yup, that’s about right… Wan Er, do you know Wang Ze Cheng? He was my classmate while I studied abroad in Japan. Before I came back, I send him a message. I didn’t think that he was also studying Chinese in Liu Hua University. We don’t normally meet, so I called him over to join and eat some dinner.”

Wan Er angrily looked over at him and said, “He’s part of the Booster company, who’s currently competing against Tian Jin Corporation. I’ve known him for a long time. However, I don’t want to say much about this person!”

Qin Wen was startled, “What’s going on?”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled, “It’s probably due to some misunderstandings… Ah that’s right, I’ve probably done some things that have made Wan Er unhappy. It’s all my fault. Later on, I will punish myself with a cup!”

Wan Er didn’t say much. I lightly gripped her hand and softly said, “Alright already. If he’s here, then he’s here. Either way, you should leave your sister some respect. We’ll talk about it afterwards.”


Wan Er sat down and didn’t say much. The situation was already awkward enough.

Wang Ze Cheng looked over at Tang Qi and smiled, “Oh, if it isn’t the elder of the main guild, the Seventh Tang? I’ve heard many praises about you, I’ve just never gotten the chance to meet you. It really is fate that we meet now…”

Tang Qi smiled, “Oh, so it’s like that…. I’ve been at Liu Hua University for a while. Mr. Wang must be very busy. How could your proud eyes fall upon a lowly person like me?”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled embarrassingly, “How could that be? Lately, I haven’t been in class much. There’s just been too many things going on at the company. I’ve been running around to Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou for a while now. I’ve been so busy that I don’t even know which way’s north!”

Tang Qi said, “That’s right. After you took [Hero’s Mound: Division One] out of Fan Shu City, you already couldn’t find the north. Q-Sword had given you a total of seventeen commands, and yet you only managed to complete three. That can’t be real, can it?”

“How could that be?”

Wang Ze Cheng rubbed his nose and said, “There were some difficulties I encountered while I was out…. Besides, Ba Huang City’s situation is just too complicated. How could the main guild in Fan Shu City understand? It was only natural that this had to happen.”

Tang Qi smiled, “Ah… you say that, but the things you know in your heart is what you’ve done in Ba Huang City. How’s your new girlfriend Not Ordinary doing? She’s following your orders so obediently. You must have a good relationship right?”

Wang Zhe Cheng’s expression turned incredibly ugly, “Tang Qi, you!”

Tang Qi slapped the table, “Motherf*cker, do you want to fight me?!”

I coughed and said, “Tang Qi, youngster, stop talking. We came out here to eat. We need to conduct ourselves much better, that way the food will taste better. It’s hard to get an opportunity for a feast like this. I don’t want to fight or anything. Besides, today is the day that Qin Wen just returned to the country. Let’s calm ourselves.”

Tang Qi nodded, “Hmph, in respect to Li Xiao Yao and Qin Wen, I won’t say anything more. However, Wang Ze Cheng, you remember this, the people you took from Fan Shu City are [Hero’s Mound]’s players!”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled, “I’ve known that. There is no need to remind me.”

Qin Wen widened her eyes, but was completely puzzled by what she was hearing, “This… it’s really tense here. Why do I feel like I can’t understand anything you guys are saying…”

Wan Er softly smiled, “Sis, I’ll tell you all about it later on. Let’s finish eating tonight first!”



In reality, Windy Walker was able to hold his temper the entire time. He glared at Tang Qi and me, as though he couldn’t help but beat us all up. However, Wang Ze Cheng knew the power of Tang Qi and I, and so naturally he wouldn’t let Windy Walker try anything. On the other hand, Suo Yue sat there extremely calmly. Her eyes were filled with indifference. She had switched boyfriends too many times. It seemed as though she didn’t even know what love was anymore.

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