Zhan Long

Chapter 614

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Chapter 614 Rising Dragon Shot


Fierce Tiger stood there blankly with his battle-axe, and his right hand clenched into a fist, and veins stood out on his arm. His whole body was slightly trembling, and the 200+ [Flying Dragon] elite players were all standing behind him, waiting for his orders.

“Vice Guildmaster…” An assassin walked up and said, “What should we do now? Xiao Yao Zi Zai…he’s already not the old Xiao Yao Zi Zai anymore. Even if it was Jian Feng Han or Q-Sword here right now, they would also be wary of him. We…are we really going to start a fight with him?”

Killing intent flashed through Fierce Tiger’s eyes, as he replied, “No matter how strong he is, there’s only one of him. I don’t believe that 200 elite players can’t kill one single person! All knights prepare to use [Assault] and stun him on my order. Archers, use [Scattered Shot] to stun him, and use [Rising Dragon Shot] to kill him! On my command, attack!”

Sure enough, Fierce Tiger was still that arrogant Fierce Tiger from before, and he has never once forgotten his identity as the Vice Guild Leader of one of the former top ten guilds. He still thinks that [Flying Dragon] calls the shots in Ba Huang City, even though [Zhan Long] had already entered the top five in the Guild Rankings. Despite all that, he still has the outright brazenness to make a move against the Guild Leader of [Zhan Long].


A cold light suffused through the top of the Dragon Reservoir Sword, and it let out a low metallic cry. I raised my head and looked to the front. There were roughly 70+ heavy armored players that had already pulled out their weapons, and the 30+ players who already had mounts that were prepared to activate [Assault]. The Archers, Mages, Musketeers, and other classes were also geared up and prepared to attack.

Since I already used a Pardon Card, I wasn’t worried at all. I’ll just slaughter them all!

My arm trembled, and I released an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] behind me, and [Black Tortoise Realm] in front of me. This would substantially lower their approaching speed, and let me have more space to work. The individual combat strength of these players from Flying Dragon was not worthy to be put in my eyes at all, but it was hard to say now that there was so many of them.

Behind me, Who’s Blue raised her staff, and a [Hundred Battles] BUFF descended upon my body. At the same time, the ten or so Knights from [Flying Dragon] urged their mounts to charge over. [Mixed Hair Donkey], [Green Maned Mule], [Crippled Wild Wolf], and other low leveled skills were all sent straight at me. A Level 104 Swordsman among them glared in my direction and locked his [Assault] onto me. Right before it approached, the body of the mount sank. The luster of the blade trembled in the surroundings, and it was the effect of [Blade Rush] on a mount!

“Sha sha…”

The Flying Scythe War Horse continuously retreated three steps, causing the [Rush] effect to MISS. I moved my left hand, hacked into his shoulder with the Zhen Yue Sword. The Dragon Reservoir Sword in my right hand then swept out at him, and he was cut down by my two swords. My attack power was just too high. Even a heavy armor player couldn’t withstand this kind of assault from me ——




Raising my hand, I threw the Zhen Yue Sword outwards and [Blade Spin] activated, forming a blade storm that repeatedly bore through the crowd. I then used my both hands to grip the Dragon Reservoir Sword, urging my horse to charge forward. My sword swept outwards, causing a Berserker that was riding a white horse to be pushed backwards with a “Bang”. I took the opportunity and made a side step. Then, using my momentum, I unleashed a [Seven Star Fragment Slash[. At the same time, my Ancient Heavenly Tiger God charged over, using [Burstfire Raid] to trample across the crowd. It raised its head and let out a [Fierce Roar]. The shockwave surged in all directions, and the consecutive attacks instantly decimated 40+ people.


Fierce Tiger turned pale with fright. He charged over with his battle axe raised. He raised his hand and successfully activated his [Dou Qi Armor]. Both his hands gripped his battle-ax as he let out a low growl: “Move up with me, Archers, seal off any retreat!”

The tips of a dozen or more [Scattered Shot] appeared in front of me, trapping me in my spot. Once I got stunned, I could get killed and there was no way of waiting out the stun. Moreover, there was an enormous dragon appearing on the bowstring of the longbows that the Archers were raising up. This was the attacking effect of the [Rising Dragon Shot], their fifth advancement skill. The armor breaking strength of this skill was particularly large, and getting hit would hurt me quite badly.


The iron hoof of the Flying Scythe War Horse shook the earth, and I activated effect of [Wall of Dou Qi] again. Behind me, Fierce Tiger urged his mount to leap forward, and his whole body was blood-red. There was a pattern of a battle-ax hovering the top of his head, which struck down with a loud bang. This was exactly the fifth advancement skill of the Berserkers——[Burning One’s Boats], which concentrated Dou Qi into the weapon, and sacrificing 50% of his own defense to create an exceedingly strong attack towards the target!

The Zhen Yue Sword was raised, blocking the other party’s battle-ax. But the block couldn’t last, and it was smashed aside with a “Keng”. It seems that [Burning One’s Boats couldn’t be blocked, and a heavy blow landed on my shoulder. Pain seared throughout my body!


I couldn’t help but feel that there was something unexpected about this. No matter how high Fierce Tiger’s attack power was, it shouldn’t have cut down so much of my health. There was still much to learn from fifth advancement skills. From now on, I’ll use live combat to observe and understand them. I needed to learn as much as I can so that [Zhan Long] could succeed in the Hero’s Wing’s Cup!

I used all my strength to cut my Zhen Yue Sword forward, causing Fierce Tiger to immediately retreat half a step. I urged my war horse to turn around, and my Dragon Reservoir Sword carried the force of [Wind Blade] to heavily slash onto Fierce Tiger’s chest armor. Sparks flew and an enormous damage number flew out——

I advanced forward to pursue him, and each flash of my Zhen Yue Sword was a hit. Fierce Tiger’s almost 25000 health immediately dropped, causing him to turn pale with fright and retreat. But at this exact moment, the excessively concentrated [Scattered Shot] also stunned me once with a “Peng” sound, which persisted for 0.9 seconds. It was still fine though, with the protection of the little tiger and the Azure Dragon Crossbow, they wouldn’t be able to kill me.

Behind me, Who’s Blue and Not Red Yet were constantly healing me from a distance, and my defense was stacking from my Hidden Dragon Armor. I was already at the 4th level, increasing my defense by 4%. My blade swept horizontally across the crowd, and quickly, the casualty count for the opposing side reached 100+ people. Fierce Tiger hid within the crowd. His complexion was getting increasingly pale, “Is this m*therf*cker Xiao Yao Zi Zai still a person? He can really match one hundred men…quickly, Healers revive our dead brothers. Mages use [Lightning Eagle Wave] and [Lullaby] to put his tiger pet to sleep. Stop attacking the tiger, and we’ll cut off Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s left and right arms!”

An assassin team leader shouted, “Vice Guild Leader, it seems like there’s a problem in the system. Our brother’s [Revive] has already lost effect, and they can’t resurrect those who died. What’s happening?”

Fierce Tiger’s pupils contracted, “What’s going on? This isn’t within the boundaries of the City Battle, resurrections should be possible. Why can’t you revive? Are you guys joking with me?”

“I’m not, Vice Guild Leader!”

When I heard them talking, I secretly laughed. These people from [Flying Dragon] still couldn’t figure out what my [Grip of the Sealed God] does. The people who had been killed by me were doomed to be unable to revive within the next 60 minutes. They actually didn’t know anything at all…

“Jiu jiu…”

The sound of an eagle’s whistle came from the sky, and following that, a large group of Mages all fired their fifth advancement AoE skill——[Lightning Eagle Wave], which summoned a blue coloured eagle that was made out of lightning which attacked everything within a specific boundary!

I almost couldn’t see anything in front of me. I was bombarded so much by the concentrated magic that I had to retreat several steps. My health plunged, and my Flying Scythe War Horse also let out a cry, but didn’t have the strength to resist it. F*ck, there really wasn’t any good solutions to this type of AOE!

Within the team chat, Li Meng Yao’s voice echoed out: “Be careful brother, don’t get killed for real…”

I grunted, and suddenly retreated a few steps. Once I regained my balance, I returned the Zhen Yue Sword back to its sheath and opened my left palm. Streaks of lightning energy were condensed in the space between my fingers, and bursts of lightning appeared in the sky. The dark clouds rumbled. Fierce Tiger hastily raised his head, and was shocked, “MLGBD, we’re screwed, this is… this is Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s Holy Ghost Level Skill——[Thundering Heavens]? Quickly run, head towards the border of the City Battle so he can’t follow…”

Unfortunately for them, it was too late. Without waiting for the people from [Flying Dragon] to retreat, [Thundering Heavens] had already successfully activated. The lightning dragons were like punishers that descended from the sky and massacred the crowd. Dirt was sent flying, and the lightning raged all around, causing the near 100 people left from Flying Dragon to let out cries of misery. One by one, enormous damage numbers flew into the air. These people absolutely couldn’t withstand the killing power of a Holy Ghost tier skill——




Fierce Tiger had low health and tried to retreat, but his body was directly pierced through by the Azure Dragon Crossbow, causing him to slump onto the ground. It was a pity that he didn’t drop any equipment, but all 200+ of the [Flying Dragon] players that Fierce Tiger brought over collapsed beside the border, and not a single one of them escaped.

“Sha sha…”

Li Meng Yao directly came out from the forest with Hercules, and laughed, “Brother is so awesome!”

I carried the bloodstained Dragon Reservoir Sword and laughed. I suddenly shook my arm, and a gust of wind surrounded my blade, dispersing the fresh blood that was stuck on my blade: “These pieces of trash, they’re nothing in my eyes, hahaha…”

Li Meng Yao wasn’t satisfied though: “Humph, I only praised you a tiny bit and your ego inflates?…brother, I want a white horse as a mount. I’ll hit Level 100 in just another week, can you help me get it? Sister Matcha’s Thousand League Moonlight is so pretty, I also want one like that…”

I nodded my head: “Yup, no problem. When I go back, I’ll pay close attention to the market for white war horses.”

“Yup yup!”

At that moment, Who’s Blue walked forward with ten or so players from [Blood Contract], and gratefully smiled, “Many thanks to Guild Leader Xiao Yao who helped us here. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to run from the Flying Dragon cavalry, and would definitely die a martyr’s death.”

I replied, “Yup, no worries, we’re all friends. The system doesn’t allow [Zhan Long] members to enter the boundaries of the territory war, so we can only cheer for [Blood Contract] and [Enemies at the Gate] from the side. Good luck! Even though it’s hard, you still have a chance for victory!”

Who’s Blue smiled: “Yup, Han Bei Song said that as well. He said that we should do our best to avoid the two giants, and let [Vanguard] and [Prague] fight it out till the end. Only after that will we have a chance. The only problem is, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior are both extraordinarily smart, and they understand this principle too. Who knows how this will end. There are still too many variables that will affect the outcome of this 24 hour war.”

After she finished talking, Who’s Blue took out a City Return Scroll and said: “Guild Leader Xiao Yao, we’ll go back first. We have to go back to the city and restock the necessities. After that, we’ll assemble a team to go back to the Nightmare Plains. 20000+ people from our [Blood Contract] are participating in the war, and we only have 17000+ left after a short few hours. This is really too tragic. I’m going…”
I waved my hand: “I won’t send you off, good luck to you guys!”

After that, I took Li Meng Yao to continue levelling in the surrounding forest, and used my fastest speed to increase her level. I was abnormally quick at killing monsters, so fast that I wouldn’t lose out to those top notch Mages like Dong Cheng Yue and Simple. Li Meng Yao’s levelling speed was naturally not a problem.

This went on all the way until it was almost dinner time. With a “Di”, Wan Er sent over a message that said: “Pig, I’m going offline to go get my cousin. She’s arriving at Liu Hua University at approximately 5:30, we’ll go greet her together!”

“Yup, that sounds good.”

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