Zhan Long

Chapter 613

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Chapter 613 No Retreat


I appeared in Ba Huang City. After repairing all of my equipment and organizing my potions, I went to the guild chat. Li Mu happened to be talking, “What’s up with this? They won’t even let us enter the Nightmare Plains? I got all prepared and brought 5000 people to the border, only to be told that we can’t enter. This is just too f*cked up!”

I asked, “What’s the situation?”

Li Mu replied, “[Vanguard] and [Prague] are both the main characters of the event. They’ve killed just about the same number of monsters. [Enemies at the Gate] is slightly falling behind, [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] aren’t worth the time. Do you want to go? Any of the players from the main [Zhan Long] guild aren’t allowed within a 2000 yard radius of the new city.”

I smiled bitterly, “Then why go? Kill the [Vanguard] players that are outside? They won’t suffer a limit from reentering the border would they? Looks like this city battle has nothing to do with [Zhan Long]….”

“Yup. Then should we just tell everyone to scatter and grind levels?”



Right at that moment, there was a sudden “Di”. I received a message. It came from Xi Yao Ge Jin, “Brother, come over, let’s grind levels together! I’m in the southernmost forests of the Nightmare Plains. There’s a lot of level 110 Thunder Tier monsters here. There’s even a lot of precious herbs. I just saw someone find the Demon God Grass….”

“Yup, alright. Wait for me!”

I invited Li Meng Yao into the team, creating a brother sister duo team. I leapt onto my horse and galloped out of the city. Unfortunately, I had to take a roundabout route, otherwise I wouldn’t reach the city.

In less than 20 minutes, I reached the outskirts of the Nightmare Plains. In the distance, a blue ray of light rushed into the sky, creating an enormous 2000 yard radius shield. Everything within it was the domain for the city battle. As a member of [Zhan Long] which already has a city, I couldn’t enter. All I could do was go around it.

I could hear the sounds of fighting come from the distance. The [Flying Dragon] players were being killed by [Prague]’s members. The battlefield was plunged in chaos. A dull red city appeared at the center of the plains. There were players and NPCs killing each other. Who knows what kind of a BOSS was guarding this wild city. And who knows who will be the final victor. In the end, it’s going to be between [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate]. [Zhan Long] has no way of joining, and [Enemies at the Gate] will have one less ally.

My Flying Scythe War Horse galloped across the plains. Within 5 minutes of circling the border, we reached a forest. I saw an orange dot slowly moving around in the distance. When I got closer, Li Meng Yao came out from the bushes. She carried her halberd and smiled, “Brother, you’re so slow….”

I was a little speechless. I softly petted the mane of my Flying Scythe War Horse and said, “This horse is the fastest in Ba Huang City… there isn’t a second as fast, so don’t you go grumbling about how fast I am. Let’s go. Take me somewhere where there’s more monsters. I’ll take you leveling!”


Meng Yao turned around and lead me into the depths of the forest. After walking a few minutes, we could hear the howls of wolves. In the next moment, an enormous group of Rabid Wolves appeared from the forest. They were all Level 110 Thunder Tier monsters. They were the best fit for helping Meng Yao gain experience. We would have to go to the north and kill Hybrid Demons to find any higher level monsters. The problem was, even the Level 1 Hybrid Demons were enough to instantly kill Li Meng Yao. That was just too dangerous, and wasn’t worth it.

Against this massive wolf pack, Meng Yao smiled, “Brother, I’ll lure 3-5 of them over, would that be safer?”

I glanced at the Hidden Dragon Armor and smiled, “No need. Just watch on the side. I’ll take charge. These level 110 Thunder Tier monsters shouldn’t have enough attack to break my defense.”

“Huh? Brother, you’re just talking big!”


I flicked the reign and the Flying Scythe Horse charged out. Around 200+ of the Rabid Wolves began dashing towards me. I activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] at the same time. The flame colored Dou Qi wrapped around my horse and I, creating a defensive stance. I then threw out my Zhen Yue Sword. [Blade Spin] slashed through the crowds. I raised both of my swords and charged forward, activating [Tempest Sword] into the crowd. In that instant, I killed a whole group of the wolves. That was enough to make Meng Yao’s experience fly up.


The Rabid Wolves weren’t going to sit around and wait. One after another, they slashed at my [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor], but they only dealt around 300+ damage. With a wave of my sword, I could easily [Drain] the health back. Besides, I had [Cleansing Rain] and [Heal] still, and my recovery speed was incredibly fast. Killing me wasn’t going to be an easy feat for them.

I easily cleaned out the pack of Rabid Wolves. 200+ bodies piled the area around us. A large amount of equipment was dropped as well. There were piles of gold and Silver equipment scattered around. My sister collected everything she wanted. Anything we didn’t need, we left on the field. I changed a few of the equipments into God Army cards. Those Mohist Skills were so expensive to maintain. Getting my own low level equipments and breaking them down was a way to save money.

“So how is it? Am I just bluffing?” I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword over my shoulder and grinned at Meng Yao.

She smiled sweetly and said, “Yup. Brother is the strongest. Keep going. It’s hard to bring such a strong brother out leveling…”

I was speechless.

I brought my only sister around and continued roaming the area. Close to two hours later, I cleared out all of the Rabid Wolves. Meng Yao also leveled up to 90. She was getting closer and closer to level 100. As expected, leveling up with a strong player and killing high tier monsters made it so much faster.


Without noticing, I had already killed my way to the border of the Nightmare Plains. Even if I used all of my strength, I wouldn’t be able to break through that layer. On top of that, I would actually lose health. And so, I decided to not even try. I took Meng Yao back into the forest to kill more wolves.

After ten or so minutes, when I brought my sister back into the forest to see if the monsters had respawned, a group of people suddenly burst out of the enclosed area for the city battle. There was a total of 20 something people. They all wore the [Blood Contract] insignias on their shoulders. I even recognized one of them. It was [Blood Contract]’s number one healer—— Who’s Blue.

“Hurry up….”

Who’s Blue raised her staff and looked back, “When we get out of the area, even if they kill all of us, we’ll still be able to revive. Hmph, those [Flying Dragon] people are just too low!”

One of the archers gripped their long bow and said, “Vice guildmaster, Sheltering Guest was even killed by them…. What do we do? That Fierce Tiger’s attack power is so strong. Motherf*cker, with just one [Battle Axe Burst], he could cut down 13K of Sheltering Guest’s health. That’s just too savage….”

Who’s Blue grit his teeth, “Fierce Tiger’s using a Superior Saint Tier equipment. He had just bought the level 100 weapon from Fan Shu City. Of course the rest of his equipment is also really good. Let’s not talk about this now. We need to find a way out of this situation. Afterwards, we’ll re enter the area and meet up with the guildmaster. Who knows what his situation is. Either way, it can’t be too good…”

The archer nodded, “Ok!”

And then, before the archer even finished talking, a shout came from behind him, “You want to escape? Keep dreaming!”

Hooves beat the ground. “Shua shua shua!” the border flashed as people charged out. They were all [Flying Dragon] players. At the head of them all was Fierce Tiger, the vice guildmaster of [Flying Dragon], and also [Flying Dragon]’s number one berserker. He rode a black battle horse and had already activated the charge stance on his mount. He quickly caught up with them. He suddenly raised his battle axe and activated [Battle Axe Throw]!


The battle axe flew through the sky. “Pu Chi!” it pierced right through the chest of the [Blood Contract] archer, dealing 14K critical damage. It was an instant kill!


Who’s Blue shouted, “Hurry, run!”

Not Yet Red muttered, “Sis, should we revive him?”

“No, reviving him would mean death anyway. Then he’d just lose another level. Go into the thicket, and split up. The fewer that get killed, the fewer losses we suffer. Fierce Tiger brought over 200 people with him. No matter how we fight, we won’t be able to win against them.”


The sound of hooves beating against the ground was never ending. Fierce Tiger lead his army of [Flying Dragon] players. There were over 30 who were heavy armor players with mounts. When players rode mounts, their stats practically multiplied, making them even more violent. Fierce Tiger raised his battle axe, his eyes glowing, “Ha ha, [Blood Contract] tried ambushing the [Flying Dragon] formation, and so now it is time for their judgement. Kill Who’s Blue for me. She is the Vice Guildmaster of [Blood Contract]. Motherf*cker, let’s see if Han Bei Song that trash ever dares to attack our formation ever again!”



Meng Yao stood up from the thicket and suddenly raised her halberd. Rage flashed in her eyes as she said, “That [Flying Dragon] person is so terrifying. Clearly Who’s Blue is a girl. He actually dares to bully her like that… Brother, attack! Go kill them!”

I nearly cried from laughing, “Meng Yao, do you think I’m some kind of a superman? That I can take on 200 with just myself?”

Meng Yao smiled, “Yup. The brother in my heart is a hero. He’s a hero that can protect me and all the people around him. Go. If Brother dies, then Meng Yao will guard your body…”

I laughed, “You really are the best sister. Then I’m going. You hide here and don’t move. If you get found out by them, then I’ll get distracted. Those are [Flying Dragon]’s elites, and almost all of them are fifth class advancement players with those skills. No matter how good your maneuvers are, you won’t be able to fight them!”

“Got it!”



The leaves rustled as my Flying Scythe War Horse charged out. I used a Pardon Card and drew my Dragon Reservoir Sword and my Zhen Yue Sword. Beside me, my Ancient Heavenly Tiger began to materialize. I raised my left arm and my Zhen Yue Sword flew out, creating a perfect loop. “Ka Ka Ka!” it pierced through the first three heavy armor players in [Flying Dragon]. All of them received over 10k damage!





I then raised my sword and activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash], cutting the three critical health players into pieces. Then, with my hand, I activated [Great Realm of Desolation] and locked it onto one of [Flying Dragon]’s archers in the distance!



Instant Kill!


At that moment, the [Flying Dragon] players had all been scared stock still. Even the [Blood Contract] players who were behind me were gaping. All of them couldn’t even say a word——

Who’s Blue finally broke the silence, “So…. so strong…”

One of [Flying Dragon]’s assassins opened his big mouth, “What’s up with that damage? Has entered into the stage of 10k damage? They’ve all been saying that 10k health warriors and 10k health assassins are the future, but under Xiao Yao’s attack, 10k health is nothing….”

Fierce Tiger’s axe shook with rage, “Motherf*cker, Xiao Yao Zi Zai… what the f*ck are you trying to do? Isn’t [Zhan Long] not participating in the City Battle? If so, then butt out!”


In response to Fierce Tiger, I coldly replied, “I can’t even enter the protected area, how could I participate in the City Battle? The only thing is, Who’s Blue and the rest have already been chased out of the borders of the City Battle, and yet you guys are still trying to kill them all. If it’s like that, then I’ll just have to be rude this time. I came here to grind levels. However many of [Flying Dragon]’s people have come, then I will kill that many. I promise right now, that I would not retreat even half a step!”

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