Zhan Long

Chapter 612

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Chapter 612 A Life Long Friend

After gulping down a strong drink, Old K nearly had tears fall down, “Don’t be so lovey dovey in broad daylight. This kind of actions lead straight to some ‘papapa….The line between blessed happiness and suffering is as thin as the line between heaven and hell….”

I helped Wan Er up and smiled bitterly, “Blessed happiness? I have to make each and every one of them happy…….”

Wan Er pushed my hand away and swayed, “I don’t need your help. Dong Cheng…. Let’s go out to get some fresh air on the deck!”

Dong Cheng stood up as well. Even Dong Cheng Lei couldn’t keep her. All he could do was let the two girls go. Either way, Ling Tian Nan had security guards at the front, so their safety was no problem.


I leaned against the seat and gulped down shots.

Old K was stunned, “Li Youngster, what are you doing, pounding so much at once. Do you have something on your mind?”

I looked up at him and glared, “Of course.”

“What is it?”

“I ain’t telling.”


Wolf laughed, “Come on, continue drinking. What’s the point of thinking of those unhappy thoughts? How about we think of the more happier things?”

Matcha raised a glass of Coca Cola and smiled, “Yup, let’s talk about some happier things….”

I added, “That’s right. Have there been any big things that happen in Ba Huang City? What are [Vanguard] and [Prague] doing? Oh and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Flying Dragon]. Cang Cheng hasn’t been trying anything has he?”

Matcha smiled, “Well no. As for [Vanguard], Jian Feng Han has lately been taking Simple, Don’t Be Foolish, and the others on some big scale quests. They’ve pretty much finished all of the main quests in the Moonlight Forest. Yup. Because of [Vanguard] and [Valley of the Gods]’s rush to do main quests, Princess Angela was able to establish seven barracks and forts.”

I was surprised, “So it was like that. I’ve been putting all of my efforts into Dragon City and forgot about the quests in Ba Huang City.”

Matcha nodded, “Jian Feng Han and Simple are pretty close with several attendants for the princess. They managed to tap into those relationships, so getting quests wasn’t hard. That is one of their advantages. As for [Zhan Long]’s other competitor, [Prague]…. They’ve gone to Jiu Li City three times within the past three days….”

“What?” I felt my heart drop a little, “What is Unce Yan Zhao planning?”

Wolf smiled, “I’ve looked into that. Yan Zhao Warrior went to Jiu Li City three times in a row to meet someone! To top it off, just yesterday, Yan Zhao brought a couple of his closest friends to Hang Zhou. He left quickly afterwards though.”

“Hang Zhou?” I was puzzled, “Which player in Hang Zhou has such a great reputation, to actually get [Prague]’s guildmaster to personally come and meet him? Unless… is it a female player?”

Wolf laughed, “Yup, Brother Xiao Yao guessed right. It is a female player. But it’s not the type of relationship you’re thinking. Yan Zhao just wants to bring her into his guild.”

“Who is it?”

“Yayayayayaya, six ya’s. That’s her ID. Her friends call her Six Ya. She’s a level 107 Flame Swordsman and has a hidden class. She uses [Front Line Slash], [Wall of Dragon’s Breath], [Flame Chain] and other skills the most often. She also has an A tier combo called [Quick Slash], which deals five [Thick Cut] . She’s really strong. Just her maneuvers are among the top. She’s an expert that only rose up recently. Originally, Jiu Li City’s [Emperor’s Blood] wanted to grab her. But after Yan Zhao personally went to Jiu Li City three times, and then made a trip to Hang Zhou he managed to convince her. Just this morning, Six Ya joined [Prague]. She’s well respected and Yan Zhao even rose her position as vice guildmaster.”


Wolf continued, “Six Ya isn’t the only one to join [Prague]. She also brought several friends along with her. They were all experts that were ranked among the top 500 in the CBN Battlenet Rankings. Bamboo Moon, a level 105 Wind Elf Musketeer, Wanderer, a level 104 human knight are both famous players in Jiu Li City. Yan Zhao successfully pulled them in before Fang Ge Que could get them.”

I grunted, “Looks like, before Tian Ling City opens, Ba Huang City’s balance of power will shift once more…”


Matcha commented, “Ba Huang City’s second player fort should spawn sometime soon. We’ve already had our Dragon’s Den for a month now. It should be sometime in the next two days! Boss, what should we do before the player city spawns? Should we act or not?”

I asked, “What do you guys think?”

Fox, “I think we shouldn’t. After all, [Zhan Long] isn’t the only power in play at the moment. If one guild takes two cities, then whether or not we can hold it is questionable. Plus, it would make us appear in a bad light.”

I nodded, “That makes sense….”

At that moment, Tang Qi, who had been drinking against Dong Cheng Lei finally lifted his head up and said, “From what I see, Tian Ling Empire should open its gates after the first season of the Hero’s Wings Tournament. At that point, all of the big guilds will send their elites to register for Tian Ling City. Then, the hierarchy between main cities and vice cities will emerge and take shape. [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], [House of Prestige], [Zhan Long], [Vanguard], the legendary guilds will all try to take up the same space. A great war will be inevitable…”

Old K said, “People from [Hero’s Mound] shouldn’t talk. Focus on drinking Bai Jiu.”

Tang Qi laughed, “Don’t… we can’t play the game for the rest of our lives, but we can be life long friends…”

Wolf smiled, “Then Little Seven, how about you bring 5000 players from your [Hero’s Mound] main guild to Ba Huang City and create a [Zhan Long] division. If you do that, then I’ll consider you my friend and drink with you every day….”

Tang Qi shuddered, “Nah, I can’t do something like that. Q-Sword would kill me….”

I glanced at the time and said, “Let’s continue drinking. Afterwards, you all can crash in the rooms on the first floor and go back tomorrow. Matcha, follow me upstairs. You can sleep with Dong Cheng tonight.”

Matcha smiled, “Alright Boss!”

Tang Qi smiled bitterly, “I want to sleep with miss Dong Cheng…”

Dong Cheng Lei roared and threw a punch!


Tang Qi blocked it but was knocked off his sat. “Peng!” he crashed into the wall. The Qi around his body scattered. Even if he was a top level Royal Air expert, it would still be hard for him to hold against Dong Cheng Lei’s natural strength. That b*st*rd’s just too strong. Even I wouldn’t dare get him too mad. Much less Tang Qi.

Dong Cheng Lei glared at Tang Qi and roared, “You want to do what to my sister?”

Tang Qi grabbed the chair and pulled it up to sit on it and smiled, “Nothing at all, brother in law….”

Dong Cheng Lei was confused and turned around to me, “Brother Xiao Yao, what does Brother in Law mean?”

I replied, “It means he wants your sister…”


Dong Cheng Lei threw another drunk punch. Tang Qi raised the chair to block. It easily broke under the force. Dong Cheng’s punch hit Tang Qi square in the chest. Even his shirt had been torn by the force, revealing the muscle underneath. After retreating several steps, Tang Qi finally conceded, “Alright already, stop fighting. I’m about to cough up blood….”

Wolf and Old K laughed out, “Ah Lei stop beating him up. If he died we would have a lot of trouble cleaning up…”

We continued drinking all the way until midnight.

By then, Wan Er and Dong Cheng finally came down from upstairs. After taking a shower they had sobered up. Wan Er held her phone and called from the stairs, “Pig! Pig!”

I turned around, “Wan Er, what’s up?”

“Ba Huang City has spawned a second player city!”


“Nightmare Plains!”

“Huh?” I was slightly startled, “Nightmare Plains is a pretty good spot. There’s quite a few high level maps that haven’t been opened up yet. Mount Xing Yun, Holy Flame Desert, Pan Gu’s Abyss are all around the Nightmare Plains!”


Wan Er ran to sit beside me and smiled, “Now there’s a player city in the south and in the north, splitting the player areas of Ba Huang City right in half.”

Dong Cheng continued, “Just now, Misty Clouds gave me some news. He said that this time [Zhan Long] can’t participate.”

“Why’s that?”

“That’s because guilds that already have their own cities cannot participate in the fight for other territories.”


I was speechless, “Looks like [Zhan Long] won’t be able to help its allies. Let’s see what it looks like tomorrow. Maybe we’ll be able to fight around the borders. Either way, we can’t let [Vanguard] easily take that city.”


It wasn’t until two in the morning that everyone tired themselves out and returned to their own rooms to rest. Thankfully, the security guards that Lin Tian Nan sent to us were extremely principled, and expressed that they were willing to camp out in the great hall so that the little miss’ friends could stay in their rooms. Even Old K got a room, despite the little miss declared no relation with a shameless old thing like Old K who keeps on trying to make moves on Matcha.

I took a shower before going to sleep. When I woke up, it was already ten in the morning. Opening my eyes, I noticed a pair of bright eyes looking at me. Wan Er had pulled a chair out and was staring out the window. When I woke up, she jumped and said, “Pig, you’re finally awake!”

“Wan Er, what are you doing in my room?”

“I couldn’t sleep so I came to visit you. That’s right, the members from Zhan Long Office have already left. They didn’t want to wake you. They said it was because you deserved a good rest after staying up for so long to revive Frost. They’re so thoughtful. They even took the two bags of beef that we left downstairs….”

I smiled, “That… I’ll buy you some more later on!”

“Good!” The beautiful little miss clapped her hands, “I’ll be waiting for it!”

I propped myself up and asked, “What time is it?”


“Has the fight for the Nightmare Plains fort started?”

“Yup. But it will continue on for 24 hours, so there’s no rush to watch the excitement.”

“Ok. What are we eating for lunch?”




I got out of bed. For lunch, I went with the two beauties and Tang Qi to eat. On the way, I drove Wan Er and Dong Cheng to the grocery store to buy some food and snacks. When it was close to three in the afternoon, we logged on. It was time to see just what the fight for the Nightmare Plains looked like. Plus, Wan Er’s cousin was going to arrive at the airport this afternoon. On the bright side I didn’t need to pick her up, so I just left her be.

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