Zhan Long

Chapter 610

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Chapter 610 Thousand League Moonlight

Seeing the stats for the Hidden Dragon Armor, Wan Er couldn’t keep her jaw closed. Finally, she smiled and said, “Seeing as [Thousand Layer Cliff] is such a thick armor, then pig should let me use him to grind my blades. Darling Duck can heal you. All I have to do is cut down your health 200 times and we’ll be able to raise your defense by 200%. Add that on with your [Wall of Dou Qi] you’ll have at least 50,000 defense. Do you have any idea what that means?”

Qing Qian smiled, “That would be…. A person would need a godly weapon that has a shield break capability in order to break Xiao Yao’s defense. Besides, their shield break would have to at least surpass 30%. Otherwise, it’d be pointless to use it. The currently top players have a base attack of around 5000. Their equipment and skills bring that to 3 times at least. So they would have at least 20,000 defense. If their weapons don’t have a shield break ability, then their attack wouldn’t be nearly as high as Brother Xiao Yao’s defense….”

Wan Er looked at her own dagger and smiled, “Thankfully I do….”

Qing Qian also glanced at her own Blade of Hell and smiled, My weapon also has around 40% shield break…”

Dong Cheng swung her staff and said, “I on the other hand don’t. But with magic attack, no matter how high his defense is, he’d still cry out in pain….”

I was speechless.


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword. “Ka Cha!” I cut down Ming Jun’s head. With that the quest notified that I had completed the portion. All I had to do was bring it to Frost and report back to her. And so, I put Ming Jun’s head into the bag and said, “Let’s go. We need to go to Dragon City to report on the quest. This is an SSS Tier main quest and we luckily got our hands on Divine Tier and Saint Tier equipments.”

“Yup, let’s go!”

Our team of five returned back. Outside of the Beast Spirit Valley, Fox was still leading his grinding team. We waved to them and then turned around to head to Dragon City. After half an hour of travel, we reached the walls. From a distance, the city walls invoked a sense of nostalgia. The laborers were smelting iron. On top of that, there were ten black cannons that were being slowly carted into the city.

“Lord Dragon Rider!”

Qing Luo raised her long sword and smiled, “Looks like you’ve already finished the task that Lady Frost gave you. Have we received permission to use the Beast Spirit Valley?”

I nodded, “Yup, what’s with those cannons?”

“Oh? Those black cannons are the legendary Black Crystal Cannons. They were shipped from the Zhe Yuan City.”

“Ah?” I was stunned, “We have relations with Zhe Yuan City?”

“Yes. We originally didn’t, but since Lady Odelia has friends in Zhe Yuan City, Lady Frost spent a lot of resources to buy these ten Black Crystal Cannons. Plus the shipping cost, we spent a total of 400,000 Gold. On the good side, we got that gold from Ba Huang City.”

“So it was like that…” I smiled, “ Looks like Odelia still has some use for Dragon City.”

“Of course. Let me take you and your friends to go meet Lady Frost!”


Qing Luo took our five man team up to Dragon City. When we were within the city’s plaza, we saw a group of Dragon City soldiers training new recruits. Each one carried a longsword and roared as they funneled Dou Qi into their weapons. Afterwards, they whooped. The soldier morale was pretty good. Frost stood on a deck above the training grounds. She watched the new trainees and smiled, “The graduates of the Academy of Ba Huang City really are good. All of them have reached the Earth level. If they can materialize their Dou Qi then we’ll have a chance against the Hybrid Demons. Plus it’s free… they all came with a set of armor and a sword. Every month, each one gets 2G, and they don’t spend more than 10G each. So affordable. I really want ten thousand of them. Too bad Angela isn’t willing to give more…..”

When I heard her say that, I nearly spat out blood. I walked over and said, “Frost, we’re back!”


Frost turned around and smiled, “Li Xiao Yao, you must be bringing good news, right?”

I nodded. I pulled out Ming Jun’s head and said, “This is the commander of the barbarians in the Beast Spirit Valley. He’s already been killed. Right now, we have permission to mine in the tunnels. Send people down there anytime!”

Frost grinned, “Ok. I knew it, you wouldn’t let me down. Having you in Dragon City really is our good fortune!”

I nodded with a smile, “Yup. Do you have anything else?”

“Not at the moment. Here, this is your reward!”


System Notification: Congratulations, you’ve completed the SSS Tier Quest [Beast Spirit Valley Mines], You’ve received the reward: Level Experience 40%, Charm+10, Gold+20000, Furthermore you’ve received the reward item: [Thousand League Moonlight] (Saint Tier BOSS Mount)!


“Oh? A Saint Tier mount?”

I laughed. My luck today was pretty good. This quest wasn’t even a main quest, and yet I was still able to get such a good mount? I took the mount egg out to take a look. It was pure white, and a white battle horse was carved into the surface. Yup, a white horse was in it. This was a dream mount for all players. From my memory, Zhao Yun and Zhou Yu, the most heroic of all heroes all rode on white horses. Of course, Liu Bei’s horse was also white. Even though the Liu Bei who rode it wasn’t very strong.

“What, Pig did you get something? Looks at that happy face.” Wan Er smiled.

I raised the pet egg and said, “Thousand League Moonlight, a Saint Tier BOSS level mount. He’s a godly mount that can gallop for a thousand leagues under the moonlight. It’s stats cannot be much worse than my Flying Scythe War Horse’s….”

Wan Er bit her lip and said, “Too bad. We’re assassins, so we can’t ride mounts. Otherwise… wu wu, If only I knew at first, then I would’ve chosen to be a swordsman instead….”

I hugged her thin shoulders and said, “Don’t be regretful. Assassins can use [Camouflage], and you have the number one attack output. To have lots you must first learn to give up!”

Qing Qian then said, “No matter what, Brother Xiao Yao’s Flying Scythe War Horse is better. We should sell this pet egg. Or should we do something else?”

Without another thought I said, “Let’s give it to someone else. Who in [Zhan Long] needs it the most.”

As I said that, I opened up the conversation log and asked, “That… I want to ask. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Bai Qi, Matcha, what are the mounts are you guys using?”

Li Mu said, “I have a black Valkyrie Tier BOSS mount. Wang Jian that youngster spent 50,000RMB to buy a Saint Tier not BOSS level Hundred League Smoke. Old K and Bai Qi are both using Valkyrie Tier Purple Chestnut Horses. As for Matcha’s mount…. Eh, I don’t know what it is at the moment. I don’t think she has a mount….”

I smiled, “Matcha, come on out. Are you using a mount right now?”

Matcha hesitantly said, “Boss, just this morning, I got a gold tier Mount——Mixed Breed Pale Moon. The stats aren’t bad, but of course it can’t match with the mounts that the others bought….”

I was a little speechless, “Yup, alright then… wait for me at Ba Huang City’s North Gate. I just finished a quest and obtained a Thousand League Moonlight mount egg. I’ll give it to you. You’re one of our people in the [Zhan Long] office. I need to take more care of you!”

“Huh? Really? What’s its level?”

“It’s a Saint Tier Level BOSS mount!”

“Yes yes!! Thank you BOSS! I love you to death!!”

“Hurry up and get over here then!”




The City Return Scroll took me right back to Ba Huang City’s North Plaza. Not long after, the beautiful Matcha’s figure appeared in a teleportation circle. She carried a shining sword in one hand and was dressed in armor. Her pale white cloak fluttered in the wind. She was a level 105 Knight, and was one of the top knights in [Zhan Long]. At the same time, Matcha brought another girl with her. It was a level 84 young female knight. Her equipment looked to be pretty good. She carried a flaming halberd with her. She looked at me with a grin. Xi Yao Ge Jing, if that wasn’t my sister Li Meng Yao, who else would it be.


Li Meng Yao walked forward and and acted cute, “You’re giving the Thousand League Moonlight to Sister Macha, then what are you getting me…. I’m almost level 100 too. When are you going to give me a mount that runs fast?”

I smiled and rubbed her hair, “Work hard on grinding your levels. Only then will I give you one. Rushing from Level 84 to 100 will take at least half a month. Don’t worry, I will definitely get my cute sister a mount!”

Li Meng Yao smiled, “Alright. Look at how nervous you are. I’m just testing you. I’ll get my own mount. No way am I some kind of wimp that has to rely on her brother. I want to become brother’s right hand!”

“Yup, that’s my little sister!”

As I finished talking, I took out the Thousand League Moonlight and handed it to Matcha. I almost didn’t want to let go of it. It took her half a second to think of biting her finger to create a blood contract with her mount. In the next moment, a silver light flashed. A white battle horse slowly walked out of the dust and raised its head to whinnie. It was incredibly beautiful with a mane of shining hair. Matcha leapt onto the horse and excitedly cried out, “Woah, my health increased to 40,000…. Even my attack power and defense power have increased….”

I walked forward and pet the Thousand League Moonlight and smiled, “Just the name is incredibly nice. Yup, this mount can last you until level 140 to level 150. I believe that this Thousand League Moonlight will become the dream mount of [Zhan Long].”


Matcha nodded with a blush.

I was a little stunned, “Matcha, why’s your face so red?”

Li Meng Yao softly knocked my shoulder and said, “Brother, you idiot. Your hand is on Matcha’s leg. It must feel pretty nice right?”

I looked down. Matcha’s leg was across the horse’s back. There wasn’t any armor wrapped around it. Just the thin muslin from the female armor. The feeling really was nice… I quickly took my hand off and apologized, “I’m sorry Matcha… It wasn’t on purpose…. That… I’ll leave first!”

Motherf*cker, thankfully I didn’t let Wan Er see that. Otherwise, the jealous little miss won’t let me off easily.

Matcha on the other hand smiled to her Thousand League Moonlight and said “Boss is so terrifying, how are you going to pick up girls after this?”

I turned around and said, “Who said I was picking people up…”

“Oh?” Macha blinked a few times, “That, boss, how far have you gone with Wan Er?”

I said, “Eh… I haven’t gotten that far. That is…”

“Have you kissed?”


“Looks like you have. Have you gone in bed yet?”


“He he, you still have time to do that! Song Han said that females must have a big chest in order to sell their cuteness…” Matcha giggled, “Boss, why don’t you even dare look me in the eye?”

I glared at her, “If you dare play more jokes on the guildmaster, then I’ll throw a flying kick….”

“Hmph, alright then. That’s right, BOSS. The beautiful Dong Cheng said that you guys are now living together in the university. Song Han said that he’s coming over tonight to steal some food. Why don’t you make some preparations. It’s already ten at night. Shall we come over to eat some hot pot? How’s that?”

“Then come. Just bring your own ingredients….”

“Yup yup!”


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