Zhan Long

Chapter 609

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Chapter 609 Hidden Dragon Armor

“Youngster, die!”

Ming Jun woke up from his stun. He waved his battle axe and threw a [Flame Cut] at me. I reflexively raised my Zhen Yue Sword to block it. “Keng!” sparks flew. I felt my left arm go numb, and I couldn’t hold it off any more. The blade was pressed against my shoulder. I could only take the strike.


I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and my Heavenly Tier level 1 [Combo] began to flash before the BOSS’ chest. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger God roared and threw a slash at the BOSS’ back. I then swung my swords, throwing out [Combo]+[Fierce Ice Slash], dealing enormous damage in a few moments. MingJun glared at me with fury, as though he wanted to swallow me in one gulp.


“Keng keng keng….”

Sparks continuously flew off my Flame Prison Armor. Ming Jun’s attacks were incredibly quick, putting a lot of pressure on Darling Duck to heal me. However, the worst part was the BOSS’ skills.


The Battle axe began to flame, as Ming Jun cruelly smiled, “Die!”

“[Fierce Flame Heart]!”

At the same time the Battle axe fell, a ball of flames engulfed me, dealing 15,000+ damage. Even afterwards, I was continuously feeling the pains from the burns for seven seconds!

Wan Er raised her dagger and stood in the distance, “Quick, cleanse the burning effect!”

Darling Duck raised her hand and cast [Purification]. The effect on my body slid off. She then used another [Grip of Compassion] and I activated [Cleansing Rain]. I had just barely made it out alive. At the same time, Qing Qian dashed out. [Blade of Hell] began to glow from her dagger, cutting down 19,000 health from the BOSS!

Such a painful attack made Ming Jun roar. He raised his arm and spun around and roared, stunning us!


Battle Notification: Barbarian General – Ming Jun used [Blood Axe Roar] and dealt 9784 damage to you. Furthermore, you’ve been stunned for four seconds!

Not only did the attack hit me, Qing Qian was also stunned.

“Oh no!”

Dong Cheng activated [Thunderbolt Finger]+[Icicle Spell], but it was all too late. However, right at that moment, Wan Er suddenly became extremely calm and used her Iron Umbrella to block the next attack. With her left hand holding the umbrella, and her right hand open, she shouted at me. The next moment, the stun effect went away. [Awakening Spell] was a fifth advancement assassin skill. The only thing it could control was the stun effect. That was because stun was a special effect that couldn’t be cleansed.

I swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw several slashes at the BOSS’ hip. Using my damage, I pulled Ming Jun’s aggro right back to me again. Afterwards, I said, “Qing Qian, use [Glacial Hammer] and [Grip of the Firefox] to deal distance attacks. Leave the close combat to me. Wan Er, hold off on the cool down for your [Awakening Spell]!”

As I said that, I raised my arm and activated [Reflect]. “Dang!”, the skill reflected the BOSS’ [Flame Cut]. I then swung my blade and continued attacking. Wan Er quickly interrupted the BOSS’ [Blood Axe], giving it another 25 seconds of cool down. This 25 seconds was considered “Safe Time”. She then waved both her daggers, activating [Frost Revolution], sealing the BOSS in ice and greatly messing up the BOSS’ attack rhythm.

Within ten minutes, Ming Jun’s health dropped to 20%. The fight when by very smoothly. Even Darling Duck couldn’t help but smile and comment, “Ah… our teamwork is incredible….”

Dong Cheng giggled, “That’s why we’re the best!”

In reality, the [Purification] dealt with [Fierce Flame Heart], while [Awakening Spell] dealt with [Blood Axe Roar] and [Reflect] dealt with Flame Axe. This barbarian BOSS was starting to get frustrated with our team. On top of that, while I was on my mount, I had over 40,000 health so he couldn’t instantly kill me either. Even more so, we all had strong pets. Thus, killing him wasn’t a big problem.

“Careful, it’s the last skill!” Dong Cheng shouted.

I said, “Keep your stun skills. We’ll just wait for his skill!”


Before I even finished talking, a thunderous boom rang through the sky. Clouds rolled over our heads. The BOSS raised his battle axe. In the next moment, two chains of lightning fell from the sky and locked onto the battle axe, bringing power down from the sky. At the same time, he activated [Blood Axe Roar] and shouted, “D*mn*d adventurers. You will pay for your arrogance!”

Wan Er quickly cast [Awakening Spell] to bring me out of the stun. At the same time, she began waving both of her daggers, casting [Blind]+[Gouge]. However, neither succeeded. I then opened my hand and activated [Binding Chains]!



The success rate of interrupting a big skill wasn’t very high. Qing Qian had retreated with two MISSes as well. This place was about to turn into a field of flames. Everyone had that premonition!

I quickly retreated and commanded my Ancient Heavenly Tiger to continue attacking. At the same time, I opened my hand and activated [King Domain], increasing everyone’s attack and defense. Lightning then began to run through my arms and I began activating a big skill as well—— [Thundering Heavens]!

The Saint Tier Level 2 skill began to activate and countless lightning dragons descended upon the ground. At that moment, the BOSS’ [Rip the Heavens] had finished casting!

“Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, [Invincibility]!”

Right as I shouted, the two girls quickly entered into an [Invincible] state!


The first battle axe fell upon the ground, creating a shockwave that rocked the earth. I lost around 10,000 health. At the same time, I continued activating [Thundering Heavens], making the dragons continuously ram into the BOSS. Like that, we fought savagely. Electricity flashed all around as the earth shook. Both the BOSS and I were suffering, I however had Darling Duck giving me heals from afar. Wan Er was also casting multiple [Ice Pick Whirlpool]’s to help. Practically all of the pets were roaring in distress. Qing Qian’s Cold Iron Shield Pet and Dong Cheng’s Sabertooth Tiger had already died in battle. Wan Er’s Purple Kirin Dragon shakily flew in the air, barely hanging in. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger managed to maintain 30% of its health as it fought.

We continued like this for nearly 14 seconds. Finally, the [Rip the Heavens] effect ended. For the first time, I managed to survive through a BOSS’ final skill!


After the final skill finished, Ming Jun had no more magic to spend on us. He screamed and fell under the slash of my Dragon Reservoir Sword.

“Shua shua shua….”

All of the girls leveled up, and I got a large amount of experience. Despite that, I was still a ways from leveling up. When Ming Jun knelt to the ground, “Hua La!” he dropped a pile of equipment. The Divine Tier BOSS had been killed by me, who had 366 charm. The items that he dropped must be pretty good. Everyone excitedly walked up to look.

There was a total of three spoils. One of them was an exquisite hairpin, designed for females. It was similar to a helmet. Besides that was a dazzling ring. And the last equipment was a majestic armor that was glowed with a deep green. I picked up the hairpin first——

[Black Moon] (Divine Tier)

Type: Leather Armor

Defense: 1000

Agility: +125

Stamina: +122

Strength” +120

Magic: +118

Additional: Increases the user’s physical attack power by 17%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 3500

Special: [Black Moon], ignores 10% of all damage dealt to the user. Furthermore, it turns the damage into the user’s own health

Required Level: 105

Required Charm: 100


I held up the pin and said, “It’s a leather equipment. Wan Er and Qing Qian can use it. You want to roll?”

Wan Er shook her head, “No need. The helmet that I’m using right now is already divine tier!”

Qing Qian smiled, “Thank you Sister Cang Tong!”

“Let’s continue….”

I picked up the second piece of equipment. It was a ring. From the designs, it looked to be a flame type. When I held it in my hand, I felt warmth seeping in my palm. When I looked at the stats, it really was a fire type——

[Purple Flame Ring] (Divine Tier)

Magic: +128

Stamina: +125

Agility: +122

Strength: +120

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack power by 24%

Additional” Increases the user’s fire type magic damage by 40%

Special: [Purple Flame Shield], summons a powerful shield from the ring, protecting the user from a certain amount of damage. Uses up 50 points of rage. Cooldown: 2 hours

Required Level: 105


As I held the Purple Flame Ring I said, “This is made for mages. The stats are pretty good. It increases attack while providing a shield type special attack. It’s pretty good for staying alive.”

Dong Cheng reached her hand out and smiled, “Give it…”

I could only give it to her. There was no other way, after all she was the only mage. If I didn’t give to her, then who would I give it to?”

Afterwards was the last piece of equipment. It was a deep indigo armor. It gave off an extremely atmosphere. It must be an special piece. And so, I quickly grabbed it and smiled, “I’m the only heavy armor here, so this is mine…”

“Alright…” Wan Er smiled, “But you gotta let us look at the stats first!”


I waved my hand over it. The armor stats appeared in the team chat. It really didn’t let me down. I finally had a Divine Tier Armor too——

[Hidden Dragon Armor] (Divine Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1850

Strength: +135

Stamina: +132

Agility: +130

Magic: +127

Additional: Increases the user’s physical and magical defense by 50%

Additional: Increases the user’s physical attack power by 32%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 6000

Special: [Thousand Layer Cliff] every time the user receives damage, the Hidden Dragon Armor will convert it into strength, and increase the user’s defense. Losing 100% of your health increases your defense by 1%. The maximum is 200%

Introduction: Hidden Dragon Armor, A blacksmith master used the scales of a dragon and combined it with heavenly metals to create this armor. Legend has it that it was the armor of ancient kings. It’s rumored that no blades could pierce through it. Afterwards, when King You of Zhou executed his vassals, he lost the loyalty of his citizens. In the end, he even lost his kingdom. This Hidden Dragon Armor was then lost among the public. After being passed from hand to hand for thousands of hundreds of years, it was taken by Ming Jun

Required Level: 105

Required Charm: 200


“This armor….”

Qing Qian pursed her lips and said, “This is even more impressive than Li Mu’s Dragon Turtle Armor. Especially with that [Thousand Layer Cliff]. The max you can increase your defense is 200%. That’s basically adding another layer of a Level 10 [Wall of Dou Qi]. Does that mean that no physical attacks will touch Brother Xiao Yao?”

I secretly smiled. I quickly exchanged the Flame Prison Armor for my Hidden Dragon Armor. My stats increased drastically. Especially my defense. Once the [Thousand Layer Cliff] effect takes hold, then my defense would be crazy——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Rider)

Level: 112

Attack: 6544-8062

Defense: 9455

Health: 45717

Magic: 12130

Charm: 366

CBN Battlenet Rankings: 12


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