Zhan Long

Chapter 608

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Chapter 608 Ming Jun

Wan Er continued, “Last year, the hottest game was and the final champion was a Korean team. And so, the Koreans took the ‘Hero’s Wings’ cup. This year, the hottest game is but who knows which country’s team will take it. America, the Netherlands, and the Russian servers all seem to have very high level players. However, [Vanguard] was once a King team. Furthermore, is a chinese game. Last year, during the “Hero’s Wings” cup, Fang Ge Que’s team took second place and almost won against the King team….”

I grunted and said, “The champion of the ‘Hero’s Wings Cup’, besides the trophy, what else do they get as a reward?”

Dong Cheng giggled, “I know this one. Besides the cup, there’s other rewards too. Because the game has a lot of publicity, the sponsors give a lot of rewards. Last year I believe the reward was around 120,000,000 USD for the champion, and 30,000,000 to the second place winner. This year, has around two to three times more popular, so the reward won’t be small.”

As I rode on my Flying Scythe Horse, I couldn’t help but shudder, “Dong Cheng, you aren’t tricking me are you? Is the reward really around 12,000,000 USD? Isn’t that like a trillion RMB?”

Wan Er softly smiled, “Dong Cheng isn’t tricking you. The reward really is that big. Because this is a worldwide event, corporations from all over the world are investing in it. Last year the total reward was around 300 million USD. You can just imagine what it’s going to be like for this year.

I was stunned, “That…. If those corporations invest so much money, what do they get back?

“That’s simple….”

Wan Er stabbed her [Blade of the Death God] at a half beastman and smiled, “The competition’s map has ads and sponsorships throughout the arena. What’s most important, even more so than the competition, is the live transmissions. The ratings for this competition are incredibly high, so the ads won’t be boring.”

“Alright then….”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and cut down a critical health half beast man. I then set down my determination and said, “I’m taking the championship for this year’s “Hero’s Wings”! If five of us are competing, then with Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I, our chances of winning won’t be low!”

Qing Qian smiled and said “That’s right. The ‘Hero’s Wings’ competition is normally three 1v1 rounds, one 2v2 round, and one 5v5 round. I think that if Brother Xiao Yao and Sister Cang Tong make a team, then the first two 1v1 would be easy to win. Even if we meet the last Korean King team, it still wouldn’t be a problem. Afterwards, the two of you guys would then fight another 2v2. With three settled rounds, then rushing to the championship won’t just be a dream!”

After all that, I was starting to get excited, “That…. When does the ‘Hero’s Wings’ competition normally start?”

Last year it started on Christmas. This year, I don’t know….” Wan Er saw my excited expression and smiled, “What are you getting so excited for… it’s still too early. Either way, when the time comes just make sure you register!”

I nodded, “Yup. A five person competition. I think us five would already be enough… with a tank and a healer, then the 5V5 would be well in our favor.”

“Yup. Anyway, just talking about all this isn’t enough. Let’s finish this quest first!”



As we continued traveling through the valley, looking for half beast men, the barbarians also launched attacks on us. My Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword were both dripping in blood. In order to kill 10,000 monsters, it was bound to be a lot of work.

Not long after, I heard a “Di!”. One of my friends was messaging me. It was ZGTVs main MC, Fei Er——

“Hello handsome Zi Zai!” Fei Er’s sweet voice came through.

“Yup, beautiful Fei Er, what’s up?”

“Well.” Fei Er smiled and said, “It’s about the competition for the ‘Hero’s Wings’. You should know about it right now. The officials in charge of the ‘Hero’s Wings’ have already begun planning for the 2017 competition. At the moment, they’ve received quite a bit of investment, and so they’ve decided to hold a public release. China’s Shanghai Center of Gaming has taken the responsibility of hosting it. This year, the game is in and so they want to invite 300 players from all over the globe to join the feast. [Zhan Long] is one of the top ten guilds in the China Server and you are one of the top 20 CBN Battlenet Rankings, so you would naturally receive an invitation. Do you have the time to go?”

I nodded, “I should have time. Fei Er, if this this is being held by Shanghai, then why are you here to invite me?”

“Because… I’m the MC….”

“Eh, alright…” I then asked another question, “Besides me, is anyone else from [Zhan Long] invited?”

Fei Er smiled, “Let me look. Um.. besides you, Cang Tong, Cang Yue, General Li Mu, and Yue Qing Qian have been invited. Actually it’s the five players that are in your [Zhan Long Hall] that are being invited.”

“Ok, got it. Thanks!”

“No problem. Good luck! The ‘Hero’s Wings’ competition isn’t too far in the future. Work hard to become one of the top three in the China Server. That way, you’ll be able to participate in the world competition. Afterwards, bring the 2017 Cup back to China!”

“Ok! I’ll do my best!”

“He he, that’s good. I’ll continue leveling up. My levels too low, I’m always being bullied by people…”

“Do you want me to send people to help you level up?”

“No need, I have quite a few male co-workers that are fighting to bring me along. You understand…”

“Too well, Haha….”

“Hmhm then I’m leaving.”

“Good bye.”


I turned off my communication device and turned around to face Wan Er, “Fei Er really did contact me, just as you predicted. [Zhan Long] also has Li Mu, Melon who are also being invited to the ‘Hero’s Wings’ Conference.”

Wan Er smiled, “Then we should start planning. For the five man team, are we set on these five people. How does that sound?”

I thought about it for a second and nodded, “Yup, then we’ll set it as that!”

Qing Qian seemed to be a little doubtful. She pouted her lip and said, “But… our team already has Sister Cang Tong that assassin. If you add me in, wouldn’t that be a little superfluous? If we fought a 5v5 like that then we would be a little disadvantaged….”


I glanced at Wan Er and smiled, “Qing Qian, your sister Cang Tong’s defense isn’t much lower than my own. Plus, her Iron Umbrella can block magic attacks. On top of that she has skills like [Blade of the Death God] and [Hermit God’s Arrival]. She’s nowhere near a typical assassin. She could pretty much act as a warrior. You’ll be the control while she and I hold the front lines.”

Wan Er smiled and threw a punch at me, “Pig!”

Qing Qian smiled as well, “Alright then. I’ll just hold you back a little….”

Darling Duck was a little speechless, “As the number 2 assassin in the china server Qing Qian, how could you consider yourself as dragging them down? Then what can the seventh healer in the China Server say….”

Dong Cheng smiled, “Stop being modest already. Let’s hurry up and kill. I don’t want to spend all night on this quest!”



After ten hours, we finally managed to kill all of the half beast men and barbarians in the Beast Spirit Valley. “Ding!” the quest notification appeared: Now that you’ve cleared the Beast Spirit Valley, head over towards the Flame Mountains. Kill the Barbarian General Ming Jun that is guarding the mines. Afterwards, bring the head to Frost. She will then send teams of laborers to mine the Beast Spirit Valley. Furthermore, you will get a generous reward!

“Alright. Time to kill the last BOSS!”

I lead my horse forward and looked at the red mountains. There were caves and cracks all over it. I smiled and said, “Who knows what kind of a BOSS it is this time….”

“We’ll know when we get there. Pig, you lead the way!” Wan Er said.


My Flying Scythe War Horse whinnied. I then brought out my Ancient Heavenly Tiger and stepped into the flame red mountains. As I expected, there were shiny rocks all around us. These were the fire type metals that Frost was talking about. These metals held an indescribable importance for Dragon City. It is because of these materials that we will be able to hold off the godly weapons when the Hybrid demons invade!

Deep in the mines, there were decayed bones scattered around the ground. Within a pile of bones, there was a barbarian general that carried a battle axe in one hand and had flames rising all around him. He coldly looked at us and said, “Greedy humans trying to touch the mines of the Beast Spirit Valley in vain. I suggest you leave immediately. Otherwise, you will end up just like these dead bodies before you!”

I looked at the BOSS and couldn’t help but feel a shock. Motherf*cker, it was actually a Divine Tier. No wonder it was so arrogant. I quickly copied the BOSSes stats into the team chat——

[Barbarian Guardian – Min Jun] (Divine Tier BOSS)

Level: 115

Attack: 11200- 11500

Defense: 10500

Health: 120,000,000

Skills: [Flame Slash] [Fierce Flame Heart] [Blood Axe Roar] [Rip the Heavens]

Introduction: Ming Jun, A hero level existence among barbarians. Originally, the barbarians that used to live in the north were slowly pushed out by the Hybrid Demons. Some of them have even fallen under the claw and tooth of the Hybrid Demons. Afterwards, they plundered everything around them, turning into the enemy of dwarves, humans, and moon elves. But, because they are too tyrannical, the dwarf tribe of Ba Huang City had no alternatives. All they could do was live with their actions in the Beast Spirit Valley.


I gripped my long sword and said, “I’ll go first and attract the aggro. Afterwards, you guys attack. Wan Er and Qing Qian, don’t get too close. This BOSS’s attack power is just too high. 11,500 points. I’m afraid you guys won’t be able to take it. Especially Qing Qian. Your health just barely hits 15,000, you’ll be instantly killed…”

Qing Qian nodded, “Ok. I’ll take care of interrupting the BOSS’s skills!”



Standing in my original position, I roared. An iron wall began to rise around me and [Wall of Dou Qi] activated. Right afterwards, snow began to flutter around me and [Frost Armor] also activated. With a roar, I activated [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] to BUFF everyone. Only then, did I urge my Flying Scythe War Horse into a charge!


I rammed right into the BOSS, successfully stunning him for a second. I was level 112, and the BOSS was level 115. The success rate of the skill was over 75%. It was only because of this that we dared to fight against a Divine Tier BOSS. If he was a Level 140 Divine Tier BOSS, then we probably would’ve called Fox back into the Beast Spirit Valley.

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