Zhan Long

Chapter 607

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Chapter 607 Hero’s Wings

I turned around and glared at the city. There’s no other choice. Only I can wipe Odelia’s ass now.

“Your highness!”

I cleared my throat and continued, “I believe this is all a misunderstanding. I will make up for my friend’s mistake. How about this. I will give you 1000 gallons of quality Barley Ale for compensation. I hope that you won’t continue to hold her responsible. Actually, I will send you 2000 Gallons of Barley Ale, in return for your forgiveness.”

Barley was a type of seed that you could buy in the Ba Huang City’s shops. I believe it was around 10 coppers for every pound. It was pretty cheap. Giving them 10,000 gallons wouldn’t be a problem!

The dwarves’ eyes lit up, as though they were thirsty alcoholics. But at first one seemed a little doubtful. “Really? Are you really willing to give us 2000 gallons of Barley Ale?”

I nodded, “Absolutely. If I said I am going to give you them, then I am going to give them to you!”

“Alright!” The Dwarf King smiled, “Dragon City’s Dragon Knights truly are above average. This is a real hero’s attitude. Tell me, youngster, why did you come here?”

I grunted and said, “Actually, my trip here this time was by Frost’s command. I want to pass through this fort and go into the Beast Spirit Valley to mine some fire type weapons. That way, we could fight off the Hybrid Demons.”


The expression on the Dwarf King’s face suddenly turned cloudy, “Young Dragon Rider, there’s something I don’t understand. The Beast Spirit Valley is the backyard of us dwarves. Even though there are some half beast half barbarians that have occupied the area, however, itss still my land. If you want to go into there to mine those minerals, then that will be sealing the death contract for us dwarves. After all, you guys are using those weapons to deal with the Hybrid Demons. That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with us dwarves, isn’t that right?”

I was startled. Odelia walked forward from behind me and pulled out her sword, “Old b*st*rd, don’t you forget. If the Hybrid Demons want to occupy Ba Huang City, then they would leave you dwarves alone? Have you forgotten how Commander Lin Han had banished your tribe 5000 years ago?”

The Dwarven King grit his teeth, “Lin Han that d*mn*d b*st*rd!”

Wan Er walked forward and said, “Your Majesty the Dwarven King, Lin Han was already killed by us in Dragon City. Did you not receive the news?”

“What? You… you guys killed Lin Han?”

Wan Er nodded, “Yes. You can send scouts out later to check the information but Lin Han has truly been killed.”


The Dwarven King made a fist and said, “I will send out scouts right now. Once I have checked out the news, then I will agree to partner with you. However, if you want the authority to mine fire type ore from our mines, then you must exchange it with 100,000 Gallons of Barley Ale. That way, we can get through five winters. How does that sound?”

I nodded “No problem!”


The great gates of the fortress opened up and a dwarf riding on a wild wolf dashed out. At the same time, I opened up my messenger and contacted Fox, “Fox, I need your help!”

“Oh, what’s up?”

“Help me buy some barley from the merchants in Ba Huang City. I need 100,000 kilograms. Let me know, how long does it take for the stores to refresh?”

“This I know. It refreshes every hour, with 5000 kilograms each time. Every city has a total of 4 NPC merchants. I’ll send people out to Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City to buy it. We’ll get it all in two hours. It won’t actually take that long.

“Ok, then I’ll leave it to you. When you’re done buying it all, head to Beast Spirit Valley. I’ll send the coordinates to you later. Bring a team of a thousand people to escort it. Be careful.”

“Understood. Don’t worry!”


Like that, we all waited before Beast Spirit Valley. Around an hour later, the dwarf riding on the wolf returned. He carried the royal flag in his hand and he shouted cheerfully, “Your majesty… the news is real. While Hell’s Battlesong Lin Han was chasing after the Red Dragon Queen and Odelia, when he took an ambush and was killed in Dragon City. This happened seven days ago. That’s right, it’s the Odelia right in front of you. The Dragon Rider had killed Lin Han himself!”

The Dwarven King cheered. He quickly raised his long sword and leapt off the city wall. “Peng!” he landed on the ground and said, “So what you said was real! Odelia, everything we owe each other is finished. You have cleared the shame for our entire Dwarven tribe!”

Odelia stood up tall and straight in front of the Dwarven King. She then reached out and touched his crown and smiled, “Well well, you really are too respectful. What can I say, I’ve completed my task?”

I nodded, “That’s right, now please let go of his majesty’s crown. Unless you want to be turned into a porcupine?”

Odelia unwillingly gave up on the idea of stealing the king’s crown and said, “Then I’ll head back to Dragon City to report back!”



We continued waiting. Around an hour later, a group of [Zhan Long]’s Second Division players appeared outside of the Beast Spirit Valley. Fox had brought 1000 players that he had personally picked to escort the 100,000 kilograms of Barley. Under my direction, everyone put their bags of barley before the fort. Not long after, we pushed the small mountain. All of the dwarves became so happy that tears nearly flowed out.


The great doors opened up and the dwarven king smiled, “My friends, the doors of the Beast Spirit Valley will always be open for you. However, please be careful of those half beast half barbarians. When you see them, kill. Do not have mercy!”

I nodded, “Yes!”

Fox then said, “Old Li, I’ll be taking my men outside to grind then. At the same time, I’ll stay on guard for you. So that you won’t be ambushed while you’re grinding. If the [Zhan Long] guildmaster and two vice guildmasters are killed by a crowd, then the rumors that spread out definitely won’t be easy on the ear!”

Wan Er softly smiled, “Fox is really attentive. Then we’ll do it like that. Let’s go into the valley!”


The quest officially started and signaled our five man team to enter into the Beast Spirit Valley. We had to kill all of the half beast and half barbarian men. As an SSS tier quest, the difficulty must be pretty high.

When we entered into the fort, there were dwarven warriors surrounding us. Just the simple Barley Ale was enough to make that the happiest people in the world. In reality, life was really simple. When we were young, a toy, or a small car was enough to make one satisfied. But the older we got, the more lonely we felt. Despair was like an abyss that many people lost themselves in, forgetting what their original goals were.


A couple of Goshawks flew past us in the air. This was a ring shaped fort, allowing the dwarves to live within the high walls. Just outside of the walls was the dwarven Beast Spirit Valley. The wild valley looked as though it were on fire with all of the autumn leaves. From a distance, I could see quite a few half beast men carrying battle axes and roaming the borders. It looked as though they were wandering soldiers. Each of them were wearing tattered armor. However, when Wan Er walked close to 50 yards away from them, three of the half beast men immediately turned red and aggroed. They swung their battle axes and long swords and charged over, yelling, “D*mm*t those humans actually dare tresspasses on our territory. Kill them all!”


I urged my horse forward and charged over, activating a skill——[Assault]. At that moment, my Flying Scythe War Horse’s speed suddenly accelerated. “Peng!” I rammed into the first beastman, pushing him back quite a bit and stunning him for one second. This was the greatest advantage to this fifth advancement skill and was just too great.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a slash right onto the half beast!



I had completely broken through his defense. This type of Level 115 Thunder Tier monster was much weaker than the Level 1 Hybrid Demons. And so, it was much easier to kill these. Wan Er and Qing Qian stunned the other two half beasts. Dong Cheng waved her staff. “Pa PaPa” her [Magma Lance] had hit both of them. Within 7 seconds, the three half beastmen screamed and died.

The quest then updated. We had completed 3/10,000 of monster killing portion. Looks like we had to kill 10,000 of the monsters in order to complete this quest. Furthermore, we had to search for the vein that actually had the fire attribute rocks.

Our five man team continued pushing forward. More and more half beast and barbarians were killed under my Dragon reservoir Sword. Around half an hour later, I heard a “Ding!” and a “Level+1” appeared above my head. My skill had leveled up. I had used my [Combo] so many times that it was the first to become a Heavenly Tier Level 1 skill. The skills name had even turned gold.

“Congrats!” Wan Er smiled, “Hurry up and try it out. What does this Heavenly Tier Level 1 Skill do differently?”

I nodded and charged at the first halfbeast man that was rushing at me. I then activated my Heavenly Tier Level 1 [Combo]. At that moment, I felt a strong force rush through my arm. In the next moment, a golden light surged from my body, splitting into six different golden rays of light that flowed off of my swords. The two swords crossed and then swung out, throwing slashes onto the half beast man. One after another, damage numbers flew up. My attack power had risen quite a bit.








I had even activated a critical damage attack. Seeing so much damage being dealt in that moment had stunned all of the girls. Darling Duck widened her small mouth, “40,000 damage in a single moment…. Isn’t that just too OP? Just how many players can actually block a skill like that?”

I looked at the blood on my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Everyone should hurry up and level their skills to Heavenly Tier. It’s effect is much higher than the Level 10 skills, at least by 20%!”


We continued killing monsters while we chatted in our team chat——

I said, “How’s [Zhan Long]’s development these days?

Qing Qian: “Everything’s normal. Our grinding rate is number one in Ba Huang City. Plus, with Dragon’s Den as our fort, our development is definitely top in Ba Huang City. Even [Vanguard] and [Prague] have no way of matching us.

I smiled and asked, “Then have we been provoked by any guilds?”

“Well we have, but they’re all minor guilds, and so it was easy to deal with.”

Qing Qian smiled, “[Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Soaring Dragon] tried provoking us twice. Li Mu and Sister Matcha lead a team of people and dealt with it. Brother Xiao Yao you don’t have to worry about it. Just focus on your quests and setting up Dragon City. There’s a lot of things that you as the guildmaster don’t have to do yourself. If you did it all then you would die from being overworked.”

I looked at the progress of our quest, “We have to kill ten thousand thunder tier monsters. I think that already have enough on our plate.”

“That’s fine, as long as we get rewarded at the end!”



“That’s right…” Wan er suddenly looked at me and said, “Has Fei Er from ZGTV contacted you lately?”

“Nope, what’s up?”

“It’s about the alliance, Hero’s Wings”

“Hero’s Wings?”

“Yup.” Wan Er smiled and explained, “It’s a tournament that the World Games Coalition stated. It happens once a year and is the hottest tournament in the world servers. The “Hero’s Wings” is a cup I believe. It’s also an honor. Five people get to participate in each team, and the team that comes out as the champion gets the “Hero’s Cup” for a year. In other words, the team that wins basically climbs up to world fame. Are you excited yet? “

I laughed, “What do you think….”

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