Zhan Long

Chapter 604

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Chapter 604 Leaving a Window Open For You


Standing in the chilly wind, I felt a leaf fall onto my shoulder. I then continued to ask, “Then the rent for a villa should be pretty expensive right? It has ten rooms, it’s like a little castle.”

“Not too expensive…”

Wan Er smiled, “80,000 a month!”

I shuddered, “Mother, so that’s what rich men spend money on for mistresses…”

Wan Er glared at me, “Pig, I won’t be able to provide for Xiao Yao Zi Zai the guildmaster of [Zhan Long]. Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. I’ve already signed the lease. All we have to do now is send the money and we can move in!”


I thought about it for a second and then said, “Is Tang Qi also going to live with us? After all, he did come to Liu Hua University to protect Dong Cheng.”

“Can we not?” Dong Cheng seemed a little unwilling.

I comforted her and said, “Actually, Tang Qi isn’t a bad person. He likes you, and he’s a very responsible person. How hard is it to find a person like that? Tell him to come with us. That way, Wan Er’s dad won’t suspect me of suspicious stuff for living together with two beauties.

Wan Er cocked her head and smiled, “Do you have some unspeakable motive?”

I glared at her and looked at her rising mounds. I then coughed and said, “There really aren’t any at the moment. Let’s go. We should go eat. Afterwards, we can think about moving.”

Wan Er played with her phone with one hand and hooked her elbow with her other hand. She then walked into the cafeteria with a smile, “Ok, it’s all set. I’ve already successfully sent the money. We have Building Seven. We can move in tomorrow morning.”

As she said that, the beautiful little miss giggled, “Oh? I can finally bully pig all day!”

I immediately called Tang Qi and told him the the news. When he heard it, he was so happy he sounded like he just ate a sweet piece of candy.

Wan Er’s phone suddenly rang. She had received a message. When Wan Er read it, her face immediately turned unhappy. She furrowed her brow and said, “I knew it. It must be more complicated than that. Here it is….”

Dong Cheng and I gathered around her to look. The message came from Lin Tian Nan, “Wan Er, your cousin is moving back from France tomorrow to work in Hang Zhou. I plan on letting her move in with you guys. That way, it would be more convenient for us all and you guys can look after eachother.”


Dong Cheng fluttered her eyes and willy smiled, “Isn’t he just asking relatives to look after Wan Er for him? Brother Xiao Yao, your unspeakable plan to climb through Wan Er’s window just got wrecked…”

I smiled bitterly, “F*ck, it really has been….”

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes widened as she looked at me, “Idiot. Were you really thinking about that?”


“Then I’ll leave the window open for you….”


When the inherently innocent little miss acted like a hoodlum, I was immediately defeated. I quickly switched the topic to discussing with the two little misses about how to move in and how our schedules would work. For example, all the clothes were left to Dong Cheng to watch, the floor was left to Dong Cheng to sweep, and the snacks would all be bought by Dong Cheng. The more Wan Er and I talked about it, the more blessed we felt. All Dong Cheng could do was stomp her feet, making several of the male students from the tables around look over at us and drool.


The next morning, we began to move our things. Actually, I only had one set of baggage, a box of clothes and some bedding. I just needed to make one trip and I could move it all. Glasses Bro stood on the side and bitterly watched me work, “What the f*ck, you’re really going to go and live with Wan Er?”

I nodded, “Yup, would I be lying to you?”

Glasses Bro said, “Brother, listen to me. This kind of living co ed is really bad. This is the prelude to a man who lacks commitment and responsibility. When you’ve crossed the lines of justice and morality and broken the bottom line of friendship. For one, this greediness ignores the needs of the common people. I just want to ask one question—— are there any empty rooms? Oh I also want to ask, how much money is it….”

I thought about it for a second and then smiled, “I’m afraid that won’t happen. I’m worried that Wan Er won’t agree. How about this, I’ll ask after I finish moving in. I have your phone number. If there is an empty room, then I’ll let you know.”

Tang Gu rubbed his hands together, his drool nearly falling out, “It’s no problem if there aren’t any empty rooms. I don’t care if we have to squeeze in.”


“F*ck, what are you thinking about? Am I the kind of person that would ask to share a room with a girl? Clearly not. I want to live with another guy. Eh, no that doesn’t sound right…. I don’t swing that way either….”



When it was close to noon, we piled our bags onto the A4 and Wan Er’s seven series. We then drove the two cars to the seventh villa in the university. It had a relatively big yard as well as eight parking spots. Green vines climbed up the wooden poles. It was already late autumn and the chrysanthemums were starting to bloom. Their sweet fragrance wafted to our noses. When the two girls got out of the cars, they were extremely excited. When we arrived, the building manager brought the keys. We just happened to be right across from the security office. Looks like safety wouldn’t be much of an issue in the area.

Before we had time to move the boxes off the car, we saw a cloud of dirt start rushing over. When we looked more closely, all we saw was Tang Qi carrying a mattress on his back and two bags in each of his hands. With dust all over him, he ran towards us with his mouth hanging from a hundred meters away. Expressionless, I put up a thumb, “He truly deserves the rank of a Royal Air expert…”

Tang Qi waved his hand and smiled, “Ha ha, when I was… when I was training… I ran up and down the mountain in one breath…”

I was speechless.

We began to move the baggage out of the car and into the hall. The decor was extremely luxurious. No wonder it was 80,000 a month. The entire house was already furnished completely. The four of us went up to the second floor. There was a total of eight rooms. Five rooms, two bathrooms, and an exercise room. There was even a running machine. Now was the problem of picking rooms. There were three rooms next to the garden. Dong Cheng, Wan Er and I quickly called dibs. All Tang Qi could do was choose the other room. The final room was reserved for Wan Er’s cousin.

We set up our gaming equipment and made our beds. Almost everything was unpacked already. Wan Er’s room and mine were right next to each other. We could open the window and talk to each other from there. This time I was close enough to her. In reality, this way was much easier for me to protect her. I stood in the room and leaned against the wall. I could feel Wan Er on the other side. I gripped my fist. Motherf*cker, I can finally truly become a personal bodyguard!


At noon, Lin Tian Nan sent some people over. There was a total of four security guards, two chefs, and two maids. This kind of treatment was just too lavish. But, for the sake of the apple of his eye, the Tian Xin CEO would just have to take on this trouble.

After we finished eating, we went online. It was time to start dealing with the real business.


When I appeared in Ba Huang City, I first repaired all of my equipment. Now that I had the Dragon Spit Pill, I didn’t need to stock up on potions. I looked at my skills and stats. Yup, my priority now was to rush all of my skills to Heavenly Tier Level 1. Actually, now that I was Level 112, in reality, I could rush my skills to Heavenly Tier Level 2.

I opened up the city sytem page. One of the powers of a city master was that I could teleport directly to there!


I appeared in [Zhan Long]’s Dragon’s Den. After all these days, the city had finally reached level 4——

[Dragon’s Den] (Level 4 City)

City Owner: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

City Guardian: Chi Yu Han & City Vice Guardian: Chi Yu Qing

City Buildings: 17

Military: 55 (Swordsmen x20, Piao Dao Warriors x20, Halberd Wielders x15)

Laborers: 2724

City Scale: Large City

City Production Power——

Food: 9240/hour

Wood: 9000/hour

Stones: 9000/hour


Our military numbers were still too small. But the production rate was incredible. Chi Yu Qing’s business sense was amazing. With her, Dragon’s Den would grow much faster than most player cities. This was one of [Zhan Long]’s advantages.

I looked at the status of the different buildings. The Falcon Nest, the Barracks, the Equestrian Range, the cavalry barracks, the shooting range, and the tavern were all leveled up to four. This meant that we had fulfilled the requirements for a Level 5 city. I immediately leveled it up. “Ding!” a system notification popped up, the leveling would be complete in ten hours. Just a little more and I would be able to level it up to six. At that point, then I would be able to recruit the Heavy Iron Knight’s*.
*TL Note: I missed the translation for this. Instead of Heavy Iron Artillery, it should be Heavy Iron Knights. Sorry for the confusion!

In the distance, Chi Yu Han raised his Heaven’s Spite sword and rushed over on his horse. He leapt off and knelt before me, “My lord, lately there have been many roaming hunters in the area. They’re all envious of the riches of the Dragon’s Den. Quite a few have even been killed by me.”

I nodded, “Good, you did well…”

Chi Yu Han then stood up and said, “I heard that there was a great war in Dragon City. The Hybrid Demons had invaded the human fort…. I wasn’t able to help my lord and I feel extremely regretful. However, I haven’t recovered over 50% of my strength yet. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been much help. Otherwise, I would have lost my own life as well!”

I smiled, “Yes. Without my command, do not leave the Dragon s Den. Your duty is to just guard this fort!”

“Yes my lord!”

Chi Yu Qing also raised her whip and walked over. She swung her thin hips and with a flirtatious look she smiled, “City Owner, we now have over 2000 city residents. The city has been developing very well. We’ve even attracted quite a few merchants and adventurers to join. I believe not far in the future, that the Dragon’s Den will be second only to Ba Huang City. Maybe, maybe we may even rival Ba Huang City and become a city ready for war!”

I was stunned, “There’s no need….”

“Why’s that my lord?” Chi Yu Qing was puzzled.

I spread out my hands and said, “Because, right now Ba Huang City is under the command of Princess Angela, and so the order made by Duke Luo Lei to wipe out the Dragon’s Den is invalid. Now, the Dragon’s Den can re enter into Ba Huang City’s territory.”

“So it was like that. That’s a good thing then. Otherwise, we’d have Ba Huang City to our east, Jiu Li City to our North, and Tian Ling Empire to our west. There’d be no way we could live under that competition.”

“Yes, that is it exactly!”

I patrolled the Dragon’s Den and sent out a dozen or so commands. This city was growing just as I had wanted it to. With my two swords on my back, I urged my horse out of the city towards Dragon City. It was time I went to see if my master had any new quests. There were a lot of things waiting to be done in Dragon City. Frost definitely had some things for me to do.

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