Zhan Long

Chapter 601

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Chapter 601 The Power of a Superior God

The Queen Zhi Shu raised her arm, turning it into a fierce looking dragon claw. Flames began to rise around her as she entered into a red battle stance. Both her feet rose from the ground and a fireball began to accumulate in the palm of her hand. She then threw the attack at the second strongest BOSS in —— Heaven’s Blade – Da Lun!


Da Lun coldly laughed. He raised a boot and threw a kick that cut through the air. “Peng!” Queen Zhi Shu was thrown backward.


She spat out blood as she fell to the ground.

The Heaven’s Blade flashed a cruel smile and then licked the blood off his hand, “It’s been so long since I last tasted such pure dragon’s blood… Red Dragon Queen, I just want to throw you into a well and raise you in it so I can taste your blood every day. Oh, you know what, I think, I will do that. You aren’t leaving today. You’re mine.. Don’t even try to resist. It hasn’t been 12 hours since you used the Lament of the Gods curse. You have no way of resisting. Just quietly come with me and I won’t let you suffer too much….”

“Sha sha….”

The Queen Zhi Shu stumbled as she slowly stood up from the ruins. She looked up at Da Lun and glared, “Is that right? Then why don’t you come at me…”

As she said that, she roared and she raised her arms. Flames rose around her and began to burn even more ferociously. Despite this, everyone could see that the stress on her was extremely great. She continuously bled as she was activating the spell.

“Oh? Touch of the Red Dragon Queen?”

Da Lun laughed out and said, “I never thought that you’d have the strength to use a skill like this. That’s truly hard. After sleeping for ten thousand years, our incredible Red Dragon Queen’s training has improved quite a bit. Well, what are you all waiting for? Hurry up and charge! Kill the Red Dragon Queen and bring me Ai Lun’s head. We must steal Frost’s spirit seed. Hmph, she is the only Superior God that was reincarnated by the World Tree. As long as we train Frost’s spirit seed, then sooner or later, she’ll become a Hybrid Demon King!”

In the sky, a figure dashed by. It was the Eternal Moon Blade – Xi Fu, Son of the Storm – Gawain, Fist of the Dragon – Igoras, Lanais, The Berserker Lei Ding, the Revered One Luo Lin. Motherf*cker, even Luo Lin that traitor arrived!


Luo Lin raised his Godly Weapon Despair and roared as he rushed over. His eyes locked onto me and he shouted, “It’s you again you b*st*rd! You’re just set on ruining my plans. Today, I will burn you to dust!”

I quickly turned around and pulled out both swords. I then activated [Frost Armor] and raised my Zhen Yue Sword for a [Blade Spin]!


Luo Lin swung his arm out and knocked away the blade while it was still in the air. Before he could descend, The Queen Zhi Shu raised her Dragon Arm again, and three [Touch of the Red Dragon Queen]s flew out. “Peng peng peng!” it rammed against the barrier around Luo Lin. His shield took the hit, but he didn’t suffer any serious injuries. He smiled savagely, “Red Dragon Queen, is that all you have?”

“Luo Lin, careful! You idiot….”

Lanais shouted and Luo Lin dipped his shoulder. By the time Lanais had warned him though, he had already been stabbed. Odelia appeared behind him. She then waved her blade and “Ka Cha!” cut right through Luo Lin’s right shoulder. Luo Lin smiled and grabbed Odelia’s blade and kicked her!


Odelia gave up her [Camouflage] and crashed into the ice wall behind her. “Pu Chi!” she took an arrow to her chest. Lanais’ attack was extremely deadly. Right after that, she dealt another dozen arrows, forcing Odelia into a corner.


In the sky, the Berserker Lei Ding raised his Battle Axe and threw a cut. “Hua!” the battle axe began to glow with a dull crimson light that encased the area around us as it fell. “Hong!” it threw the Red Dragon Queen into the air. The cut to her shoulder went to the bone. Her [Touch of the Dragon Queen] was broken. As expected, his strength was just too great!


Right at that moment, the Hermit God Ai Lun looked over at me and roared, “Youngster, what are you waiting for? Are you just gonna stand there until we all die in battle? Hurry up and summon Frost’s soul to enter the body! She doesn’t trust me! Only you can let her revive willingly!”

Without saying another word I rushed towards the Severing Beauty sword. Then, I held it with one hand and pierced it into my own arm. Blood spurted out and I fell to me knees shouting, “Frost, wake up! Can you feel my blood? If you can, then please hurry up and wake up! Otherwise everyone will die one by one!”

“Hum hum…”

Slivers of icy power and frost began to swirl around the Severing Beauty, as though it was responding to me. I then continued, “You said to me that the conviction of Dragon City was to never give up and never accept fate. Well, now I have done it. What about you? Now that you’ve been defeated, are you just going to give up and become someone’s b*tch?”


Finally, the Severing Beauty gave an actual response and flew out of my arm into the air. Rivers of spirit power began to flow out of the broken sword and gather in the air, turning into Frost’s appearance. She looked at me and warmly smiled. She then closed her eyes and embraced the body!


A deep blue icy power suddenly burst out, lighting up the entire Ice Cave of Light. “Peng!” it exploded and everything was submerged in darkness while Frost’s body quietly stood there, without moving a single muscle.


“D*mm*t…” Igoras raised his long sword, “Frost has revived!”


Lanais squinted her eyes, “Right now, I can’t feel her Sword Saint power or Holy Domain power….”

Heaven’s Blade Da Lun raised his weapon—— Seven Deaths, and shouted, “Looks like Frost’s revival has failed. What are we waiting for? Hurry up and kill them! Then we can report back to the lord. Luo Lin’s army is already beginning training. It’s time we formally declare war on the continent!”

The Berserker Lei Ding and Gawain raised their blades together and lunged towards us. Their purpose was clear, to tear apart Frost’s new body so that there was no way she could revive again.

“Sha sha…”

I raised my swords and stood in front of her body, assuming a defensive stance. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared beside me. This time, however, we were up against two Hybrid Demon Kings. No matter how brave the little tiger was, it was also a little unconfident.


“He he….”

Lanais smiled and said, “Looks like, even I would have a moment of false alarm. Frost’s revival has failed. After we kill the Hermit God, the Red Dragon Queen, and the Assassin, then there would be no one left on the continent that can stop us. All those aristocrats and noblemen of the Tian Ling Empire, the Moon City, and the Iron Skull City are just a group of weak flies!”

As she said that, Lanais raised her long bow. “Ji ji!” the longbow was pulled back and a deep red arrow formed. Se then roared, “I summon thee, [God Destroying Arrow]—— Finish off Frost, this so called Superior God trash!”


The arrow flew out in a straight line like lightning. I quickly stepped forward and raised my swords. I was going to defend Frost, even if I had to use my own body as a shield!



The arrow pierced through my body and shot straight towards Frost’ pure white neck. I spun around, my heart dropping, “No!”

Right at that moment, Frost’s long eyelashes slightly fluttered and her eyes opened. The look in her eyes was incredibly pure, as though they couldn’t see any of the impurities of this world. At that moment, she raised her arm, and “Pa!” she caught Lanais [Arrow of the Destroyer].

“Frost….” I barely managed to whisper as I gaped at her.

Frost looked back at me and smiled, “I’ve returned….”

As she said that, Frost looked up at the sky. A murderous look flashed across her eyes. Golden power began to coalesce around her body. She then raised the broken Severing Beauty. Rivers of ice energy began to collect on the blade, reforming the blade making it even more majestic. She rose into the sky. Then, with the power of the stars collecting on the blade, she rammed it into the Berserker Lei Ding’s Battle Axe. “Peng!” she forced him backwards. Then, she tightened her left fist and threw an [Ice Punch] at Gawain.


Gawain raised his arm to block and roared, “[Shield of the Tempest]!”


The [Shield of the Tempest] was crushed to bits, and the [Ice Punch] hit him square in the chest. He spat out blood and was thrown backwards. He paled, “D*mm*t, Frost is using the power of Superior God. She’s awakened her God Status!”

Xi Fu smiled, “Trash, back away!”

As she said that, the Goddess Xi Fu roared and raised her long sword, “[Moon Blade]!”

A moon colored glow began to collect on the blade. The Goddess Xi Fu was an ancient war goddess, and was not just an average warrior. The [Moon Strike] turned into three rays of attacks that rained upon its target.

Frost’s face remained calm and she retreated several steps. Then, she raised her blade, “[Shield of Ba Huang]!”

Golden light rose up and formed a shield around her. “Peng peng peng!” it took all three attacks. Frost’s body slightly trembled and was forced back by the Goddess Xi Fu. Frost seemed to be slightly weaker than her. However, I didn’t know when, but the Severing Beauty Sword left her hand and dealt an attack straight at Xi Fu’s back. “Keng!” it broke through the Goddess Xi Fu’s chest plate. Frost then raised her snow white hand and gripped it, “[Fallen Star]!”


A meteor flew at Xi Fu, sinking her deep into the wall. Several Seconds later, we heard an explosion and the Goddess Xi Fu was thrown into a pile of rubble. She raised her Moon Blade with a savage look in her eyes, “Frost!”

Frost smiled, “Yes, is something wrong?”

As she said that, Frost raised her left arm in front of Wan Er and I. A teleportation circle appeared and she shouted, “Don’t be stupid. Hurry up and take the Red Dragon Queen and Odelia and leave!”

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