Zhan Long

Chapter 600

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Chapter 600 Superior God

When the flames died down, the Hermit God Ai Lun smoothed out the burnt edges of his clothing. He then grabbed my shoulders with a wild look in his eyes. In one hand, he held the broken Severing Beauty Sword and said, “As it turns out…. Frost’s spirit was never on the continent. It wasn’t in the head or the body, but rather in the Severing Beauty. It was always at your side!!”

I looked at the Severing Beauty Sword, unable to believe what I was hearing, “Real… really?”

“Would I be lying?”

As the Hermit God raised his long sword, a light began to swirl around it and he said, “I can already feel the power of Frost’s soul. And to tell the truth, I’ve never felt such a strong power…”

At that moment, I heard someone walk up behind me. The Red Dragon Queen and Odelia had arrived. Zhi Shu was stunned, “Lord Hermit God, you said that Frost’s Spirit Power is extremely strong. What’s going on?”

The Hermit God grunted and said, “The spirit in this broken sword looks to be weak on the surface, but when I channeled my own spirit into the sword, it had far surpassed my expectations. Plus, the icy power had completely forced out the spirit power that I channeled into the sword. It was Frost, defending herself. Frost’s soul… it’s in a stage of awakening. Even I feel a little terrified in the face of this power. In the ancient time, this type of power was known as “Power of a Superior God”

“What, Superior God?”

The Red Dragon Queen was startled, and her face paled, “What, how is that possible? High class… that’s just a legend from the Battle of the Gods period. Even then, the High class had already disappeared…”

The Hermit God nodded, “That’s right. However, based on the power that’s awakening in Frost’s soul, after she was killed, the soul had been promoted to God Status. Only a Superior God can completely handle that kind of a process… this, this also explains why Xi Fu, Lanais, Igoras, and Da Lun, these dark gods want to imprison Frost’s head. It’s because they already understand what her identity is. They want to destroy Frost’s God Status and use it for their own purposes…”

I felt a rush in my blood and I raised the Severing Beauty Sword and asked, “Frost’s identity? Frost… just what is her identity?”

The Hermit God looked straight at me and softly said, “Youngster, don’t be intimidated by it. Your master, Frost, she is very likely the reincarnation of one of the ancient Twelve Superior Gods. Only, her power has yet to awaken. It was only because of this that Luo Lin was able to kill her. Otherwise, even ten Luo Lin’s wouldn’t be enough to deal with her power.”

“Gu dong…”

I gulped and said, “Then.. then how do we revive Frost? It doesn’t matter who she is. What’s most important is, how are we supposed to revive her?”

The Hermit God Ai Lun continued, “Can you feel what Frost’s spirit is trying to point towards? Tell me, where is Frost telling you to find her?”


I furrowed my brows and closed my eyes, focusing hard on the energies around me. I then pointed towards the Northwest and said, “Over there, past the Ice Ridge Mountains and 1000 kilometers along the border of the Bloody Plains Frost is pointing me in that direction…”

Northwest 1000 kilometers…”

The Hermit God grit his teeth and looked at Zi Shu and Odelia, “In the ancient times, northwest of the continent, were there any traces of Gods?”

Odelia shook her head, “I don’t know… I’m only 22 years old, and haven’t lived for that long, so I haven’t gotten a clue…”

The Red Dragon Queen squinted her beautiful eyes and said, “If you’re talking about traces of god… there seems to be the Ice Cave of Time!”

“The Ice Cave of Time…”

The Hermit God smiled, “I know…. Among the Twelve Superior Gods, only the Ice Goddess specialized in the practices of ice magic. From ancient texts, it states that when the Ice Goddess had fallen, she lingered in the World Tree for three years. During this time, she had encased her power within the World Tree’s leaves, nurturing a seed. This seed then fell onto the continent. It looks like.. After twenty thousand years, the Ice Goddess had died, but the seed had given birth to Frost. If it’s like that, then it all makes sense…”

As he finished talking, the Hermit God looked at me and said, “Youngster, don’t think too much about it. Take the Severing Beauty Sword and go with us to the Ice Cave of Time. When we’re there, everything will become clear!”

I nodded, “Alright!”

Wan Er raised her dagger and walked over with a smile, “Master, I’ll go with you!”

The Hermit God smiled, “Ok, then let’s hurry. I can feel, Frost’s spirit seems to be anxious. If we get there too late, maybe someone else will have already reached the place…”


And so, I quickly wrapped my hands around Wan Er’s thin waist while the Red Dragon Queen held onto the back of my armor. With a powerful thrust, we left the air. Odelia followed close behind and all of us left Dragon City, going straight northwest.


North of the Ice Ridge Mountains was Hybrid Demon Territory as well as the Ice Cave of Time. The three NPCs and two players cut through clouds and flew through the chilly night air. I squinted my eyes against the wind blowing against my face. After flying close to an hour and a half, we finally slowed down and began our descent. In front of us was a red dot on the map with the name—— [The Ice Cave of Time]!


Zhi Shu landed on the ground before the enormous ice cave. She raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Master, we’ve already arrived. However, this Ice Cave of Time has several ancient hybrid beasts. Why don’t I, Odelia, and Ai Lun fight them off for you?”

Without hesitation I said, “We’re pressed for time, so we’ll just charge right in!”

When I looked at the broken Severing Beauty in my hand, Frost’s spirit seemed to pulse more often and much brighter. She was urging me on. Even though I didn’t know what was happening, it couldn’t be anything good.

“Sha sha….”

Right as I stepped into the Ice Cave, an Ice Giant that I couldn’t see the level of had already plunged at us. I swung its iron arms straight at Wan Er and I. I raised my two swords and “Keng!” blocked the attack, losing 6000+ health in the process. Motherf*cker, just what kind of monster was this? It wasn’t a BOSS and yet it could still deal so much damage.

The Queen Zhi Shu dashed over, flames appearing on her dragon claws. “Ka Cha!” she slashed at the Ice Giant. Odelia raised her sword and charged over. With incredibly precise and deadly attacks, “Ka ka ka!” she cut through them all. With that, a dozen of the Ice Giants were crushed. When the Hermit God Ai Lun activated his flame skill, a crowd of the Giant Ice Eagles screeched in pain and fell to the ground and ran off like chickens. As a vice god level NPC, Ai lun’s power was not much different than the Red Dragon Queen.



Zhi Shu looked into the distance and said “I can feel seven extremely strong forces coming straight at us. It’s most likely Hybrid Demon Kings. We must hurry up and enter the bottom level of the Ice Cave. The Hybrid Demon Kings have already noticed us!”

As she said that, she grabbed my arm and took Wan Er and I flying straight into the depths of the Ice Cave of Time. She then raised her arm, shooting flames that felled the Ancient Hybrid Beasts. Odelia and the Hermit God also rushed over, while Wan Er and I watched in amazement and fear. We were about to face seven of the Hybrid Demon BOSSes. Even though we had the Red Dragon Queen, the Hermit God and Odelia on our side, it still seemed as though we were outnumbered. Especially if Xi Fu, Lanais, and Igoras were among them. That was more than enough to overpower the Red Dragon Queen!


A cold wind passed by my ears. Never had I thought that the Ice Cave of Time was so deep. After a whole five minutes, we finally reached the bottom level of the cave. There seemed to be a passageway that lead to the end of the cave. All around us was a chilling energy that swirled around the entrance.

The Hermit God stood still, his eyes cold, “The Ice Passage of Time. Legend has it that this is the second well of reincarnation within the three worlds. This Ice Passage of Time is the seventh root of the World Tree. It gathers the purest ice energy of the World Tree right here. Furthermore, Frost was born from the World Tree. Youngster, take out the Severing Beauty Sword. I will help with Frost’s rebirth!”

I quickly took out the Severing Beauty Sword. At that moment, it began to shudder so hard that I couldn’t keep a grip on it.

The Hermit God took out numerous runes. He roared, forcing the runes into the ground. A golden light exploded, quickly turning into a Revival Circle. Right afterwards, the Hermit God cut his finger and shouted, “With my blood as a guide, reconstruct this body. The Body of Frost’s soul. With the spirit of the Earth’s justice, I, the Hermit God Ai Lun demand—— [Revive]!


The golden light around us rushed into the sky above us, concentrating the godly power into one small point. The Ice energy in the Ice Passage of Time began to collect around the revival circle, gradually creating the body of a woman. Her entire body was snow white with elegant curves. Her eyes were closed, and her beautiful face was admirable. It was Frost.

The Hermit God’s body began to shudder as cold sweat dripped down his forehead, “Even though we have Frost’s body, but we’re still missing the fire of life. Youngster, we have to channel blood from a human into Frost’s body. You know what to do!”

Without another word, I walked forward. I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and sliced into my left arm. I then pressed it against Frost’s arm. “Pa Pa Pa!” the blood dripped out. Frost’s body was starting to gain a healthy color. Despite this, her eyes remained closed.

“What’s wrong?” Wan Er asked.

The Hermit God grit his teeth, “Frost’s soul… it isn’t willing to listen to my summons and revive. This.. she doesn’t trust me…”



An explosion sounded out above us. Following the sound, a man clothed in black armor burst out of the smoke and landed on the ground before us. He carried a long blade and smiled, “Frost, that Superior God has finally reborn? Ha ha, Hermit God Ai Lun, you d*mn*d old thing. Did you really think that I would let you revive Frost?”

Cold sweat dripped down Ai Lun’s forehead. He painstakingly held the magic circle up and said, “Red Dragon Queen, Assassin, help me hold them off for the moment. We have to hold up until Frost revives. Otherwise, we’ll all die here!”

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