Zhan Long

Chapter 597

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Chapter 597 Blade of Hell

“Shua Shua Shua….”

All of the players that were around when Lin Han died received a large amount of experience. Rays of light fell down around the entire battlefield. This helped the players that lost levels in the last battle to make up for it in addition, Lin Han fell to the ground while his head was far away. His body dissipated into light, leaving behind a pile of equipment. Wang Jian grinned widely, “Motherf*cker, this Vice-God BOSS actually died…. Brother Xiao Yao, you’re the guildmaster, and the person who brought Lin Han to Dragon City. Plus, you were the main force in killing him. Why don’t you decide how the equipment should be split up?”

I nodded and walked over to him. I knelt down beside the drops and picked up the three equipments. There was a dagger that glowed softly, a crimson cloak that had runes embroidered onto it, and a bright red ring that looked a little murderous. Equipment from a vice god BOSS must be good. Plus, even though Li Mu’s charm wasn’t considered top tier, it still was pretty good.

First, I raised the dagger. It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand and had a smooth handle. The curved blade even carried a thin red line that ran along its edge. I reached out and waved my hand over it. The dagger’s stats lit up and appeared in front of all the players of [Zhan Long]——

[Blade of Hell] (Divine Tier – Superior)

Attack: 3020-4000

Agility: +40

Stamina: +140

Strength: +135

Magic: +132

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 45%

Additional: While attacking, this weapon ignores 40% of the target’s defense. Furthermore, there’s a 10% chance that it will deal four times the normal damage. This does not overlap with critical damage

Special: [Chilling Light] While attacking a target, there is a 30% chance it will activate an Ice Type attack, decreasing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds

Special: [Kiss of Death], Summons a reaper from hell and deals critical damage to all targets within a 10×10 range. Consumes 100 points of Rage. Cool down is 6 hours.

Required Level: 100

Required Charm: 110


Just looking at the dagger made Li Mu tremble a little in excitement. His eyes nearly rolled out of his head as he said, “F*ck, a weapon with an attack power over 4000 has finally come out. It’s a little shameless how strong it is…. The stuff that a vice god BOSS drops really isn’t simple…”

Wang Jian added, “Looks like [Zhan Long] is getting another super assassin.. Brother Xiao Yao, what are your plans for the dagger?”

Without hesitation, “Of the players that participated, the ten who dealt the most damage to the BOSS, has a level over 100, and has a charm over 110 can ROLL. Whoever rolls the highest gets it.”

Dancing Forest raised her long bow and smiled, “Well that makes it simple. There’s only four people who fit these requirements….”


The system already helped me pick out the four people. It came out to be Wan Er, Qing Qian, Wei Liang, and Wolf. These were already [Zhan Long]’s top four assassins. I waved the [Blade of Hell] and smiled, “Well, the entire server’s first Divine Tier dagger. Now it all depends on which one of you gets it. Why don’t you all ROLL!”

And so, the four all hit ROLL. The next moment, the results came out——

Qing Qian: 99

Wan Er: 83

Wolf: 91

Wei Liang: 87


All of them had pretty good luck, but Qing Qian came out as the top. With her 99 points, she took the Blade of Hell. Even though it was just a simple ROLL, but everyone knew that in this entire server there were only 15 Hybrid Demon King BOSSes. This Blade of Hell was one of the top equipments. If it were put up for sale, it would at least be 100M RMB or above. In other words, if [Zhan Long] was any other guild, it would attract a lot of people trying to scam it out of our hands.

In the next moment, the Blade of Hell appeared in Qing Qian’s hand. I then went on to the next piece of equipment. It was a crimson cloak. I slightly shook it in my hand and its stats appeared in the air——

[Cloak of Zi Ling Luo] (Divine Tier)

Defense: 1450

Strength: +130

Stamina: +128

Agility: +125

Magic: +122

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack power by 33%

Additional: Increases the user’s physical defense by 25%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 3700

Special: [Dance of Heaven and Earth] , After activating this skill, the user’s magic attack will increase by 50%, Lasts for 7 seconds

Required: 100


Holding the cloak in my hands, I said, “This is a cloak for mages. Come, the mages who dealt the top ten most damage all ROLL. Luck will decide who gets this precious cloak!”

There weren’t that many mages that had obtained their fifth advancement in [Zhan Long]. There was only five of them. Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns walked forward to ROLL. The next moment, this Cloak of Zi Lin Luo appeared in Thousand Suns’ hands. She couldn’t stop smiling as she wrapped it around her shoulders. Both her health and magic attack increased quite a bit.

I took a deep breath and looked at the last piece of equipment. It was a ring. I glanced at it, and felt a little disappointed at it. D*mn, it’s only a Valkyrie Tier equipment. With a ROLL, it ended up with One Second Hero.

“Two Divine Tier Equipments and One Valkyrie…” Dong Cheng pursed her lips, “Lin Han this Vice God BOSS doesn’t have that great of a drop rate. And here I thought he would drop some godly weapon…”

Wan Er smiled and said, “Don’t think too much about it. This game advances on a timeline. At this point in the game, even if the BOSS were a Hybrid Demon King, can’t drop any god tier equipment. Besides, the BOSSes level and strength increases as the players develop. This has to happen in order for the game to continue. Just be patient, there will be god tier equipments sooner or later….”

As she finished saying that, Wan Er turned around to look at me. Seeing my face covered in drops of blood my worn out sword, and the slashes across my armor, the little miss felt a little ache in her heart that shone in her eyes. At the same time, she tried to hide it and turned her face the other way, “Just how was your experience in the Hybrid Demon Territory? Looks like, you’ve fought a lot. Frost’s head, have you brought it back?”

I nodded, “Yup. I got help from the Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu and the Holy Domain Assassin Odelia. It was quite an adventure, going to the Stormy Abyss to steal back Frost’s last remains. It’s in my bag right now. Wan Er, take me to your master. The Red Dragon Queen said that in the entire continent, only your master the Hermit Ai Lun might have a chance of reviving Frost…”

Wan Er put her dagger away in the sheath at her hip and sweetly smiled, “Ok. Should we head out now?”

“Ok. Wait a moment…”


I then walked over to the ruins and helped Odelia sit up. She wiped away some of the blood at the corner of her mouth as she muttered, “When did Lin Han get so strong? Those d*mn*d Hybrid Demon Kings, each are stronger than the last…”

I asked, “Odelia, are you ok?”

Odelia nodded, “Yup, I’m fine. Why don’t you go check on the Red Dragon Queen..”

I chuckled and turned around to check on Zhi Shu. As I was doing that, she had already reached her hand out and pulled out a bag behind her cloak. She then looked up and smiled, “Master, I’m fine. Let’s head out. Frost’s ghost should still be lingering outside the gates of hell. We must find a way to revive her.”


“Keng!” I sheathed both of my swords. I then looked at everyone in [Zhan Long] and said, “Thank you everyone. It was only thanks to the help of everyone that we were able to kill Lin Han that b*st*rd. Now, I will be heading off to another quest. As a reward, I’ve decided to let General Li Mu formally enter [Zhan Long Hall] as he contributed the most in killing Lin Han. Are there any objections?”

Everyone raised their blades and cheered. One player shouted, “Guildmaster is so wise! Boss should’ve entered [Zhan Long Hall] a long time ago. If he doesn’t soon, then he’ll never find a wife….”

Excitement filled Li Mu’s face, “Xiao Yao, really? You’re letting me join [Zhan Long Hall]?”

I grinned, “Would I trick you? Seeing as there are no objections, then I’ll announce it right now. General Li Mu has officially joined [Zhan Long Hall] and become the fifth member. The reason for his admission: The Leader of the Valiant Bravery Camp, he is the one who killed the Hybrid Demon King Lin Han!”

Li Mu was wild with joy, “Yes, Yea! Ha ha, now I have proof for my fame!”

I nodded, “Qing Qian, why don’t you add Li Mu into [Zhan Long Hall]. I still have to go do another quest. Everyone else, keep up the hard work!”


As I turned around to leave, Qing Luo suddenly walked forward with a broken sword. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth as she said, “Lord Dragon Rier, We… what should we do about Dragon City?”

She looked over at the mess in the city and said, “Seeing as we have already killed Hell’s Battlesong Lin Han, and heavily injured the Fist of the dragon- Ignaros, this is a great strike to the force of the Hybrid Demons. I think… we should take this opportunity to rebuild Dragon City. Otherwise… the Northern Gates of Ba Huang City will remain defenseless…”

I nodded, “Yes. Dispatch someone you trust to Ba Huang City and find Princess Angela to talk about this. If Angela agrees, then she’ll naturally provide labor and resources for you to rebuild Dragon City. I still need to do something very important…”

Qing Luo bit her lip, “Lord Dragon Rider, what can be more important than rebuilding Dragon City?”

I was startled by the question and smiled back “Even though Dragon City is going to be rebuilt, then it is just a shell without a soul. What I am doing right now, is finding the spirit of Dragon City. Without her, then Dragon City won’t be the same Dragon City….”

Qing Luo seemed to understand the meaning behind my words. She grinned, “Then I wish you a successful mission. I will have some Dragon City soldiers patiently wait here with me for the good news!”



Finally, after I had finished arranging everything, I reached out and held Wan Er’s hand. I then looked over at the Red Dragon Queen and said, “Zhi Shu, Odelia, can you guys still fly? If you can, can you guys take me and her to The Sea of No Return to find the Hermit God Ai Lun?”

The Red Dragon Queen lightly shook her arm, revealing dragon scales and she smiled, “Master, don’t worry. Even though my body is very weak right now, flying is a small task for me. Let’s set off!”

Wan Er wrapped her arms around my waist and the Red Dragon Queen grabbed my left arm. “Peng!” She shot into the sky and the three of us rushed towards the west. Odelia followed close behind and smiled, “Hey, wait for me. You haven’t paid me my money yet! I took such heavy damage, I need at least 1000G in medical fees….”

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