Zhan Long

Chapter 596

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Chapter 596 Kill the Gods and Destroy the Demons

“Huh? How does [Zhan Long] have Death God Arrows?”

I was stunned but didn’t think more about it any further. I just galloped forward. The moment my horse stepped into the city limits, I felt a familiar feeling all around me. It was like I had escaped from hell and returned to home. I could even feel tears welling up in my eyes as I ran forward.

Behind me, Lin Han had already caught up!


Misfortune carried the power of death on its blade. “Peng!” it crushed the ruined walls of the city and a dozen [Zhan Long] knights were instantly killed. The attack left an enormous slash mark in the walls.

Dancing Forest raised her bow and shot several arrows, but none managed to stun Lin Han.

Li Mu rode on a black battle horse and he charged forward swinging his sword. Lin Han roared and swept out his sickle, throwing Li Mu and the horse into the air. Despite the power behind the attack, they weren’t instantly killed. That b*st*rd’s defense and health have both gotten strong.


I ran forward and carefully put the Red Dragon Queen down. I then turned around and pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword while charging at Lin Han. Motherf*cker, I have tens of thousands of [Zhan Long] brothers as my support. What was I afraid of? Kill!!

I swung both my swords. My war horse jumped up, landing me right in front of Lin Han. I activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] while throwing a seven attack combo. One after another, my blade hacked into Lin Han’s armor, creating cuts all over. Dancing Forest shot her [Shield Breaker], decreasing the BOSS’ defense by 17.2%. This way, I could completely break through!

After the chain of attacks fell on him, Lin Han was furious. He threw a kick right onto my horse’s neck and then raised his sickle to deal another attack!


I raised my Zhen Yue Sword to defend, but didn’t manage to completely avoid this BOSS’ fierce attack. The blade pressed into my shoulder and I was forced tumbling down along with my horse. That one attack dealt 17383 damage. My battle horse got up again and stepped onto the city wall. It then retreated a dozen meters, and “Peng!” it rammed into a stone pillar. Not bad, this kind of damage won’t kill me!

“Brother Xiao Yao, wait for a moment!” Wolf shouted, “Use the Death God Arrows. Don’t take any risks!”

A hundred Death God Arrow machines were pushed forward onto the wall. Matcha raised her long sword and waved it, letting go all of the arrows. The flew out with their poisonous vines. All of them locked onto Lin Han, that super BOSS. “Pu pu pu!” They pierced through Lin Han’s body and the poison seeped out, continuously cutting down his health.


Lin Han struggled in the vines and cried out. The Death God Arrows stuck out of his chest like a porcupine and his health greatly decreased. Never had anyone suffered such an attack.

I then raised my Zhen Yue sword and asked, “Wolf, how did you guys get the Death God Arrows?”

Wolf smiled. “That… Fan Shu City’s [Emerald Porcelain] obtained the blueprints for these and managed to create 500+ of them in a short period of time. The beauty Cang Tong is good friends with Promised Love and so we bought a hundred of them. Who knew we’d use them so quickly? And against a super BOSS like this? I don’t know if it’ll work though…”

“Well, there’s definitely an effect.”

I looked at the struggling Lin Han and softly said, “Who knows how long we can last…”

Lin Han roared in fury and the air began to whirl around him. Suddenly, the deathly power exploded, creating a whirlwind around him. Fury filled his eyes as he shouted, “Get out of my way you ants!”

“Hong hong hong…”

The Death God Arrows flew into the sky. Lin Han swung his Misfortune and crushed the Death God Arrows. A hundred of them, disappeared in seconds. In exchange, the players on the ground had decreased his health by 20% and now he only had around 57% of his health.


“The Sword Spirit Cavalrymen and the Nightmare Army has arrived… “

Wan Er raised her two daggers and stared into the distance. She sent out a command, “Yue YaoYan, start forming our defense. Everyone else, follow me to hold off Lin Han. Seeing as Lin Han dares to step back into this ruined city today, then us [Zhan Long] better invite him to stay… the Ancient Ran Min is hidden behind Dragon City. Plus, Qing Luo has some Dragon City Warriors with her. This is our battle of vengeance. We must kill Lin Han!”

I nodded, “Yes!”

On the side, Odelia smiled. “Lin Han is a super war god that has fought in Hell. How could he be that easy to kill? I think, you guys will still need some of my help….”

I said, “Then help us. Don’t just talk….”

Odelia revealed an awkward expression, “But…”

I glared at her, “If you kill Lin Han, then I’ll give you 100,000 Gold!”

“Really?!” Odelia eyes sparkled.


In the sky, Sword Spirit Cavalrymen continuously charged over. [Zhan Long] was taking great losses. Within 10 minutes, we lost over a thousand players. What was even worse was that Lin Han waved his sickle through the crowds. He raised his arm and dealt a [Death’s Whirlwind], instantly killing all players within a 20×20 yard radius. Everyone could only retreat as they fought. Lin Han had fought so hard that his eyes turned red and he slowly pushed forward with his Hybrid Demon corps.

After 20 minutes, Lin Han’s army had charged all the way to the center of Dragon City. We had no way to retreat anymore. Behind us was Dragon City’s second layer of walls. During the last battle, it hadn’t taken that much damage. But, it had been broken at the center by Igoras. On the map, I could see that Ran Min and Qing Luo were hidden there, waiting to make their ambush.


I crossed my blades to defend against a slash and was pushed backwards a dozen meters. I stood at the top of the ruins of the wall. Suddenly I heard a weak voice whisper to me. The Queen Zhi Shu said, “Master, find a way to lure Lin Han over. I’ll give him one last attack!”

Excited, I glanced back at her, “Zhi Shu, you still have strength?”

“Yea, I’ve recovered some. I hope that my vice god power will help!”



I urged my horse forward and raised my hand. “Pu Chi!” My Dragon’s Hook pierced through Lin Han’s forehead. I had completely provoked this King BOSS. He swung his sickle and charged over, “B*st*rd, don’t you dare even think about reviving Frost. This is something that we of the Hybrid Demon Territory will not allow!”

I quickly retreated and signalled to Wan Er and Li Mu to not follow. I then commanded my horse to jump. We jumped off the second row of walls with Lin Han on our tails.


The sound of a dragon cry rang through the air. Zhi Shu leaned against a pillar and raised her right arm. A large [Dragon Claw] appeared above her arm and began to flare up. A powerful force suddenly descended from the sky and fell upon Lin Han’s head!

“Peng !”

Dust scattered into the air. Lin Han was sent stumbling to the ground by the Red Dragon Queen’s attack. His health had plummeted quite a bit as well. He raised his hand with a shout and swung his sickle, cutting into her chest. She had just finished using a curse and all of the power she had used to protect herself with had yet to accumulate back.

Lin Han had gone completely crazy. He swung his sickle again, cutting one of the Dragon Warriors in two!


A beautiful shadow flashed beside him. Odelia’s long leg threw a powerful kick right into Lin Han’s back. Then, she raised a sword with both hands and “Pu Chi!” stabbed it into Lin Han’s back. It went all the way into the hilt.


Lin Han cried out and grabbed Odelia’s wrist. “Hong!” he threw the beautiful assassin to the ground and gave a stomp. Odelia cried out and slumped in the middle of a pile of rocks.

Right at that moment, another figure sprinted over. It was the Ancient Ran Min. He raised his blade and hacked into Lin Han’s shoulder. “Ka ka ka” he threw three attacks. Lin Han’s entire left arm was cut off. But, the strength was still uneven on both sides. Lin Han roared and threw an attack. Ran Min retreated. As he looked up, Lin Han was already channeling death energy and he threw Ran Min into the wall.

Qing Luo gasped and charged forward with her sword. She threw a [Dragon Slash], but was also kicked away by Lin Han.

I couldn’t just stand by and watch. I activated [Dragon Transformation] and sprinted forward. I then swung both my swords at Lin Han while the NPC Dragon Warriors shot arrows in attack. Lin Han turned around to face me. He was covered in arrows. “Wu wu” he cried out. But as before, he still swung his scythe. The king tier BOSS was just too powerful. Furthermore, Lin Han was only ranked eleventh and yet he was this strong!


I took two slashes to the chest and my health dropped. Darling Duck and Thousand League quickly healed me and my Rage finally filled up. I jerked my arm and activated the special skill of my [Ring of the Ruler] —— [King Domain]!

“Brothers, charge! Let’s kill him!”

I whooped and Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi, Ran Min, and Wan Er all charged forward. Lin Han only had 4% of his health left. With everyone’s attacks, Lin Han was a goner.


“D*mm*t, don’t you ants dare think of killing him!!”

Lin Han swung his sickle and [Zhan Long] players continuously died in front of me. However, this wasn’t much. As long as we could kill Lin Han, then what if the [Zhan Long] players die once? This was an impressive feat. As long as we killed Lin Han, then it was enough to shock the entire Chinese Server, maybe even the whole world!

One Second Warrior slammed his shield into the ground, activating [Fierce Sun]. Everyone activated their special skills and used their greatest skills. Lin Han shuddered and was on his deathbed.

Finally, after 60 seconds of killing, my face was covered in blood, but I persisted and kept swinging my swords.



With a scream, Lin Han, the reputed Hell’s Battlesong, the super BOSS finally lost all of its health and screamed as it knelt to the ground.


Li Mu excitedly ran up and stabbed his sword into Lin Han’s neck. He then raised his boot and “Pa!” sent the head flying. Blood spurt out and it was extremely gory. At The same time, a system bell sounded beside our ear. Very good. Li Mu was the one to finish off his last health. This way, [Zhan Long] had truly killed this BOSS——


System Notification: Congratulations to player General Li Mu for successfully killing the eleventh ranked vice god BOSS of the fifteen Hybrid Demon Kings——[Hell’s Battle Song – Lin Han]. As the first player to kill a Hybrid Demon King level BOSS, the player General Li Mu has obtained the following rewards: Level+5, Charm+50, Gold+500,000, and your reputation in the city has increased greatly!


“Hua La!” Lin Han dropped his reward right after the system notification. There were equipments!!

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