Zhan Long

Chapter 595

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Chapter 595 [The Lament of the Gods]

“Sha sha….”

My sword tip broke through the rock and I popped out to check the surroundings. Right above us were several hundred Sword Spirit Cavalrymen counting the airs. Furthermore, there were crowds of Demon Sword Masters on the ground. However, none of the Hybrid Demon Kings seemed to be guarding here. They probably thought that we had escaped elsewhere and went to look around.

Odelia tugged on my leg and asked, “What’s the situation?”

I replied, “All of the Kings are gone. However, there are quite a few Level 4 and Level 7 Hybrid demons…”


Queen Zhi Shu leapt out and stood in the air with a smile, “I’ll fly with Master. Odelia, charge Southward with me. Once we enter Ba Huang City territory then we should be safe. The Hybrid Demon Kings are worried about the might of the Tian Ling Empire, so they won’t start any large scale attack southward.

Odelia smiled. “Alright…”

The Red Dragon Queen didn’t say anymore and reached out to hold me. In the next moment, we shot off into the sky. A group of Demon Sword Masters started yelling and charging towards us. But all Zhi Shu had to do was raise an arm and shout, “Get out of my way. Anyone who blocks me, Die!”


She then spat out a dragon flame that created a fiery whirlwind. Hundreds of Demon Sword Masters were all burnt to ash. I gaped at the attack. As long as we don’t encounter any Kings, then the Red Dragon Queen could probably go on a rampage in the Hybrid Demon Territory. Actually, as long as we don’t meet two or more of them, then she wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever.

Odelia smiled and flew beside us. Of course she was happy doing anything that didn’t require her help.

We flew extremely fast and broke through the cloud layer. We then followed along the Ghostly Rope Bridge and made our way into Death Canyon. In the sky, a group of Sword Spirit Cavalrymen caught up to us. Odelia then smiled, and pulled out a sword as she flew forward. She threw it straight at them. It flew out and pierced through the crowd of Sword Spirits. She then grinned widely and shouted, “Explode!”


The Holy Domain energy hidden within the sword exploded and dozens of Sword Spirits all turned to meat. The rest didn’t dare follow us because they all knew that the beautiful assassin wasn’t something they could deal with. One of the Sword Spirits roared, “Hurry, go report to Lord Lin Han. These d*mn*d b*st*rds have escaped. Chase after them! We cannot let Frost’s head leave this place,. Otherwise we’ll be destroyed by her vengeance!”


We flew over Death Canyon. The Red Dragon Queen decided against going around and charged right over the Bloody Plains, the nightmare of all players!

The entire ground was red with rivers of lava cutting across. In the sky, there were hundreds of Level 3 Plunderers flying around. The Red Dragon Queen easily dealt with them all by activating [Blaze Domain]. All of the Plunderers that were hit were instantly burnt to crisp. Countless pieces of shining equipment fell into the lava, which seemed like a waste.

On the ground were Hellhounds, Bloody Tear Dragon Men, and Gravedigger Demons roaming the area. But they couldn’t reach us and could only screech at us from the ground. Each one of them looked at us with eyes of hunger and desire. What a painful feeling, to want something but not be able to get it!

After a hour of flight, we could finally catch a glimpse of Dragon City in the distance. Even though it was still cut in half and in ruins, but… it still had a chance of being recovered. After all, there were hundreds of players that were in the city now. Looking from afar, all of their shoulders had a crimson insignia floating above them. It was the same as the one above my own shoulder. Wan Er, Dong Cheng, and Li Mu brought all of our brothers to meet us!

We were but a step away. But right at that moment, the sound of war drums began to boom and crowds of Sword Spirit Cavalrymen flew up into the sky. On the ground, a whole army of Nightmare Cavalrymen galloped down the plains. The Fist of the Dragon Igoras and Lin Han appeared in the sky at the same time. Igoras raised his long sword and coldly looked at us, “Zhi Shu, my most beloved Red Dragon Queen. Did you really think that the Stone of Medusa was enough to petrify me for a lifetime? I knew you would return to the continent of the humans and so you had to pass through Dragon City. Give up. You cannot escape. Be obedient and stay. Create a new future for our Dragon Tribe. This isn’t what you should be doing!”

The Red Dragon Queen coldly laughed, “Scum, do not talk to me!”

As she said that, she glanced back at Odelia and said, “I… I’ll use a curse to deal with all of the Nightmare Cavalrymen and Sword Spirits. Odelia, you take my master and return to Dragon City. I can see, there are a lot of Master’s friends there. They will definitely protect the master. I can only help you up until this point….”

“Curse?” Odelia was stunned, “After you’re done with the curse, then you’ll become incredibly weak. I can’t leave you here by yourself. As a warrior of Justice, I cannot…”

Zhi Shu smiled. “Don’t say that. You’re someone who has killed hundreds of people for gold. Don’t say you’re a Warrior of Justice…”

Odelia looked over at me, “The Red Dragon Queen is about to sacrifice herself for justice, what do you think?”

I stared at her, “I’ll stay. When Zhi Shu is done with her curse, I’ll take her away. Do what you want you fake Warrior of Justice.

“Well, are you looking down upon me?”

Odelia raised her long sword and said, “It’s just dying together, it’s nothing much. Today, I’m definitely going to be a Warrior of Justice!”


In the sky, Igoras raised his sword and laughed, “War drums, advance!”

One after another, giant beasts appeared. They carried strong beastmen who beat war drums on their backs. The drums shook the earth. After the battle of Dragon City, a new battle had begun once again just days later.

The Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu looked up. Flames began to whirl around her, pushing me and Odelia away. The next moment, red scales began to appear on Zhi Shu and she wielded a Dragon Blade. This was her strongest battle stance!

“Hum hum….”

The earth began to tremble and boulders split in two. Golden runes rose up. Everything within a few meters was under the control of the Queen Zhi Shu. She closed her eyes and began to shiver. Her power was becoming stronger and stronger.

“Ah?!” Igoras roared.

Lin Han raised his sickle, Misfortune, “Brother Igoras, why’d you suddenly shiver?”

Ignaus roared, “D*mm*t, this crazy old bat… she’s using a dragon curse. That’s… that’s one of the three great Dragon Curses. I’ve only seen it once in my life! That time, Elder Diamond, The Dark Dragon King and Heaven’s Angel Dick had all been killed. It was a nightmare….”

“This… what do we do? Run?” Lin Han was stunned.

“We can’t escape. This place has already been sealed by her!” Igoras raised a long sword and said, “We can only pray. Hurry up and activate your strongest defense skills. As long as we can last until we aren’t cursed to death, then we can easily kill the weak Red Dragon Queen!”


The sickle in Lin Han’s hand flashed. He roared and a crimson shield rose up around him, “[Hell’s Defense]!”

Igoras raised his sword and black dragon scales began to appear. He shouted, “[Breath of the Dragon King]!”


The Queen Zhi Shu closed her eyes and looked at Ignaus, “Die!”

She raised both of her arms. The Runes rose from the ground in a circle, creating a strong current in the air. The godly power of the curse began to expand. The Queen Zhi Shu shivered and she brought down her arms and shouted, “Destroy everything—— [Lament of the Gods]!”


The sky lost its color and I practically couldn’t see anything. Then, a strong light engulfed the area. I closed my eyes but I still heard the cries of the Sword Spirit Cavalrymen and the Nightmares. They didn’t have a single defense against the might of the curse.


Igoras’ screams were lost in the wind as his body was ripped to pieces. Within seconds, his legs were pulled apart and his left arm disappeared. All that was left was his right arm carrying his long sword. He bled all over his body and stood shakily in the sky. All of the injuries on his face were to the bone. This Black Dragon King looked even more sinister now.

Lin Han was in a much better situation. Most of the power from the Red Dragon Queen’s curse had been focused on Igoras’ body. It was only due to this that Lin Han got it easier.

Bones of Hybrid Demons littered the ground. With this one attack, Zhi Shu had killed over half of the Hybrid Demon army. My experience went up two levels. I was already at 109!



After using that curse, the Red Dragon Queen’s body softened and she fell to the ground. Odelia gaped at the scene. I urged my horse forward and caught her falling body in the air. I then charged forward with my Flying Tiger God and shouted, “Odelia, you idiot, why are you standing there? Hurry up and follow me!!!”

I the distance, the war drums sounded again. The broken Hybrid Demon Army had not given up yet.

In the sky, Igoras cried out in pain from all of his wounds. He shouted, “Red Dragon Queen, just you wait! This debt, I, Igoras will return it to you tenfold one day. Just you wait!”

Lin Han raised Misfortune, “D*mm*t!”

Igoras roared, “Lin Han, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and chase after them! Kill that b*st*rd and the Red Dragon Queen. Don’t forget, you’re the one that made Lin Han a traitor. If Frost revives, you know better than anyone who she’ll hate more than anything!”

Lin Han was stunned. Killing intent began to rise around him, “Everyone, charge towards Dragon City. Kill! Kill all humans in the vicinity!”


“Peng peng peng….”

The hooves of my Flying Scythe War Horse pounded the ground. I raised my sword and carried the Red Dragon Queen towards the city. On the border, Wan Er wielded her dagger and glanced over at me, her eyes filled with urgency, “Pig, hurry up and come!”

Beside her, Li Mu raised his sword and shouted, “Prepare the Death God Arrows!”

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