Zhan Long

Chapter 594

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Chapter 594 A Chase by an Absolute Force


Odelia was completely wrapped in Holy Domain energy. She flew like a cannonball out of range of the Stormy Abyss. The three of us rushed into a forest in the distance towards Ba Huang City.



Zhi Shu widened her eyes and said, “It’s the Arrow of Lanais….”

In the air, a cold arrow flashed by. Odelia cried out as it struck her shoulder and pierced through her chest. Blood spurt out. She was too focused on running away, and forgot about the ambush in the air.

“How is that possible?” Odelia stared into the sky, “How… how can Lanais see me? My…. my Invisibility Cloak is a godly weapon passed down over the centuries….”

Queen Zhi Shu softly said, “Lanais is the Queen of the Elves. She has a bracelet called “Eye of Heaven”. It allows her to see through all of the illusions in the world, and so our invisibility won’t escape her sight. Hurry and get into the forest. Otherwise, we’ll be laid bare before Lanais’ arrows. We’ll get killed eventually…”

“I’m working on it! Be quiet!”

Odelia suddenly slowed down and accelerated a second later. “Hong!” some dirt exploded behind us. Lanais had shot another arrow into the sky and it left a five meter deep ditch in the ground. The power of each one was terrifying.

I looked up and saw Lanais raise her Jiang Yun Bow. She stood on the air, her eyes filled with killing intent and she said, “Hmph, did you think that you guys could leave this place? Stop dreaming. There are nine Hybrid Demon Kings chasing after you. Do you really think you can escape?”

The Queen Zhi Shu covered the injury on her arm and said, “Odelia, enter into the Death Forest up ahead. Afterwards, look for a hole or cave of some sort to rest. I need some time to recover my strength. Gawain’s Purple Wind Sword has practically crushed all of my Dragon Veins. All I need is 5 hours. In that time, I’ll have 80% of my power back. With that, I’ll be able to help!”

Odelia nodded, “I’ll do my best!”

As she said that, she looked at me, and then at the arrow in her chest and said, “Actually, I’m starting to feel like I chose the wrong deal to make. After all these years, this is the first time that I’ve fought for justice, and all I’ve gotten is a heavy injury like this. Plus.. I’ve made enemies out of all of the Northern Hybrid Demon Kings. From now on, I’ll be wanted even in the Hybrid Demon Territory….”

I looked at her, “Then you’ll just have to fight for justice until the end!”

Odelia was speechless.


In front of us, an enormous figure rose up between the trees. Right afterwards, completely crimson giants appeared. Each covered in stone skin. They were around 10 meters tall. They raised their arms and smashed a fist towards Odelia, roaring, “D*mn*d humans, you must die here! Don’t you dare think of stealing something from us!”


Odelia dodged the attack. She put on the Invisibility Cloak so that the Giants couldn’t see her. Despite this, Odelia’s face was pale, “Blood Giants… D*mm*t, looks like Lanais isn’t just trying to scare us. Nine Hybrid Demon Kings really are coming after us…”

“Hurry up and fly forward!” Queen Zhi Shu looked into the sky and said, “As long as we separate Lanais from her Eye of Heaven, then we’ll be able to hide using the Invisibility Cloak. That in addition to decreasing our breadth, then we’ll definitely be able to get past this problem!”

Odelia grunted, “You want to avoid Lanais’ eyes? Alright then….”

As she said that, Odelia suddenly pouted her lip and blew a long whistle. In the next moment, an enormous eagle suddenly flew up from the distance and swept right towards Lanais. It reached out its two claws and attacked the opponent. Lanais took the hit by surprise and raised her arm to defend. She roared, “B*st*rd, get out of the way or die…”

She then pulled back on her Jiang Yun Bow. Lanais opened her hand. Energy suddenly whirled around and roared, “Flames!”


Flames flew up and the eagle turned into a pile of ash.

“Ye Ge…..”

Odelia felt her heart get crushed, but she still dove towards the forest. The Queen Zhi Shu summoned her strength and materialized Dragon Claws. She then charged towards the ground, digging a long tunnel. Odelia reached out and dragged me into the hole. For the sake of caution, the Queen Zhi Shu dug another hundred meters, all the way until we passed through two layers of rock before she stopped. She then dug a burrow for the three of us and then put away her dragon claws and quietly sat there.

“Relax your breath and bring your power down to the bottom..” The Queen Zhi Shu’s red eyes flashed in the darkness.

I pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword. It’s light brightened the area around us. I then pierced it into the ground and looked at Odelia. She had already pulled out the arrow that had pierced into her. She cried out from the pain as blood poured out.

I took out a few Dragon Spit Pills and said, “Use this to stop the bleeding?”

Odelia took it. “Pu La!” She ripped open the leather armor in front of her chest, revealing the snow white mounds underneath. She then crushed the pill and rubbed it over the wound, stopping the blood for the moment. She then smiled. “Well lookie here, this little thing really is useful…”

I rubbed my head, “It’s ok….”

“Teehee” Queen Zhi Shu said, “Master, you only came for the sake of Frost’s head isn’t that right? Now that you have it, why don’t you try using a City Return Scroll for Ba Huang City?”

I nodded and ripped a scroll. The second I did, I received a notification. Because I was carrying a certain item, I couldn’t teleport. Looks like I had to walk Frost’s head back to Ba Huang City. I shook my head and said, “I can’t.”

Odelia wrapped her wound up and took a deep breath, “Let’s wait for a little bit before we leave. This place is just too dangerous….”


Right at that moment, the earth above us shook. “Peng peng peng!” The sounds rumbled around us as the earth and dust continuously fell on our heads. Odelia furrowed her eyebrows and brushed some of the dirt off, “Looks like the Blood Giants are ripping apart the entire forest. Lanais won’t give up until she finds us….”

The Queen Zhi Shu said, “Don’t worry, when I came down, I had already closed the entrance of the tunnel. They won’t discover us. Unless all of those Hybrid Demon Kings really dug a hundred meters down….”

Odelia softly said, “I hope so. I don’t want to die here, I still have lots to do in my life… Red Dragon Queen, hurry up and recover your strength then!”

“Yes… I’ve already begun.” Zhi Shu looked at me and said, “Master, now that you’ve obtained Frost’s head, what’s your next step?”

I thought about it for a moment, “I’ll think of a way to revive Frost.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“I’ve thought about it… I’ll go and find the Hermit Ai Lun for help….”

“Huh?!” The Queen Zhi Shu was stunned, “The Hermit Ai Lun is still alive? I never would’ve thought. That old geezer is still alive. He’s probably an ancient god by now? Ah ha, if he’s alive then that’ll be easy. The Hermit Ai Lun is the only human that was able to rise to the god level. Unfortunately, his god level was crushed in the Battle of the Gods, and so all he has are shattered pieces. Otherwise, he should have enough power to push back the Northern Hybrid Demons right? However, he’s done extensive research into the power of souls. He shouldn’t let your hopes down. Maybe… maybe you actually will be able to revive Frost!”

I was stunned, “Really?”


“That’s great…”

Queen Zhi Shu smiled and said, “However, I’ve heard that the Hermit Ai Lun is extremely eccentric. He might not help you. For that, you must be prepared….”

I said, “That should be fine. My friend is his student.”

“Oh? Your friend? What kind of friend?”


“Oh, so it was like that….” This tens of thousands year old queen smiled sweetly, “Then it shouldn’t be a problem. No matter how eccentric Ai Lun is, he should care a lot for his own student. After all, he’s only taken that one student throughout his entire life.”



I received a message, it came from Wan Er, “Pig, how’s your quest going? Is the Hybrid Demon Territory experience savage enough? Have you found Frost’s head yet? You’ve been playing for 17 hours straight, are you tired yet?”

I quickly replied, “Not bad. We’ve already found Frost’s head. However… right now we’re being chased by nine of the Kings and are now hiding out in a tunnel. I don’t know when we can make it back to Ba Huang City….”

“Huh?” Wan Er opened up a call and smiled. “Our pig is that strong? He was actually able to steal Frost’s head from the hands of the Hybrid Demon Kings?”

“Yup!” I thought about it for a second and said, “I must walk to bring Frost’s body back to Ba Huang City, and so I’ll be fighting the entire way. Who knows how far I’ll make it.”

Wan Er smiled back. “You’ve already done pretty well! Keep up the good work. Dong Cheng and I will bring a group of people to wait for you at Dragon City. Once you hit Dragon City, we’ll take the rear for you!”



I quickly turned off the messenger. The pounding above our heads continued. After the Blood Giants finished their smashing, it was Lei Ding’s turn. After he finished, Gawain road a storm and devastated the area. This didn’t take much imagination. The whole Death Forest was probably just a field of dirt now. These Hybrid Demon Kings were all incredibly strong. Changing a reality like this was a small matter for them.

The pounding and roars grew closer and closer to us. It was all the way until we could see the power of the lightning burst from the opening of the tunnel did it finally start to quiet down. After a whole two hours of explosions, these Hybrid Demon Kings finally gave up. Even the voices above our heads became more distant.

Continuing on, we waited for another 3 hours. Finally, the Queen Zhi Shu opened up her eyes. She stretched out her hand and a flame rose up in her palm. She smiled. “Master, I’ve recovered 90% of my power. We can set off now. This place is extremely dangerous. The longer we stay, the more danger we’re in.”

“Ok, Odelia, how about you?”

The beautiful assassin pulled out the longsword on her back and smiled. “Even though I don’t have the same recovery strength as the dragon tribe, but I’ve still recovered 70% of my strength. How about you?”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword, “Even though my strength is nothing compared to you guys, I’ll still do my best…”

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