Zhan Long

Chapter 592

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Chapter 592 Lanais


A few hellhounds lay in waiting at the edge of the forest. They watched the Red Dragon Queen and I from a distance but didn’t dare to attack. Too many of their partners had been killed by us. Their AI wasn’t too low, so they at least knew what it meant to be afraid. Especially towards the Red Dragon Queen. She completely overpowered the Level 3 Hybrid Demons, showing them what true power was.

“Wu wu…”

Suddenly, one of the hellhounds seemed to sense a terrifying force and lurked away with its tail between its legs. In the next moment, a strike fell from above. “Peng!”, four of the hellhounds had been crushed into a past and the ground the was struck sunk a couple meters.

“What was that?” I furrowed my brows.

Zhi Shu squinted her eyes, “Hmph, so a suitable enemy has finally appeared?”

A flag appeared from the forest. In the next moment, a general riding a beast charged over. He brought with him a group of Level 7 Demon Sword Masters. It was none other than Hell’s Battlesong Lin Han, the man who brought Luo Lin to the demonic side!

Lin Han smiled and laughed coldly. He looked at me from a distance and smiled. “Hei hei, isn’t this Frost’s “most prided student”? What, you actually had the courage to enter the Hybrid Demon Territory. You really are a bug that doesn’t fear death. For what reason did you come here? To kill Luo Lin for revenge? Oh, he’s in the Revered One’s Plains. You’ve gone the wrong way. Here… there’s nothing, but Frost’s head. Of course, there’s no use for that any more…”

I grit my teeth, “You motherf*cker….”

“You dare curse at me?”

Lin Han laughed coldly and raised his sword, “Fight with me! Let us kill this little b*st*rd…. Oh, …. And that woman who’s helping him——the Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu. Kill that Queen. Do not be polite, I think… that Igoras that old b*st*rd won’t mind if we kill his woman. After all, this dragon mother never gave birth, hahahaha….”

Zhi Shu and I decided to attack at the same time. As my Flying Scythe War Horse stepped onto the Death Plains, I pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword and threw it into the air. The blade spun with Dou Qi and cut right through the crowd of Sword Spirit Cavalrymen. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword with my right hand and slashed a [Seven Star Fragment Sword], activating a crowd skill. At the same time, my Ancient Heavenly Tiger activated [Burstfire Raid]. It raised its head and used [Flame Roar], throwing a shockwave!

Lin Han was enraged, “Die!”

He then sprinted forward. Lin Han’s sickle carried a sharp power. I quickly raised both my swords. I’ll block first!


My arms went numb from the impact. I was close to dropping my blade from the force. But i hardened my resolve and held on. “Peng!” I pushed Lin Han’s sickle back with my Zhen Yue Sword while I stabbed my Dragon Reservoir Sword at Lin Han. I then threw a [Wind Blade]+[Fierce Ice Blade]——



I was able to break through his defense. Lin Han shuddered as the light of the [Fierce Ice Blade] hit him. Furious, he raised his sickle and roared, “Youngster. No matter what, I will not let you leave. Die! [Death’s Flame]!”

Flames began to rise off of the sickle. It was a skill!

Without any hesitation, I urged my horse forward. My blade began to glow and a skill activated——[Reflect]!



The [Reflect] completely ignored all defenses and threw back the damage at full power. The attack made Lin Han shudder. Unfortunately, 50,000 damage wasn’t much in his mind. He slashed his sickle, sweeping it right onto my shoulder. He then threw a punch. Against this Hybrid Demon King tier BOSS, I was not his equal. I retreated along with my horse. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger charged forward and threw a [Flame Claw]+[Vampiric Strike]. It then activated [Flame Armor], allowing it to take three slashes without dying!

Right at that moment, flames rushed into the air. “Shua Shua!” a bloody head fell to the ground after a short wail. I don’t know when, but the Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu activated a dragon claw and crushed the group of Sword Spirit Cavalrymen. The hundred or so Sword Spirit Cavalrymen had disappeared in the blink of an eye. Zhi Shu then brought her hand down and dragon power descended from the sky. She smiled. “Hell’s Battlesong, do not bully my master. Here, fight with me!”


Lin Han shuddered and fell into the mud. Dirt covered his body. Angrily, he rose up and charged at the Red Dragon Queen. The two forces rammed into each other in the air. Zhi Shu remained in her human form as she fought. Both of her arms had turned into dragon claws that scratched at Lin Han’s abdomen and chest, leaving behind long bloody marks. At the same time, Lin Han’s Misfortune Sickle also cut into Zhi Shu’s legs. The pale thighs were bloody now, but she didn’t pay attention to it. After all, the recovery rate of the dragon tribe was far above that of humans and ghouls. This was an absolute advantage that she had against Lin Han. After all, she was a queen level saint dragon. Her recovery rate was terrifying.

The slashes on her leg quickly healed up. Zhi Shu opened her palm, and she smiled. Magic began to appear on her palm and she quietly said, “Sleeping Ancient Power, I summon thee with my blood. Follow my will and assist me in killing this strong enemy. I, the Red Dragon Queen- Zhi Shu implore you——[Grip of the Dragon Tribe]!”


A holy light rushed into the sky and a dragon scale blade appeared in Zhi Shu’s hand. She actually managed to summon some kind of ancient godly weapon. She gripped the sword with both hands and lunged at Lin Han, throwing a slash!

Lin Han didn’t dare overestimate her and raised his blade to block. He did not however expect there to be so much power that it threw him backwards. He spat out blood. His own strength was a level below Zhi Shu’s. A kick then flew straight into his chest. Zhi Shu’s attack rhythm was very fast. She continuously threw attacks. Within moments, she had dealt a dozen or so attacks at Lin Han, nearly breaking Lin Han’s left leg and right arm. If he hadn’t had a body that was on a king level, he probably would’ve been killed by the Dragon Blade.


He cried out and retreated. Lin Han raised his Misfortune and retreated back a dozen meters. He suddenly dove towards the ground and disappeared into the dirt. Was he planning on tunneling down to escape?

The Red Dragon Queen smiled and stomped the ground, “Get out of there!”


The entire Death Plains shuddered. “Pu!” Lin Han tumbled out and landed in front of Zhi Shu. He stood there, the wind blowing at him. Loose hairs were pulled out from his knot and blood flowed out of his injuries. He only had around 30% of his health left. My heart began to beat faster. Was the Red Dragon Queen really that strong? She could even deal with the 11th Hybrid Demon King, Lin Han?


Right at that moment, a song rang from the distance. Right after, a green energy wrapped around Lin Han, quickly healing him up. Then, dark clouds began to cover the sky. A beautiful figure wielding a red long bow appeared from the clouds. She was clothed completely in armor. She had a beautiful face and her long hair danced in the wind and the cape fluttered behind her. She smiled and said, “Oh… Lin Han, my old friend. Why have you fallen so low? Let me see. Just who dares to behave so atrociously in the Hybrid demon Territory? Turning our Hell’s Battlesong into a dog…”

Lin Han looked up. Happy but angry, he exclaimed, “Lanais, you… why are you here?”

Zhi Shu and I looked up. It was none other than the ranked sixth BOSS of the fifteen Hybrid demon Kings, Lanais. She was the Queen of the Elves. In the information, it stated that Lanais was originally the daughter of the King of Elves and was the Princess. Unfortunately, she turned into a Hybrid demon later on. The weapon in her hand was “Jiang Yun” and was a godly bow. This was a mysterious yet very attractive queen. Her strength was not much weaker from the goddess Xi Fu.


Lanais did not look at Lin Han and just glanced at Zhi Shu, “The Red Dragon Queen? We… I don’t believe we’ve met again for over ten thousand years. At that time, on the Elven Continent, the Dragon Tribe was friends with the Elves. I never imagined that we would meet with our swords in hand. Really, ahahaha, this is just too interesting…”

The Queen Zhi Shu swung her Dragon Blade and didn’t bother to talk much. She leapt up and the Dragon Blade turned big, almost as big as half of the horizon. She threw a powerful strike at Lanais!

“Huh? You’re really attacking?”

Lanais smiled and opened her left palm. Roaring, “Shield!”

“Hmm” an enormous heavenly shroud descended, enveloping Lanais, providing a layer of protection. In the end, the Queen Zhi Shu’s Dragon Blade rammed into the shield, but it didn’t have a single scratch on it. The Queen Zhi Shu was forced backwards. Lanais’ power was far more powerful than Lin Han’s. It was already getting hard to deal with him.

The Queen Zhi Shu retreated a step. Lanais smiled and quickly pulled back the string of her Jiang Yun Bow. An indigo colored arrow condensed on the string. “Shua!” it flew out. Quene Zhi Shu flipped to dodge the arrow. However, Lanais’ second and third arrow flashed out. Queen Shi Zhu hit the ground wiht a “Peng!” She ducked to dodge it, but the third arrow flashed right beside her neck. It scratched the shield on her scales, bringing out blood.

She opened a hand and roared, “Die!”

A powerful dragon energy filled the air and three dragon palms rushed towards Lanais. The elven queen cried out. She raised her bow and retreated a dozen meters. Blood dripped from her mouth. After taking Zhi Shu’s attack, she wasn’t feeling much better either.

Zhi Shu leaned forward and began gathering energy in her legs. “Peng!” She kicked off the ground and shot out like an arrow, right towards Lanais.


Lanais had a surprised expression on her face that made even me a little shocked. This female BOSS’ mannerism was just too shocking. This high level elf’s slight emotions and dignity was clearly displayed. She watched as the Queen Zhi Shu spiraled towards her. She then opened up her left hand. Energy gathered at the center and she shouted, “Gravitational Field!”


The Queen Zhi Shu dropped to the ground and “Peng!” crashed into the earth. Dirt scattered. It was Lanais’ skill!

Then, right as the [Gravitational Field] locked on, the Queen Zhi Shu also threw her sword forward. In the air, it turned into an enormous net of Dragon power than landed onto Lanais. The net tightened around her, getting tighter by the second. Lanais waved her bow to fend off the attack. She glared at Zhi Shu and said, “Red Dragon Queen, you are too cowardly!”

rew my blade forward. “Pu Pu Pu Pu” it pierced through Lanais’ body. Zhi Shu also charged forward, dragging me off of my Flying Scythe War Horse. She then quickly charged into the distance and said, “Master, you’re injured. I can feel two strong powers coming towards us from the Well of the Gods and Demons. Looks like Xi Fu and Da Lun, the demons who guard that well have heard the news. We must hurry into the Stormy Abyss, or else we won’t have much time….”

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