Zhan Long

Chapter 591

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Chapter 591 The Stormy Abyss

Walking forward, the foliage around us became more decayed and rotten. Since we walked into the forest, there were no longer any level 1-2 Hybrid Demons. However, that didn’t mean much to the Red Dragon Queen and I. I could still manage to kill quite a few within a minute, where as Zhi Shu could kill all of them in one stroke. Furthermore, she and I were no master servant relation, so I also received part of the experience from the monsters that she killed. Even though it wasn’t much, at the rate she was killing them, it would add up to quite a bit in the end. If we didn’t come here for the sake of regaining Frost’s body, then bringing this Red Dragon Queen along to a high level map would be a wonderful thing.


We continued forward and saw a pitch black plain. Twilight had fallen. A ghostly howl rang through the plains. Hearing it made me subconsciously shudder. I urged my horse forward and pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword. After a few steps, I heard a bell beside my ear——


System Notification: Please note, you have stepped into the dangerous map——[Death Plains], one of the maps of the Seven Hybrid Demon Territories. It is guarded by The Berserker Lei Ding and Hell’s Battle Song – Lin Han!

“Death Plains?”

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked ahead of me. There was a dark abyss between the Death Plains and where I stood.The abyss began from the Bloody Plains, and cut across right to where I was. The only way across was the narrow road before me. It lead to a rope bridge that disappeared into the fog. Demonic magic radiated from the bridge. I could even see a ghost rise up from its chains.

“Ghostly Rope Bridge…”

The Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu smiled. “I’ve heard about this rope bridge. Rumors have it that it’s melded from the souls of evil demons. It’s seven kilometers long. Only a fearless warrior can overcome the Ghostly Rope Bridge. If the heart waves even the slightest, then you will fall and be crushed to death at the bottom of Death Valley…”

I sheathed my sword and put away my horse. I then walked forward and grabbed onto the chains of the rope bridge. The chains were as thick as my arm. I strode forward and stood on the first plank. Once my weight shifted on, the bridge began to sway. Fortunately, my sense of balance was pretty good and I was well practiced in martial arts. Walking across only took basic skills.

Looking at my careful expression, Zhi Shu smiled and strode over. “Pa!” She stepped right onto the Ghostly Rope Bridge and slowly walked forward and said, “Master, the legend of the Ghostly Rope Bridge is only there to scare away cowards. However, I do believe that there is something that has been following us from behind. Master does not need to worry though, no matter what the thing is I will kill it for you!”

I nodded, “Yes, let’s head out then. Once we’re across the Ghostly Rope Bridge, then we’ll enter the map of the Death Plains. After the Death Plains is the Stormy Abyss. There we’ll arrive at our destination.”



Man and Dragon, one after another, walked along the rope bridge. I pulled out my weapons, my Dragon Reservoir Sword in one hand and my Zhen Yue Sword in the other. I then collected my Ancient Heavenly Tiger. Even though the little thing was a Ghost Harvest type pet, it didn’t necessarily understand the skill of walking across chains.

Wind blew past my ear, fluttering my hood. The Red Dragon Queen looked back at me with her big eyes and continued forward. As her master, I couldn’t be too terrified, or else I would be looked down by this Queen of the Dragons.

The further we went, the thicker the fog became. Even the chains became slippery from the water that collected on it. I had even lost my footing and slipped a few times. Thankfully, I was gripping the sides very tightly, so I wasn’t about to fall. Otherwise, It would’ve been truly hard to walk across.

“Careful, something is getting close….”

I gripped my sword and looked at the mpa. Three red dots were charging right towards us.

“Ji ji….”

I heard the screeches from above. They were three Plunderers, Level 3 Hybrid Demons. They broke through the fog and flew at us. They then raised their claws, throwing an attack right at me.

I smiled. Then raised both my swords and threw a [Wind Slash]+[Fierce Ice Blade]. Then I dealt a seven slash combo. The first Plunderer’s health quickly dropped to the bottom. The power behind my explosive attack was real. Right before its death, the Plunderer dealt one last attack. I quickly slid forward. Then turned around and slashed with both my swords, killing it in one stroke.

The other two monsters rushed over. Zhi Shu wryly smiled and then raised her arm. A flaming dragon claw appeared in front of her hand. “Pa Pa!” the dragon claw rushed forward, crushing the two Plunderers. It was an instant kill!


I was speechless. Compared to Zhi Shu, my strength was just far too small.

However, the beautiful Red Dragon Queen smiled. “master’s strength is already top among the human adventurers. Being able to kill a Level 3 Hybrid Demon on your own is already quite a lot. These Hybrid Demons are equivalent to actual demons among the humans. A town’s entire army isn’t enough to kill just one of them, much less a Level 3 Hybrid Demon….”

I was stunned and chuckled to myself, “If I was really strong, then how could I watch as Frost was killed right before me…”


Zhi Shu smiled sympathetically, “Do not worry, Master. I think… I think that even if Frost had died in battle, she would still feel proud having a student like you. After all, you entered into the Hybrid Demon Territory for her sake. This already proves that you care about her. In this world, how many people are willing to go this far…”

I nodded and said, “Queen Zhi Shu, I want to ask something.”

“Please ask.”

“After someone dies, can they revive?”

“This…” Zhi Shu was puzzled and said, “All living beings in the sky and on the earth go through the cycle of life. Normally, I would say that it is impossible. However…. The existence of a soul and its shell also goes by the laws of life and death. If you could find her soul, and then create a new body, and have the soul possess that body, maybe that would achieve your goal. However…Master, do not put too much hope in that. Frost’s spirit power will not be weak. It would be difficult to find a body that can hold so much power. That would be too hard. This is also the reason why throughout history, very few people have been able to revive from the dead.”

I gripped my sword and said, “No matter what, I will revive her!”


Zhi Shu silently looked at me and smiled. “Don’t worry.. Even if Zhi Shu is no longer your servant, I will help you as a friend!”

“Thank you…”

Right at that moment, more screeches sounded through the clouds. The Ghostly Rope Bridge shuddered. It seemed as though more things were coming.

As I expected, a few minutes later, black lizards started crawling towards us along the Rope Bridge. They were a group of very special lizards. They had suction pads on their feet, allowing them to easily crawl along the rope bridge. Scales wrapped around their entire bodies like armor!

Iron Wall Lizards, Level 4 Hybrid Demons. They are a type of lizard that lives deep in the forest. It has suction pads on its feet that allows it to run along cliffs.

A level 117 Hybrid Demon, I can kill it!

I raised both my swords and charged forward. I then slashed forward, cutting right into the group of lizards. As I was killing them, I gulped down a Heavenly Tier Level 1 Dragon Spit Pill, recovering 10,000 of my health while continuously being healed. This way, I could solo this Level 4 Hybrid demons with my stats. I killed them one after another. I then used a Demon Sword Master card, increasing my Fifth Class Advancement hidden boosts. I was confident I could deal with them.

“Ao ao….”

When I killed the Nth Iron Wall Lizard, I reached out and grabbed the equipment that was dropped. I glanced at the time. I had already been fighting with these Level 4 Hybrid Demons for 2 hours. I have no idea just how many I had killed, but I figured it was all to grind levels.

The Red Dragon Queen behind me seemed to be a little annoyed. “Shua!” she reached out and grabbed my arm. Afterwards, she dove downwards. “Pa!” she shook the rope bridge!


The Rope Bridge shuddered and a crowd of lizards fell off the rope bridge. Zhi Shu put me back onto the rope bridge. I smiled. “This way will be much easier. Master, let’s hurry up If you think that Frost’s soul is still in her remaining body, then let’s hurry up. Otherwise, who knows what the Hybrid Demon Kings are going to do with Frost’s head? Maybe, they want to reconstruct Frost’s body, and make it into a Hybrid Demon King. Do you want the next time you meet her for her to be your enemy?”

I shuddered and didn’t say anything. I sheathed my sword and began to sprint forward. I said, “No matter what comes at us, Queen Zhi Shi, you have to help me kill it!”


I ran forward. On both side, there were at least 3-5 Level Hybrid Demons that could fly. However, none of them could get close to us. They were all instantly killed by the Red Dragon Queen. This also gave me quite a it of experience at the same time.

Not long after, we made it out of the fog. We had finally made it out of that long Ghostly Rope Bridge. I leapt up and lightly landed on the plains. I then summoned my Flying Scythe War Horse. I leapt onto my horse and then called out my Ancient Heavenly Tiger, entering into a battle stance.

Right in front of me, it was as though they had received information, a group of Level 3 Hybrid Demon Hellhounds howled and charged at me.

I glanced at the map and said, “The Stormy Abyss is just west of us. Let’s head over!”


Man and dragon rushed into the distance. One group of the Hellhounds that caught up to us had been easily killed by the Red Dragon Queen and I. After 3 hours of killing and running, we finally made it to the border of the Death Plains. There seemed to be nobody there to block us. After going another 1000 meters, we saw an enormous tornado that remained in the plains. Just below the tornado was the entrance to the Stormy Abyss. When I looked down into it, I felt my heart stop.

Frost, are you in there?”

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