Zhan Long

Chapter 590

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Chapter 490 The Red Dragon Queen


I shuddered and couldn’t utter a word. What was that thing?


The earth shook violently and I couldn’t keep my footing. I raised my sword and charged towards a pile of rocks, finally regaining my balance. The pile rose up slowly and an enormous person sat up from the Heart of the Dragon Nest. A crack appeared in the ground and dust scattered throughout the area. Behind the stone was an extremely pretty face. Around the face were green dragon scales. “She” suddenly shook her head, black hair appearing from out of the dust. As she raised her palm, dragon claws slowly retreated into her hands. She slowly opened her crimson eyes and stared at me. At the same time, I saw a line of words above her head. I was scared sh*tless when I read it——

[Red Dragon Queen – Zhi Shu] (Vice God Tier BOSS)

Level: ???

Introduction: Red Dragon Queen, one of the Fire Guardians of the Saint Dragons. The members of the Red Dragon Tribe were considered to be of the highest class among the gods of the Dragon Tribe. And this Red Dragon Queen was even praised as being the most beautiful of the Dragon Tribe. However, in order to obtain the purest blood from the Gods of the Dragon Tribe, the Fist of the Dragon – Igoras ambushed the Red Dragon Queen while she was slumbering and sealed her in the Forbidden Area of the Dragon Tribe and forced her to give birth to an heir of pure blood. After being sealed for ten thousand years, the Red Dragon Queen has a very violent personality. Do not provoke her, otherwise you risk being torn to pieces.


“Sha sha….”

I slowly retreated backwards, but the back of my armor hit the wall behind me. It was then that I realized there was no way for me to retreat. I looked at the Red Dragon Queen’s appearance, and felt my heart pound harder and harder. Motherf*cker, that hill of rocks that I was standing on wasn’t a hill but rather the Red Dragon Queen’s left breast. F*ck. Now that the stone skin began to turn green, the full chest trembled right in front of me. What the f*ck was with that cup size!

I was done for. The Red Dragon Queen’s rage after being forced to breed will probably end up on me!

My brain went completely blank. What was up with this. Life is too hard!

Odelia, I hate you!


And then, right at that moment, the Red Dragon Queen’s eyes rested upon me. Then in a voice garbled with dragon speech and human, she said, “Young human, I’ve already%#[email protected]&….Now, I #@%…?&…. I hope you&*%??#……”

I was stunned, “You… what did you say? A bug….?”

The Red Dragon Queen sobbed. After falling into silence, as though reorganizing her language, she finally started again, “Young human, I have already slept ten thousand years and have finally woken up. Now, since you were the one to wake me, I want to thank you for your assistance. I hope that you will accept my graciousness and let me help you do something in return!”

I took a deep breath. My face nearly turned purple from the terrifying situation. Looks like I won’t actually die here.

I looked up at the Red Dragon Queen’s eyes and said, “Your body is so great, even walking out of here will be hard. Don’t mention doing me a favor. Although, I do really need a strong person to help me finish these impossible tasks….”

Zhi Shu smiled and raised her hand. She then spouted incomprehensible dragon magic spells. In the next moment, her 20 meter long body suddenly became extremely small, and was around 1.65 meters tall. She was clothed in a red armor and looked like a female warrior. However, I knew, that within her body was hidden an incredible strength and wasn’t as simple as a girl that was 1.65.

“Is it ok now?” Zhi Shu smiled.

I was puzzled, “You can actually shapeshift?”

“Of course. All high level Dragon Tribe members can shape shift. Even turning into another person isn’t a hard task.”

As she said that, the Red Dragon Queen Zhi Shu retreated a step and knelt before me, “Please accept my thanks. From now, for 48 hours, I will be your servant. Master, whatever you want, just tell me. Zhi Shu will complete it for you, even if it means dying!”



System Notification: [Red Dragon Queen – Zhi Shu] has willingly made you her master and will be your servant for 48 hours. She will fulfill whatever request you have. Please, cherish these 48 hours!

I was beside myself and couldn’t believe what was happening. This Red Dragon Queen was really willing to work for me for 48 hours? If it was like this, then going to the Stormy Abyss to retrieve Frost’s body was going to be much more likely now. After all, this Red Dragon Queen was a Vice God level BOSS. She was even the leader of the Red Dragon tribe!

I looked at her and asked, “Zhi Shu, are you really willing to do anything for me?”

The Red Dragon Queen nodded and blushed slightly, “Yes, Master. Even if you were to say something unreasonable, then I will do it. You are the one that allowed me to regain my life. If you really want, then there is a bed behind this wall and a hot spring….”

My head went blank again, “That.. you’re thinking too much. Let us head out. We need to leave the Wild Dragon Territory first. I don’t want to stay here for another second…”

“Yes, master!”

Zhi Shu immediately turned around and raised a hand. The snow white hand quickly became a dragon claw. Flames began to rise around her and she slammed at the wall. “Hong!” an enormous tunnel appeared before us and went on for about a hundred meters. It was just enough for a person to enter. Motherf*cker, the wall had been burned through. This Red Dragon Queen’s power was just too great…

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and put away my mount and quickly stepped into the tunnel. As I ran through Zhi Shu easily followed behind me. At that moment, I felt a sense of inferiority. She was one of the leaders of the great Dragon Tribe and could fly. While I…. was a land bug in her terms. This truly was a sad reality.


We suddenly emerged from the Heart of the Dragon’s Nest. A strong ray of light hit my eyes, nearly blinding me. When I appeared outside, I saw a dozen dragons scouting through the air. There were blue dragons, jewel dragons and even wind dragons among them. The blue dragons revealed a shocked expression as he shook, “F*ck, the Red Dragon Queen was released. Dear gods, her seal has been broken. If Lord Igoras finds out, then all of us will die. What do we do?”

One of the Jewel dragons roared, “What is there to say? This is catastrophic for the Wild Dragon Territory. All high level dragons, come to me. No matter what, we must kill the Red Dragon Queen. Otherwise her vengeance will destroy our Territory!”


A group of dragons growled savagely.

Zhi Shu smiled. “ Master, what do you need me to do?”

I muttered, “There’s no need to kill anyone. Just get me out of here safely…”


Zhi Shu suddenly spread out her arms and took a deep breath. She then smiled again, “Scum of the Wild Dragon Territory, the shame of all dragons. The ancient Dragon Gods no longer sympathize with you. Come, let me show you what the strongest of the ancient Holy Dragons really is!”

As she finished, Zhi She’s body rose up. Flames twisted around her. In the next moment, she turned into an enormous flaming Dragon. She turned around to look at me and said in Dragon tongue, “Master, come ride my back. I will take you from this place!”


I leapt up and slid down her large wing right onto her back. I then raised my two swords and stood on the nape of her dragon neck. At that moment, I truly had the sense that I was a “Dragon Rider”. Only, Zhi Shu wasn’t actually my mount. I didn’t even dare think a crazy idea as conquering the Red Dragon Queen as my mount. That would be too terrifying.


Zhi Shu roared and raised her claws, rising straight up into the area. All of the Wild dragon Tribe’s high level dragons followed right after. The Red Dragon Queen didn’t say much and just swung her sharp claws, creating waves of flames that rolled right into the Wild Dragon Territory!

“Peng peng peng….”

Each wave dealt a strong attack. One after another, the blue dragons, the red dragons and the black dragons dropped to the ground. Some of the small dragons were burnt to crisp by the Red Dragon Queen. Her strength was just too strong!

We quickly burst through the cloud layer. The Red Dragon Queen soared out of the Wild Dragon Territory. As I looked down at the earth, I could see the landscape swiftly change. After ten minutes of flying, I patted her dragon wings and said, “Zhi Shu, descend. I need to keep a low profile when I enter the Hybrid Demon Territory. If we keep flying like this, we’ll eventually be discovered by the Sword Spirit Riders.”

“Yes my lord!”

Zhi Shu turned around and flew downwards. As we neared the ground, she suddenly turned back into a person and grabbed my arm. Like this we softly landed onto the ground. We were surrounded by forests and the Wild Dragon Tribe didn’t dare chase after us. They weren’t idiots. The Red Dragon Queen was so strong that even if they were to come after us, they would die.


I stepped onto the grass and Zhi Shu said, “Master, can I ask you something?”


“For what reason did you want me to take you to the Hybrid Demon Territory? I want to know what I’m doing”


I took a deep breath and said, “A few days ago, an enormous battle occurred in the Dragon City of the continent. The Hybrid Demon Army attacked our wall as I was guarding it. We had lost and the godly weapon Despair was taken while my master——Frost, was betrayed by the traitorous Luo Lin. He then took Frost’s head and hid it in the Stormy Abyss. My journey this time was for the sake of retaking her head. No matter the cost!”

Zhi Shu was stunned, “Master… you are one of the warriors of the humans?”


“Alright, then I will follow Master. That’s right. The Stormy Abyss is one of the areas in the Hybrid Demon Territory. Before, it was governed by the fifth Hybrid Demon King. Who is it now?”

“The Son of the Storm, Gwen and the Fist of the Dragon Igoras!”


Zhi Shu suddenly turned around with rage in her eyes, “Master… you’re saying the Fist of the Dragon? He…. he’s in the Stormy Abyss?”

I nodded, “Yes. What’s wrong? Zhi Shu are you afraid now?”


Zhi Shu suddenly smiled. “He’s tortured me for ten thousand years. I hate him to the bone, so much that I want to cut him into a thousand pieces. How could I be afraid of him?”


I didn’t say anything else and continued walking forward with the Red Dragon Queen. I finally couldn’t hold it in and asked, “Zhi Shu, can I ask a question?”

“Yes? Master, please ask….”

“Igoras,. Did he really have a relationship with you?”

The Red Dragon Queen was speechless from the question. After a few seconds, she finally nodded, “I think so. However… however, master, do not worry. I did not give birth. I wouldn’t give birth to a Igoras’ b*st*rd. The fertility of dragons was originally pretty weak, much less between dragons of different species. Thankfully it was like that, otherwise I would never be able walk with any dignity. I must kill Igoras with my own hands!”

I smiled. “Ok, then if I can help you, I will provide it!”

“Thank you master….”

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