Zhan Long

Chapter 589

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Chapter 589 Dragon Spit Pill

“Ji ji….”

Behind me, I heard the screeches of the three Dragon Spirits. They dug their claws into the cliffs as they crawled my way. I wasn’t actually worried about Saint Tier BOSSes. Fighting them one on one wasn’t a problem. But dealing with three at once, even if I were to launch a counterattack on them, I wouldn’t necessarily survive. All I could do was run as fast as I could. The Flying Scythe War Horse’s hooves beat on the uneven path. All of the obstacles had slowed down its speed. I did not however unmount. After all, it increased most of my stats. Having it was better than not.



The Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and suddenly turned around. It threw a furious slash at one of the Dragon Spirits. Right afterwards, it dealt a [Fierce Roar]. The attack made the Dragon Spirit cry out as damage popped up——





I couldn’t help but exclaim in my mind. This Ancient Heavenly Tiger was just too strong. It was nearly on the same level as me. After the [Flame Claw]+[Fierce Roar], flames began to rise around its four paws and it activated [Burstfire Raid]. At the same time, it roared as it took an attack. [Flame Armor] activated and flames began to twist around the little tiger, greatly increasing his defense. The three Dragon Spirits used [Dragon Breath] on the Flame Tiger, but didn’t deal much damage——





Once I saw that, I understood the reason. While the little tiger had [Flame Armor] activated, almost nobody could actually break its defense. Too bad it only lasted for 7 seconds and had a cool down of 30 seconds. However, that wasn’t too bad. The most critical 7 seconds was enough. After all, in this situation it was enough to allow the Heavenly Flame Tiger to deal with three Saint Tier BOSSes at once!

Behind, the sounds of tiger roars and dragon whistles rang through the cave. I watched as the little tiger only had 30% of its health left. At that moment, I immediately summoned it back. The little tiger then dealt a final [Vampiric Strike], receiving 7000 health before turning around to run. It moved extremely fast. But the three Spirit Dragons that chased after it were also equally fast.

I urged my horse forward and opened the small map in my system. The Heart of the Dragon’s Nest map was a long winding path that ended in the distance. At the end of the path was a crimson hall. Seeing that made my heart beat faster. There was another great hall at the end of the Wild Dragon’s forbidden area. What treasures were hidden there?

Did I just strike gold?


My Flying Scythe War Horse suddenly jumped, hurling me forward. The rugged path made me return to reality. Let’s not talk about some hidden treasures, I needed to survive the attacks of these three Spirit Dragons first!

“Ji ji…”

The sound of the savage dragons’ screeches traveled down the tunnel. The dragons of the Wild Dragon Tribe truly had no humanity. Two of the Dragon Spirits lunged right at me once they saw me. “Keng keng keng!” their claws scratched at the back of my Flame Prison Armor, bringing out three damage numbers. Motherf*cker, the attack power of these Saint Tier BOSSes wasn’t too bad, but if they all came at once, then I wouldn’t be able to take it——





After the three strikes, the third Dragon Spirit spat out a [Dragon’s Breath]. In the next moment, I was submerged in a sea of fire. The terror of a heavy armor player against magic attacks appeared again——


My health quickly dropped to the bottom!

I shuddered and quickly retreated, gulping down a health potion while activating [Cleansing Rain]+[Heal]. I then opened my hand and activated [Binding Chains], trapping one of the Dragon Spirits in place. I spun and locked onto the other Dragon Spirit and threw a [Blade Spin]. I then activated [Ice Domain], dealing damage to the third Dragon Spirit.

I battled as I retreated. But no matter what I threw at them, they kept following right behind me, slashing at me with their sharp claws and throwing [Dragon Breath]s. I continued down the path to the end. All I hoped was that there’d be an opening there so that I could get out of this enclosed place. As long as there was grass, then I’d be able to use my [Camouflage] and save myself.

However, I was disappointed. After running for 10 minutes, there wasn’t a single piece of grass on the map. Motherf*cker, my health had already dropped below 40%. With my close combat, and long range skills plus the support of my little tiger, one of the Dragon Spirit’s health had finally dropped below 10%. After all, with my fifth advancement class and level 107 strength, killing a Saint Tier BOSS shouldn’t be a big problem.



I rammed the Dragon Spirit with critical health away from me and then retreated with my horse. My little tiger roared and slammed a claw onto the Dragon Spirit’s forehead while I activated two [Combo]s and a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. I dealt my strongest attacks, cutting the other two Dragon Spirits’ health down to 23%. I then quickly turned around to run. If I didn’t run, then I’d die right here.

When I turned around, I saw that the Great Hall was only around a hundred meters away from me. As I looked more closely at it, I noticed that it wasn’t exactly a great hall. It was just a bunch of stone pillars encircling a room. At the foot of the pillars were some grasses that looked like precious herbs. Furthermore, there were elegant runes that shimmered off of the pillar. Streams of magic power flowed through the air, creating an enormous dimension. I was stunned. This didn’t seem like some kind of treasure cove. It looked more like it was sealed away. Was there some kind of force that was hidden away here?

“Ji ji….”

The three Dragon Spirits cried out and chased up after me. Without any hesitation I lunged towards the pillars. I then suddenly turned around and made my counterattack. After all, there was no way I could retreat any more!

However, right as I took my stance, the three Dragon Spirits screeched in pain and a sharp blade flew right at them. They angrily glared at me, but seemed too afraid to come any closer. It seemed as though the place I was standing on made them terrified.

Once I noticed the situation, I felt a surge of happiness. Right on the spot I set up two [Azure Dragon Crossbow]s and first targeted the Dragon Spirit with critical health. I then raised my Zhen Yue Sword and activated [Blade Spin] while I swept my Dragon Reservoir Sword out, activating [Seven Star Fragment Slash]+[Great Realm of Desolation]. Like that, I relied on the mysterious power to kill the BOSSes.


While my [Azure Dragon Crossbow] stood behind me, the enormous bloody god that stood behind it was too strong. It continuously shot arrows one after another that cut through the Dragon Spirits go ahead of it. The other two Dragon Spirits were infuriated but didn’t dare come and attack. My little tiger stood guard by my side, its fur raised in aggression, as though it wanted to rip the Dragon Spirits to pieces.

It was at that moment that I noticed that there were herbs all around the pillars. Furthermore, they were herbs that I couldn’t see from the outside. They weren’t within the normal grade herbs, but rather a Heavenly Tier Level 1 Herb. Something that has never appeared in Ba Huang City before.

[Dragon Spit Grass]: Heavenly Tier 1 Herb. Used to make pills. An extremely precious grass that only appears where Dragons roam


I looked at my own job system page, My alchemy had already risen to Level 10. Once I break into the Heavenly Tier then I’ll be able to make them into pills. In reality, after level 100, Alchemy and Herbalist skills could be mixed, leaving just Alchemy skills. I opened up my skills and saw [Dragon Spit Grass] at the top——

Heavenly Tier Level 1[Dragon Spit Pill]: Dragon Spi Grass x3, Demon God Grass x7, Alchemy Stove x10

I brought a few tacks of Demon God Grass and I could get Dragon Spit Grass here. Yup, there was not much left. I just let my [Azure Dragon Crossbow] continue to shoot the remaining two Dragon Spirits while I took the chance to rush towards Heavenly Tier Alchemy….

I quickly picked the herbs, sweeping the area of all its Dragon Spit Herbs. I had collected around 200+ of them. Afterwards, I glanced at the Dragon Spirits that didn’t dare attack and smled, “B*st*rds, if you dare, then come after me!”

This provoked the two Dragon Spirits even more.

I began to create the potions. I used three Dragon Spit Grass, and 7 Demon God Grasses and 10 Alchemy Cauldrons to make these Heavenly Tier Level 1 Pills. I confirmed the recipe and “Ding!”

System Notification: Congratulations, you have created [Dragon Spit Pills] x2. Your alchemy mastery experience has increased by 20. Due to the fact that you are the first player to make Dragon Spit Pill, you have received Charm +11


I was a little stupefied. In my memory, I had never gained so much experience in my alchemy at once. Furthermore, I didn’t think that no one else had created a Heavenly Tier Level 1 potion. However, that made sense. It wasn’t until after the Dragon City Defense Battle that players started rising up to level 100 and Heavenly Tier was activated only after that level. Plus Dragon Spit Pills were incredibly rare. It wasn’t something that anybody could get. And so, the fact that I was the first made sense.

I opened up my bag and saw the red pill. I took it out and glanced at the stats. I was shaking with excitement. Motherf*cker, this Heavenly Tier Level 1 Potion was really amazing——

Heavenly Tier Level 1 [Dragon Spit Pill] : Recovers 5000 MP and 10,000 Health, Uses: Dragon Spit Grass x3, Demon God grass x7, Alchemist Cauldron x10 . Cooldown is 30 seconds. After consumption, the user’s health will increase by 20% for a period of time. Furthermore, it increases the user’s Magic power and Attack power by 5%. Must be level 100 to use.


Recovers 5000 Blue and 10,000 Red, and has a cool down that went from a regular potions 60 seconds to a mere 30 seconds. Just as I expected, after players reach level 100, these Heavenly Tier potions are truly top. Plus, it increases my health by 20% afterwards. In reality, one Dragon Spit Pill recovers around 18,000 of my health in total. This was a completely OP potion!

Excited, I quickly used up the rest of the Dragon Spit Grass, getting two stacks of the Dragon Spit Pills, a total of 200+. In the blink of an eye, I gained a lot more confidence in the Hybrid Demon Territory.


However, right at that moment, the two Dragon Spirits were completely enraged. They didn’t care anymore about the restricted area. Their claws began to glow red and they charged right after, screeching as they flew.

“Mother, so they’re finally coming after me now?”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and laughed, “Come at me!”

My sword flashed and I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], breaking one of the sealing pillars. At that moment, the pillar began to shake and the ground shuddered. In the next moment, all of the sealing pillars cracked and the sealing power evaporated.

“Ji ji….”

The two Dragon Spirits lunged over. They did not expect, however, for the stone wall to suddenly crack and a red claw rose up and “Peng!” slashed them to bits!

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