Zhan Long

Chapter 585

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Chapter 585 Herb Picker


The Flying Scythe War Horse whinnied and galloped towards Dragon City. It was incredibly fast. The trees from both sides of me flashed by. The Ancient Heavenly Tiger raised its claws and ran behind us. The little tiger was easily fast enough to catch up with us.

What was originally a 30-40 minute journey, the Flying Scythe War Horse managed to finish within 10 minutes. Along the road, the sight of me on my horse gained the admiration of the Ba Huang City players around me. Normally, there were already few heavy armor players that reached level 100, much less ones that had such a high tier horse like mine.



The horse hooves hit the ruins from the city wall. I stood before Dragon City once again. There wasn’t a single soul all around me. There was only a small team of Ba huang City scouts roaming the area. They were carrying out a guard of Dragon City. Now that Dragon City had fallen, and was even cut in half by Igoras, it had already lost its ability to be used as a defense. However, Ba Huang City, couldn’t just give up on this city.

A harsh wind blew past, fluttering my cloak. I gripped my Dragon Reservoir sword and softly touched the Ancient Heavenly Tiger’s head with my left hand. I then stroked the mane of the Flying Scythe War Horse and softly said, “Let’s set out!”

I urged my horse down the mountain. Even while the war horse was on a steep climb, it ran as though it were on flat grounds. With more energy and spirit than any other horse, it immediately reached the plains north of the Ice Ridge Mountains. In the distance, I could hear the sounds of the trees in the forest swishing. I reined in my ride. “Shua Shua Shua!” three iron spears pierced through the air, cutting right into the cliff in front of me. It was the level 1 Hybrid Demons, The Demon Hunters!


I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword while my Ancient Heavenly Tiger followed behind. I  swung the blade, throwing a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the dense thicket, chasing out three Demon Hunters. The Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and raised its claws, throwing a [Flame Claw]. It followed the attack with a [Burstfire Raid] that exploded right on the three Demon Archers. I then pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword and began hacking at the three Demon Hunters!

One after another, damage numbers popped up. Of course the Demon Hunters didn’t sit by and watch. They all raised their iron spears and threw them from a distance. “Keng keng keng!” The spears created sparks against my chest plate as they clashed. While I had a mount, my defense increased quite a bit,so I wasn’t afraid against these Level 1 Hybrid Demons——









Leveling up meant that my strength also increased. My 9000+ base defense was not just for looks. Even their [Spear Toss] only dealt around 3000 damage. This was far different from the initial 10,000 damage that I suffered. Furthermore, the [Spear Rush] attack was even more pathetic, dealing only 1000+ damage to me. That wasn’t even enough for my Dragon Reservoir Sword’s [Drain] effect to activate. All of that plus the havoc that my Ancient Heavenly Tiger God wrecked, I dealt with the three Demon Hunters within minutes, while I barely received any damage. I still had 77% of my health left, and so I didn’t bother adding any heals or potions. I had the effect of [Chi You Body] and my recovery rate was impressive. Within a dozen seconds, I was back to almost full health and didn’t need to waste any skills or potions.

I ignored all of the items that the three Demon Hunters dropped. My bag was already full of cards and potions. I was undertaking this journey alone, and the monsters wouldn’t drop any potions for me. I couldn’t give up precious herbs like that for the sake of one or two low level equipments. That would be too unreasonable.

The Flying Scythe War Horse reared up and whinnied, beginning our journey around the Bloody Plains. This time, the Hybrid Demons on the Bloody Plains were far more active. Within less than an hour, I had already killed over a hundred Level 1 Hybrid Demons. After the Hybrid Demon Army fell at Dragon City, all of these low level demons grew more arrogant and aggressive and were moving out of the Bloody Plains en masse.



“Sha sha…..”

When my warhorse stepped onto the black dirt, I became more cautious. I opened up the big map and the small map to familiarize the situation. I was already starting to get close to the Graveyard of the Heroes. According to the information the beautiful little miss gave me, I was getting close to the Revered One’s Plains. At least it wasn’t far.


The Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and suddenly rushed into a row of bushes. I steered my horse and rushed in to follow it. At that moment, I saw the rays of the falling sun illuminate the land around us. In the distance, a wild plain appeared. The system then gave a notification: Please take caution, you have entered a dangerous map——The Revered One’s Plains!


I tightened my fist. This Revered Ones Plains was Luo Lin’s new territory? That b*st*rd killed Frost, and even cut her head off to give as a gift to the Hybrid Demon King. For the sake of power and strength, Luo Lin had given up on all of the laws of a Knight. He was neither just nor fair, killing his friends and subordinates. That kind of trash should be cut into a thousand pieces!

Of course, I couldn’t be too rash. Luo Lin was now the fifteenth King of the Hybrid Demon Territory. According to the newest information on the forums he was at least a Demon Harvest Level BOSS. If I tried to kill him on my own then I would die without a question. Plus, I was going into such a dangerous map on my own, I had to lie low. My most important task now was to find Frost’s head!

I urged my horse forward and slowly entered a plain of wild grass that grew as tall as a man. Once we entered, we immediately went into [Camouflage].

In the distance, I could see battle flags waving in the wind. Just south of the Revered One’s Plains was a black nameless city. It had just been created not long ago. Camped around it was a troop of demonized soldiers. There were even black hearted merchants that came in and out of the city for trade. Most of the merchandise was human, moon elf, and barbarian slaves who were clearing the grounds and cutting wood. Luo Lin was a prince of humans and had not yet given up the human lifestyle. He was probably planning on rebuilding the productive capability and human technology in the Revered One’s plains in his new empire.


Outside of the city, I could easily tell that the garrisoned troops were Ba Huang City’s Imperial Army soldiers. The insignias on their shoulder had not changed at all. If I wanted to get through these plains, I had to pass through this city. It had already been built into a fort. There was a 20 meter high wall that ran along the road and was heavily guarded. There was no other way to get through. The only way in was through the great gates of the city.

I took a deep breath and strode towards the city. I’ll try to mix in. If worse comes to worst, then I’ll just charge through!



On the plains outside of the city were crowds of NPC that continuously flowed in through the gates. I glanced at them from a distance. First watch carefully and then act.

Very soon, three barbarians who held a battle axe, long sword, and blade respectively walked to the city. Ten Imperial Soldiers surrounded them. One of the officers roared, “Who are you. How dare you trespass into this royal territory. Do you not know whose territory this is?”


The barbarian carrying the battle axe smiled. “I know, isn’t it that Prince Luo Lin’s territory…. Lord, us three are just soldiers from Dragon City looking for a safe place. In Ba Huang City, we’ve killed people and are now being ostracized and so we want to join the Revered One’s empire and work for him. Please, lord, let them know!”

The officer glanced up and down at the barbarian and smiled. “Alright then. Its very easy to become one of the citizens of the Revered One. However… you must understand how to show some respect, right?”

“Of course….”

The barbarian walked over and held out a heavy bag full of coins. The officer counted out the coins and smiled. “Enter. And may the Revered One be at your side!”

After another few minutes, a female knight wearing tattered clothes dashed right to the gate. She wore a hood over her head and a long sword at her waist.


The NPC officer walked over and roared, “Who are you? Take off your hood!”


The female knight took off her hood, revealing the face of a beautiful young moon elf. Her eyes however were extremely cold as she hissed, “Get out of my way, my name is Odelia…”

The NPC shuddered, his face paling, “The Ambusher, Odelia? Ah… it’s the Holy Domain Assassin that is being wanted throughout the seven empires… what are you doing here?”

Odelia smiled. “Don’t worry, I just smell the scent of gold. I won’t kill Luo Lin because of his bad odor. I heard that the Dark Elves are about to start a war with the Hybrid Demons. I’m thinking that this will be good for business. Do not block my way. I’m meeting with the Eternal Moon Blade – Xi Fu. Hopefully there, I’ll find business with a lot of gold!”

As she said that, Odelia glared at him and said, “Do not block my way or else I will kill you. Even Luo Lin won’t be able to save you!”

The NPC officer grit his teeth and pointed behind him, “Lady Odelia, please enter. The gates of the Revered One will always remain open for you!”

“Haha, now you’re being obedient….”

Odelia grinned and lead her horse into the city.




“Let’s go!”

I patted the neck of my Flying Scythe War Horse and urged it to walk forward slowly. The Ancient Heavenly Tiger followed right behind us. We had to mix right in. I didn’t have much time left. Who knew what these Hybrid Demon Kings would do with Frost’s frozen head. I heard that after a person has died, their soul power wouldn’t remain in the human world for long. I needed to bring her head back before her soul enters into the cycle of rebirth.

When my horse reached the wall, the NPC officer stared at me. He had just let in a group of barbarians that were herding sheep. He walked over with a few soldiers and roared, “Youngster, who are you? You.. you carry the Ba Huang City insignia! D*mn*t! You must be a spy that Angela sent here, isn’t that right? I will crack your helmet open and see just who you are! Immediately arrest him! Take him back for interrogation!”

I moved my hood away and smiled. “Do not misunderstand. I’m just a regular adventurer. My purpose in the Hybrid Demon Territory is very simple. I… I’m here to pick herbs!”

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