Zhan Long

Chapter 584

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Chapter 584 The Future of Dragon City

Members of [Zhan Long Hall] ——
Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Reason: The Founder of [Zhan Long] and current guildmaster
Yue Qing Qian, Reason: In the Battle of Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City, she received the second most points in [Zhan Long], and is a current Vice Guildmaster
Cang Tong, Reason: Placed second in the Hero’s Rising Tournament, and is one of the Top Ten in the CBN Battlenet Rankings, lead the [Zhan Long:Defense Army] to help seize Dragon’s Den
Cang Yue, Reason: [Zhan Long]’s numbers one mage, placed third in the top players for the [Dragon City Defense] event, undoubtedly the Damage Queen

On the screen name, the four members of [Zhan Long Hall] were listed out. Li Mu just missed out on the cut, and the most likely candidate for the next member was him.

It was already afternoon and rays of sunlight broke through the window and scattered onto the desk. Warmth filled the air. I held a cup of coffee in one hand and looked at the empty plate that I had just finished, “The server should be done updating now, right?”

“Don’t be so impatient….”

Wan Er sipped from a cup of juice and said, “We still have another half an hour or so. Besides, you want to go to the Hybrid Demon Territory to find Frost’s head right? But… how much do you understand about the Hybrid Demon Territory? Have you prepared your equipment, items, and potions yet? To top it all off, do you even have a map of the Hybrid Demon Territory?”

I took a deep breath and said, “I have a general map of the Hybrid Demon Territory. Across from the Ice Ridge Mountains are the Bloody Plains and the Graveyard of the Heroes’. However, there’s a lot of Hybrid Demons in the Bloody Plains, so charging through there will be more difficult. I’ll first try going around through the Graveyard of the Heroes. North of the Bloody Plains is a bridge called, “Spector’s Ropeway”. Through that rope bridge, I could pass through the abyss. If I keep heading north, I’ll reach the territory of the Hybrid Demons.
Wan Er grinned, “Idiot, then do you know where Frost’s head is?”

“I…. I don’t know….”

Whenever I thought about that, I felt incredibly weak. In reality, I didn’t have a single clue as to where it was.

Wan er smiled. “Nevermind, I’ll help you research it. There should be some clues about it. I’ll ask my master…”

“Wan Er’s master?” I was stunned.
Dong Cheng smiled. “That’s right, Wan Er’s master. The Hermit God Elen. It’s rumored that he has god level strength. However, not many have seen her fight. He has the ability to understand the laws of heaven and earth. He should know something about where Frost’s body is. I say.. Brother Xiao Yao, you should at least tell Wan Er and I the truth. Do you want to revive Frost with her head?”

I pondered for a few seconds and then looked up at the two girls and said, “Even though I know that it is a crazy notion, but I.. I must do everything in my power there is to try. Even if there’s no hope, but as long as I am in the game for one day, then I will try to help Frost revive.”

Dong Cheng wryly smiled. “Frost really is lucky, to have such a good student like you. She has died without any regrets…”

I smiled bitterly, “Every time I think of the expression Frost had as she died, I feel like I am in some kind of nightmare. If I don’t revive her, then I think I will always live in the shadow of this event for the rest of my life. Even if it is just a chain of numbers, it was enough to not let me sleep peacefully.”

Wan Er looked out the window and said, “Idiot, you’re always so serious about everything. There’s no saving you now…. Don’t worry, Dong Cheng and I will do everything we can to help you and support you. Just tell us whatever you need!”

I nodded with a soft smile, “You guys really are great friends. At least I know that I am not alone. The way that Yan Zhao Warrior looked at me, it seemed as though I was going to the Hybrid Demon Territory to die….”

“Did you think it wasn’t?” Wan Er looked at me with a frustrated expression, “If there’s more than 7 Level 1 Hybrid Demons at once, then you’ll get instantly killed, even if you are on a horse, you’ll get killed all the same. Let’s not even mention the ones that are higher than Level 2. If you fought them one on one, then it’d be incredibly hard for you to kill one Divine Tier BOSS. Even if you could kill it, it’d be extremely dangerous. And so, Yan Zhao’s worry isn’t uncalled for. I recommend that you at least bring Dong Cheng and I. As well as Dancing Forest and Darling Duck. Then we can charge forth with a five man team. That way, the chances of victory are greater….”

I shook my head without hesitation, “No, this is personal business. I cannot drag you guys into it. Besides, at the moment, I’m the only one with a mount. If I take you guys, then my movement speed will decrease. That’ll just make it less convenient. I think I should go alone. That way, charging in and escaping would be much simpler. But I thank you for your intentions.”

Dong Cheng looked at me annoyingly, “Well well, so you’re abandoning us now. We really can’t love you…”

I couldn’t help but smile, “That’s right, after you get online, you should work on your fifth advancement quests. After this event, at least 10 of [Zhan Long]’s members can reach their fifth advancements, right?”

Wan Er nodded, “Just about. I’ll be heading to my master’s place anyway. While I’m there, I’ll help you ask about Frost’s head.”

“Ok! See you later in the game!”


I returned to my dorm and got online. I began preparing for my long trek.


I appeared in the middle of Ba Huang City. It was not a field of overgrown grass. Not far from me, Qing Luo took a group of Dragon City warriors and was looking for any broken weapons to make blades and armor for their brothers. In this day and age, iron was scarce. Damaged weapons and armor could be recycled to create new equipment. However, it looks as though the Dragon City soldiers still had quite a bit.

“Lord Dragon Rider!”

Once Qing Luo saw me, she sprinted over with her sword in hand and said, “My lord, I’ve already finished checking everything. There’s a total of 305 Dragon City soldiers that have survived. My lord, what should we do now? Should we continue guarding the city, or should we move our troops elsewhere?”

I replied, “Let’s move our troops to the Eastern Forest then. The beasts and river there make the area extremely fertile. Qing Luo, you need to recruit people from everywhere to boost the Dragon City strength. Also, recruit some chefs and laborers. When the time is right, we will rebuild Dragon City and continue to be the Guardian of the City.”

Qing Luo happily responded, “My lord, we… can we really rebuild Dragon City?”

I nodded, “Yes. Never give up hope. Before Frost died, at what point did she give up us and give up on Dragon City?”

Qing Luo smiled. “Yes yes! I understand my lord. It’s just…..”
She revealed a troubled expression and I asked, “Just what?”

“It’s just that, recruiting soldiers and laborers requires a large amount of Gold. Furthermore, we still need to buy horses and weapons. You should know, that the Lords of Ba Huang City won’t give us a single cent. This will all depend on ourselves. Dragon City is now a pile of ruins. All we can do is dig up a few thousand gold at most. But that is far from enough.”

I helplessly smiled and flipped through my bag, taking out 500,000 Gold. The bag was pretty heavy in my hands as I handed it to Qing Luo and said, “Here. That should be enough for you guys to last for a period of time. Afterwards, send people to Ba Huang City to find Princess Angela. For now, she handles the matters in the city. Battle Horses, weapons and the rest. Ba Huang City will definitely help us out on those. What you need the most right now are workers. Quality over quantity, they must be strong. Dragon City’s future rests on them.”

“Yes my lord!”
Qing Luo blinked a few times and said, “My lord, what are your plans after this?”

I smiled. “I want to go to the Hybrid Demon Territory in the North.”
“Huh?” Qing Luo was stunned, “My lord, you’re heading to the Hybrid Demon Territory? That… what are you doing there? That is where the Hybrid Demons run rampant?”

I softly said, “No matter how dangerous it is, I have to go and bring back Frost’s head… That’s right, also make sure to take care of the ghost of Ran Min. Help him recover. Ran Min’s battle power will be a great help for us.”


Qing Luo looked at me and said, “My lord, I wish you a good journey!”


I fished out a City Return Scroll and returned!

I then fixed up my equipment so that it was back in shape. Afterwards, I shopped around the plaza and bought quite a few Level 10 herbs and potions. Many of the herb pickers had discovered many herbs. Even though it was expensive, I still leveled up my Alchemy to level 10, thus gaining an almost endless amount of potions. Just one could recover 3500 MP. I then bought a few more level 10 red potions. I also prepared a lot of the Master Swordsman Cards to bring with me. They added both attack and defense. Using these cards in the Hybrid demon Territory was the best.

I continued to roam around the city for a bit. I took the Ancient Heavenly Tiger and my Flying Scythe Horse. As Ba Huang City’s first player to ride a horse this was pretty eye catching. Almost everyone stole a second glance at me and my Flying Scythe Horse. After all, it was a Divine Tier mount. It was already much more imposing than the other mounts. To this day, Ba Huang City only had three mounts appear. One was my Flying Scythe Horse, and the other was a donkey infected with scabies and a wild ox. Clearly the Flying Scythe Horse was much more dazzling.

Finally, after a while, I got some news. It came from my future girlfriend the Cang Tong,  “Pig, I found some information regarding the Hybrid Demon Territory!”

“Yes? Hurry up and tell me!”

“Yep. My master said, that after Luo Lin took Frost’s head along with the 200,000 soldiers to the Hybrid demon army, his army was sent to the North of Firestone Canyon, south of the Graveyard of Heroes in the Revered One’s plains. In reality, Luo Lin and his 200,000 rebel force have already become one of the greatest forces the Hybrid demons have in the continent. If the humans launch a counterattack, then the first defense will be them! Don’t be rash yet. Afterwards, Frost’s head was sealed in ice and hidden within one of the seven maps of the Hybrid Demon Territory, the Storm Abyss and is guarded by Son of the Storm – Gawain, and the Fist of the Dragon – Igoras. If you want to get Frost’s body back, then you have to pass through those two obstacles. Pig, do you really want to go?”

I gripped a fist and said, “We have to go! If there’s any new information, Wan Er, you need to tell me!”

“Yes, I got it. Good luck!”

After I finished replenishing my reserves, I leapt onto my horse and gallopped out of the city. My robes fluttered behind me. The city quickly disappeared behind me. My path was already set. I was going to go through Dragon City and go straight through the Ice Ridge Mountains. I couldn’t go through the Bloody Plains. If I went around, I’d go straight through the Revered One’s Plains.

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