Zhan Long

Chapter 583

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Chapter 583 Thundering Heavens


Beside me, the Ancient Heavenly Tiger nudged my hand with its soft head as though trying to comfort me.

“Sha sha….”

I could hear a pair of leather shoes trudging through the snow behind me. Wan Er placed her hand on my shoulder, “Alright, it’s over… it’s really over… “

I suddenly grabbed the broken Severing Beauty sword that lay beside me. It was covered in  Frost’s blood. When I thought of her smile, tears quickly welled up in my eyes.

The Dragon City Wall was a wretched scene. The walls had been sliced in half by Igoras’ slash. Almost all of the Ba Huang City soldiers that were on the city walls had died and blood dyed the ground. Angela was kneeling among the ruins. She glanced at Su Ke, Da Lin and the other Dragon City generals’ bodies and began to cry. Her shoulders shook, “Why…. why would it turn out like this. Brother, why would he betray the humans? He said that he would fight for the dignity of all humans until the very end….”

On the side, a young general softly said, “Your highness, we…. We should retreat. The Hybrid Demons will definitely attack again. At that point, we won’t be able to stand against their slaughter….”

Right at that moment, we suddenly heard the sounds of war drums coming from the south. In the distance, we could see an enormous army with battle flags waving in the sky. They all wore a fiery red armor. Furthermore, at the front, a 30 year old commander raised his long sword. He looked up at Dragon City and let out a sigh, “F*ck, we came late. Dragon City has already fallen….. Luo Lin, Frost, they haven’t all died, have they?”
On the city wall, Angela slowly stood up. The soldier beside her, “Your highness, that… that’s the Tian Ling Empire Army. Prince Theodore has personally led the Flame Dragon Army here, Tian Ling Empire’s strongest….”

Angela’s eyes were filled with despair, “So what? They’re just here to split up Ba Huang City’s territory… Father and Brother are all gone, and with that, Ba Huang City’s power…”

“Your highness, then… then what should we do?”

“Have the entire army retreat to a camp outside of Ba Huang City. We must protect the capital!”

“Yes, your highness!”

“Sha sha….”

Wan Er carefully helped me up. As I glanced at my surroundings, my heart ached at the sight around me. The old magnificent and stern Dragon City looked as though it was a field. Practically everything had been destroyed. Frost, Su Ke, and Da Lin had all died in battle. When I thought of Frost, my heart ached again. I staggered and nearly fell over.

“Li Xiao Yao……”

Wan Er looked at me with red eyes, “Don’t be like this, I’m afraid….”

I smiled weakly at her, “Wan Er, I’m fine, I’m fine… I can take it… It’s just, I just lost a master is all, an NPC….”

As I said that, tears threatened to fall again. To me, Frost wasn’t as simple as an NPC.

In the middle of the debris, a hand reached out. One of the female dragon City knights walked out of the debris, covered in injuries. She carried a sword that had already been broken. It was Frost’s most trusted general——Qing Luo. She glanced at me, then began to shake. Tears dropped down her cheeks, “Lady Frost, she…. Did she already die?”

I silently nodded.

Qing Luo shook harder as tears ran down her face. After a minute, she looked up and said, “Lord, you’re Frost’s student. We…. what should Dragon City do from now on? Do we still have a future?”

I felt my voice crack a little and said, “Frost had spent her entire life protecting Dragon City. Now that Frost has died, then I will take up her duty and do everything I can to protect the city. Qing Luo, I do not know for what reason the Hybrid Demon army retreated, but we must immediately heal the injured soldiers and repair the city. Every life saved counts. Let’s see how many people are still alive from Dragon City…”

“Yes, Lord Dragon Rider!”

Qing Luo searched my eyes, as though looking for consolation and reliability. Frost, Su Ke, and Da Lin had all died in battle, while Luo Lin had betrayed the empire. In all of Dragon City, I was considered the one with the highest rank. And so, I became the temporary leader of Dragon City.


I heard a cry from the ruined stones. I dashed over. Wan Er, Li Mu, and Wang Jian rushed over to help. We pushed away a large boulder. Below it, we saw the Ancient Hero Ran Min. His two legs had been crushed by an enormous boulder and his body was burned black. It was from the Enormous Dragon Fist, Igoras’ magic. Plus, Ran Min’s left arm also took a hit from the Eternal Moon Blade Xi Fu. When I was fighting with Luo Lin for the sake of Frost, Ran Min dealt with Xi Fu, Igoras, and Lei Ding the three kings all by himself.

I looked at Ran Min’s miserable state and said, “Are you ok?”

Ran Min looked at the ranking on my shoulder and grit his teeth, “You’re a Dragon Knight? Has Dragon City already fallen? I…. even when I fought to the death, I still wasn’t able to protect this city. I wasn’t able to fulfill my promise, right?”

I quickly shook my head, “No… no, not at all! We’ve already done all that we can…”

Right at that moment, a system notification suddenly rang through the sky. It continued on until everyone heard it. Li  Mu, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao and I all looked up at the sky in the north. Finally, this event that lasted for 48 hours had finally ended. But in the end, the result was that we had lost….


System Notification: It is with great regret that I notify the players, [Dragon City Defense] event had been failed. Dragon City is now considered no man’s territory. Luo Lin had betrayed the humans and has officially become the fifteenth Hybrid Demon King——Revered One – Luo Lin. In Dragon City, Frost, Da Lin, and Su Ke have all died in battle. The reward of all players who participated in this quest has decreased from 5 times to 3 times. Congratulations to the top ten players!


System Notification: In this Ba Huang City event quest, the top ten players are: Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Simple, Cang Yue, Jian Feng Han, Cang Tong, Dancing Forest, Drunken Spear, Yan Zhao Warrior, General Li Mu, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands. Of them Xiao Yao Zi Zai got the highest number of points: Level+5, Charm: +30, Gold: +300,000, and he has obtained the item [Thundering Heavens] (Holy Ghost Level 2), The player Simple has obtained the second ranked reward: Level+4, Charm+25, Gold+200,000, and has obtained the item [Princess Robe] (Divine Tier). The player Cang Yue has been awarded the third ranked rewards: Level+4, Charm+18, Gold+ 150,000, and obtained the item [Flame Beast Burst Raid] (Holy Ghost Level 1)!

“Shua shua shua” I rose all the way to level 107. Beside me, Wan Er and Li Mu all rose at least 3-4 levels. Basically no matter if they had died or not, as long as they hadn’t been instantly killed by the monsters then they were still able to earn back the levels that had been lost. The rewards went from 5 times to 3 times, but it was still enough to amaze us.

I opened up my bag and saw in the corner a deep purple skill book. I took it out and held it in my hand. Lightning seemed to flow through the cover of the book. Furthermore, it was a Holy Ghost Level 2 skill book. Clearly, it had already surpassed the S, SS, and SSS, rankings. This should be the next set of rankings. Either way, the skill looked to be extremely OP——
[Thundering Heavens] (Holy Ghost Level 2): Accumulates the power of the Nine Heavens and summons a lightning dragon that damages all targets within a 100×100 radius. Furthermore, the Lightning Dragon has a penetration effect. Lasts for 7 seconds. The cool down is 6 hours. The damage is proportional to the user’s attack power. Required Level: 100, Consumes 10 charm to learn, Required Class: Heavy Armor

Without hesitation, I waved my hand over it to learn the skill. A new row now appeared on my skill list.

Li Mu clapped his hands and muttered, “It’s finally over, even though we lost….”

Qing Qian looked towards the horizon in the north. Snowflakes danced in the sky and she blinked a few times, “Now that Dragon City has fallen, what will Ba Huang City do? Why haven’t the Hybrid Demons gone after Ba Huang City then?”

I pointed to the south and said, “The Tian Ling Empire has already sent out reinforcement army. The Flame Dragon Army is the Tian Ling Empire’s strongest branch, and is possibly the strongest army on the continent. The Hybrid Demon Army probably had some doubts. Plus, Luo Lin had just fallen, and he took 210,000 Ba Huang City soldiers with him. They’re probably thinking of some way to demonize that branch. That requires time. The next step is to wait for the new changes.”


Qing Qian pointed to the north and said, “Another crowd of monsters are coming… it looks like… wu, Level 1 Snake Warriors? There seems to be a thousand of them. What’s going on? This event just finished and the Hybrid Demons already want to send their next round of attacks?”

Wan Er pulled her dagger out with a “Keng!” and shouted, “Prepare for battle! Have the players that revived in Ba Huang City to immediately come over. Even if Dragon City has fallen, we still must defend every inch of the earth!”

I gritted my teeth and dashed forward. I stepped onto the ledge of the wall and saw the group of Hybrid Demons screeching. When I thought of the expression in Frost’s eyes as she said goodbye, I felt as though my heart had been ripped out. It had hurt so much that I could barely breathe. I immediately activated my new skill. At that moment, the air around me began to spark with lightning. Clouds suddenly darkened the sky and an angry lightning dragon fell upon the Snake army!
“Hong hong hong…”

The mud, trees and stones all left the ground. Furthermore, more dragons descended from the sky and danced through the monsters. The lightning wreaked havoc. Within those 7 seconds, it actually instantly killed quite a few of the Level 1 Hybrid Demons. Furthermore, any of them that managed to survive were only left with critical health. One after another, their faces turned pale. They whipped out their halberds and screeched, “D*mm*t, how come they have such a strong force? Hurry up and tell the king. We cannot occupy Dragon City in such a short time!”

The group of Level 1 Hybrid Demons retreated like a tide. I still remained silent. Wan Er softly said, “Ay, they really do bully the weak and fear the strong…”

At that moment, a System Notification appeared. It said that the Ba Huang City and Dragon City maps were going to be closed after 30 minutes and remain that way for 10 hours. Afterwards, the maps would be updated in a new format.

Yan Zhao Warrior from [Prague] brought a group of people and slowly strode over, “The battle is finally over. Li Xiao Yao, what do you plan on doing after this? What is [Zhan long]’s next step?”

I looked at him, and then glanced at the north, “[Zhan Long] doesn’t have any plans currently. I, on the other hand, will be heading to the Hybrid Demon Territory.”


Yan Zhao Warrior was puzzled, “What are you doing in the Hybrid Demon Territory? Are you trying to die?”

My heart felt sour, “No matter what, I will find Frost’s head. I cannot let her remain there all by herself and suffer shame and loneliness..”

Yan Zhao was speechless.

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