Zhan Long

Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Goodbye Forever

The Flying Scythe War horse kicked its front hoof and the mount system page appeared before me. It was relatively simple to see, what decreased and increased. The Ancient Heavenly Tiger scratched its head beside me. Just now, while we were killing the BOSS, that little tiger stuck to Tang Xiong and kept clawing at him and actually didn’t get killed by the BOSS. Just from that, I could tell that his defense was far above average.

At that moment, the Ancient Heavenly Tiger roared and glared at the Flying Scythe War horse. It seemed as though it wasn’t satisfied with its new partner. However, the Flying Scythe Warhorse’s AI was also pretty high. It snorted and then kneeled down to the Ancient Heavenly Tiger, as though showing its allegiance. With that the little tiger waved its tail and ran over to Wan Er’s side. It purred and rubbed its soft head against the beautiful little miss’s thigh. Just looking made me a little envious.

Qing Qian raised the three equipments and split them up, sharing the stats with everyone.

There were two Saint Tier equipments and one Valkyrie Tier Equipment. After all, I wasn’t the one who killed the BOSS, and so the drop rate wasn’t very high. The two Saint Tier equipments went to Dancing Forest and Darling Duck, while the Valkyrie Tier was taken by one of [Zhan Long]’s members. After we finished splitting up the awards, we continued to guard Dragon City, waiting for the next wave of monsters.

“There’s still 4 hours left….”Wan Er flashed a smile to me, “I think I can see a little hope left for us…”

Wan Er flashed a smile to me, “I think I can see a little hope left for us…”

However, I was still worried, “Hard to say. There’s just too many variables. This 21st wave, who knows what it’s going to be….”

“Yes, that’s true.”


We all held our breaths as we waited for the next wave. On the city wall, Frost raised her Severing Beauty and looked into the distance from the observation deck. As she did, she would glance at Luo Lin every now and then, her expression filled with doubt. Luo Lin held Despair as he walked along the wall, continuously sucking the strength from the dead souls. As he was doing this, everyone could tell that Luo Lin’s strength and his speed were increasing at a terrifying rate.

“Lu Ge!” Luo Lin turned around to look at his vice commander.

The Purple Star Vice Commander, the barbarian Lu Ge nodded and said, “Your highness, do you have orders?”

Luo Lin furrowed his brows and said, “Are the 60,000 reserve soldiers from Purple Star ready?”

Lu Ge lowered his voice and smiled. “Don’t worry your highness. The 60,000 from Purple Star, the 50,000 from Nightmare Army, 30,000 from Desolate Cloud, and the 70,000 from the Imperial Guard are all ready. There’s a total of 210,000 that have gathered at the Eastern side of Dragon City. Furthermore, as my lord has commanded, they are boiling Cold Resistance potions and are currently splitting it amongst themselves. Not long from now, they’ll have bodies that are invincible to the cold. Once our armies can go north, then wiping out the Hybrid Demons will no longer be a dream!”

“Good! You did well!”

Luo Lin smiled, his pupils dilating, “Never again will I be controlled by another person. Whether it’s the Northern Hybrid Demons or the Tian Ling Empire, I, Luo Lin, am the ruler of myself!”

“Yes my lord! I will follow you wherever you go and serve you!”


Luo Lin looked at Luo Ge and smiled. “Don’t worry, Ba Huang City is a fertile land. In the future, you will get ? of its territories!”

“Thank you very much your highness! I will strive to serve you well from now on!”


War drums broke the silence as the sun peaked over the mountains. Under the golden rays of first light, a large army of Hybrid Demons appeared just north of Dragon City. Among them, there were countless Level 5 and Level 6 Hybrid Demons. We could even see the figures of some Level 7 Hybrid Demons. In the sky, a system bell rang out, making everyone nervous——


System Notification: Congratulations all Ba Huang City players. The Dragon City Defense Event has now entered into its last stages. After this, the 21st wave will be the last wave of Hybrid Demons. At the same time, it will also be the strongest. If the players and the NPC army successfully guard the city well, they will receive a great reward!


“Keng keng keng….”

Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others all pulled out their swords. They didn’t care any longer. Now that we had reached this point, nobody cared how strong these Hybrid Demons were. No matter what, we had to kill them. There was no retreat nor any choice.

“Careful, the Hybrid Demons are coming…”


Wan Er slightly trembled, “There’s Level 5 and Level 6…”




Enormous dark beasts appeared at the bottom of the city. Dream Eaters, Level 6 Hybrid Demons. Furthermore, there were a large numbers of Beast Tamer Cavalrymen and Nightmare Cavalrymen all awaiting us. They charged right towards the city.


Frost stood up and cried out, “Archers, fire! Don’t reserve any of your firepower! Right now is the moment, do not hesitate!”


A large group of Ba Huang City and Dragon City soldiers all raised their weapons and began their defense. Burning Oil and boulders dropped down in waterfalls off the north side while the archers continuously shot arrows. Even the Azure Dragon Crossbow that I set up activated. Over half of Dragon City was in ruins. Now was the time we needed to use all of our power.


Luo Lin’s eyes grew cold and he raised his blade,” Everyone, put all your strength into defending! We must defend against the attack of these evil demons!”


“Peng Peng Peng….”


One after another, golden shields rammed into the ground. The Purple Star Army Cavalrymen created their formation. This was the last battle, and they were holding nothing back!




The Dream Eaters roared as they charged up the city wall. They shook their heads and raised their claws, slashing a whole group of cavalrymen into mush. Their claws were almost like [Soul Army] and could easily break through shields without any effect.


Large numbers of Hybrid Demon Cavalrymen charged up the wall, clashing with our soldiers. The damage they suffered from the defense machines was just too little.


Luo Lin was infuriated and he raised his sword, charging into the crowds of monsters. As he swept out Despair, sword essence shattered the sky and plummeted downward!




That sword essence covered several hundred meters and numerous Hybrid Demons were ripped to shreds from that one attack. But Luo Lin was not finished. The Holy Domain power swirled around him, condensing into a tornado that charged out. He had already reached an invincible state. Even the savage Hybrid Demons couldn’t help but tremble as they glanced at this Ba  Huang City prince. They hesitated and lost all will and courage to fight.




Seeing the crazy Luo Lin, Angela couldn’t help but softly mutter, “We…. just what happened to us…”
Right as Luo Lin was showing his power, a crimson light suddenly appeared in the sky. A figure shot out from the light and swung the scythe in its hand. “Keng!” it rammed right into Despair. It was Lin Han! This King tier Hybrid Demon had finally arrived!


Luo Lin’s body slightly shuddered, but he didn’t retreat. Holy Domain power began to gather in his left hand and he threw a strike out, right into Lin Han’s chest. Lin Han cried out as he flew back a dozen meters. The Holy Domain armor in front of his chest had been shattered and a drop of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. He wiped away the blood and cruelly smiled. “Luo Lin, you have not betrayed my expectations. Despair has finally ended up in your hands….”



*TL Note: He basically spat at him


Luo Lin’s eyes were red, “With Despair, I now have the power to kill you. Lin Han, don’t you even dare think of escaping from this place!”


Lin Han laughed out, tears nearly crying out as he laughed. He pointed at Luo Lin and said, “Luo Lin, oh Luo Lin, you are my partner. You are my brother. Why would I want to run away? I’m still waiting to take Dragon City and rule Ba Huang City with you!”


Luo Lin grit his teeth, “Dream on! How could I be brothers with you!?”


Lin Han coldly smiled. “Poor bastard. As the 15th king of the Hybrid Demon Territory, did you not feel anything at all when you came? Did you think that your strength really came from taking Despair with you from the Graveyard of the Heroes? Did you really think that all of those times I really couldn’t kill you? Don’t be naive. Now that you have killed your own father and taken Despair and the strength of souls has seeped into Despair’s strength, do you still want to keep up your appearances?”


Luo Lin began to tremble, “You… you’re lying!”


“I’m lying?”


Lin Han laughed, “If I’m lying, then why is it that you have 200,000 man army camped at Firestone Canyon. Why are you using the bones of the dead soldiers and taking their disease to infect them? Why have you figured out the truth behind the hidden path towards the Bloody Plains through the Ice Ridge Mountains? Did you think I didn’t know what you were planning? You were creating a 200,000 Hybrid Demon Army and wanted to sweep through Ba Huang City, Tian Ling Empire, the Swirling Abyss City, the other seven empires and create a human Hybrid Demon Army to go against us 14 Kings. Ha ha, I truly admire you. Your ambition makes me tremble!”


Angela’s voice shook, “Brother, is that true?”


Luo Lin immediately glanced back at her, “No…no! I would never betray humans. Don’t listen to his lies. He’s just trying to drive a wedge between us! Everyone, prepare for battle! Battle to the death for Dragon City!”


Lin Han laughed, “Pighead. Then I have no choice, the Death God of the North has already been infuriated..”


“Hong hong hong….”


Lightning struck the earth and the sky immediately turned dark. A silver blade cut through the sky and descended upon us!




Dragon City shook from the impact, as though it had been cut in half. The light cut all the way to the Ice Ridge Mountains, creating a several hundred foot slice through the ground. Even the hard earth wasn’t enough to stop this blade!


“Who is it?” Luo Lin’s voice trembled.


In the sky, a general clothed in silver armor carrying a silver blade stepped across the sky towards us, a smile on his face.


Frost trembled, “Godd*mm*t all. That’s… that’s the Fist of the Dragon – Igoras….”




Wan Er looked at me, despair in her eyes, “Of the fourteen Northern Hybrid Demons, he’s ranked 5th. He’s one of the three Saint Dragons. Dear lord…. This time we’re finished. A second king actually came….”


As though the gods were playing with us, Igoras’ appearance wasn’t the last. A roar sounded from the bottom of the mountains and a crimson Battle Axe broke through the sky and cut through the mountains once again. All we could see was a barbarian step through the sky and smile at us, “Oh, lookie here. The humans just keep getting smaller and weaker….”


Frost grit her teeth, “The Berserker Lei Ding… Heavens…. How come that d*mn*d b*st*rd came too?”


The Berserker Lei Ding, one of the berserkers Fallen Gods. He was ranked fourth among the fourteen kings!




A green tornado steadily charged towards the continent from a distance. The Berserker Lei Ding raised his battle axe and turned around to look. The battle crazed look on his face immediately turned into one of respect as he smiled. “Goddess Xi Fu, how come you are here?”


“Ts ts….”


Lightning cracked and split the skies. An extremely erotic female general appeared carrying a long sword. She stepped onto a cloud and power swirled around her. She smiled. “I just want to know, just what is it that’s preventing our Hybrid Demon army from crushing the continent?”


Eternal Moon Blade – Xi Fu, ranked third among the Fourteen Hybrid demon Kings. She was originally a battle goddess from the ancient times. After she fell to the darkness, her strength increased exponentially, and she has an existence equivalent to that of a god.


Lei Ding pointed at Dragon City and smiled. “It’s those ants. Also… Luo Lin that bastard doesn’t seem to want to work with us. I think, we have to give him a taste of true power. Otherwise, that little kid won’t know just who his true master is!”


Xi Fu smiled. “Then we shall. Kill! We don’t have a lot of time to wait. Immediately crush Dragon City so we can enter the next stage of our plan!”




Lei Ding turned around and smiled. “Brother Lin Han, Igoras, seeing as the Goddess Xi Fu has given the command, then what are we waiting for? Let’s go, and crush everything trying to stop us!”


“Alright, that is just what I want!” Igoras laughed.


“Sha sha….”


Frost stepped onto the snow and slowly walked to the edge of the city. She looked up at the four kings and slowly said, “Even if my strength is small and weak, I will never give up the dignity of life. Come at me, because humans will never give up!”


Lei Ding laughed and gripped his battle axe and charged over, “How about you have a taste of my battle axe?”




The battle axe began to burn with bright flames. Frost grit her teeth and created her [Heavenly Feather Shield]




Under that one attack, the Heavenly Feather Shield fell apart. Lei Ding then threw another cut. “Ka Cha!” Frost’s arm was cut off like that. She cried out and immediately retreated, her face pale as the snow.




I felt a stab in my heart and I immediately charged forward. I did not expect, however, for Lei Ding to suddenly turn around and hurl a [Battle Axe Throw]!


I blocked the attack with my Zhen Yue sword, but I couldn’t hold against it. I flew backwards and my health dropped to the bottom. It felt as though all of the bones in my body had broken at once.


Igoras laughed and raised his halberd as he shouted, “Die, [Eternal Silence]!”




Dragon power seeped into the city and in the next moment, tens of thousands of Dragon City and Ba Huang City’s soldiers began to shudder. “Peng Peng Peng!” Their bodies spontaneously combusted and were instantly killed by the power of this god like warrior.


Blood dyed Dragon City. This absolute power and pressure made all of the survivors feel an intense despair.




Da Lin raised his chains and charged forward. He swung them, trying to wrap them around Igoras. This “Fist of the Enormous Dragon” didn’t yield and instead grabbed the chain and threw a punch right back!




Da Lin cried out and was crushed into mush.




When Su Ke saw his friend die under the fist, his eyes went red from anger and grief. He raised his battle axe and lunged towards Lei Ding out of frustration and despair.


“He he, another suicidal one…”


Lei Ding revealed a cruel smile. He swung his battle axe and “Ka Cha!” Su Ke’s head flew off into the distance, leaving his body behind. With that, the Dragon Knight’s commander died.


Luo Lin stood there as his subordinates were killed one by one, but he didn’t dare make a move. Suddenly, he looked towards Xi Fu and smiled. “Goddess Xi Fu, how about I send a greeting gift to you?”


Xi Fu smiled. “If you want. Don’t make me wait too long!”


Luo Lin turned around and charged forward. He raised his blade and threw a slash!




Snow fluttered and Frost stood there. Blood dripped from her chest. The Severing Beauty sword in her hand was broken. She stared emptily at Luo Lin and muttered, “Is this your answer?”


Luo Lin let out a crazy laugh, “Frost, sometimes, humans are forced to make a choice. Do not blame me!”


I sprinted forward, disregarding how low my health was. I activated [Dragon Transformation] and stared right at Frost. I could feel my heart being crushed, “No…. no….”
Frost looked past Luo Lin at me, her eyes filled with fondness and she smiled. “Goodbye….”




Blood splattered. In the next moment, Frost’s head was taken by Luo Lin. Her body standing in the snow.


A blade stabbed into my heart and thousands of thoughts ran through my head. I leapt up and raised my sword at Luo Lin, “B*st*rd! B*st*rd!”


Luo Lin spun around and swept out his sword, “Leave!”


I felt the intense flames burn my body but I still didn’t retreat. I pierced my Dragon Reservoir sword forward, right into Luo Lin’s chest. Blood flowed out, but Luo Lin didn’t seem to feel anything. He laughed and threw a kick at my chest!


I flew into the air across the wall. Luo Lin rose into the sky with Despair in his hand as he roared, “Youngster, if you want to die, then I will fulfill your wish!”


He suddenly dove down. I could feel the killing intent surrounding his Despair.


I raised both swords to parry the attack but I felt both my arms go numb from the impact!


“Peng peng….”


The Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Swords’ blades both snapped instantly. All I had left in my hands were two destroyed swords. Luo Lin threw another ferocious kick at me!


“Luo Lin, that is enough. We’re leaving!”


Xi Fu had given the command from the sky.


I fell right into the ruins of Dragon City. I didn’t even have the strength in my body to get up. All I could do was sit up and hold Frost’s body. She was ice cold and “Pa!” turned into a million pieces of light that scattered into the sky.


I reached out but I couldn’t even grasp a single piece of her. I looked up at the sky, tears overflowing.




Grief overwhelmed me.
If, dying once was enough to bring her back.


I’d die a million times.