Zhan Long

Chapter 580

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Chapter 580 Battle’s Silence

“All soldiers, heed my command!”

Luo Lin raised Despair. Suddenly, he sliced through the air and cut a dozen Nightmare Cavalrymen in half. He then sprinted forward and threw Despair out. “Keng!” the blade cut right into a brick wall. Power surged outwards and engulfed the Nightmare Cavalrymen who had charged forward. Luo Lin stood in the air, the power from the Holy Domain rising around him. He opened his hand and an enormous shock wave passed through the hills. A whole group of Nightmare Cavalrymen were instantly killed. This just proved that there was still an enormous gap between Holy Domain and Saint Tier. The Luo Lin that stood before us now, was no longer the same Luo Lin we had known before.


“Long Live Prince Luo Lin!”

A group of Blizzard Army knights all raised their swords and cheered. Everyone had been so pressured by the offensive from the Hybrid Demons that they barely had the chance to breathe. It was all the way up until Luo Lin brought out Despair that we could finally feel the chance of victory. It seemed as though just with Luo Lin’s presence, we had faith that Dragon City wouldn’t fall.

The fierce battle continued and the Nightmare Cavalrymen continuously charged up the city wall like a river. They clashed with the NPCs that Luo Lin brought with him. Both sides had no way to retreat. They would fight to the death!

“Pa…. pa….. Pa….”

As bodies fell to the ground, the piles of corpses grew even higher.

“Si si….”

I gripped my sword as I stood at the frontlines. Glancing around, I noticed a subtle change, among the countless corpses on the city, Despair was amid the pile. All I could see was that from one of the heads of a corpse came slivers of red light. It was as though something was being pulled out and lured over and was continuously streaming towards Despair. The light would then circle the blade and then slowly become absorbed.

In the sky, Luo Lin looked up. The same red light appeared around his body He took a deep breath and revealed a ecstatic expression. On that handsome face, a cruel smile flashed on his face, but disappeared just as quickly. Luo Lin truly was no longer the same Luo Lin as before.

Even though he was helping kill more Hybrid Demons, that didn’t change the fact that Luo Lin killed his father for the sake of more power.


Luo Lin raised his palm and an enormous [Holy Domain Palm] descended upon the battlefield from the sky, crushing a team of Nightmare Cavalrymen into meat. Luo Lin smiled. “Ants!”

At that moment, a group of Ba Huang City soldiers and Dragon Knghts all raised their blades and whooped, “King Luo Lin! King Luo Lin! Long Live Ba Huang City! Long Live King Luo Lin!”

Su Ke raised his battle axe and laughed, “King Luo Lin has finally entered into the Holy Domain. Hahaha, Ba Huang City and Dragon City finally have a true leader! Hybrid Demons, don’t you dare even think about touching an inch of Ba Huang City and the continent. Die!”

Da Lin swung his chains, trapping three of the Nightmare Cavalrymen and smiled. “Hurry up and kill! These b*st*rds attack speed and movement speed is just too high!”



Angela picked up the Destroyer and walked towards Luo Lin along a blood splattered path. She looked up at her brother, her eyes containing a sliver of fear. With a trembling voice, she asked, “Brother.. Are you sucking the souls of the dead soldiers?…. Are you using them to boost your power? You… how could you?”

Luo Lin was stunned, “Angela, what’s wrong?”

Angela’s body shook harder and she suddenly shouted, “Answer me, yes, or no!”

Luo Lin was silent for a few seconds and finally gave a firm, “Yes!”

“You….” Angela grit her teeth and pointed towards Ba Huang City, “They are all brave warriors from our home. They had died for the sake of defending Ba Huang City. Their sacrifice is sacred. Brother, how could you do something like that to their souls? How can you disappoint the faith of our father?”

“The faith of our father?”

Luo Lin dipped his head as his body shook. After a second we realized that he was actually laughing. He looked down at Angela and softly said, “My stupid little sister. You don’t understand the situation, do you? The Northern Hybrid Demons are invading. If we don’t use everything we have, how are we supposed to face Ba Huang City and the Tian Ling Empire? Yes, I am sucking away their souls, but that is Despair’s special ability. The stronger the power from the soul is, the stronger I get. After these brave warriors have died, their spirits may still be used to protect our lands. Is that not what they should want to do?”

Angela smiled, her eyes filled with despair, “After having their souls sucked away, and having their humanity and dignity trampled upon, how could you call them warriors? They are just a group of pitiful humans that are being exploited… Brother, you’ve really changed!”

“Shut up!”

Luo Lin was starting to get furious. He pointed to the north and said, “If I don’t do all I can to make myself stronger, who can hold off these strong Hybrid Demon kings? When Lin Han brings his troops here, who will hold him off? You? Angela, tell me, can you protect Ba Huang City with your mercy and kindness?”

Angela trembled as she looked at Luo Lin. She grit her teeth and softly said, “I beg of you… don’t fall deeper and deeper. Otherwise, I do not see any hope for Ba Huang City…”

“Don’t worry!” Luo Lin said, “I know what I am doing. I also know what it is that I want to do!”



Right at that moment, a whistle rang through the air. Finally, the 20th wave BOSS appeared. The earth began to tremble. Not long after, a group of Nightmare Cavalrymen appeared in the forest at the bottom of the wall. Furthermore, among the Nightmare Cavalrymen, a fierce general appeared. He held a blade in his hand and was dressed completely in black armor. He rode on a bony mount that had hooves of fire. His mount pawed the ground, as though it couldn’t wait to charge.

“He’s finally here…”

Wan Er leaned against the cold wall. Her eyes scanned the area. The Wintry Clothes softly fluttered in the wind. The way it was wrapped around her chest made it look even more luscious and full. She muttered, “The twentieth wave BOSS. Who knows what its stats are. Pig, are we going to participate in this battle?”

I pondered for a second, “We’ll help the NPCs. We aren’t that pathetic of a main force! Either ways, [Prague], and [Vanguard] don’t have the strength to kill the BOSS. We… Just you and I will be acting. Li Mu will act as the close combat force. We’ll have the ranged players and the Healers provide support from afar. We should be fine like that. The truth is, we don’t have that many people left. We’ll just have to do what we can. Let’s try and get this BOSS to drop some more equipment. We’re already reaching the final stages of this defend the city campaign. There’s no reason to slack off now.”

“Yes, understood!”


At the bottom of the mountain, the BOSS general pulled out his sword and raised it above his head. He revealed a cruel smile, “Nightmare Cavalrymen, in our final assault, break into the city. Let those miserable humans know that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to defeat the Hybrid Demons! Kill!”

Hooves pounded the earth and an army of Nightmare Cavalrymen charged forward under the command of the BOSS. I stood on the edge of the wall to look at the BOSS’ stats. As the BOSS got closer and closer, I could finally see its details. Once I saw them I immediately turned around and dashed back, sharing the stats while I was running——

[Battle’s Silence – Tang Xiong] (Divine Tier BOSS)

Level: 120

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Fading Slash] [Battle Rage] [Chilling Intent] [Dance of the Gods and Demons]

Introduction: Tang Xiong, a superior commander from the ancient times. Ever since he was a child, he was extremely talented, whether it was in music, swordplay or even war tactics. When he was only 17, he reached the Sword Saint domain. By the age 30, he had already reached the Holy Domain and became one of the super commanders in the Holy Domain. Afterwards, he was ambushed in a great battle and died while fighting. After Lin Han obtained his body and soul, he was revived and became the commander of the Hybrid Demon Army


“The BOSS is here…”

I took a deep breath, “Later, we cannot tank the BOSS. We have to do what we can to slow down the BOSSes attacks and defense. We’ll let Luo Lin fight with him. We just need to provide support from the side.”

Qing Qian blinked a few times, “But Brother Xiao Yao, Luo Lin is a bad person. Are we really going to help a bad person?”

I gave a defeated smile, “Then, Qing Qian, what should we do instead… All we can do is make every step forward count. We’ll talk about it after Tang Xiong is killed. Right now, Dragon City is in danger. If we lose it, then that will be worse than the other result.”

“Yes, I understand!”


“Create the formation!”

In Dragon City, one of the Purple Star commanders lead his troops into a formation. However, before it was even finished, Tang Xiong had already reached the top of the city wall. He threw a cut that flew forward and slashed through the NPCs. It was [Fading Slash]! Blood splattered all over. That wasn’t even all. The cape behind him flew up as [Battle Rage] activated. Sharp blades began to form in the air around him that killed all of the NPCs that were around him. It was as though a God of War had descended upon us.

“Too arrogant!”

Luo Lin roared and charged forward. He raised his fist and threw a [Flame Punch] that struck right into Tang Xiong’s chest.

Tang Xiong smiled. He slightly dodged to the side. “Peng!” he rammed into Luo Lin’s fist, ingeniously blocking the Holy Domain attack. He then raised his hand and cracked his horse whip. The iron horse whinnied and Tang Xiong spun around, dealing an attack!


Luo Lin retreated several steps as the Holy Domain energy rose around him. Despair was stabbed into a pile of bodies a little ways away from him. He opened his palm and the sword began to tremble. The sword’s spirit and Luo Lin’s heart were now completely in sync. It flew across the field to its new owner. He reached out and grabbed the sword. Afterwards, Luo Lin made a cross slash and clashed with Tang Xiong. What I had not expected was that Tang Xiong appeared to be extremely strong. He swung his sword and faced Luo Lin without any fear.The Nightmare Cavalrymen that were behind him were immediately killed from that initial attack. They swung their blades and each threw a [Dimension Ripper] towards Luo Lin.


Luo Lin’s battle robes were ripped up and he actually ended up at a disadvantage.



I charged forward and let out a [Blade Spin]. “Keng!” the Zhen Yue Sword cut through Tang Xiong’s chest. I then opened my hand and aimed [Great Realm of Desolation], locking some of the aggro on myself.

“Fly, are you trying to die?”

Tang Xiong turned around to face me, a cruel smile playing on his lips.

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