Zhan Long

Chapter 579

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Chapter 579 Who to Trust

The sound of heavy horse hooves broke through the tranquility. North of Dragon City, an army of cavalrymen appeared in the forest. They were all heavy cavalrymen clothed in black armor and had a black veil covering their eyes and faces. Each was equipped with a long sword. The mounts beneath them had a horn growing atop its head.


“It’s the Nightmare Cavalrymen….” Angela said as she looked at the Hybrid Demon Cavalry. She grit her teeth, “I’ve only heard about these brutal corps from the ancient books at the Empire’s Academy. I never would have imagined that the North still had these cavalrymen. Furthermore, there’s so many of them….”

One of the generals lowered his voice and said, “Your highness, the Nightmare Cavalrymen have already appeared. This area is far too dangerous for someone of your status. Please relocate to another area and let us hold off the Nightmare Cavalry.”

Angela shook her head and softly said, “I won’t leave, even if it means I lose my life. I will not depart even half a step from Dragon City! Brother and Father have already taken injuries. If I don’t hold the northern border of Ba Huang City, then what is the point of me being the princess? Send my orders, have all of the Blizzard Army cavalrymen come to our aid. Fan Shu City wouldn’t choose to attack Ba Huang City at a time like this. We still have 50,000 soldiers over here. Take my arrow banner of command and bring them here!”

“Yes your highness!”


Frost didn’t add anything. She quietly sat on the ledge of the observation deck. She stabbed her Severing Beauty into the snow on the side and ripped off some cloth. She grit her teeth and began to wrap the wound on her arm. Her elegant eyebrows furrowed as she winced a little. I could tell by her expression that it hurt quite a bit. But she didn’t make any sound. She knew that Dragon City right now was in more danger than ever before. Now that Luo Lin was gone, she couldn’t reveal any weakness, or else the soldiers would lose faith.

Hooves pounded the ground at the bottom of the mountain and a large team of Nightmare Cavalrymen bounded up the mountain. Normally, cavalrymen would not have been able to fight on a hilly landscape like they could on flatland, but mountains of Hybrid Demon, Human, Moon Elf, and Barbarian bodies made it easy for them to charge up to the city wall. The commander in front raised his blade and smiled. “Kill! Rip apart these humans and let them have a taste of fear and despair!”


I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword and retreated several steps, “Alright, prepare our defenses! The Nightmare Knights are Level 5 Hybrid Demons. I can’t see their skills so everyone prepare!”

“Yup!” Li Mu and Wang Jian both retreated. Li Mu stood at the front. After he got the Dragon Turtle Armor, his defense was even a little higher than my own. We could even call him the main Tank.

“Be careful!”

Not far, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, and Misty Cloud all took their broken armies and created a defense line. Currently, there were only a few guilds that could remain on the city wall without retreating. As for the other guilds, [Hero’s Mound: Division One] was already completely destroyed. Even Wang Zhe Cheng had been killed. Everyone from [Flying Dragon] had also been killed. Drunken Spear had fought off four Hybrid Demons after losing his Healer before dying. Even [Thousand Mound] was completely gone. Ba Huang City only had four guilds left to guard the city and each one of them only had a few hundred or so men.


One of the Nightmare Cavalrymen lunged over. His blade carried a dark glow to it. He threw a [Dark Slash] right at Li Mu’s shoulder!


Li Mu’s body dipped from the weight of the slash, blocking the attack. He raised his Tian Chen Sword and threw a [Combo] at the enemy. Wang Jian also provided support by dealing damage. However, the Nightmare Cavalrymen was already beginning its second attack. “Si si” lightning began to channel through the blade. Suddenly it accumulated into a ball that blasted right between Li Mu and Wang Jian!

The blade cut through the air, creating a dimensional crack that grew and encompassed a circular range. It dealt enormous damage to all of the players around the area!




Li Mu was OK, but Wang Jian was nearly killed instantly. The two immediately retreated. On the side, there were a few Swordsmen and Berserkers that were in the area who were instantly killed. Right at that moment, Wan Er’s dagger flashed and successfully stunned the monster. Then with a few slashes to the Nightmare Cavalryman. I also raised my blade and charged towards the Nightmare Cavalryman and lunged forward…

In the city, several of the [Dimension Ripper]s appeared, sucking several players into the split. One after another, the Blizzard Army soldiers were ripped to pieces. Screams of death rang out in the air. Angela raised her Destroyer and charged forward, but it wasn’t enough to decrease the Ba Huang City deaths.

Frost stood up and jumped off the observation deck. She gripped her sword and charged into the crowd. Those [Dimension Ripper] did not deal much damage to her. She was at the top of Sword Saints and was merciless. She charged through the crowd and killed with every attack she made. But even so, Frost couldn’t hold them off by herself. In the end, a group of the Nightmare Cavalrymen charged right into the Dragon Knight camp and cut down several of the knights.

After killing my twelfth Nightmare Cavalryman, I noticed that the players that were around me had basically all been killed. The long ranged team did not escape unscathed. The losses we were suffering far exceeded my estimate. Within 30 minutes, [Zhan Long] only had 100 or so players left in the city. Bodies scattered the ground. Just seeing the scene was chilling.

[Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate] weren’t any better off. Even Misty Cloud cried out as he was cut down by three Nightmare Cavalrymen. All of the players behind him were slaughtered. [Enemies at the Gate] finally could not go on. Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao took their survivors and retreated. The situation was worse than we could imagine.


After a difficult hour of killing, we had finally made it through half of the slaughter from the 20th wave. [Zhan Long] only had 30+ people left. Each of them were covered in injuries. Before our formation lie 300 Nightmare Cavalrymen corpses. Even though our losses were great, the monsters also took a hit. At the very least we put all our effort into it.

The player and the NPC army was about to be finished off, but finally we heard the sounds of battle horses.

“Wu wu…”

Seven Nightmare Cavalrymen were fighting Frost at the same time, forcing her backwards.

Right at that moment, a sword flew over!


The spinning blade activated a tempest and killed all seven of the Nightmare Cavalrymen. Furthermore, the crimson blade looked extremely familiar. A man reached up and the sword flew right back into his hand.

Frost spun around and saw the familiar figure. Relief washed over her face, “My lord…”

A man stood atop the city wall and it was none other than Luo Lin, dressed in a cape that was dyed red. He grabbed Despair and smiled. “Frost, you’ve worked hard!”

I grit my teeth and shouted, “Frost, do not trust him!”

Frost was stunned, “I….”

Suddenly, a female knight dashed up onto the city wall. It was Qing Luo, the scout that Frost had sent out. She was one of Dragon City’s Dragon Knight team leaders. Her eyes were filled with sorrow, “Frost, I’ve come back!”

Frost nodded, “How is the situation in Hunters Valley?”

Qing Luo said, “When I reached the Hunters Valley, all I saw was a sea of blood. Countless half beast half human troops had massacred everyone there. Even Duke Luo Lei and General Forgotten Sea had been killed. There were no survivors from the Fierce Tiger Army. Luo Lin personally lead the Purple Star Army there and claimed vengeance for Duke Luo Lei!”

Frost’ eyes widened, “King Luo Lin, is that true?”

Luo Lin revealed a grieved expression and gripped his fist saying, “Those d*mn*d half men half beasts, to think that they’d ambush our camp. Father…. Father was killed by the hands of a wolf-man. I…. I’m too useless. I wasn’t able to save Father. I…. I have disappointed father…:”


Destroyer hit the ground as Angela stood there, shocked. “What? You’re saying… Father… he…”

Luo Lin nodded, “Angela, Father’s dead…”


Angela knelt to the ground, tears rolling down her cheeks, “Father, father…”


I grit my teeth and strode forward, roaring, “Luo Lin, what a great act you’ve put up. You killed Duke Luo Lei with your own hands and now you’re blaming it on the half men? Is that sword Despair not the one that you stole from Duke Luo Lei’s hands? You are a traitor and you still want to trick everyone!”

Luo Lin’s eyes turned cold, “Adventurer, even though you are fighting for the sake of Ba Huang City, you must still watch your mouth. Otherwise, if you dare tarnish my name, I will not forgive you!”

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword, “Come at me if you have the guts!”

Wan Er and Qing Qian grabbed my arm to hold me back.Wan Er lightly shook her head and softly said, “Li Xiao Yao, say no more. I beg of you… no more…. Can’t you see? Frost, Angela, they all trust in Luo Lin. Not you…”

I grit my teeth and stared straight at Frost and shouted, “Frost, Frost, look straight at him. I do not have any reason to slander him. There is absolutely nothing good that will come out of it for me…”

Frost’ voice trembled as she looked at Luo Lin, “Your highness….”

Luo Lin was stunned. Frost had never called him that. He couldn’t help but ask, “Frost, do you believe in him, and not me? Have I not put my life on the line for Dragon City, for Ba Huang City as well?”

“No, no that is not it….” Frost bit her lip until blood came out. “I… I don’t know who to trust. However, your highness, I ask that you, with Despair in your hand, fight for the sake of humanity’s future. Do not let us fall to the claws of the Hybrid Demons… Whether or not I believe in you, that is of no importance…”

Luo Lin nodded, “Yes, I understand. I will fight!”


I was speechless.

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