Zhan Long

Chapter 577

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Chapter 577 Dragon Turtle Armor


A summoned ice bear slammed its claws onto Matcha’s shield, throwing [Zhan Long]’s number one female Knight careening backwards. Claw marks were even left behind on her shield. The beasts that this beast tamer summoned were just too strong. They were all Divine Tier BOSSes. No wonder Frost and Angela couldn’t hold them off.

I charged forward in a zigzag line and spun around. I threw a slash with my Zhen Yue Sword, hitting the Ice Bear’s forehead. Even if it was a Divine Tier BOSS, it couldn’t ignore my combat power. The Ice Bear’s enormous body swayed to the right. I had already swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and “Pa!” slammed him back towards the left. I then kicked out my battle boot, hitting the BOSS square in the jaw. It was just like a real life battle. Even Yan Zhao Warrior was shaking his head and commenting, “Li Xiao Yao’s battle capabilities, aren’t as simple as being familiar with the game mechanics any longer….”

Jian Feng Han grunted and didn’t say anything. He wasn’t an average person either when it came to battling. He was after all the heir to the Mu Rong Family in Hang Zhou and had been learning boxing techniques ever since he was a child. Even though he was only in the Royal Air level, he was still considered pretty strong for his generation. He was still far behind compared to someone like me who has had years of life and death battle experience.

After all, without experiencing a battle with your life on the line, how could you truly understand the principles of martial arts?



The Ice Bear swung its sharp claws at [Zhan Long]’s players and dealt severe damage as I couldn’t completely drag its aggro. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K were on either side, trying to hold off his attacks and decrease the number of players that were harmed. However, this strategy did not save everyone and there were still players who cried out in pain as they were killed under the claws and teeth of the enormous BOSS.

In the sky, two phoenixes screeched. Angela raised her Destroyer and pointed it at the sky, “Shoot them down!”

A group of Blizzard’s archers all raised their long bows and aimed at the phoenixes, dealing a volley of arrows. They pierced through the enormous bird’s wings, but didn’t manage to kill it. That only angered the bird. It screeched once more and dove downwards, throwing a wave of flames right across the city walls while the other monsters continued their massacre. The Beast Tamer Adolf didn’t have much power himself, but he managed to summon 14 beasts at once, pushing the Ba Huang City and Dragon City NPCs into a corner.

Arrows and spells flung about and after 7 minutes, Wan Er and I finally brought down the Ice Bear.

In the distance, I could see Frost’s beautiful figure flashing around in the sky. “Pu Chi!” Her Severing Beauty slashed through the neck of the Fire Wolf. Dou Qi funneled into the blade and the Fire Wolf’s body was completely captured in ice. Frost then dealt a light punch, breaking the wolf into a million pieces.


She looked at the cut on her shoulder and raised her elegant eyebrows. She then looked up, right as one of the phoenixes charged right towards her. She didn’t waste a single moment and raised her blade. Dou Qi rose around her and she suddenly flew forward. She threw a slash at the bird, creating a blade of energy that cut the phoenix in half.


Frost had killed two of the beasts at once but she took an attack from behind. It was the Heavenly Flame Tiger. She coughed up some blood and slowly raised her Severing Beauty while turning to face that tiger. Frost gritted her teeth and raised her left fist. Frosty energy and blood swirled in the air around it and she threw the punch forward, making the Tiger cry out in pain as it retreated. A group of NPC soldiers then chased after it and hacked it to death.

That was [Ice Punch], one of Frost’s strongest skills.



Frost looked at the princess on the wall and commanded, “Take some people to control the beasts. I’ll kill Adolf. Once he’s dead, he won’t be able to endlessly summon beasts to help him!”


Angela swung her blade and took a group of Ba Huang City Knights with her to hold off the beasts.

Frost raised the bloody sword and charged right at Adolf. The sword spun around her and she roared, “Adolf, are you done playing? Right now, your evil life will come to an end!”

The veins in Adolf’s eyes were popping out. He raised the magic ball above his head and roared, “Frost, you pigheaded woman. You’re just looking to die!”


Severing Beauty cut right into the magic ball, creating sparks. Frost slightly shifted and raised her boot, dealing a quick kick right into Adolf’s chest. Frost’s body was petite, but she was incredibly nimble. In addition, each attack was surrounded by Dou Qi. She threw another [Ice Punch] into Adolf’s shoulder!


Adolf was infuriated. He opened his palm and threw a wave of flames at Frost. He did not expect however that not only did the attack not land, but a sword also pierced right into his body with a “Pu Chi!” going straight through his armor. Icy energy channeled through the sword and began freezing Adolf’s body. Frost immediately pulled out the sword and Adolf screamed in pain. It looked as though he was about to collapse and he only had 10% of his health left.

Normally, when a BOSS only has 10% of his health left, he would deal his final counter attack. Instead, Adolf pulled on the reigns of his bear and turned around to escape. He knew that even with his final skill would not be enough to kill Frost!


The bear roared and charged towards the city. Frost took some damage as well and even if she wanted to chase after it, she didn’t have the strength to.

“Don’t let the BOSS run away!” Wan Er pushed my shoulder, “Pig, go!”

I didn’t have the time to respond and just picked up my sword, activated [Haste] and charged over. I chased him all the way to the edge of the city wall. I raised my hand and activated [Dragon’s Hook]. “Sou!” it flew out and pierced right through Adolf’s shoulder. The [Dragon’s Hook] grabbed onto the BOSS. However, when I pulled it back, something didn’t feel right. My strength wasn’t comparable with that of the BOSS and so I was pulled down with the BOSS down the mountain.


I turned around and pierced my sword into the city wall. “Keng Keng!” the attempt failed and I was pulled downward. F*ck, I was like a lamb being pulled into a group of wolves. If this continued, I was doomed!

Right at that moment, Frost jumped over the ledge and dove down to my side. Then, with her pale hand she grabbed the [Dragon’s Hook] and smiled. “Idiot, how would you have the strength to control a bastard that’s been training for tens of thousands of years? Let me do this. Thank you…”

As she said that, Frost grabbed the [Dragon’s Hook] and turned around. Then, with a powerful tug she smiled. “Adolf, the time to go to hell has come!”


I heard the Dragon’s Hook tighten and Adolf cry out. He was pulled right off of his bear and hung from the city wall. At that moment, all of the Dragon Knight archers shot their arrows, turning him into a hedgehog. Frost pulled hard on the Dragon’s Hook and then swung Severing Beauty, slamming Adolf back onto the wall with a “Peng!”

Frost spun around and with lightning fast speed dealt three slices. Adolf screamed and knelt to the ground. His two legs had already been broken and his health dropped to the bottom. He turned into a blood red light that flew into the sky. His magic power had been released and like that, was killed by Frost.

“Hua la la…”

We actually got equipment, even though… it was just one piece. On top of that there was an item. D*mm*t, what was going on. Either we got a lot of rewards or we didn’t get anything. Just what was the logic behind these drop rates?


However, everyone still excitedly rushed over. After all, a Divine Tier BOSS had dropped it.

The equipment that was dropped was a chest armor. Crimson runes were etched into the edges. It looked almost like a turtle shell. With a single glance I could tell it was extremely powerful. I raised it up and waved my hand over it. The stats appeared before everyone. Li Mu, Old K, Wang Jian were all stunned. This armor really was epic——

[Dragon Turtle Battle Armor] (Divine Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1750

Strength: +132

Stamina: +130

Agility: +125

Magic: +123

Additional: Increases the user’s defense defense and magic defense by 45%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 25%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 5500

Special: [Dragon Turtle Armor] Increases the user’s defense by 2000, furthermore, it ignores 20% of the damage taken

Special: [Dragon Turtle Rage] Once activated, all defense and resistance stats increase by 50%, Furthermore, gives the user the power of the Dragon Turtle and creates a Frost Breath in a 40×40 range attack. Lasts 15 seconds and uses 90 rage

Required Level: 99

Required Class: Heavy Armor Class


“Gu dong….”

Li Mu gulped and said, “This is a god tier armor…”

I nodded as I stared straight at it and said, “The person who gets this armor won’t even need to add any durability and they’ll still be as hard a rock. This armor gives a whole 3750 points in defense!!”

Matcha smiled. “The let’s roll, what are we waiting for?”

I nodded and set up the ROLL rules. All of the heavy armor players who participated in the battle could join. Only the top ten players who received the most damage could roll. There was no other way. This was a general rule that everyone in knew about. If any more people joined, then it would be too much. After all, sometimes, more than a thousand people participated in a BOSS killing. If any more participated in the ROLL then nobody would try hard to kill the BOSS. On the other hand, once the BOSS was killed then all of the guilds would only let their top three players roll to stack the quality equipment. [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragon] were those types of guilds.


I gripped the dice and rolled it. It flipped a few times and landed on 11.


I nodded and didn’t say anything.

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile and said, “Pig, don’t want to say anything?”

I slapped my thigh and pointed at the dice on the floor, “F*ck, what kind of number is that. D*mm*t all….”

Wan Er hugged my arm and laughed, “Idiot!”

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