Zhan Long

Chapter 575

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Chapter 575 Bloody Holy Domain

After hastily helping Luo Lin down the mountain, the NPCs left, taking a large number of elite warriors with them. They left the battle situation to Frost and Su Ke.


“That’s not right…” I furrowed my brows, puzzled.

Qing Qian was stunned, “What’s not right?”

I replied, “Something just doesn’t feel right. Why would Luo Lin choose to go to Hunters Valley at this time. It’s clear that he’s going after Despair…. After suffering that kind of shame over and over again he’s about to snap. Luo Lin’s dream ever since he was a child has been shaken and swayed time and time again. I suspect that for the sake of obtaining a greater power, Luo Lin will do something unreasonable. Wan Er, what do you think?”

The beautiful little miss bit her lip and then tugged on my hand, “Don’t say any more. Pig, you, Qing Qian and I should go down to Hunters Valley to check it out!”


I handed the command of battle to Li Mu and Matcha and the three of us hurried down the blood spattered path to the city.


The Hunters Valley was on the border of Firestone Canyon and was less than a kilometer away from Dragon City. On the way, we saw injured soldiers from Ba Huang City struggling down the path. In addition, there were a number of soldiers pushing crossbow carts and blades up to the city. Below the city, there was a group of Purple Star elites congregating. Luo Lin didn’t even have the chance to heal his injuries. He just changed his armor and rode on a battle horse. Under his command, the army charged towards the Hunter’s Valley.

“Sha sha….”

I took the two beautiful Vice Guild Master’s into the forest. The two girls used [Stealth] while I hid in the grass with [Camouflage]. We followed them all along the path to Hunters Valley. On the valley’s floor, everywhere we looked there were injured soldiers crying out in pain. This battle had affected Ba Huang City too harshly.

At the center of the main area, a broken flag rested on the shoulder of a general covered in blood. Right nearby there was a simple and crude tent. Luo Lei leaned against Despair and sat on the ground, tired and weary. There wasn’t a sliver of the kingly presence he displayed before. The Desolate Dragon Commander Forgotten Sea was nursing his shoulder where his arm got cut off. He leaned against a tree and received a healing spell from one of the Saint Healers.

“Your highness….”

Forgotten Sea muttered in grief, “Will Ba Huang City be unable to escape this catastrophe? How about, we go to the Tian Ling empire and ask for help? Once the Tian Ling Empire sends out their masters, then we’ll be able to guard Dragon City. As long as Dragon City exists, then our Northern Gates will never have to open, and these Hybrid Demons won’t be able to cross over the Ice Ridge Mountains.”

Luo Lei shook his head, “No, my whole life I have never bowed my head to that old geezer Rob. Besides, he’s probably holding a grudge against me over that past battle. Against me and against Ba Huang City. I will never bow my head to the Tian Lin Empire, or else Ba Huang City will only become a servant to the Tian Lin Empire. I won’t do anything that brings shame to our ancestors.”

Forgotten Sea tightened his grip, “But your highness. We’ve already obtained Despair. Lin Han won’t forgive us! Plus… this Despair…. It’s a double edged sword. You can probably tell too, the Prince finds the sword extremely important and desires it.”

“Is that so?”

Luo Lei wryly smiled. “This is a sword representing the royal power. When I denied him, was he going to snatch it away from me? Besides, an evil demon hides within Despair. Lin Er is too young. He will definitely become possessed by the spirit and become a puppet. I will not let him go down that path of no return.”

Forgotten Sea muttered, “Alright, I hope that your choice was the right one!”


Right at that moment, a messenger quickly dashed forward, “Your highness, the prince Luo Lin has brought 20,000 soldiers to come and greet you!”


Luo Lei was stunned, “He dares trespass on military grounds without my permission?”

“I do not know….”

“Let him in!”


Not long after Luo Lin brought a group of his personal advisors and walked into the valley. His body was covered in injuries and he tightened his fists as he walked up to his father and said, “Father…”

“Lin Er, what is the meaning of this?” Luo Lei was stunned.

“Lin Han came by.” Luo Lin softly said.


Before Luo Lei could even finish his question, Luo Lin suddenly knelt to his knees, his face filled with grievance as he said, “Father, I, Luo Lin, implore you, to give me Despair. As long as I have despair then I’ll be able to block Lin Han’s attack. As long as I have Despair, I’ll be able to let Ba Huang City avoid this disaster and I’ll be able to protect the tens of thousands of citizens behind us. Father… I’ll only use Despair this time. Once the Hybrid Demons have been forced back, then I will return it without any complaints….”

As he was talking, Luo Lin trembled. A pair of clear tears rolled from his eyes as he begged in a trembling voice, “Father, I cannot take this kind of shame again. I do not want to be like a fish waiting for its death when I face that b*st*rd Lin Han. I am not willing to see the young men of Ba Huang City get killed or the women being r*ped. I don’t want to see all life on this earth be burned to the ground. I want to kill all of the Hybrid Demons and send them all back to Hell. Father, I beg of you…”

Luo Lei shakily stood up and rested his hand on his son’s shoulder, “Lin Er… this Despair, just how well do you understand it? When I first touched it, I could hear the cry of despair. When I felt its sharpness, I could feel just how wild it was. Lin Er, this Despair isn’t as simple as you think it is. I do not want you to turn into a fighting demon. I don’t want that kind of an outcome, do you understand?”

Luo Lin looked up and softly said, “Father, I don’t care about anything else. I just care about protecting my people and my home. That is enough!”

Luo Lei took a deep breath, “No matter what, I cannot give you Despair. I really can’t…”


Luo Lin strode forward and said, “My attitude will remain the same. No matter what, I have to bring back Despair. I will use that sword to cut off Lin Han’s head, whether you will let me or not!”

“Lin Er, what are you planning?” Luo Lei roared.

On the side, Forgotten Sea raised his sword and said, “Luo Lin, don’t forget, you are one of Ba Huang City’s princes. Are you not going to obey your orders?”

Luo Lin laughed coldly and looked at Forgotten Sea, “There’s too many useless trash at Father’s side. It is only because of this that he has been too cowardly to advance. He doesn’t even dare face Lin Han and the other demons. However, I can. When I have Despair, I will bring Lin Han’s head to father. Afterwards, whether it is cutting my head off or burning me, that is something for you guys to discuss among yourselves.”

Forgotten Sea stabbed forward and said, “You dare rebel?!”

Luo Lin roared, “Lu Ge, what are you waiting for?”

On the side, Lu Ge suddenly pulled out his sword and hacked towards Forgotten Sea’s remaining arm. Luo Lin quickly kicked away Forgotten Sea’s sword. Then, with a sweep, his sword connected and hit Forgotten Sea’s neck. “Ka Cha!” The sword sliced clean through.

In the next moment, Forgotten Sea’s eyes widened and his head rolled off. “Pa Ta!” it hit the ground and blood splattered all over the ground.



Luo Lei cried out and roared, “Luo Lin, you unfilial son. What are you doing!?”

As he said that, Luo Lei raised Despair in a fit and “Pu Chi!” pierced it through Luo Lin’s armor, right into chest. “Si si” the sword began to drink up Luo Lin’s blood. Luo Lin then grabbed the blade and slowly pulled it, thrusting it further into his body. Blood rushed to his eyes and he revealed a cruel smile. It was as though he was a completely different person as he glared at his father, “Now, Despair is mine….”

Luo Lei was stunned, “You?”

Luo Lin’s eyes were cruel as he quietly said, “Old geezer, your dynasty has come to an end. From now on, Ba Huang City will be under my rule. I’ve already returned the favor of life to you. You are no longer my father and we have no relation left!”

As he said that, Luo Lin suddenly raised his arm. Flames began to rise and he threw a fireball at Luo Lei’s shoulder. “Hong!” He’d been ripped into two pieces and then burned until only dust was left.

“Sha sha….”

Luo Lin grabbed the hilt of Despair and slowly pulled it out. The blade was red hot. This sinister weapon had already become a part of Luo Lin. Furthermore, Luo Lin’s Dou Qi was also starting to transform. He smiled and energy began to gather around him. He laughed, “Ah, what a free feeling. Is this what Holy Domain energy is like?”

Finally, Luo Lin had reached the Holy Domain!


“D*mn it….”

All of the Fierce Tiger soldiers pulled out their swords and roared, “Luo Lin, you rebel. You actually dare kill our king? You killed your own father! You are a demon. Hurry and kill him!”

Luo Lin looked up at the group of people, his eyes didn’t carry any emotion, “Lu Ge, you know what to do. Kill them. Do not leave any survivors. Make it look as though the Barbarians had invaded the camp!”

Lu Ge nodded, “Yes your highness!”

The Purple Star army massacred everyone in the valley and screams of death rose up into the sky.


Looking at the situation in the distance, we were all helpless. All we could do was watch the cruel situation unfold from our hiding places.

Wan Er’s small shoulders shook and her voice trembled, “Luo Lin, that bastard, he actually fell to the dark side. And…. and killed his own father! He even killed all 5000 soldiers from the Fierce Tiger army. It is just too cruel….”

I gritted my teeth and said, “Wan Er, Qing Qian, we cannot be too loud. We’ll quickly head back to Dragon City. We must tell this news to Angela and Frost. We cannot let them fall under Luo Lin’s tricks. Otherwise, Ba Huang City really will fall and all of the players of Ba Huang City will have nowhere to go.”


The three of us carefully left the Hunters Valley and sprinted back to Dragon City. In the distance, I could see Frost killing a group of Beast Tamers in the distance.

I rushed over and shouted, “Frost!”

The beautiful master knocked away two of the heavy knights and smiled to me, “You’re back. I was worried that you were killed by one of the Beast Tamers… that would’ve been very sad…”

I felt my heart warm up, but I couldn’t bear to be the harbinger of bad news!


I was afraid, that I would lose her.

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