Zhan Long

Chapter 573

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Chapter 573 Fantastical Beast Armor

Dong Cheng scrunched her elegant eyebrows and softly said, “Why wouldn’t Luo Lei leave Despair behind? Everyone can tell that we have a chance of winning if Luo Lin is wielding Despair. Any other weapon won’t work. How are we supposed to deal with the BOSSes after this? Relying on our players definitely won’t work….”

Wolf nodded, “Yea, King Luo Lei’s methods are too improper…”

Wan Er looked towards me, “What do you think?”

I was silent. After a few seconds of pondering, I said, “Luo Lei and Luo Lin are both people who have spent their whole lives chasing after power. I’ve met many people like this and once they get crazy, they’re even scarier than demons.”

Dong Cheng shook her head, “I don’t get it…”

Dancing Forest smiled. “Cang Yue is still young, not understanding is normal. That’s a good thing. You need to stay innocent!”

Dong Cheng immediately giggled and stuck her 34Cs out with a smile, “But of course. Our Brother Xiao Yao only likes innocent girls….”

I glared at her, “You really are innocent… “

Li Mu wiped away some of the drool beside his mouth and said, “Stop messing around, the 19th wave is almost here….”



I walked forward several steps and looked over the edge of the wall. All I could see was the dark wilderness. The cold blizzard wind continuously smacked against the cold city. The 19th wave, who knew what was waiting for us. The player camp was practically all gone. At least 2 million of Ba Huang City’s players died in Dragon City. Either way, [Zhan Long], [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Enemies at the Gate] and the other big guilds had been crushed and yet these Hybrid Demon waves still continued to come one after another, as though there were no end.

“Neigh neigh…”

We could hear the whinnies of battle horses in the distance. Li Mu was startled and said, “Cavalry?”

I nodded, “Yes!”

The trees in the forest shook and one after another, heavily armored horses appeared. The soldiers were all clothed in heavy armor with a sword at their hip. Furthermore, each one of them had a fierce tiger or panther at their side. This was a group of beast taming cavalry. Just one glance and I could tell that they were difficult to fight. This meant two times the damage. The pressure that we were under was even greater now….

Among the enemies, one of the cavalrymen rode before the army. He had military rankings decorated on his shoulder. He raised his sword and roared, “Attack, for the honor of our king, the time to wash away the tens of thousands of years of shame that the Hybrid Demons have suffered!”

The earth began to tremble and hundreds of thousand of cavalrymen charged over. When they were only 150 yards away from me, I read out the stats and my heart dropped, “F*ck…”

Li Mu, “What is it? Hurry up and show us the stats!”

I then posted the stats of these Hybrid Demons in the guild chat. Everyone fell silent. The Northern Hybrid Demons were really trying to kill us——

[Beast Tamer Cavalry] (Type: Level 5 Hybrid Demons)

Level: 119

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Sword Break] [Chaotic Dance] [Pet Separation] [Fantastical Beast Armor]

Introduction: Beast Taming Cavalrymen, this is a group of heavily armored cavalrymen that lived in the plains of the Barbarians. They are extremely talented and can talk with beasts. They can even tame fierce tigers. The young Barbarian Cavalrymen were completely loyal to their kingdom. Afterwards, when the Hybrid Demons invaded their land and all of the royal family had been killed, these Beast Tamer Cavalrymen contracted a disease and finally become a branch of the Hybrid Demon Army.


“Everyone be careful…”

I raised my sword and retreated several steps, “These monsters have the [Sword Break] skill. It’s the Swordsmen fifth advancement skill and deals a fan like attack to all enemies within a 10 yard radius. It’s best if we do not let them anywhere near the rear end of our formation, or else our losses will be too great.”

Wang Jian nodded in agreement, “We will do our best. These Level 5 Hybrid Demons, who can say what abilities they have? I feel like besides Brother Xiao Yao who’s already a fifth advancement Swordsman, it’d be much too hard for the rest of us to hold off these Level 5 Hybrid Demons….”

I smiled. “Yes, let’s battle with all we have. As long as we have no regrets!”

“Yes sir!”

[Zhan Long] all pumped their fists and prepared for battle. In the distance, [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Enemies at the Gate] and the other dozen guilds all began forming their formation. Luo Lin sent out a command to all of the Desolate Dragon Heavy cavalry and archers to stand guard. As the signature army of Ba Huang City, the Desolate Dragon army had at least 100,000 men and was now completely under Luo Lin’s command. Even if Luo Lin didn’t have a weapon, he still had a deadly power at his command.


“Kong kong kong…”

At the bottom of the mountain the heavy cavalrymen all unsheathed their swords as they trotted up the wall. They were clothed in a thick armor. One glance and you could tell that they had an impressive defense power. In addition, they each had a ferocious beast at their side. Once they reached the city walls, they clashed with the Desolate Dragon team. These Beast Tamer Cavalrymen were extremely strong and flashes of light continuously burst among the NPC army. Blood spurted out and the bloodbath began.

On the city wall, Frost gritted her teeth and pointed to the team on the western side, shouting, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and use your longbows. Let’s deal a critical attack to these Level 5 Hybrid Demons. Aim well, and make sure you don’t kill our own soldiers!”

Su Ke nodded and put down his battle axe. He then raised the copper long bow that rested on his bow. “Shua!” an arrow flew out, piercing through the eye of one of the Beast Tamers. The other 500+ Dragon soldiers all switched to their bows and aimed at their enemies. Even though there weren’t many of them, but they successfully put more pressure on their opponent.


Frost pulled out her Severing Beauty Sword and dashed forward. In the next moment, an explosive crack sounded out and the power shook the entire valley. A pile of Beast Tamer corpses flew up into the air. At this point, Frost wasn’t reserving anymore of her power. She put all her might into killing these Hybrid Demons. She understood that we were quickly losing soldiers and the 3000 that can fight now would quickly turn into 500. If she didn’t try hard, then Dragon City would really fall.

“Kong kong kong…”

A team of Beast Tamer Cavalrymen penetrated through the NPC army and finally noticed our existence. They turned around and charged straight towards us.

“Keng keng…”

I whipped out my Dragon Reservoir and Zhen Yue Sword and stood in front of our players with a calm voice, “Do not underestimate our enemy but do not be afraid of them. Create 200 man teams and take on one of the Beast Tamers. After all, it isn’t a BOSS, so its health won’t be more than 1,000,000. All heavy armors in the first row, hold them off and kill them. No matter how many come, we kill them all!”

Everyone’s eyes were wide as they nervously began to shift and prepare for battle.


Wang Jian and Li Mu all began the first attack. [Halberd Whirlwind] and [Covering Sword Slash] both flashed in the crowd of monsters. I then activated [Great Realm of Desolation]+[Blade Spin] to attract the aggro of two of the cavalrymen. One after another the damage numbers popped up——





Thankfully my attack power really helped out.


The two Beast Tamers raised their long swords and their [Sword Break] hit me square in the chest. Then they each dealt a normal attack. My health quickly fell at a shocking rate——






Then, two tigers roared and pounced right onto me. My health nearly disappeared in the one go. I immediately activated a [Cleansing Rain] and then received another heal from Darling Duck. My own Flaming Tiger roared at the sight that its owner had received such damage. It swung its claws and activated [Flame Claw]+[Burstfire Raid] right at the two tigers. However, there was still a gap between their strengths after after an exchange of 2 – 3 blows, my tiger was left with critical health. However, it didn’t run away with its tail between its legs and [Flame Armor] activated as the tiger continued to bite at the enemy, all the way until it was cut down by one of the Beast Tamer.

I was feeling a little annoyed. My little tiger’s rank just wasn’t high enough, but its AI wasn’t low. It did all that it could to protect its owner. It had the loyalty but not the strength.

Both of my swords sliced out, continuously cutting into the two Beast Tamers. I charged forward and herded them away, not letting them get near the group of [Zhang Long] players behind me. I put all my strength into holding them back, even though it took all of my energy just to keep them here. On the side, [Zhan Long]’s heavy armor players were all getting killed. These Beast Tamer Cavalrymen dealt 15,000 damage with every swing. Not being able to hold them off was normal. All they could do was to hold off these Level 5 Hybrid Demons in exchange of their lives.

“Kong kong…”

When the Beast Tamer Cavalrymen’ health dropped to 50%, a roar sounded from behind it. A fierce tiger leapt over and turned into a ray of gold that was absorbed into the Beast Tamer. A golden tiger insignia glowed above his armor——


Battle Notification: Please note, the Beast Tamer Cavalryman used the skill, [Fantastical Beast Armor]. Attack and Defense have all increased by 30%


The situation was truly getting bad. Just one [Sword Break] was enough to practically kill Wan Er, Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Old K. All of [Zhan Long]’s top tier experts could only roam the battlefields to avoid attacks. Qing Qian and Wolf were both light armor classes and so they didn’t even dare get close. Even the Archers’ stuns had a lower chance of success. For a Lv 90+ player to try and stun a 119 Hybrid Demon was extremely hard…

This was just as though our battle power was cut by ten fold. The Beast Tamer Cavalrymen’s attack power was just too strong. No matter how well our team worked together or how great our maneuvers were, we were still suffering great losses. Within an hour, [Zhan Long]’s 1500 players quickly dropped to only around 700, and the death rate wasn’t slowing down. It seemed as though everyone had a premonition of defeat and death hanging over their head. Even the guild chat didn’t have a single smile or laugh.

In the distance, [Prague] could only retreat to the southern side of the city. There was already no more road for them to retreat back to. Yan Zhao Warrior and only around 200+ soldiers left, they had no choice but to launch a counter attack.

[Vanguard] was slightly better off. Jian Feng Han had pretty good stats and cold hold off a Level 5 Hybrid Demon. Plus, Simple dealt a lot of damage. Like this they managed to hold their formation.



Screams of pain filled the field and blood flowed freely along the city wall. The Desolate Dragon soldiers no longer could take this much damage.

Luo Lin roared and charged forward with an open palm. He then suddenly spun around and Dou Qi swirled around as he shouted, “[Tempest]!


A tempest began to rise around Luo Lin and all of the Beast Tamer Cavalrymen were swept up by the wind and crushed to pieces. Even under an environment where he didn’t have a weapon, Luo Lin was still able to deal so much damage, but at a cost. His eyes were a crimson red and he huffed. He continuously punched at one of the dead Beast Tamer’ bodies and shouted, “Die Die Die! You bastard, don’t even think about touching a single inch of my home. Don’t you dare!”


In the sky, a could laugh range out, “Haha, is that so? Luo Lin, you look so impressive right now….”

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