Zhan Long

Chapter 571

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Chapter 571 The Power of the Strongest Sword Saint

Behind Luo Lei, the commander of Desolate Dragon and known as the strongest general in Ba Huang City, Forgotten Sea gripped his sword. He quietly stood behind his king. When he saw Luo Lei hike up onto the city, he roared, “Fierce Tiger Army, force everyone over. Do not reserve any of your power. Let’s show these Northern Hybrid Demons the true strength of Ba Huang City’s warriors!”

South of the city, an enormous army of cavalry rushed over, followed by foot soldiers, archers and other soldiers. It took all the way until the 18th wave for Ba Huang City’s royalty to finally decide to bring out the true guns.


Luo Lei raised Despair and slowly walked over to the observation deck. Very soon, three of the Dragonmen charged right towards him. They seemed to have realized that he was an important figure. Luo Lei didn’t seem worried at all. He unsheathed his sword and Despair’s light dazzled across the field. Fierce flames of power rose off of the blade, forcing the three Dragonmen to retreat. They didn’t even dare to come forward. They all covered their eyes and screeched, “Ah, what is this weapon? I’ve been blinded…..”

Forgotten Sea roared and slashed apart the Dragonmen. He stood before Luo Lei and said, “Young knights, guard the city!”

After the Fierce Tiger Army’s commander Rocklin was killed by Chi Yu Han, the command of this army fell upon Forgotten Sea. Either way, this army wasn’t the one that he had personally trained, so Forgotten Sea didn’t care for them too much. He merely sent a large number of cavalry forward to block the area. The archers and crossbow carts followed behind, strengthening the defense machines of the city.

Luo Lin stood there, stupefied. The sword in his hand had already been burned red hot from all of the power he channeled into it as he said, “Father, Despair….”

“What is it, Lin Er?” Luo Lei asked.

Luo Lin lowered his voice, “Father, the Hybrid Demons have been charging at my formation one after another. Each wave is filled with strong monsters that are lead by a terrifying general. It is something that our normal soldiers have no way to hold off against. And so…. I ask that Father please allow me to use Despair. With Despair, I will be able to completely eradicate them. Otherwise, I won’t be able to fight against such strong Hybrid Demons. If Lin Han were to come, then I don’t even have a sliver of a chance at victory. At that point Dragon City will be lost…”

Luo Lei let out a long sigh and turned to his son, “Despair has already been deemed a godly weapon of the state, and represents the power of Ba Huang City’s Empire. Right now, it is not time for you to rise to the throne, do you understand?”

Luo Lei was stunned, “Father, this is just a weapon. I… I just want to protect my people. I…Never have I thought of usurping your power!”


Luo Lei seemed to be a bit annoyed as he said, “That is enough! Lin Er, take your men to the city to rest. Leave the situation to me right now. Your father’s sword has not grown rusty yet. Besides, I’m wielding Despair. I will not shame Ba Huang City.”

“Al…alright then…”

Luo Lin’s face was pained. He looked to the people of Dragon City and said, “Frost, Su Ke, Da Lin, follow me into the city. We need to rest and repair our equipments. Everyone must be tired…”

Frost raised her Severing Beauty, “My Lord? We… we cannot give up our defense. Dragon City is our home…”

“Say no more. Follow my orders!”

“Alright…. Yes, my lord!”


A large number of Dragon City’s NPC army all retreated, leaving the Ba Huang City Fierce Tiger Army to defend. There were around 50,000 NPC soldiers there. That was enough for the Hybrid Demons to deal with.

The player camp remained as they were. There was no reason for us to retreat. Besides, everyone was waiting for the 18th wave BOSS!

“Ka Cha…”

My Dragon Reservoir Sword cut through the head of one Dragonman. Then, with a sweep, I cut through the throat of another Dragonman with my Zhen Yue Sword. Once I was used to the attributes of the monsters, soloing two of them wasn’t too much of a problem. The 1500 players from [Zhan Long] were now my most precious treasure, and I needed to protect them.

These two short hours seemed more like a long and everlasting torture.

Finally, there were no more Dragonmen climbing up from the wall. All around us there were Bloody Tear Dragonmen, NPC, and player bodies. The blood formed rivers that flowed off the sides. Equipment, cards and the like all lay scattered around. Everyone did a quick sweep of the battlefield. Right at that moment, a bone chilling screech sounded out from the distance….

“The BOSS is coming….” Wan Er’s beautiful eyes looked into the distance and said, “The seventeenth wave BOSS was enough to injure Luo Lin. This 18th wave BOSS, who knows if Luo Lei will be able to hold him off?”

I smiled reassuringly to her, “I don’t know, but let’s see. Most likely, the players won’t be able to fight this BOSS. We’ll act as the opportunity comes up… “



In the next moment, a black clothed figure suddenly flew out with a shriek. It was a general that was completely clothed in black armor and wielded a longsword. He was covered in dragon scales and claws and an enormous dragon insignia stood out on his chest. The armor looked to be extremely thick. Clearly, he was using the scales as a type of defense. His longsword was a deep emerald green with dragon engravings along the hilt. As he came in, he went straight for an attack and slashed through a team of Cavalrymen from the Fierce Tiger Army, instantly killing them all.

“Ge ge….”

Under the Iron Helmet was a handsome face with a sinister expression. As he looked at the NPC troops along the wall, he opened his hand at them and smiled. “You ants, when the dragons disappeared from the earth, you lost your faith. Now, I will help you regain that faith. Face your judgement of death!”


A fierce flame exploded and created a shockwave that spread right into the group of people. A team of archers were burned to crisp!


The show of strength was so great that Li Mu couldn’t help but step back. He gritted his teeth, “Just what is up with this BOSS. How is it so strong? Isn’t this the prelude to the extermination of mankind?”

I nodded in solemn agreement. I then cautiously stepped forward a few steps and read out the BOSS’ stats in the guild chat——

[Black Dragon Soul – Men Lou] (Divine Tier BOSS)

Level: 118

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Crushing Strike] [Dragon Flame] [Grip of the Holy Dragon] [Blood of the Gods]

Introduction: Men Luo, an Ancient Holy Dragon. He comes from a tribe of black dragons and is considered to be one of their strongest warriors. In a short 2000 years, he was able to gain the teachings of [Blood of the Gods] and became one of the main members of the dragon tribe. In the end, his arrogance and pride were too great, causing him to leave the City of Dragons and become a wild dragon. Finally, he was pursued by several Sword Saint level humans. When he escaped to the Hybrid Demon Territory, he was offered shelter by Lin Han and became one of his members. Men Luo has a ruthless personality and loves to eat infants. He has been renowned as the most evil dragon. When confronting this evil beast, you must be cautious


I took a deep breath and said in the guild chat, “Be careful, this is a Level 118 Divine Tier BOSS. This shouldn’t be something that we can fight against…. [Crushing Strike] is a sword essence type attack, while [Dragon Fire] is a ranged attack. It’ll probably be around a 10×10 range. I can’t tell what is going on with the [Grip of the Holy Dragon]. We shouldn’t attack for now. Let us just hold our positions and see what happens!”

All of the [Zhan Long] players nodded in agreement and shouted, “Yes sir!”

Clearly, nobody was willing to deal with this evil beast. Who cares if this type of super BOSS could drop a Divine Tier equipment? The reality was that nobody was willing to trade their life to get that type of equipment. Especially in this situation when the NPCS holding off this BOSS weren’t Luo Lin or Frost, but rather Luo Lei who wielded the sword Despair. To be honest, I didn’t have much hopes for the strength of Luo Lei. This was a king that stayed hidden in his palace most of the time. He was deeply submerged in the battles of deception. Just how much strength did he have to fight against the Northern Hybrid Demons?


Forgotten Sea raised his long sword and roared, “Charge! Bring me Men Luo’s head. I want to see just how much of a monster this Holy Dragon really is!”

A team of Fierce Tiger’s soldiers all charged forward and surrounded Men Luo. They began hacking at him, but all of the blades and halberds only created sparks against the Dou Qi that surrounded Men Luo, as if no damage had been made whatsoever. Men Luo actually grinned widely and then swept out his sword, cutting every one of the soldiers in half. He then opened his palm and roared, “[Grip of the Holy Dragon]!”


Flames started to rise around him and a Black Dragon Claw appeared before him and surged forward. The attack range was around 40 yards and dealt mortal damage to all of the enemies in its line of attack. Even if the target was a heavily armed cavalryman, he was still instantly killed. All of the archers and swordsmen were all burned to death.

“Gu Dong…”

I gulped and said, “This [Grip of the Holy Dragon] looks a lot like Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox]…”

Qing Qian’s eyes were wide, “That… If [Grip of the Firefox] had even 10% of its power, then I’d give thanks to the gods…”

“Ha ha….”

“Idiot Brother Xiao Yao….”



On the city wall, Men Luo charged into the crowds of people and slaughtered all of them. One after another, he continued activating [Grip of the Holy Dragon], creating chaos. Not only was he killing countless people, he was also leaving damage to the wall. This Men Luo was just an 18th wave BOSS and he was already such a demon. There were still 6 waves left. Motherf*cker, just thinking about it made my head hurt. How were we supposed to fight?

“Motherf*cker, that b*st*rd!”

Forgotten Sea roared and charged forward with his blade raised shouting, “Men Luo, you b*st*rd from hell, have a taste of my sword! I’m going to teach you what it means to be the top of the Sword Saints!”


Flames appeared on Forgotten Sea’s blade. He suddenly leapt into the sky. Runes created by his spirit essence began to form in the air around him and then sink into his blade. In the next moment, he suddenly dashed forward and cut straight towards Men Luo!

Men Luo suddenly looked up and smiled. “Weakling!”

He stomped against the ground and leapt up, charging right towards Forgotten Sea’s blade. He then threw his left fist forward and “Peng!” punched away Forgotten Sea’s attack and threw Ba Huang City’s strongest person right back into the city wall. Furthermore, he quickly caught up and sheathed his sword. Then he grabbed Forgotten Sea’s shoulder and pulled him in with his mouth open wide!

“Pu Chi…. Pu La….”

Blood spurted out and an arm flew into the air.

We couldn’t tell what was happening, all we could say was that it glitched out on us.

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