Zhan Long

Chapter 568

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Chapter 568 Wintry Clothes of a Minstrel

“Shu shu….”

Snowflakes fluttered around my armor, creating the intricate patterns of [Frost Armor]. My Dragon Reservoir sword was covered in blood as it hacked into the Terminator again and again. As I fought this BOSS I had to bear with the pains of being burned. My health kept dropping from all the damage I took but Darling Duck and Thousand League made sure to heal me.


Ther Terminator roared and opened his palm to cast the tormenting [Scorched to the Bone] BUFF on me. My health dropped even faster now every. Luckily not far from me, Wan Er raised her dagger and shouted, “Darling Duck, [Purify]!

Darling Duck quickly raised her arm and “Shua!” [Purify] fell on me. All I could feel was a cool breeze wash over my entire body. The [Scorched to the Bone] effect disappeared. Thankfully we were able to keep our Healers alive, otherwise there would’ve been no way we could deal with this BOSS.


Jian Feng Han raised his blade and watched from afar. [Vanguard] only had two people left and that was Jian Feng Han and his sister Mu Rong Jun. There were no Healers to help them recover. Jian Feng Han had no way of fighting against the BOSS. In reality, he didn’t even have the courage to battle it. All he could do was grit his teeth, “We lost so many of our main forces, fighting that BOSS. Are we just going to give it to Xiao Yao Zi Zai?”

Simple opened her eyes wide and said, “Then what are you going to do? We don’t have any Healers to heal us. Just getting near the Divine Tier BOSS will lead to an instant kill. Three levels. That’s actually a pretty big price. We need more reinforcements. Otherwise, [Vanguard] will be considered to have formally left this Dragon City Defense Battle…”

Jian Feng Han muttered, “We should still have some divisions in Ba Huang City right? Why don’t we just use them!”

Simple nodded, “We do have more divisions. The seventh division’s entire guild of 3000 are left untouched. However, the Guild Master of that division has denied providing reinforcements to Dragon City. He said that he wasn’t willing to let his brothers die for nothing.”

Jian Feng Han roared, “What does that mean? Is the Guild Master of [Vanguard] me or him? Just what gives him the right to make decisions?”

Simple smiled. “Ah Han, you’re still too inexperienced. Did you forget? Last time when [Vanguard]’s seventeen division Guild Masters all met up in Shanghai, you greeted every Guild Master except for the seventh division one. The only reason was because his sister was in [Zhan Long]’s Defense Army. You weren’t even willing to give him a second glance. We’re in this situation because of that.”

Jian Feng Han grunted and threw a punch into the brick wall.

“You’ve made a decision?” Simple asked.

Jian Feng Han revealed a cold smile, “Yes. If he cannot be used by me, then he can be abandoned by me. After I finish this defense battle, I will rebuild the seventh guild and personally pick the Guild Master. [Vanguard] does not need to waste is resources on a man like this!”

“Mhm, that’s good!”


From a distance, Yan Zhao Warrior silently stood there. He seemed to be sending a message. It was clear that this lone Guild Master was dispatching more reinforcements. [Prague] had around 50,000 players enlisted, and close to 40,000 online at the moment. They should have more soldiers to use. And now that we were at this stage in the battle, if he didn’t get more reinforcements, there didn’t seem to be much point in fighting.

Misty Cloud raised his long sword and looked at the BOSS from afar. He smiled. “Good luck Xiao Yao, [Zhan Long] can push through. Take that son of a b*tch, the Terminator and finish him!”

Han Bei Song also smiled. “That’s right, it’s the seventeenth wave. Good luck!”


Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, and Thousand Suns were all focused on dealing damage. Very soon, the BOSS only had a sliver of health. I activated a [Combo] attack with my Dragon Reservoir Sword and three times the damage came out from the dragon power. That one attack cut off the Terminator’s leg!


With a scream, the Terminator fell to the ground, but not before dealing one last flame attack onto Matcha’s shield. However, I was still the one to deal the last hit. I threw my Dragon Reservoir Sword forward and “Pu Chi!” slashed through the BOSS’ neck. Finally, the BOSS was dead!


Golden light fell upon me and I took 50% of the experience from the BOSS kill, leveling me up to 102!

“Hua la la”, a pile of equipment dropped. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K immediately ran up to protect it. There wasn’t really much need to protect it at this point. The BOSS’ [Shuddering Earth, Swaying Mountains] had practically killed all of the Assassin type players on the wall. There was nobody left to come and steal our rewards. Furthermore, with me standing by, there wasn’t anyone with the guts to try a thing like that. After all, dying here meant losing three levels. Even if they were gutsy, they wouldn’t try a stunt like that.


I walked forward and picked up the rewards that the BOSS dropped. There were three pieces of equipment, a couple of gems and some cards. Afterwards, I turned to everyone and said, “Let’s go. We’ll split up the rewards beside Ran Min. This place isn’t safe. The 18th wave of monsters are about to arrive!”

“Yes sir!” Everyone nodded in agreement

We walked over to Frost and Ran Min. I then spread out the equipment I held. [Zhan Long]’s seventeen remaining survivors gathered around. Of the equipment, there was a glimmering Mage staff that had a faint blue light shining around it. It had an oppressive atmosphere around it. There was also a detailed leather armor with an elegant design and glowing runes flowing around it. I could tell it was an above average piece of equipment. Next was a pair of wrist guards that had deadly blade designs sewn into the edges. I could feel warmth radiating from it by just holding it in my hand. It had a white glow around its edges, making it most likely a Divine Tier equipment. Nevermind, I’ll get to it later. I started with the staff. When I waved my hand over it the stats appeared in the sky. At that moment, Dong Cheng and Tang Xue the two Mages gasped in awe——

[Moonkiss] (Saint Tier – Superior)

Magic Attack: 2550 – 3250

Magic Power: +109

Stamina: +107

Agility: +105

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack power by 40%

Additional: Decreases all skill cool downs by 30%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 4000

Special: [Moon Kiss] Under the moonlight, all magic type attack damage dealt by the user increases by 50%

Required Level: 100

Required Charm: 120


I raised the staff and said, “Well, Dong Cheng and Tang Xue, start the ROLL!”

Dong Cheng started and rolled a 15. Thousand Suns smiled. “Oh, sister Cang Yue’s luck doesn’t seem to be too great. Looks like this Moonkiss is mine…”

Who could predict that when Thousand Suns rolled she got a single digit—— 7 points. At that moment, her face paled, “Eh…. looks like Lady Luck isn’t standing on my side…”

Dong Cheng took the staff quickly equipped it with a grin, “There’s no other way. Thank you very much…”

I then moved onto the next equipment. It was the snow white leather armor with fine detail. Looks like it was made by some kind of master. I waved my hand over it and the stats appeared in the sky——

[Wintry Clothes of a Minstrel] (Divine Tier)

Type: Leather

Defense: 1050

Agility: +129

Stamina: +125

Strength: +122

Magic: +120

Additional: Increases the user’s agility by 40% and the user’s defense by 20%

Additional: Increases the user’s physical close combat damage by 30%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 4000

Special: [Aria], During close combat battles, the enemy’s movement speed decreases by 50%. Lasts for 3 seconds

Special: [Heaven’s Ode], Once this skill is activated, then heavenly sound waves will spread out over 100 yards, dealing a 100% chance stun to all enemies. Lasts for 7 seconds. Uses up 100 points of rage. Cool Down is 12 hours.

Introduction: Bu Lian Shi, A legendary ancient heroine. She was an expert at playing instruments. Legend has it that the sound of her Gu Qing was enough to make both gods and demons drop tears. Furthermore, she could raise the spirits of any. She became known as a legend. Bu Lian Shi was a woman that bards sang of throughout history. She was wed to a king and lived a happily ever after. The king had a set of wintry clothes specially made for her as a sign of his love. Legend has it that whoever wears this set of clothes must be a worthy heroine.

Required Level: 100

Required Gender: Female

Required Charm: 150


As I held the Wintry Clothes in my hand I couldn’t help but smile, “Lady Luck is smiling on us…. This Bu Lian Shi’s Wintry Clothes, the armor of one of the wives of the three great kings. En… looks like practically all of [Zhan Long]’s female Assassins are dead… Wan Er, Qing Qian, you guys are the last two left. Here, ROLL for it!”

Wan Er smiled. “Wu, I’m so nervous, this is a Divine Tier set of armor..”

Qing Qian gripped her hands and nodded in agreement, “I’m nervous too…”

I looked up at them and said, “Nervous for what? Just ROLL already, we have other matters to attend to…”


The two girls rolled, getting a 64 and an 83. In the end Wan Er won. I didn’t care either way. On one hand I had Qing Qian who was like a sister, and then there was the little miss who I loved. I would’ve been content with whoever got this equipment. However, these clothes truly were strong. That [Heaven’s Ode] skill could stun any enemy at 100% chance for 7 seconds. Such a strong skill could rival even my [King Domain]. No, it actually surpassed it. Seven seconds of stun. That meant that we could attack them with whatever we wanted. This kind of fortune wasn’t something we could get any time.

I handed the Bu Lian Shi’s Wintry Clothes to the beautiful little miss. As expected, high tier equipment was not the same as normal ones. Worn on the beautiful little miss made her seem even more enchanting. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K couldn’t take their eyes from her. I gave a small cough, reminding them to keep their thoughts in check.

“Ha ha…” Li Mu raised his long sword and said, “I heard that the Vice Guild Master Cang Tong already has close ties with Xiao Yao. He he, say, why do you suppose Li Xiao Yao that bastard has such good fortune?”

Wang Jian nodded, “That’s right!”

Wan Er’s pretty face turned pale, “Eh, who said so?”

“The entire server knows it…” Wolf smiled.

Wan Er was stunned. Dong Cheng giggled, “They’re just teasing you dummy!”


I smiled and then picked up the BOSS’ last piece of equipment. It was a pair of wrist guards. Looking closer at the stitches, it looked as though the blades had dragon like designs. Either way, it looked familiar. I looked at my own wrist and felt like it was very similar to the [Defeat the Dragon] wrist guards. Time to look at the stats! Maybe there really was such thing as coincidence!

My luck was just too great, hahaha!

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