Zhan Long

Chapter 567

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Chapter 567 Shuddering Earth, Swaying Mountains

“Clever Jian Feng Han…” Wan Er said with a wry smile.


Jian Feng Han threw out a [Through the Clouds Slash]+[Corrupt Wolf Blade] onto the BOSS. The second the two attacks hit, the Terminator opened one hand and gathered all of his energy into his palm. He then grabbed Jian Feng Han’s legs and roared, throwing Jian Feng Han straight into a wall. He then smacked his hand forward and dealt 16227 damage. He nearly smacked Jian Feng Han’s breakfast out.

“D*mn you!”

The BOSS raised his blade. In that split second, Jian Feng Han saw through the attack and with a terrifying calm, he smacked the ground with his hand. “Pa!” He leapt up, dodging the BOSS’ attack. He then flipped over and threw out a kick. Then with a beautiful S formation, he evaded the attacks from the BOSS, luring the aggro towards his direction successfully. Then, he opened up his wings again and flew straight towards Luo Lin.


A dozen Dragon City soldiers stood guard around Luo Lin. Furthermore, there were another several hundred generals from Ba Huang City standing near him. These were all general level BOSSes. The lowest level NPC among them was probably a Valkyrie Tier.

“My lord, what do we do?” One of the commanders asked.

Luo Lin brought out his blade and said, “We’ll charge and kill that barbaric bastard!”


At that moment, Luo Lin charged forward from the middle of the NPCs. A fiery flame appeared on his blade. Luo Lin angrily sliced towards the Finisher. Who knew that this Divine Tier BOSS was extremely intelligent. He threw a punch with Dou Qi energy straight into Luo Lin’s sword!


Sparks flew and Luo Lin’s attack was shattered by a fist. The worst part was that the Terminator then raised his other fist and smashed it into another Ba Huang City general’s shoulder. “Peng!” He drove the general right into the ground. He then raised a fiery blade and “Pu Chi!” plunged it through the general’s body. Flames gushed forward, turning him to dust!


Another one of the NPC generals was stunned. He quickly unsheathed his blade and created a golden Dou Qi shield around him. He then roared, “Battle Shields!”

The Terminator laughed and raised a boot. “Peng!” he smashed apart the battle shield and stepped right onto the general’s chest. I could hear the sound of ribs cracking. This BOSS level NPC flew out like a bullet into the air. The attack dealt a mortal injury, he was not going to survive. The Predators swooped down and caught his body in the air, ripping it apart.


The Terminator suddenly shuddered. He had been stabbed in the back by Luo Lin’s long blade. Luo Lin’s face was filled with rage, “Enough you bastard. Just how many more of my men do you want to kill?!”

“Ge ge….”

The Finisher didn’t show a hint of fear in his face. He let out a wild laugh and then swung his blade, ramming it right into Luo Lin’s. He then pushed forward with his natural strength, forcing Luo Lin to retreat a few steps. Luo Lin gritted his teeth and began funneling Dou Qi into the long sword. His body was starting to shake and he roared, “Bastard, have a taste of Dragon City’s ancient skill!”

The heavy sword began to turn red. Luo Lin rushed forward and “Peng!” the blade stabbed through the BOSS’ thick armor. Blood spurted out. He had broken the BOSS’ defense. The Terminator’s health dropped around 20%. It screamed in pain and then rammed into Luo Lin’s shoulder. Then, with a “Keng!” it crashed right into Luo Lin’s Dou Qi Armor. Then with a roar, he used his sword to smash through the Dou Qi and then threw a punch!


Luo Lin was thrown into the air. Dou Qi whirled around his body, allowing him to stand while in the armor. He wiped away a sliver of blood away from his mouth as he smiled. “Bastard, is that all you’ve got? Then prepare to die!”

As he said that, he threw a slash. It was another [Shield Break]! The Terminator’s health dropped another 20%. At this rate, Luo Lin should be able to finish off this Divine Tier BOSS within five attacks. Just how strong was he?!

Right as Luo Lin was about to dealt with the third attack, the sword in his hands went “Bang!” and shattered. Around 30% of the sword was broken. That sword’s materials were not enough to carry Luo Lin’s terrifying skill and strength.


“My lord…”

Su Ke raised his battle axe and looked into the sky, muttering, “Even a godly weapon made by the ‘Enforcer’ wasn’t enough to hold Lord Luo Lin’s strength? This…. Just how strong is Luo Lin?”

With a slash, the Terminator let out another laugh and then threw out three cuts that forced Luo Lin backwards. He then threw another punch, forcing Luo Lin to spit blood out onto the ground.

“Hurry up and support Lord Luo Lin!” Su Ke roared as he dashed forward.

Luo Lin’s figure stood tall against the wind. He wiped some blood off and said, “Bring me a sword….”

Frost was speechless.

“He he..” Jian Feng Han gripped his long sword and said, “Brothers of [Vanguard]. It is our turn! Archers, lure the BOSS over here! Let’s put a little more back into this. The BOSS will definitely drop equipment! The stronger the leader, the stronger the team. Let’s move it!”

A group of [Vanguard]’s players charged forward, quick to grab the opportunity.


“Hei hei, this group of trash….”

Against this kind of an attack, the Terminator remained calm. He raised his sword. Within a 20 yard radius of him, fiery blades began to whirl around. Anyone who was within that range would take enormous damage. There weren’t any Healers that would be able to keep up with it.

Within the first moment of contact, nearly a dozen of [Vanguard]’s players had died. Their defense was too meek. They couldn’t hold against the attack!

Only Jian Feng Han who stood at the front was able to survive. He dealt a [Skyshaker Slash]+[Combo] right into the BOSS’ back. When the Terminator raised his blade for a slash, Jian Feng Han quickly used a [Blade Rush] to dodge the attack. That movement could only be achieved by a highly advanced player. He quickly turned around and retreated. Enough damage was already dealt, there was no need to deal anymore. All he needed to do now was to command the ranged players to deal damage. Simple was already leading the command and casting her own spells. [Magma Lacne]+[Indigo Sea Arrow] all fell onto the Terminator. The BOSS took the hit. At this rate, [Vanguard] was going to get the equipment.


When the BOSS’ health dropped to 30%, he threw a slash right into Goodbye Tears’ shoulder, dealing 15347 damage. He then opened his palm and threw a fireball right into Goodbye Tears. It was the [Scorched to the Bone] skill and dealt continuous damage——





Goodbye Tears eyes widened, “F*ck… is this magic damage? I can’t…”

His knees gave out and he died on the spot.

Don’t be Foolish raised his spear and retreated, his face pale, “That Monk was killed, what are we going to do?”

North Pole threw a fireball and said, “All we can do hold him off. Open up your [Dou Qi Armor]. We have to hold off. Don’t Be Foolish, go!”

“I don’t want to die… “

Don’t Be Foolish’ face was extremely pale. He hesitantly stood there, “What do I do?”

Jian Feng Han gritted his teeth, “I have less than 20% health. Foolish, go tank the BOSS. Otherwise, everyone else is screwed. Hurry up. Don’t hesitate. Healers, focus on Don’t Be Foolish!”

Don’t Be Foolish could only grit his teeth and activate [Dou Qi Armor]. When he charged forward, the BOSS dealt a [Flame Blade], burning his body. The BOSS then dealt a chain of three attacks, each hitting right at his weak points. Don’t Be Foolish fell to his knees. No matter how many heals the Healers gave him, it was useless. He looked towards Jian Feng Han from a distance and muttered, “I’m heading out to get food this quick? Guild Master, do you want an extra egg?”

Jian Feng Han didn’t have the time to say goodbye. He quickly raised his spear and charged straight for the BOSS. At the same time, Su Ke caught up to them with a group of Dragon City soldiers Ran Min and Frost stood and watched from afar, protecting the injured Luo Lin.


Time passed by quickly and very soon the Terminator only had 10% of his health left. His final skill finally came! With a roar, a pillar of fiery light blasted into the sky and the Terminator shouted, “Chaotic power sleeping beneath the earth, awaken! Discipline these barbaric people and rip apart their strength. Come forth to me—— [Shuddering Earth, Swaying Mountains]!”

At that moment, The earth began to tremble and a 10.0 earthquake suddenly came upon us. All of the people on the city wall took damage from the shockwaves. In the middle of the trembles, the shockwaves engulfed the players and the NPCs, but they didn’t penetrate through. It only hit the players closest to the BOSS, which were the Dragon City warriors and [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Enemies at the Gate]. The attack was terrifying!

“Careful! Anyone who isn’t attacking, immediately retreat!”

I stepped forward several steps and immediately raised my hand, blocking the attack. Behind me, Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns, Wolf, and Fox all dodged to avoid being instantly killed. Dong Cheng activated her [Undefeated] skill, however Lian Po, Bai Qi, Dong Cheng Lei, Wang Jian, and Rainy were all swept away by the shockwave. [Zhan Long]’s players quickly went from 90, to 17 left!

“Quick, heal pig….” Wan Er shouted.

Darling Duck and Thousand League immediately gave me a [Grip of Compassion]. My health jumped up, and the situation returned under our control.

Looking into the distance, [Prague] only had Yan Zhao Warrior standing alone with critical health. [Vanguard] only had two people left as well. Jian Feng Han had protected Simple, allowing her to survive. Misty Clouds had protected Han Bei Song and Who’s Blue. The worst were the NPC soldiers. They had practically all been killed!


I waved my hand and gave myself a heal and then gulped down a potion. I then pointed my sword towards the Terminator and roared, “Motherf*cker, you killed so many of my men. Healers, follow me. I’m going to cut that BOSS apart!”

Frost and Ran Min all raised their blades and charged towards the BOSS. I lowered body and activated [Blade Rush], dodging the BOSS’ [Flame Blade]. I then crossed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Zhen Yue Sword and dashed forward, hacking at the BOSS thigh. I then threw another [Fierce Wind] blade. I retreated and then activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash] + [Blade Spin].

Jian Feng Han didn’t give in either. This was the BOSS’ last 10%. After that final skill, he didn’t have much attack power left


Waving its blade and killing all people around it, this 17th wave BOSS truly was strong. It was much stronger than all other BOSSes that we had seen up to this point.

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