Zhan Long

Chapter 566

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Chapter 566 The Terminator


The first Forest Giant charged up onto the city walls. Dancing Forest shot a [Meteor Shot] from afar, attracting it straight towards us. Very soon, the second and third followed behind it. I quickly sprinted forward and let out [Blade Spin]. That however wasn’t enough to stop the charge of the three Forest Giants. In the next second, the three giants rammed right into One Second Hero’s shield!





“F*ck, Yong Jie!”

Darling Duck raised her staff but the heal fell on empty air. One Second Hero had already knelt to the ground. His shield was smashed to bits. His eyes widened as he stared at the Forest Giants and muttered, “F*ck.. what a heavy mace…”

In that moment, one of the top Knight players in our guild was instantly killed. I cast all of my attacks to attract one of the Forest Giants to myself. Wan Er split up with me and went after the next while the third was given off to Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha. With a swing of his mace, the Forest Giant created enormous damage and could even be used as an area attack. A few of our Mages and Assassins that were too close were instantly killed.

“Keng keng keng….”

Three continuous attacks fell onto my Zhen Yue Sword. On the good side, my [Frost Armor] was already a high enough level, and could take these attacks. I swung both of my swords, and relied on my 20% drain to recover my health. Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng both fired their spells. The 100+ players that [Zhan Long] still had standing on the wall managed to hold their defense.

One after another, the Forest Giants had charged into the city. This time, the NPC army became the true main force. The Desolate Dragon Army swordsmen fought with their lives on the line. Even the Blizzard Army’s Warhawk Knights in the sky dove towards the ground to deal damage. However, the Forest Giants raised their maces in a rage and “Peng peng peng” smashed the Warhawk Knights into mush. Rivers of blood flowed across the ground.


After killing a dozen of the Forest Giants, I glanced backwards and saw that Tang Xin knelt to the ground and also died. She had been attacked by two giants at once and was instantly killed!

“Oh no….”

Wan Er switched to her Iron umbrella right before she was thrown back by one of the giants. She hit a crumbled wall. Her hair in a mess, she looked towards our men, “Not good. The seventeenth wave monsters are just too strong. No matter how much we fight against these, we won’t be able to hold the city…”

I gritted my teeth, “Retreat! Immediately retreat! Get near the Ancient Hero Ran Min…”

Everyone raised their weapons and began to retreat while I took the rear. I was probably the only one with the survivability to take on a couple of giants at once without dying.


The Ancient Hero Ran Min roared and charged forward. He raised his arm and released an explosion. “Ka Cha!” he dashed across the crowd of Forest Giants. In the next moment, all of their necks broke. When Ran Min finally halted, a whirlwind of energy swirled around him. He swept out his sword, creating an energy slash cutting the legs of another two giants in half. His attack power was just too strong!

“F*ck, so strong…” Li Mu gaped.

I nodded, “Mhm. Then we’ll just raise our defense around Ran Min. We’ll lure the monsters over one at a time. Right now, these are already Lv 117 Level 4 Hybrid Demons. This is already far above our own power. If we keep fighting like this then we’ll all die.”


Dancing Forest raised her arm and shot out an arrow to lure one of the Forest Giants here. I came forward to block. The rest of the people dealt attacks. It took around 12 seconds to kill one. That was around two rounds of skills. Killing monsters like this wasn’t too bad, at least it was very safe. Even if these were Level 4 Hybrid Demons, they wouldn’t be instantly killing us.

“Ao ao….”

In the midst of screams, the 37th Forest Giant fell to the ground and dropped a shining ring. Li Mu picked it up and smiled. “15% drain for close combat players. What do we do with it?”



After half a minute, the ring ended up with Wei Liang. That little loli girl’s luck wasn’t bad. She got another strong ring. At the same time, this told us that even though these Forest Giants were only Level 4 Hybrid Demons, their drop rates were equivalent to that of a BOSS. The highest drop was probably a Valkyrie Tier equipment. But a Valkyrie Tier equipment with OP stats was still pretty amazing. Besides, this kind of drop rate would only happen in an event where these Hybrid Demons came to attack a city. If it was next time and the players were entering the Hybrid Demon territory instead, then the drop rate might even only be 10% of what it is now. Maybe even on the same level as the drop rate that we normally get.

Not far, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han, Misty Cloud, Han Bei Song, and Soaring Dragon all took their guilds and relied on the NPC army to defend. Now that the battle had reached the 17th wave, it was time for the players to step down from the stage. Otherwise, if we continued to fight on the frontlines then we would just be looking for trouble.

Time quickly passed by. The Forest Giants swung their maces and killed countless Ba Huang City soldiers. They however had also suffered great losses. Over 30,000 giant corpses lie on the city walls. The human camp paid the price with the Desolate Dragon Army swordsmen, as they were completely wiped out. There were only several hundred still left on the walls.


One of the captain level NPCs stood in a pool of blood, the sword in his hand slightly shaking. His face was filled with pain as he said, “My brothers… they’ve all died under the mace of these Giants. I…and yet I still stand here alone. They…. They had promised to return to Ba Huang City with me after this battle at Dragon City. We even agreed to drink until the morning at the most famous bar in town and watch the pretty elf girls dance. We… have we all died here. Those Hybrid Demons.. Just what the f*ck are they….”

Luo Lin raised his bloody sword and said, “Jus, do not let your bravery waver. We are fighting for Ba Huang City, and we are fighting for humans. Everything we are doing is for the sake of justice. As long as the invasions of these Hybrid Demons do not stop, then we must stand guard at this city. Even if we all die, then our descendants will remember our bravery….”

“My prince….”

Jus gritted his teeth and said, “I understand, it’s just… do we really have hopes of winning?”

Luo Lin shook his head, “I don’t know either… come, send a messenger to the camp stationed at the bottom of the wall. Tell them that the wall needs more soldiers. Furthermore, push the bodies off the northern cliff, or else we won’t have a place to stand.”

Frost couldn’t help but let out a gasp, “My lord, this is the last vestige of these brave soldiers… once they end up in the hands of the Hybrid Demons, then they will only become their feast. We…. how can we do that to our brothers?”

Luo Lin furrowed his brows and said, “Frost, don’t misunderstand. If these brave soldiers bodies were sent to the south of Dragon City, don’t say a waste of time, it’d be a waste of manpower. Plus, if we burn their bodies, we’ll only bring disease and panic. At that point, the result may end up even more serious. Do not hesitate, just follow my orders!”

Frost set her jaw, “Yes my lord! You, follow orders..”

A group of Dragon City warriors dragged the Desolate Dragon Swordsmen’s bodies off the wall and threw it off the cliff. Luo Lin’s frown increased as he waited for reinforcements. Frost then sat on the edge of the observation deck. A light breeze blew on her hair and she let out a sigh. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking of.


“The BOSS is here!”

Everyone went into a state of chaos. The Guild Master of [Valley of the Gods] Lu Dong Bing raised his staff and said, “The seventeenth wave’s BOSS is finally here. We…. should we advance?”

War Tent was stunned, “Boss, [Valley of the Gods] only has 9 people left. Can we even fight against a seventeenth wave BOSS?”

Lu Dong Bing replied, “We’ll just attack along with the NPCs. A Divine Tier BOSS, it’ll probably drop some kind of Divine Tier equipment. That’ll be the first of its kind. Do you not want it? Only ambitious people can reach their goals. If we don’t try it out, how do we know it can’t be done?”


Lu Dong Bing walked forward, his staff covered in rising flames. He then threw a huge fireball out. A scream that made the entire valley tremble came from the bottom of the wall. Even Dragon City trembled slightly. An enormous giant charged forward. He was around seven meters tall and wore a thick coat of armor. In his hand, he wielded a flaming sword. He was running straight towards Lu Dong Bing.

Lu Dong Bing’s face was practically purple. He had already used three [Dimensional Leap]s to run 60 yards. War Tent raised his sword and dashed forward and skillfully used a [Blade Rush], cutting right into the BOSS. He then let out a Lv 10 [Combo] + [Skyshaker Slash] right behind the BOSS, attracting the BOSS’ attention. It suddenly spun around and used a [Mountain Slash] right on War Tent!


Instant kill!

War Tent’s arm had practically been ripped apart by that attack. He howled in pain as he knelt to the ground. That wasn’t even the end of it. The BOSS let out a roar and suddenly light began to rise from under him, killing the other three [Valley of the Gods] players that were around him. Then with a swing of his blade, and a kick he charged right towards Lu Dong Bing.



I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and sprinted forward. I grabbed the BOSS’ stats from afar and put it directly in the guild chat. The level was so high that it had exceeded our predictions. There was no longer any way for us to see any details about his attack and defense——

[The Forest Terminator] (Divine Tier BOSS)

Level: 117

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Flame Slash] [Scorch Domain] [Burned to the Bone] [Shivering Earth, Swaying Mountains]

Introduction: The Forest Terminator, the prince of the Forest Giants, he has an incredible attack power and physique. He once lead his tribe to attack the Hybrid Demon army, causing Lin Han’s army to suffer heavy losses. In a fit of rage, Lin Han sent forth the Level 7 Hybrid Demons Sword Spirit Cavalry to the south and overthrew this Forest Terminator, the prince of Barbarian Giants and forced him and his tribe to become a part of his army. Legend has it that if you meet the Terminator in a forest, then there is only one path for you and that is death. If you are currently reading this introduction, then it is highly suggested that you escape


“Should we?” Li Mu couldn’t hold in his excitement.

I shook my head, “Not yet, let’s first watch and see what the NPC army does!”



In the distance, the BOSS caught up to Lu Dong Bing. He raised his sword and walked forward, then spun around around and activated [Scorch Domain], finishing off all of the [Valley of the Gods] players. And thus, [Valley of the Gods] finally left the stage of this Guarding Dragon City event.

“He he…”

Jian Feng Han opened up the wings on his back and flew out. He roared, “Everyone in [Vanguard], prepare to kill the BOSS. I will lure the Terminator towards Luo Lin. Let’s see whether or not this Ba Huang City prince will kill him or not!”

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