Zhan Long

Chapter 565

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Chapter 565 Forest Giants

“Ge ge….”

A screech suddenly came from the sky and not long after, a flock of Warhawk Knights appeared in the sky. Each of them wielded an iron halberd and had an armor of Dou Qi surrounding them. They funneled the Dou Qi energy into their halberds and in the next moment, they swung their halberd, creating a slice of light. “Pu pu pu!” the slices cut into the Predators’ bodies and blood spurted forth and fell to the ground.


I wiped off some of the blood from my face. I looked up. More and more Hybrid Demon Predators were charging forward to attack the Warhawk Knights. However, there were at least 5000 Warhawk Knights. For the sake of her brother Luo Lin, Angela brought out all of her air forces.


One after another, the Warhawk Knights swooped towards the ground, their iron halberds piercing through the Predators. Under the protection of the Warhawk Knights, the city’s battle situation slowly returned to our control.

“Sha sha….”

Frost stood against the wind, her cape billowing behind her. An icy wind rose up and a strong Dou Qi spread out, crushing the Demon Sword Masters to death. I acted as support and also activated [Ice Domain], freezing a crowd of Demon Sword Masters around us.

The Ancient Hero Ran Min raised his longsword and guarded Frost’ back. If any Hybrid Demon tried to get near Frost, they would all be killed by Ran Min. This NPC Ran Min was so much stronger than our Old K….


My Dragon Reservoir Sword pierced through one Demon Sword Master. “Wu wu” it shuddered and dropped a pair of leather leg guards. It also dropped a card. I picked them up to look. Not bad, a Valkyrie Tier equipment. I threw it over to Wei Liang. Qing Qian’s were better, there was no need for her to switch out. As for the card, several of [Zhan Long]’s players had gotten these cards from the Level 4 Hybrid Demons. This was, however, my first. It’s stats were extremely OP——

[Demon Sword Master Card]: Increases the user’s attack power by 30% and Max HP by 20%. Furthermore, it increases the user’s base defense by 700. Required: Level 95. Lasts for 180 minutes.


I was starting to get excited. This was the best card that I’ve gotten since I’ve entered the game. It increased my attack and defense twice over. This was exactly the item that we needed. When I raised my hand, I successfully used the card and a sword appeared above my head. My attack power increased by 30% and my base defense increased by 700 points. Furthermore my HP increased by 20%. I now had 36,000 health. This lasted for 180 minutes. This card was a great thing. I needed to collect more and more.

And so, I left a message in the guild chat, telling them to collect more and more of these cards. Qing Qian and Wan Er both gave me two. Those two specialized in getting drops while I just focused on killing, I didn’t even look at the drops.

From then on, I continuously killed monsters and the corpses piled up. Large amounts of the Sword Master cards began to build up. At the same time, we also faced the continuous attacks from the Demon Sword Masters. My [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] kept shattering, but would condense again right afterwards. I didn’t even need to worry about my magic power. After all, I had a lot, and I brought quite a few Lv 9 pills with me. That was more than enough for me to use.

Another hour passed and most of the Demon Sword Masters had been killed. The city walls were covered with player and monster bodies. My bag on the other hand had around 11 Demon Sword Master cards. I could use them one after another. All of a sudden I heard a “Ding!”. Without me noticing, Ice Spear and Frost Armor all leveled up to Lv 6. I had been continuously using the two skills, leveling them up quickly. [Frost Armor] was especially important to level up. The higher its level, the stronger its durability. Now, it was even harder to break. As long as I could persist through the attacks and began measuring the cool downs, then my [Frost Armor] could last for a long time.

“Now we’re waiting for the BOSS to come…”

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes looked towards the distance and she said, “It should be a Lv 116 Divine Tier BOSS. What should we do, should we fight it? Such a hard decision…”

I smiled. “Let’s see where fate takes us. We shouldn’t fight for it though. We only have 100+ people, that’s not enough to hold off a BOSS…”



Drops of Demon Sword Master blood dripped off of my sword onto the ground. Stepping onto the corpse of one monster on the edge, I looked into the distance. I then said to Qing Qian, “Melon, report on the battle situation and our losses…”

Qing Qian nodded. After half a minute, she looked at me and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, right now we still have 117 people in Dragon City. Of them, 81 are from the main guild. There’s still 2000+ players at the bottom of the mountain. But I don’t suggest we call on them. Thus, Brother Fox had them grind levels near Ba Huang City. This is the 16th wave. There was a total of 24,000 Demon Sword Masters this time. Players killed 7459 of them. Of that, [Zhan Logn] killed 2971, which is pretty good. After this battle, [Zhan Long] definitely won’t fall behind in terms of points.”

I smiled. “Yep. I’m pretty satisfied with this kind of result..”

Li Mu stepped forward and said, “Xiao Yao, let’s not fight the BOSS. Why don’t we just let the NPCs kill it. Otherwise, we can create a special BOSS killing team. You’ll be the tank. We can then fight along with the NPCs and kill the BOSS like that. That way we can get the experience and rewards.”

I took a deep breath, “Yeah. We’ll act on the opportunity given. Let’s begin creating that special team right now. I’ll be the Tank. Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, Tang Xue, and Lian Po will be the DPS. Darling Duck and Thousand League will handle the heals. Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Wolf will deal damage and stun. Let’s get a few more Healers. The less people we use the better. Otherwise, our losses will become greater and greater. Qing Qian, of our losses, how many held an officer position?”

Qing Qian pursed her lip and said, “Just now, during the Demon Sword Masters, the battle scene was chaotic. We had lost quite a few. Of them, Lin Xiao Xie, Tearless, Winter Snow, Star Blade, Moonfeather and Gentle Touch the six flag bearer level players all died…”

I was slightly stunned, “Oh. Even Moonfeather died?”

“Mhm.” Qing Qian nodded with a smile, “Feeling a stab in your heart?”

I looked at everyone and smiled. “If any of [Zhan Long]’s players died, of course I would feel begrudged. However, seeing as this quest came to us, then there were bound to be sacrifices. The only thing I can do is lead everyone to kill as many Hybrid Demons as I can and make sure that everyone here can recover their losses by the end of this quest. I believe that every player in [Zhan Long] will receive a generous reward because while we had lost the most players, we have also killed the most monsters!”

Not far, Jian Feng Han smiled. “Li Xiao Yao, stop showing off. The seventeenth wave of monsters is about to come. Let’s see if your [Zhan Long] can still stand after that!”

I wryly smiled. “Just you watch. Even if our last player dies, we will never retreat….”


Jian Feng Han smiled as he gripped his sword. He didn’t reply but I knew that he must be feeling extremely awkward. That was because when the Demon Sword Masters attacked, [Vanguard]’s main guild of around 200+ players all retreated into the city. They weren’t willing to die a pointless death from these Level 4 Hybrid Demons.

Simple raised her staff, her pale cheeks covered with ash and dust. Her clean robes were also dirtied with quite a bit of dirt, but her eyes had a solid determination in them. It was because of this sister who was the Vice Guild Master that Jian Feng Han could command with no worry. There wasn’t a battle that she did not command to victory. He must feel a lot of pride in a sister like that.

When I thought to that point, I couldn’t help but think of my own sister, Meng Yao. She was naturally talented. And with the intelligence of that brat, she would definitely become a great help and become one of the top players. As long as we patiently waited, Meng Yao Ge Jing, this ID will soon be known by every player and she will become my right hand as one of [Zhan Long]’s representatives.


“Brother Xiao Yao…” Qing Qian looked towards me.

“What’s up?” I asked with a smile.

The beautiful and cute [Zhan Long] Vice Guild Master smiled back and said, “This Dragon City Defense battle is practically on a country scale. Currently, in the [Zhan Long] hall, there’s only you, me and Sister Cang Tong. How about this, the player with the most points, besides the three of us, in this defense battle gets to enter into Zhan Long Hall. With that many points, there must be a proportional reward…”

I looked at the Dragon City rankings. In the rankings chart, our [Zhan Long] held a number of positions. I had number 1, Dong Cheng was number 4, Dancing Forest was ranked fifth while Li Mu was seventh. The top player was probably going to be from one of those three. Li Mu had been working hard the entire time, and was a viable choice for Zhan Long Hall. Right now, there was still a chance, although not a big one. After all, the chances of a Swordsman killing monsters was much lower than that of an Archer or a Mage. However, Li Mu entering [Zhan Long] hall was going to happen sooner or later. Let’s first talk about getting Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest in first.

And so I nodded and said, “Ok, we’ll do just that!”

“Ok ok!”

Not long after, the BOSS appeared, but none of the players were able to touch it. It was quickly killed by Frost and Luo Lin.

No other way, we just had to wait for the 17th wave.


“They’re here, the seventeenth wave…” Li Mu excitedly pointed to the distance.

The sound of birds flying suddenly rose from the distance forest. In the next moment, giant figures suddenly appeared. They were at least five meters tall and carried a heavy mace. Its skin was thick and it had a loincloth wrapped around its waist. The enormous giant brandished its weapon and began charging towards Dragon City,

“Forest Giant, a Lv117 monster, Level 4 Hybrid Demon. It’s attack power is extremely high…”

I gripped my blade in front of my chest and smiled. “Let’s pull back our defense line. We’ll only guard 10 yards of land. This time, we need to do our best to minimize our losses. Everyone it’s time for battle!”

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Ran Min all nodded. This time there were only 10 people lined up in front. They were all the guild’s strongest players. I, Wan Er, and Matcha stood at the very front. Then there were two rows of defense shields to avoid any openings.

“Peng peng peng….”

The ground under our feet began to shudder. It was the Forest Giants beginning their climb. After 16 waves of monsters, Dragon City’s walls were now covered in dents. Who knew how long it would stand.

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