Zhan Long

Chapter 564

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Chapter 564 Getting Senile

The fifteenth wave was a group of swamp demons and were also Level 3 Hybrid Demons. [Zhan Long] was able to make it through, but we had lost 150+ players in the process and now had a total of 500 people left. [Vanguard] and [Enemies at the Gate] were not in a better situation. They only had a couple hundred players left too. The strength of this Hybrid Demon army was just too strong. At the current stage, the players had no way of defending against them.

The last BOSS had been killed by Frost and the Ancient Ran Min. The head was even taken back to the city by Ran Min.



Li Mu let out a deep sigh, creating a mini fog with his breath. It had already stopped snowing in Dragon City, but the air was still a bitter cold. Li Mu’s clear eyes looked to the north and he said, “It’s time for the 16th wave. When will this all end? This battle in Dragon City is just too long…”

Wang Jian smiled, “Boss, as long as we can hold up then we’ll basically all be reborn. Of all the guilds in Ba Huang City, just how many can hold up against this kind of attack? Before this, did you think that our brothers would make it to this point? “

Li Mu couldn’t help but wryly smile,” Yeah, that’s true. Thinking of where we were before, all I wanted was to have a guild that people would actually recognize. Never did I imagine that I would become a part of a top tier guild like [Zhan Long]…”

I looked over at him and said, “You aren’t just a part of [Zhan Long]. We have two kings, I am one of them, but the other is you.”

Li Mu took a deep breath and said, “Yea, I know. Thank you, Xiao Yao.”

“No problem.”


Right at that moment, Qing Qian raised her dull dagger and pointed to the distance, “Brother Xiao Yao, the sixteenth wave is here…. eh, there’s something different about them..”

I nodded. It was a group of giants clothed in green armor and all carrying a long sword. They were each around 3 meters tall and had a cruel expression on their face. They roared at the city. Furthermore, these giant warriors seemed to have the same class, they were all swordsmen. But one could just imagine how high their stats were. More importantly, they were Level 4 Hybrid Demons!

“Sha sha….”

I stepped across the snow and pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword. As I got around 200 yard away from the giant warriors, I immediately returned. I had already grabbed their stats from the air and shared it with everyone on the wall——

[Demon Sword Masters] (Type: Level 4 Hybrid Demons)

Level: 116

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Skyshaker Slash] [Blade Rush] [Flying Sword] [Dou Qi Armor] [Sword Break]

Introduction: Demon Sword Masters, these strong warriors come from a demon spirit tribe in the North. They have a human like personality and body and have obtained a great understanding of swordsmanship. They are one of the Northern Hybrid Demons strongest armies. They are extremely educated in battle tactics, and have been known to be undefeated. Furthermore, Lin Han has over ten thousand of these monsters.



Wang Jian’s eyes were cold as he said, “These skills…. they’re just like ours, but what’s [Dou Qi Armor] and [Sword Break]? This… just what kind of skills are these?”

I leapt onto the wall and muttered, “They’re Swordsman’s fifth advancement skills!”

In the distance, Jian Feng Han gritted his teeth, “A monster that has five sword type skills. F*ck.. and their attack power is on par with a BOSS? Here’s our true catastrophe. To top it off, there’s quite a few of them…”

Yan Zhao Warrior raised his sword and roared, “Shrink our formation. This is where there real battle starts. None of us can be careless, or else we’ll be paying with 3 levels. Have all of the other division players also come up. At least the Healer teams must get here and heal everyone!”

Misty Cloud stood in the air, the Dou Qi from his Four Symbols Guardian radiating around him. He narrowed his eyes, “How many people do we have left? Can we hold against them?”

Sword Reborn reported, “We still have around 300 players. At this stage we cannot hold against them…”

Misty Cloud took a deep breath, “Let’s get closer to the NPC army defense. We can rely on Luo Lin’s power!”



“Shua shua shua..”

One after another, those Demon Sword Masters leapt onto the city walls. They gripped their swords and charged towards the player and NPC Armies as they roared, “Let’s battle. For the sake of the pride of the sword in my hand, let it drink blood!”

Countless Demon Sword Masters charged over, each of them wrapped with Dou Qi energy. Dammit, their attack powers are definitely not normal!

“Hold your positions, we cannot let them through!”

Lin Xiao Xie raised her shield and gritted her teeth as two Demon Sword Masters rammed into her. In the next moment, they activated [Skyshaker Slash]+[Flying Sword] at the same time, piercing right through her shield and dealing four attacks——






Instant kill! There wasn’t even the chance of healing!

Darling Duck was stunned, “F*ck, there’s no way of getting a heal in, what do we do…”

I quickly raised my sword and charged forward. [Sword Tempest]+[Seven Star Fragment Slash] activated, luring a group of the Demon Sword Masters to me. I then activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] and let [Blade Spin] fly into the crowd of monsters. I used all of my skills to deal the greatest amount of damage.

Unfortunately, this was far from enough. These Demon Sword Masters’ attack power was just too strong. Furthermore, their skills were even more fierce. [Flying Sword] continuously pierced through the player crowds, targeting [Zhan Long]’s Mages and Archers. The most critical part was that these Level 4 monsters all had very high AIs and used [Blade Rush] to break through our shield formation and reach our back row players. Then they would use [Sword Break], a 10 yard radius area attack skill. Within seconds, [Zhan Long]’s formation was completely broken!

“F*ck, what do we do!?” Qing Qian was starting to panic. A dozen of the Demon Sword Masters were creating chaos in our camp.

I was also panicking. Luckily, Matcha’s godly strategy came to use. Our cute Elder raised her sword and shouted, “Do not panic. Front row create a shield wall. We’ll create two rows of defense. Maintain 5 yards of distance between the two rows to avoid the Sword Master’s [Blade Rush]. We must hold our defense or else all is truly lost!”

Li Mu, Wan Er and I all stepped forward to create the first line of defense. Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng then lead the Mages to deal firepower and kill the invading Demon Sword Masters.

After twenty minutes past, we were finally able to stabilize our defense, but our losses were great. Our original 500 man army now dwindled to 200 players. The ground was covered with bodies. These Demon Sword Masters were just too terrifying!

The worst part was, [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate] had completely lost control of their fields and their armies were ravaged. Large numbers of the Demon Sword Masters now appeared in the city. Simple, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, and Misty Clouds were forced to run and rely on the defense of Ran Min and Frost the two NPCs.

“Ji ji….”

Suddenly a screech sounded through the sky and a black shadow passed over our heads. I looked up and my heart dropped, “F*ck…. It’s the Level 3 Hybrid Demons, The Predators. Everyone, be careful!”

As if under command, at least 20 of the Predators dove towards [Zhan Long]’s formations, their talons raised at the group lead by Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest. I quickly gave up my defense and spun around to sprint towards the back row. I swung my blade, smacking down one Predator, protecting [Zhan Long]’s long range team. I left the first row under the command of Wan Er and Matcha. The two girls were extremely clever, and were even better at commanding than players like Li Mu. I had no worries leaving this task to them.


Luo Lin gripped his sword and stepped forward to battle. He cut down the Demon Sword Masters one by one. But in the end, he had his limits and was forced back by a large crowd of Level 4 Hybrid Demons into the city. Even the Red Cliff Army’s defense was starting to fall. They were also being massacred. Luo Lin charged forward and shouted, “Command the Desolate Cloud Army’s Black Cliff Cavalry to come! Have everyone come! Even if we die, we must hold off these Northern Hybrid Demons. We must hold this city!”

“Yes my lord!”

Not long after, the vice commander returned to the city walls, and frustratedly reported, “My Lord Luo Lin, your father, the Duke of Ba Huang, forbids the Black Cliff Cavalry from coming to our defense!”

“Why?” Luo Lin was stunned.

The Vice Commander solemnly said, “The Duke said that the Black Cliff Cavalry is our trump card and is one of the pillars holding up Ba Huang City’s power. If they come to the city, then they won’t be at a full advantage and their potential will be halted. Therefore, we must preserve the Black Cliff Cavalry. Instead, he’s sent an army of Desolate Dragon’s Swordsmen for reinforcement. There’s a total of 40,000. Should we receive them?”


Luo Lin gritted his teeth, “Father really… Ay, is he implying that the worth of these swordsmen is less than the cavalrymen? However, heavy armored swordsmen may not be able to hold up against these Level 4 Hybrid Demons. He… he’s really getting more and more senile…”

“My lord, what did you say?”

“Nothing. Hurry up and send the swordsman army to reinforce our own. Dragon City is about to fall! Also, go ask for some Warhawk Cavalry from Angela. We’ll need them to attack the Predators in the skies. We cannot let the Demons take the advantage in the air!”



Not long after, a large group of Desolate Dragon Swordsmen appeared on the wall. It was just as Luo Lin had predicted. These normal swordsmen had no way of fighting up against these Demon Sword Masters. Even if ten of them went against one, they still wouldn’t necessarily win. The battle quickly devolved into a slaughter fest. All we could do was rely on Frost, Ran Min, Da Lin and Su Ke, the BOSS level NPCs to kill these Hybrid Demons. Us players could only pull back our defenses and focus on attacking. Normal NPCs probably could only attract aggro away from us.

Finally after one hour, the city walls were covered in bodies and the flow of Demon Sword Masters continued endlessly. The players suffered enormous damages. After examining the system page, there were less than 1000 players still standing. In the beginning there were over 100,000. The losses from this battle were truly terrifying!

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