Zhan Long

Chapter 563

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Chapter 563 Hellhounds

“How come [Prague] has so little people left?” I said as I looked into the distance for any movement. I was very reluctant to ask.

Qing Qian said, “Uncle and the others had to kill two Divine Tier BOSSes in a row, and that’s why they took so much damage. Especially the first boss. It had three area attacks, leaving [Prague] with a lot of losses. Right now, the main guild only has less than 100 players. However, they still have two other divisions, so in total they have around 5000.”

“What about [Zhan Long]? How many players do we have left in the divisions?” Li Mu asked.

Wan Er responded, “We still have three divisions waiting at the bottom of the mountain for our orders, so around 3000. They’re all newly created divisions, so I wouldn’t put too much hope in their fighting power. Their levels are too low. They would only come here to die. We’ll just have to see how the NPC army plans on dealing with this Hybrid Demon battle.”

I nodded, “Yes. Then we’ll just guard the city!”


Right at that moment, roars began to sound from the forest. One after another, ferocious wolf-like beasts began to appear. Their bodies were enormous, around 2 meters in length and their four limbs were lean and muscular. Even their eyes were tinted with a red light. They looked like rabid dogs that had climbed out from the depths of hell. Their battle power couldn’t be low.

I looked at their stats from afar and muttered, “Hellhounds, Lv 114 Level 3 Hybrid Demons. Everyone prepare yourselves. These Hellhounds most likely do not have a low attack power. Let’s bring in our defense. We just need to defend 50 yards across. Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha, Yong Jie, and Tang Xin, bring everyone with a defense over 15,000 to the frontline. We’ll use our advantage in defense to hold off these Level 3 Hybrid Demons. We need to do all we can to lessen our damage. We’ll leave most of the city to the NPC army. This is the 14th wave, it should be when the Ba Huang City army puts in their most effort.”

Everyone nodded. Matcha, One Second Hero, Tang Xin, Yao Yan, Tearless, and Little Demon were all [Zhan Long]’s top tier Knights. They stepped forward and dropped their heavy shields into the ground. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wan Er, Qing Qian and I were all attack type players that were scattered along the lines. It could be said that within these 50 yards, the entire front row were Ba Huang City’s top heavy armor players. Each of their names was recognizable by most people in the city.



We could hear the growls of the Hellhounds below us. Beside [Zhan Long]’s formation, Luo Lin gripped a flag in one hand and shouted, “What are we waiting for? Royal Defense Army’s Cliff Knights charge. We’ll rely on your barrier to hold our formation. We must defend Dragon City. If Dragon City falls, then Ba Huang City and the entire continent behind us will become the Hybrid Demons next target!”

The sounds of horse hooves rumbled the city walls. At least ten thousand Ba Huang City cavalry appeared on the city walls, each adorned with red armor and a crimson shield. As they arrived on the city walls they began to create a barrier with their shields while wielding a longsword in their right hands. They were ready for a counterattack at any time.


With a roar, the first Hellhound charged towards the city wall. It swung its claws and lunged right into [Hero’s Mound: Division One]’s formation. It had pounced onto a Knight’s shield. He screamed in pain and terror as three damage numbers popped up. The beast actually managed to instantly kill a Lv 91 Knight——





Wang Ze Cheng was stunned, “What the f*ck is with that attack power!?”

He quickly filled the empty space with his shield while the players behind him opened fire. Wang Ze Cheng’s defense was pretty good, and he was able to take a round of the Hellhound’s skills. However, the attack power of the players behind him wasn’t enough. It took them at least 20 seconds to kill one Hellhound and there were more to come later on.

One after another, the Hellhounds charged towards our armies. [Hero’s Mound: Division One]’s formation was starting to crumble. Yan Suo raised her dagger but didn’t dare to come out and attack. If she died, she would’ve lost three levels. How could she not care for that. Those levels were achieved with her own efforts. It wasn’t something she could easily get by acting cute.

Right in front of [Zhan Long]’s formation, there were at least 10 enormous Hellhounds that charged forward. I immediately opened one hand and locked [Great Realm of Desolation] on one of them. At the same time, I activated [Black Tortoise Realm] to slow the movements down for everyone. With a roar, I activated [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] giving all players around me a good BUFF. I then swung my two swords and with [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] I charged into the monsters. [Sword Tempest] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] both exploded. I attracted five of the Hellhounds to me. Each of their attacks gave me 4500 damage, but I could still take it. Darling Duck and Thousand Spring were already giving me their heals.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all began their charges and showed their might in the crowd of Hellhounds. However none of them dared to leave the formation like I did. The Hellhounds attack power was something all of them witnessed. How could they dare to underestimate the enemy?


“Peng peng peng….”

One of the Hellhounds began to ram into [Zhan Long]’s shield formation. Matcha, One Second Hero, Tang Xin, and Yue Yao Yan all took their defense stances and held up against the Hellhound’s attacks. Their health fell below 50% within seconds.

In the back, Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns, Glass Wolf and General Lian Po dealt heavy ranged attacks under our protection. One after another, the Hellhounds cried out in pain in front of our formation. Everything was going rather smoothly. Even though [Zhan Long]’s losses were great, but it still went to show just how incredibly strong the players in the front were. After undergoing thirteen waves of BOSSes and Level 1, 2, and 3 Hybrid Demons, everyone switched out most of their equipment. Especially Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Matcha. Now, the worst equipment they had was probably a Valkyrie Tier equipment. Otherwise, everything else was extremely OP. It wasn’t even hard for them to get to 20,000 health any longer.

After this battle at Dragon City, all of the middle tier and low tier players were massacred, while the high level players managed to survive and their stats greatly increased. This was something that all of the big guilds had predicted would happen when they first participated in this game. Waves wash out the sand, leaving only the strong behind. The same applied to this game. The smaller and weaker were bound to be separated out from the strong. Even though Gong Sun Zhan of the Three Kingdoms held the Northern territories, all he did was protect himself, resulting in his ultimate demise within his high walls.

Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Misty Clouds and Soaring Dragon were all players in Ba Huang City that understood the meaning behind this reasoning. If you wanted to make a place for yourself in Ba Huang City, you needed to rely completely on your blade and fight your way to the top. Otherwise, your hopes will only be dashed. This was something that even Wang Ze Cheng, Not Ordinary and Liu Yin, second tier Guild Masters understood. Thankfully it was because of this or else Dragon City may not have been able to withstand the attack of these thirteen waves.


“Hold your positions!”

Luo Lin gripped his sword and was standing before the NPC army. He suddenly swung his blade and cut one Hellhound in half. Blood spurted out, raining upon the Ba Huang Prince. He then raised his foot and kicked forward, crushing another Hellhound into mush. He spun around and activated [ ] and [ ], killing a dozen of the Hellhounds. All of the players were stunned. This was the strength of Ba Huang City’s strongest warrior!

The Red Cliff Cavalry stood behind Luo Lin. “Keng king keng!” the Hellhounds rammed into their shields. They raised their sharp blades and dealt Dou Qi attacks, forcing the Hellhounds backwards. The Purple Star Army then let out a volley of arrows. Finally, the Ba Huang City NPC army’s strength was completely able to hold the advantage over the Hybrid Demon Army. This was mainly due to the complete defense of the Red Cliff Cavalry. Otherwise, the Hellhounds would be extremely hard to deal with.

Time passed by quickly and after 2 hours of fighting, [Zhan Long] lost around 100 players while the Hellhounds grew fewer and fewer. This was a sign that the BOSS was about to appear.

“It’s here!” Wan Er said as she jumped onto the wall and looked into the distance.

I squinted, “Our men are too few. Its best if we don’t kill the BOSS and keep as many of our brothers alive as we can. The more points that we get the better. Otherwise, losing three levels would be extremely hard to recover….”

Wan Er nodded, “Yes, we will do what you just said. That is the smartest path to follow!”


In the end, without waiting for us players to start attacking, the Black Cliff Archer NPCs began to lure the BOSS towards them. It was a high level BOSS from hell and gripped a long halberd. It charged straight into the group of Red Cliff Cavalry and led a massacre. Within minutes, it killed close to a hundred of the red cliff cavalry.


Luo Lin roared and suddenly lunged forward. “Peng!” he slashed forward, forcing the dog headed BOSS to its knees. It looked up and revealed a cruel smile, “Luo Lin?! Ha ha…. Luo Lin, the defeated general. You actually dare appear again before our Demon Army? Do you have a death wish!”

Luo Lin let out a cold laugh and threw out a kick, throwing the BOSS into the air. Blood spurted and he swung his sword, leaving a deep cut in the BOSS’ head. That one attack cut the enemy’s health by 70M. The battle between the NPCs had already surpassed our imagination. Luo Lin’s strength had been trained for hundred of years and held the advantage in experience. Furthermore, his strength was enough to overpower his enemy. It looked as though he already had the ability to reach Holy Domain. After another dozen slices, and a Dou Qi explosion, that dog headed general collapsed to the ground and was reduced to a pile of meat…


Old K raised his battle axe and said, “Looks like all we have to do from now on is to hold our positions. There’s no need for us to charge any more. If anything else happens, then we’ll just let Luo Lin fight it…”

I shook my head, “Bro, this is only the 14th wave. From the time we have left, there’s still 10 more waves. It’d be wonderful if we could just block them..”

“Yup, I’m almost at Lv 100!”

“Everyone work hard! Let’s try and get more of [Zhan Long]’s players to the fifth advancement!”

“Ha ha, that is a must!”


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