Zhan Long

Chapter 562

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Chapter 562 Surprise Attack

After the battle with the tenth wave of Hybrid Demons, Dragon City was littered with bodies. Torn battle flags weakly fluttered in the breeze as they stood above the piles of player bodies. At the same time, several people stood at the edge of the border, waiting to report on the military situation. The eleventh wave was still not coming, making everyone worried. Who knew what awaited us in this next wave.


I gripped my sword as I leaned against the wall. Wan Er came to stand next to me. She rubbed her eyes a little, and seemed to be a little sleepy. We had already been in the game for close to 20 straight hours.

I placed my hand on the beautiful Vice Guild Master’s shoulder and softly said, “Wan Er, do you want to log off and get some rest?”


She looked up at me and said, “Who knows what kind of waves are awaiting us. If I go offline right now, then it’ll be too big of a risk. All of our previous efforts might even go to waste…”

At that moment, the third divisions’ Guild Master Death’s Elegy walked over with his spear and said, “I just logged off and slept for five hours, so I’ve had enough. Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, why don’t you take everyone offline to rest…. Every hour of sleep counts. I’ll take a few of the other divisions to hold off the monsters. We’ll probably be able to deal with 1-2 of them. If anything happens, I’ll send a message out. How does that sound?”

I looked at everyone. Qing Qian, Wolf, and Li Mu had all been fighting monsters for a long time and were nearly falling asleep as they stood. The Hybrid Demons attacks came wave after wave, and didn’t seem to give us any time to rest whatsoever. And so, I nodded, “Alright then. All main guild members log off to rest. Leave your numbers here and we’ll call to wake you up. Death God, you stand guard here. If anything happens, let everyone know immediately! Afterwards, the next wave may very likely be Level 3 Hybrid Demons. You’ll have to guard with your life!”


Before he even finished talking, the sounds of marching began to travel from behind us. In the next moment, an army of NPCs carrying long swords suddenly appeared on the wall. Leading them was Luo Lin. He raised the sword at his waist and roared, “The adventurer army is about to fall. The Knights Templar have come prepared to fight the Hybrid Demons. They are the most elite swordsmen in Ba Huang City and is our pride and honor. I will leave the quest of killing these Hybrid Demons to you!”

Around 20,000 Knights Templar NPCs began creating a formation.

I couldn’t help but smile, “Death God, look, these Ba Huang City NPCs won’t let you feel lonely. This way I won’t have to worry. We’ll log off to rest. If anything happens, wake everyone up!”

“Understood. Guild Master, go ahead!”



At the foot of the city walls, [Zhan Long]’s main guild players all began to disappear as they logged off. [Vanguard], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Prague]’s main guilds all began to log off as well, leaving their divisions to take their places. We needed to keep our focus and stamina up in order to face the oncoming battles!

When I logged off, it was already 8 o’clock in the morning. My stomach rumbled with hunger. Unable to resist any longer, I washed up and went downstairs to buy three sets of breakfast, leaving two for Wan Er and Dong Cheng. I quickly ate my own breakfast. When I was pretty much full, I quickly delivered the other two to the girls and went back to my own room to sleep.

Maybe it was because I was too tired, but once I laid down in my bed, I immediately fell into deep sleep. My Yi Hai was also slightly sluggish, but I could feel the energy in my body flow. I consciously controlled the energy, unblocking any areas that seemed to have any blockage. At the same time, I trained my body and energy flow, trying to reach new heights. I could feel that Yan Yang Realm was not far away. The fiery energy in my body was already beginning to turn into something more tame. It wasn’t too strong yet, but I could feel it.

In my foggy consciousness, I suddenly heard my phone go off “Du du!” It was an alarm that immediately woke me up. The message came from Wang Jian. Still sleepy, I turned off the alarm and a message came from Matcha, “My beloved boss, hurry up and get out of bed. We’re about to lose Dragon City!”

I immediately sat up, and began to get ready. I glanced over to the other bed and saw that Tang Gu was in the game. That trash was probably busy fighting in Fan Shu City. I had looked him up in the forums. Apparently, the Head of the Tangs was a pretty good player and now he was practically the right hand man of Q-Sword. He had even risen to the ranks of the Elders. Clearly, he proved very useful to them. Before I had underestimated this roommate of mine.

Log on!


I appeared in the middle of Dragon City. Far away, I could see an enormous beast BOSS that was plowing through [Prague]’s players. Yan Zhao Warrior flew into the air with critical health and was nearly instantly killed. Behind him, the bodies of [Prague]’s players began to build up into mountains. That enormous beast had already killed a lot of people.

I looked up and saw that the BOSS’ name was “The Ambusher” and was a Lv 113 Divine Tier BOSS. No wonder [Prague] took so many losses. Motherf*cker, that’s a high level Divine Tier BOSS. It’d be weird if Yan Zhao Warrior could hold against him. I looked at our player numbers. [Prague] had lost over a thousand players to this Ambusher, and the BOSS still had 17% of his health left. He was about to be killed, but the number of [Prague] players left standing was far and few. At most they had several hundred people. Beside them, [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes], and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] were all waiting for [Prague] to die on its own. Nobody was willing to help. After all, this was a BOSS with 17% of its health left, who was willing to take that on?


Matcha raised her heavy shield and walked over and said, “The thirteenth wave is almost here . Our divisions have held off three waves of monsters, and are almost wiped out. All we have left is the main guild army. Just ten minutes ago, even Death God’s Elegy died in battle. Before he died, he sent out a message to wake everyone up. That bastard really is determined. He actually managed to hold up until now….”

I gave a deep nod, “He is. Has everyone logged on yet? Give me an estimate on how many people we can use.”

“Around 800….”

Wan Er walked over from behind and said, “The Knights Templar that Luo Lin brought have almost all been killed in battle. Even Duke Luo Lei has personally lead an NPC army here and has continuously provided reinforcements to Dragon City. However, there’s just too many in the Hybrid Demon Army. Dragon City has truly become the focal point of the battle…”

I gritted my teeth. Not far from me, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Qing Qian, and Dong Cheng all logged on. When Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring logged on as well, I immediately activated [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning], giving everyone a 40% boost in attack and defense. I then raised my sword and made my way towards the East side of the wall. Over there, Yan Zhao Warrior was doing his best to hold up against the BOSS’ attacks.


“Uncle Yan Zhao!” I raised my blade and said, “Do you need help? [Zhan Long] will help you with this BOSS. We won’t take part in the drops. It will all go to [Prague]. After all, you guys have put in too much effort into this BOSS. How does that sound?”

Yan Zhao Warrior held his blade up to parry one of the BOSS’ cuts and continuously retreated. He gritted his teeth and shouted, “Xiao Yao, cut the chatter and just attack. What spoils and drops, we’ll discuss when the BOSS is dead. If you delay any longer, [Prague] might actually disappear from the Dragon City map!”


I sprinted forward with my sword. With a roar, [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] activated at the same time. I then threw my Zhen Yue Sword forward. Luckily, no snow was falling over Dragon City for once and the moon hung high in the sky. My Zhen Yue Sword’s attack power greatly increased and cut through the BOSS ten times, dragging the aggro to me.


The ugly beast turned around and lunged right towards me, taking my attack. Its battle axe was covered with frost and fire, the two elements as it dealt a cut right onto my Flame Prison armor. The weight of the attack fell on me, so painful——



I retreated several steps and activated [Cleansing Rain]. Darling Duck’s [Grip of Compassion] also fell upon me, immediately bringing my health up to full. I then activated [Combo]+[Fierce Ice Blade], cutting right into the BOSS’ chest. Afterwards, I erected an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] behind me to help provide support. I swung both of my blades and I dashed forward. I dealt seven attacks in a row, making the beast cry out in pain.

Without wasting a second, it swept out its battle axe. I raised both of my swords to block. My arms shuddered from the numbing pain of the attack and I flew backwards, hitting the wall behind me. The momentum of my crash had even caused it to crack. On the good side, Wan Er and Qing Qian caught up and used [Gouge] to stun the BOSS. Dancing Forest then dealt a [Scatter Shot] that finally stunned it. Nearly a hundred of [Zhan Long]’s players rushed over to help. That added on with [Prague]’s remaining army, the BOSS’ health was finally begin to whittle down again. Within two minutes, it had already hit the bottom.


With a roar, the Ambusher began to rage. It suddenly raised its battle axe and threw a cut right into the ground, opening a deep abyss in the earth. Right afterwards, lava and flames began to burst from the abyss. Many of [Zhan Long] and [Prague]’s players were within the range of the attack. I immediately shouted, “Defend!”

One Second Hero reacted and dropped his heavy shield, activating [Fierce Sun Wall] and protected all of the people within the range. This way we managed to avoid many players from getting instantly killed by the BOSS.

Afterwards, everything was much simpler. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Wan Er and I switched between covering, defending and attacking, bringing the BOSS’ health lower and lower. With a pierce of Wan Er’s dagger, the Ambusher fell to the ground with a cry. The beautiful little miss leveled up to 100 while the BOSS dropped a pile of items and equipment.

I spun around and swept out my blade. “Keng!” I blocked an Assassin from [Flying Dragon] that was trying to steal the spoils. I had already noticed him when he was within 15 yards of me. The new abilities of fifth advancement players had grown quite a bit as well.

“Don’t embarrass your guild…”

I looked at the pitiful Assassin and didn’t kill him. I slowly turned around and walked over towards the [Zhan Long] formation and said, “Uncle Yan Zhao, you better sweep the battlefield soon.”

“Thank you Xiao Yao….”

Yan Zhao Warrior gave a look of gratitude to all of [Zhan Long]’s players for helping him in the final moments of the battle. We had even lost around 30 players but didn’t try to take any part in the drops.


While Yan Zhao went through the rewards, [Vanguard], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] all silently watched. Nobody dared to make a move because they all knew that whether or not we would be able to hold the city was a question. If we began to fight amongst ourselves now, then that would be both shameless and hurtful. As long as people thought of their position in Ba Huang City, they would never dare to steal the drops.

Looking at the distant north, Wan Er let out a sigh. She gripped her dagger and said, “The fourteenth wave is about to be here…”

I nodded, “Let’s work hard….”

Behind us, the 700+ [Zhan Long] players all began to pull out their blades as they tensely watched the North.

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