Zhan Long

Chapter 561

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Chapter 561 Heavenly Tier Level 1

After saying goodbye to Frost, I returned to the battlefront. [Zhan Long] still had 3000 players fighting on the frontline. There were still quite a few Sickle Demons charging forward. Yup, it was a good time to see just how my attack had changed now that I advanced to the fifth job!

I quickened my pace. From afar, I could see that Li Mu was surrounded by the Sickle Demons and received attacks from both sides!

“Ka ka!”




Oh no, he was almost instantly killed. Luckily Li Mu’s equipment was all new and he had close to 24,000 health. However, the pain still forced him to retreat backwards, crashing into Matcha’s shield. He turned around and as he received Darling Duck’s heal, he said, “Beautiful Matcha, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Matcha glared at him and said, “Go away, you’re blocking me….”

Li Mu was speechless.

I dashed over and raised both of my swords and dealt two slashes on both of the Sickle Demons. Just as expected, after rising to the fifth job promotion, my attack power was far different from before——





After receiving so much damage, the little demons all raised their sickles and threw four cuts at me. The sickles bounced off of my Frost Armor with a “Peng Peng Peng” and damage numbers popped up. Even the pain was less than what it used to be——





I couldn’t help but feel joy rising in me. D*mn, this is what it means to be durable. [Wall of Dou Qi]+ [Frost Armor] are as powerful as I expected. As long as [Frost Armor] doesn’t break, who can stop me?!

Li Mu, Old K, and Wang Jian were all gaping as they watched. Old K even rubbed his eyes and exclaimed, “D*mn, Little Li, did you eat some kind of medicine? How can your attack and defense stats be so powerful?”

Wang Jian smiled, “Old K, did you see? Brother Xiao Yao has already gotten his fifth job promotion! Now he’s a Yang Wei Dragon Rider. Plus… he has Heavenly Tier hidden stat boosts. How can he not be strong?”

“Heavenly Tier?” Old K was puzzled.

Matcha smiled, “If you look ugly then you should study more of the game’s guides. Levels 1-99 are considered Earthly Tier while levels 100-199 are considered Heavenly Tier…”

Old K made a fist and said, “I’m going to hurry up and level. If I don’t get to Lv 100, I won’t be able to feel OP…”


I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and stood on the border of Dragon City. This time, I had my Frost Armor for defense, and was no longer afraid of the attack from the Level 2 Hybrid Demons. Holding off a crowd of Sickle Demons, very soon my Frost Armor’s durability was cut down, but I immediately erected another one. The kings way was to level up my skills as fast as I can to Lv 10. Then, the durability would be at least 3 times more than it was now. One could just imagine how strong that would be.

Once a group of Little Sickle Demons stepped onto the wall, I immediately activated my other skill—— [Ice Domain]!


A powerful cold energy began to seep from my body and “Peng!” It exploded, creating a 100 yard wave with me at the center. Blades of ice and ice picks burst out, hitting all of the Little Sickle Demons. Furthermore, over 50% of the monsters had been sealed. The skill lasted for 3 seconds and had a 60 second cool down. It was just too useful!

Once I activated [Ice Domain], everyone in [Zhan Long] was stupefied. Now all of them could see just how strong these Dragon City classes are.


“Brother Xiao Yao!”

Qing Qian pointed to the foot of the city and said, “Look, the BOSS has appeared. It right in front of [Valley of the Gods]. What would we do? [Valley of the Gods] has less than 100 people right now, they definitely won’t be able to hold it off…”

I gritted my teeth, “There’s no other way. I’ll go and lure the BOSS over! Qing Qian, send out a command and have everyone prepare for attack. This tenth wave BOSS is [Zhan Long]’s!”

“Yes sir!”

Wan Er said, “Be careful!”

I flashed a confident smile to my future girlfriend and said, “Don’t worry!”
I jumped off of the city wall and pulled out my Zhen Yue Sword to slow down my descent. I could see from a distance that the BOSS was a porcupine clothed in armor and holding a sickle blade. It looked a little like Lin Han, but didn’t have the same attack power or pressure as him. I opened one hand and targeted the BOSS with [Great Realm of Desolation]!



He he, my Dragon Reservoir Sword’s dragon power activated, dealing three times the normal damage. That one attack lured the BOSS straight to me. On the wall, the [Valley of the Gods] Guild Master Lu Dong Bing waved his staff and stepped onto the wall, furious, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, this BOSS spawned right in front of our guild formation. What gives you the right to run over here and steal our BOSS?”

As I activated [Blade Spin] to attack the BOSS, I looked up at Lu Dong Bing and smiled, “My bad, I didn’t mean to. But its just that [Valley of the Gods] has less than 100 people. Don’t say killing a BOSS, it’d be a miracle if you don’t get killed by the BOSS. Once [Valley of the Gods] formation breaks, then it would automatically go to [Zhan Long]. If our formation breaks, then the casualties will be entirely different. I’d like to avoid that situation, so sorry!”

War Tent angrily kicked a brick and shouted, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, aren’t you doing this on purpose? Is there anyone else that would steal a BOSS so arrogantly like you?”

On the side, Old K raised his battle axe and walked over. He shouted, “War Tent, what’s wrong? Did you want to duel it out? Here here here, I happen to have the time. If you dare try to curse at our Guild Master, then you’re cursing at the entire [Zhan Long]. Why don’t you also ask all of the brothers behind me if they want to fight with you!”

Li Mu, Wang Jian, One Second Hero, Glass Fox, Wang Jiang and all of the other top tier [Zhan Long] players raised their weapons. At that moment, War Tent had no choice but to stand down, afraid to say another word.

In the distance Yan Zhao commented, “The tenth wave BOSS is a Lv 110 Saint Tier one. [Valley of the Gods] would not have been able to fight against him. Seeing as they didn’t have the strength to do it, then they should stand down. [Zhan Long]’s formation stood against the tenth wave and took heavy losses. This BOSS should’ve been theirs in the first place!”

Lu Dong Bing gritted his teeth, “Since Guild Master Yan Zhao says so too, then we never mind… Brothers, begin replenishing your resources and get ready for the 11th wave of monsters!”


“Roar roar….”

The tenth wave BOSS was a Lv 110 Saint Tier named the “Sickle Devil”, and was already charging towards me. He roared, “Bastard, I’ll cut you in half! If you have the guts, don’t run!”

As the BOSS was about to get close, I immediately turned around and let out my Dragon’s Hook. “Peng!” It pierced through One Second Hero’s shield. Shocked, he exclaimed, “F*ck, Guild Master what are you doing?”

I laughed, “Hold tight!”

As I said that, I shrank the hook and flew forward. One Second Hero grunted and was dragged to the border of the wall as I pulled forward. Li Mu and Wang Jian acted fast and held onto One Second Hero and shouted, “Yong Jie, don’t let go!”

One Second Hero’s face turned green, “My arms about to get pulled out of their sockets, Li Xiao Yao, you bastard, let go!”

How could I possibly let go? With a whoop I rushed up the wall with the Sickle Demon right behind me. I shouted to everyone, “Set up your formation, we’re getting ready to kill a BOSS!”

I turned around and began swinging my sword towards the Sickle Demon. That trash also swung his blade at me. “Ka Ka” he dealt two attacks. However, with my [Wall of Dou Qi] combined with [Frost Armor], I was able to hold against him!




Yan Zhao Warrior was speechless. He raised a thumb and said, “He he, that Li Xiao Yao’s ability to survive is just too great. I’m speechless. A fifth advancement class really is strong!”

Simple’s eyes were filled with doubt and he said, “En, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is a rare talent. Unfortunately, he’s at arms with us [Vanguard]. If it weren’t for that Purple Tier Tian Zhe Sword, leading to our bad blood. It could be said that it was [Vanguard]’s fault that there’s bad feelings between the two of our guilds!”

Jian Feng Han’ lips twitched, “Sister Jun, you’re lecturing me again. Let’s not mention what happened in the past any longer! Besides, Li Xiao Yao isn’t some treasure. In the end, he and I will duel it out to find out who’s stronger. He wouldn’t spend the rest of his time here in [Vanguard].”

Simple nodded, “Yes, I understand that. And so, Ah Han, you need to train your emotions better. If you look at the entire Chinese Server, among the heavy armor players, only you and Q-Sword can fight against Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Right now, you are the weakest amongst the three. You have to work a little harder. Sooner or later, you three will fight to find out who was the strongest close combat player.”

Jian Feng Han smiled, “Don’t worry, I understand… I will!”


“Kong kong..”

The Sickle Demon roared. The attack that he threw created sparks as it slammed against my armor. Too bad for him, he wasn’t going to be able to kill me with that one attack. Only if he were to continuously waste away my health, he might be able to, but the Sickle Demon’ attack was enough deal critical damage to other players. In the blink of an eye, several of our players had died. There was no other way, we could only whittle his health like this.

After another sweep of his blade, twelve attacks swept through the crowd of players. The BOSS had activated his big skill, killing over 100 people in one attack. [Zhan Long] took another hit from this BOSS. In the end however, we were still able to control it and within 9 minutes, its health dropped to the bottom!

My Dragon Reservoir Sword dealt another dragon powered attack, cutting right through the BOSS’ body and cutting away his last sliver of health!

I pulled out my sword and smiled to Wan Er, “Vice Guild Master, go split up the spoils of war. I don’t need anything!”

Wan Er smiled, “Yes, will do!”


Wan Er began to split the items. There were two Saint Tier equipments, each ROLLed away by Wolf and One Second Hero. While they were doing that, I looked at the details of my two new skills, [Ice Domain] and [Frost Armor]. I had leveled both of them up to Lv 2. Other than that, nothing surprising had happened. Of course my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and my [Great Realm of Desolation] had already reached Lv 10 and was on the way to being perfected. The next level was “Heavenly Tier Lv 1”. Looks like Lvl 10 wasn’t necessarily the final level for skills. He he, Heavenly Tier skills, just what level would that be?

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