Zhan Long

Chapter 560

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Chapter 560 Successful Fifth Advancement

Dragon Rider, one of the jobs among the Dragon Knights. This was a name that many players would die for. Yup, it was just within my grasp. I would definitely be able to kill these 1000 Hybrid Demons. Furthermore, the sooner I advance to my fifth advancement, the more defense and attack power I would have against them. Plus, I’ve seen in the information, that every time a player advances a job, that there was at least a 25% hidden stat increase. The current players couldn’t hold up against the Hybrid Demons because of the fact that we hadn’t reached our fifth class advancements.


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and returned to the border of the city wall. I charged towards the Level 2 Hybrid Demon monsters. This time, I wasn’t going to let these monsters take the advantage. With my Dragon Reservoir Sword as my main offense and my Zhen Yue Sword’s [Blade Spin] as my support, I put all of my focus into getting as many kills as I could. As long as I got 1000 I would be able to advance to the fifth level!

Time passed by quickly and in the blink of an eye, 4 hours passed. [Zhan Long] took quite a few losses. There were also a lot less Ba Huang City players on wall. It looked like [Prague] and [Vanguard] had less than 2000 players each. However there were still players continuously running towards the wall to help. Others didn’t dare come. Fighting the Level 2 Hybrid Demons was like suicide.

“Hu hu….”

Yan Zhao Warrior’s long sword was soaked blood. He charged forward and pushed back a monster. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he stared into the plains covered with [Prague] corpses. He couldn’t help but feel his heart quiver slightly as he said, “F*ck, this is only the eighth wave. Are they trying to break us?”

Epic Hero recovered some of his health and huffed, “Guild Master, if we keep this battle up, then at most after two waves all of our [Prague] players will be killed. What should we do…”

Yan Zhao Warrior raised a fist and growled, “What are we hesitating for? Send out a command to all of the divisions and have them all bring players here. We’re going to fight with all we have against these Hybrid Demons. Losing three levels is nothing, but if we lose Dragon City, then the entire Ba Huang City will fall under the blade of the Hybrid Demon army. Compared to a Lv 2 Main City, what is losing three levels worth?”

Epic Hero nodded, “Understood. I’m on it!”

Not far away, [Vanguard] looked as though it had some movement as well. Jian Feng Han dashed across the crowd of monsters, his blade splattered with blood. Out of breath, he roared, “Foolish, command the divisions to bring more people here. [Prague] is putting their all into this. [Vanguard] can’t be the only one conserving its power. Have everyone come here. We’re gonna fight with everything on the line. We must hold Dragon City for 48 hours!”


Crowds of players died along the wall. Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Qing Qian, Old K and the other close combat [Zhan Long] players would charge into the fray once they recovered their health. Each one of them was covered in blood, but nobody retreated a step. Furthermore, the NPCs seemed to have noticed the weariness of the players. Under Frost’s command, a group appeared South of the city with equipment repair, potions, and other items. With that, the players only needed two minutes to replenish all of their resources.


I pushed away monsters with my Zhen Yue sword while I cut them down with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Using both of my swords to fight, I sliced down one monster with a single stroke. A “+1” popped up above my head. I glanced at the system and saw that my kill count had already hit 771. Yup, I just needed to put in a little more energy and I’ll hit 1000!

Time passed quickly and [Zhan Long]’s dozen divisions had all practically gone to their graves on the city wall. The demons on the other hand had already reached the tenth wave. Of the waves, the seventh BOSS was killed by Yan Zhao Warrior, while the 8th and 9th were taken by Misty Cloud and Han Bei Song. It seemed as though they got a Saint Tier sword. All in all, the difficulty of this event was extremely high, but the rewards were proportional with the risk and were extremely plentiful.

Before us, the entire mountain was covered with Level 2 Hybrid Demons at Lv 110—— the Sickle Demons. This was a type of monster with extremely high attack power. Even though they had an extreme love for gold, we couldn’t use the same method as before. In the end, the ratio of Gold to RMB was 1:2. 1 Gold was worth 2 bucks. This was hard earned money and nobody was willing to throw it away. After all, rich people like Yan Zhao and Misty Cloud were still rare.

My blade slashed through a group of Sickle Demons and two of the little devils were hacked to death. I roared and flames began to rise around me. [Sword Tempest] activated. That on top of the continuous attacks from my [Azure Dragon Crossbow], a few more Sickle Demons fell to their deaths.


I looked up and saw that there were less and less Sickle Demons. I immediately began to retreat and smiled, “I’m going to advance to my fifth promotion, you guys hold them off!”

Li Mu laughed, “Hurry back!”

I turned around and leapt onto the platform to see Frost. In the air, Severing Beauty had grown into a sword of light that darted right into the crowd of Sickle Demons and blood spurted. As Frost directed the army, she did not waste any time and did her part in killing the Hybrid Demons. These monsters were terrifying to us players, but before Frost’s strength, they were like ants.

“Sha sha…”

I stepped across the ice and snow and walked forward. Frost had turned around to look at me and she grinned, “Alright. You have not let me down, killing this many Hybrid Demons in such a short time. My student really isn’t like the others…”

I felt a warmth wash over my heart and I smiled, “Frost, are you praising me?”

Frost rubbed her chin and then stuck her chest up as she stepped forward. She then glanced at me and said, “I’ve always felt pride because of you, have you not known that?”

A little embarrassed I looked down at my shoes and smiled, “Alright, thank you… I, can I get a promotion now?”

“Yup, you’ve already given enough proof!”

Frost straightened up and looked into the sky. Energy began to rise around her sight body and brought out a breeze. She then opened one of her hands and then placed it on my shoulder. She closed her eyes and murmured, “The Dragon City Oath, to always protect Justice, even if the walls fall. Never turn your back on a mission and forever guard this desolate land.,.. I, Frost, as the commander of the Dragon Knights, name you “Yang Wei Dragon Rider”. From now on, your fate and mine are tied together and we will never turn our back to one another!”



System Notification: Congratulations, you have been promoted to your fifth job! Because you are the first player to advance to the fifth class, you have obtained the rewards: Level+1, Charm+20, Gold+70,000, and your reputation in Tian Ling Empire, Ba Huang City, and Dragon City has greatly increased. You have successfully reached Heavenly Tier and your hidden stats will greatly increase. The job that you have obtained is Yang Wei Dragon Rider!



A ray of gold light fell on me and I leveled up to 101. Furthermore, I obtained 20 charm. In my stats list, my attack, defense, and magic defense stats had all turned into a sky blue color. Clearly, this meant that my hidden stats had increased as well. Even though I couldn’t see it, when I fight the Hybrid Demons, I’ll be able to feel the effects!

Excitement coursed through me, I looked up at Frost. There was something more important that I needed to do. I made a fist and looked at my beautiful teacher with a smile, “Frost, now that I am a Dragon Rider, are there any skills you need to teach me?”

Frost grinned, “Yup. There are indeed two skills that I can teach you. However, these are all ancient skills that I had discovered in the depths of Dragon City’s tomb which I then morphed with my own skills and so I will teach them to you myself. If the Dragon City officials come after us then we’ll just stuff their mouths with gold!”

I nodded, “Ok!”

Frost waved her hand and two skill books appeared before me——

[Frosty Armor] (SS) : Summons the power of ice to become an energy armor to protect the user from receiving any high damage. The durability is proportional with the user’s attack power and defense power. Requirements: Level 100, Consumes 10 charm, 100,000 Gold. You cannot learn this skill with the skill [Dou Qi Wall], but its effects can be added with the effects of [Wall of Dou Qi] [Ice Domain] (SSS) Summons an icy power and targets all enemies within a 100×100 yard radius with frost and ice pick damage. Furthermore, there is a chance of sealing the enemy in ice. The damage and chance of sealing is dependent on the user’s stats. Requirements: Level 100, Consumes: 15 Charm and 200,000 G.


I felt my heart pounding. D*mn, these were both Frost’ most prided skills. To think that she would teach it to me without any reservations. The only problem was that it was too expensive!

Looking at my bag, I saw that I currently had 500,000G. I gritted my teeth and transferred 300,000 and got both of the skill books. I quickly learned them and Shua Shua two rays of light fell. I now got three skills from Frost!

Frost narrowed her eyes and then felt her money bag with a smile, “Good… my student really is a rich man. I’m very content, He he…. Now, all the money the Dragon City blacksmiths used to forge the battle horse armor has been earned back. Very good… soon I will be able to create a Dragon City armored cavalry….

Looking at my contents and beautiful teacher I couldn’t help but smile, “Frost, is that all you want?”

Frost nodded, “Yup. Dragon City is my everything. I will spend my entire life defending this city!”


I looked at my system and activated Frost Armor with a roar. Slivers of blue energy began to rise from the air around me and wrap around my body, creating an icy cover over my Flame Prison Armor. On top of that was the Dou Qi that swirled around me to form the [Wall of Dou Qi]. As expected, the two skills combined created a flawless defense. Above my head was a counter for the Frost Armor. Once the durability of my Frost Armor disappeared, the counter would go away as well. It was quite great, showing that my stats were pretty powerful.

“That’s right…”

Frost held out another skill book and said, “Besides the [Frost Armor] and [Ice Domain] skills, I’ll give you this skill for free..”

I looked at it. [Assault], it was a fifth advancement skill. All heavy armor players could use it. It dealt a charging attack to the targets within a 5-40 yard radius and had a chance for 1 second stun. It was a S Tier skill, something that all players would get.


Now that I got [Assault] I was much more content.

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