Zhan Long

Chapter 559

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Chapter 559 Thousand Man Slash

This kind of equipment could be used by most people, but only the top ten players who dealt the most damage and took the most hits had the right to ROLL, and so I paid all ten of them in order to get Wu Ji. After all, this BOSS wasn’t killed solely by myself. It would be too unjust if I were to take it for myself and I would gain no respect as a Guild Master.

I put Wu Ji into my bag and continued through the other items that the Mushroom Spirit dropped. The second piece was a mantle. I reached out and waved my hand over it, revealing the stats in the air. Motherf*cker, these BOSSes from the Hybrid Demon territory really did drop good things. Another Saint Tier equipment appeared——

[Heaven’s Walker Mantle] (Saint Tier)

Defense: 1070

Strength: +107

Stamina: +105

Agility: +102

Additional: Increases the user’s physical damage by 21%

Additional: Increases the user’s Magic Defense by 40%

Additional: Increases the user’s Max Hp by 3000

Special: [Wind Stepper], Increases the user’s movement speed by 27%

Special: [Sky Stepper] Once in battle, movement speed will increase by another 20%

Required Level: 95


I raised the Heaven’s Walker Mantle and smiled, “This Heaven’s Walker Mantle…. All classes can use this equipment. However, since it increases physical damage by 21%, I’ll limit it to only the heavy armor, Assassins, Archers, and Musketeers. Can the ten players who dealt the most damage or took the most damage ROLL? I took the Wu Ji so I won’t participate. You guys go!”

As I said that, the players that qualified stepped up. Among the top ten were Wan Er, Qing Qian, Dancing Forest, Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K. It was pretty much all of [Zhan Long]’s top tier players. None of them had any hesitations, they each raised the dice and rolled. In the end, Dancing Forest shouted in delight, “Wow, 100 points!”

And so, Dancing Forest’ 100 points had beat everyone else’s roll, giving her the mantle! Wan Er had 99, while Qing Qian had 97. They were just a step away.

I then tossed the Heaven Walker’s Mantle to Dancing Forest. Her level was already high enough so she immediately equipped it. A breeze brushed against us and the mantle fluttered behind her. The originally cute and pretty girl now had the aura of an heroine. After all, this was [Zhan Long]’s Archer, so of course she was both pretty and heroic.

Continuing on, I looked at the last piece of equipment that the Mushroom Spirit dropped. It was a ring that flashed with a dull glow. I waved my hand over it and the stats appeared. A hush fell over the crowd and suddenly everyone broke into chatter. This time [Zhan Long]’s luck was just too great! This BOSS actually dropped three Saint Tier equipments. This was completely unprecedented——

[Ring of Xing Tian] (Saint Tier)

Strength: +105

Stamina: +102

Agility: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 500

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 2900

Special Skill: [Dance of Xing Tian] With a swinging sword and a determination to kill your enemy, this skill will increase the user’s attack power greatly. Lasts for 15 seconds and uses 100 Rage. While the skill is activated, the user will not receive any damage, and it will increase splash damage by 50%

Required Level: 95

Charm: 110


Looking at the Ring of Xing Tian, I couldn’t help but smile and say, “Yet another OP equipment. Come on, let’s continue the ROLL. I will step out of this, so you guys figure it out!”

Wang Jian couldn’t help it and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, there’s no need. Why don’t you participate in it too? You are the number one DPS damager, you have the right…”

I shook my head, “No need, I already have two rings. The [Ring of the Ruler] has [King Domain] while the [Unrivaled Ring] has the [Chi You Body] skill. I can’t bear to switch either of them out. You guys go ahead!”

And so the top ten players continued to compete. In the end, Li Mu took the ring with his 87 points. His luck wasn’t bad. In reality, this ring had both attack skills and the [Undefeated] skill in one, and was extremely useful. Now that he has the Ring of Xing Tian, Li Mu would also be someone who could use a skill similar to [Unrivaled] and he wouldn’t be instantly killed ever again.


Finally, there was the crimson pet egg. Holding it in my hand, I could feel a soft warmth coming from the center. I waved my other hand over the top and the pet egg’s stats appeared in the air——

[Mushroom Spirit] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Type: Support type, Owner Stats Fusion

Attack: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Defense: ★★★★★★★☆

Health: ★★★★★★★☆

Agility: ★★★★★★★★

Magic: ★★★★★★☆

Skills: [Fusion]

Excellency: 100%

Owner Requirements: Level 90, Charm Cost 20, 10,000 Gold


“Fusion Pet? What’s that?” I was stunned.

Wan Er shook her head, her face puzzled, “Not sure…”

Li Mu laughed, “Never mind. Let’s ROLL to see who gets it. Afterwards we’ll have them fuse together and see the result.”

One Second Hero said, “Ok, Guild Master, set up the ROLL. My dice are getting thirsty….”

I was speechless. I then immediately set up the ROLL for the pet egg. All of the top ten players would participate, as well as me. After all, this was a very interesting item…


I finally landed on 11, well.
Qing Qian chuckled and threw out her dice. She got 17, which wasn’t any better than my own number. Li Mu and Wang Jian didn’t get over 50. All the way until Dancing Forest threw another 100. Her luck today was just too great!

Matcha cautiously began the ROLL and “Shua!” landed on 100 as well. There were two 100’s already! Everyone couldn’t tear their eyes away as Wan Er also began her ROLL. The dice continuously rolled along the ground, finally stopping on 100. There was a total of three 100s!

The system recognized the three way tie and had Matcha, Wan Er and Dancing Forest ROLL for another round!

“41 points!”

64 points!”

90 points!

Finally, Wan Er was the one who came out on top. I handed the pet egg to the beautiful little miss. She held it carefully in the palm of her hand and then pointed a finger out. She then carefully slit her finger on my Zhen Yue Sword and a drop of blood seeped out and dripped onto the pet egg. At that moment, the a light burst out of the egg flew into the sky. Lines of words appeared above the egg.

“Pa Cha..”

The egg cracked and a cute head popped out. “Ji Ji” it cried out as it stood in Wan Er’s palm. A tiny cap rested on its head, and looked extremely like the Mushroom spirit. It climbed up the beautiful Wan Er’s arm to her shoulder. Then with a “Wa wa” it turned into a mushroom tattoo and rested onto Wan Er’s shoulder. The fusion was a success!


Wan Er was slightly shocked and her mouth was agape.

“So?” I asked, “How was the fusion’s result?”

Wan Er opened up her arms and then shared a picture of the result:

Fusion Effect (Mushroom Spirit) ——

Attack Power +27%

Defense +24%

Attack Speed +21%

Max HP +4257

Magic Defense +47%


I smiled, “So strong! I wonder if there will be more of these fusion pets. It’s practically a necessity for players!

Li Mu nodded, “There will definitely be more. Sooner or later it’ll be our turn!”

I continued to separate the other items. With that, ten minutes already passed by.

Qing Qian stood at the edge of the wall and looked towards the northern forests and said, “The seventh wave of monsters should be coming. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, they should be Level 2 Hybrid Demons. Our numbers have already taken a great hit. [Zhan Long] in total has lost over ten thousand players.”

I felt my fingers go cold and I tightened my grip on my Dragon Reservoir Sword, “Yes, I got it…”

Wan Er walked over from behind me and said, “Pig, your beautiful teacher is commanding the battlefront over there. Why don’t you take this chance and head over to get your fifth class advancement quest? You’re Lv 100 now, so you can advance again. Maybe there’s some other strong skill that you can learn!”

I nodded with a smile, “OK, I’ll head over now. I almost forgot!”


Not far from us, a group of monsters suddenly appeared from the forest. It was a group of Barbarian Warriors, all Level 2 Hybrid Demons. Either way, our [Zhan Long] formation wouldn’t change much without one person missing. And so, I raised my sword and walked over to the observation tower and jumped up on to the deck. I stood behind Frost as she watched the north.


“Yes.” She turned around to look at me and smiled, “You’re here? Do you have some business?”

I pointed at the “LV-100” above my head and smiled, “Look, I’m already strong enough. Can you promote me to the next job? I can’t always just stay as a Dragon City Nightwatch….”

Frost chuckled and spread her arms out, “Alright. To be honest, in Dragon City, a Nightwatch is only a gold position. The next is the platinum tier, Dragon Rider . If you actually finish this quest, then I’ll consider giving you the honor of a Dragon Rider. However, this quest will be extremely difficult….”

I nodded, “Alright. Tell me, what kind of a quest do I have to complete!”

Frost looked towards the north and said, “You’ve seen it all too. Right now, our situation is extremely dangerous. I myself am up to my ears in work, so there’s no way I can send you on a quest to kill the Hybrid Demon Commander….”

I pursed my lips, “It can be something else too. After all, the situation is as it is right now. I hope that I can get stronger as soon as possible so that I can be of more help…”

Frost grunted and smiled, “Alright then, let’s do this… you go participate in the battle to guard the city. From this point onwards, you must kill 1000 Hybrid Demons. Afterwards, you can go to Dragon City to get your promotion. Someone who can kill 1000 Hybrid Demons is definitely a worthy warrior. How does that sound?”

I immediately replied, “Yes, ok!”



System Notification: You’ve accepted the quest [Thousand Man Slash]

Quest Details: Join the [Dragon City Defense] and kill 1000 Hybrid Demons. When you have done so, you will be promoted to a platinum class and become one of the Dragon Riders. However, you must be careful, those Hybrid Demons are incredibly strong. While you are killing enemies, you cannot die or else this quest will be failed.

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