Zhan Long

Chapter 554

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Chapter 554 Death God’s Elegy

Snowflakes covered the sky and Dragon City’s wind nipped at our faces. In [Zhan Long]’s formation, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K were all covered in blood and scratches. The freezing temperatures made their faces pale. Even their blades had a thin layer of ice and snow wrapped around them.

I jerked my arm slightly, letting the snow fall off of my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I looked into the distant darkness, my heart filled with nervousness. The second wave of Hybrid Demons had yet to arrive, but they must be extremely strong. Luckily Dragon City was built for the sake of defense. If Dragon City had been build on flatlands, then I’m afraid that we wouldn’t have even been able to hold off the first wave.


“Ji ji…..”

From afar, a terrifying screech traveled to our ears. I jerked and said, “The second wave is filled with Gravedigger Demons. They’re a type of Hybrid Demons whose arms have melded with their blades. Be careful, they have an extremely high attack power and they can dig through anything. They pose a huge threat to the city’s defenses. This will be much harder to fight….”

“They can break the city walls?” Li Mu was stunned.

I nodded, “Yes. Yesterday, when I was doing a normal quest for Dragon City, I bumped heads with these Gravedigger Demons. Later, Archers, Mages, and Musketeers should get near the border. Use your firepower to attract the Gravediggers up here. Afterwards, warriors will surround one and cut it down. Let’s start with this tactic for now. We cannot let Dragon City’s walls be dug up those Demon Gravediggers!”

Li Mu and Wang Jian gave a firm nod, “Yes!”

After a few minutes, I could hear the screeches getting closer. As I had predicted, one after another the Gravedigger Demons appeared from the depths of the forest. Their enormous figures cast a large shadow and they pierced their four legs into the cliff. Countless Gravedigger Demons were coming up on us!


Under my command, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, General Lian Po and Fox lead all of the ranged players to the border of the wall. I raised my blade and hundreds of thousands of arrows and spells flew forward. Everyone’s attack power was pretty high. Within seconds, they attracted the Gravedigger Demons to us. Matcha, Wan Er and I all pulled forward, creating a defensive line as the ranged players retreated behind us.

“Kong kong….”

The first Gravedigger Demon reached the wall and charged straight towards Dong Cheng. There was no way, that brat’s damage was just too high. With three spells she was able to cut the Hybrid Demon’s health by 10%.

I swung my sword out and “Keng!” blocked the Gravedigger’s attack with my Zhen Yue Sword. Not only did it cut off a couple thousand health, the attack’s momentum shook me and made me retreat backwards. These Level 2 Hybrid Demons had already surpassed me by quite a bit. There was no way, level and hidden stat’s wise, our gap was just too great. Thankfully I was the one who took the attack. If it was any other Knight, they probably would’ve been thrown into the sky already.

“Hold him off, use [Scatter Shot]!” I roared. If we came at the Gravedigger Demons all at once then our losses would be minimized.

Dancing Forest and General Lian Po shot [Scatter Shot]s one after another, but each one of them missed. Right at that moment, Qing Qian’s figure flashed by and [Gouge] flashed. It was a success! “Ka ka ka!” The Gravedigger Demon was forced back and a large chunk of its health was gone. With perfect Maneuvers, Wan Er came from the other side and activated [Twin Blade Harmony]+[Combo]. The first Gravedigger Demon to reach the top gave one last scream and fell, dropping an Emperor Tier set of leather wristguards.

On the other side, Tang Xin, Moon Feather and Star Blade were teamed together and killing another Gravedigger Demon. All at once, we lost four of our warriors. They had all pretty much been instantly killed. At this point in the game, most of [Zhan Long]’s warriors had 10,000-15,000 health. There was no way they could hold off an attack from the Gravediggers.

“Hold him steady, we have to drag that Gravedigger Demon over here!”

I dashed towards the border of the city and set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow]. The enormous jade colored giant loomed over us. “Shua shua shua!” It shot at the incoming monsters. Furthermore, the Azure Dragon Crossbow had a force back effect, making the Gravedigger Demon’s retreat backwards with a screech. A huge crowd of them had been shot back. Even after losing a good half of their health from falling, they kept climbing up. However, this way, it was much easier killing them off.

[Vanguard], [Prague] and [Enemies at the Gate] weren’t idiots. They all followed our example and used similar tactics. Dragon City’s northern field was painted crimson. For the sake of defending this city, crowds of players died in battle and blood dripped onto the fresh snow like small buds of sakura blossoms.


[Zhan Long], [Vanguard], and [Prague], the three great guilds were able to hold their stance and not fall. After all, the three guilds could be considered as Ba Huang City’s number one. However, the rest of Dragon City didn’t necessarily have such a good outcome. Especially for those small to medium guilds. They couldn’t hold up against the Gravedigger Demons attack at all. Their death rate was shocking. Not half an hour later, nearly a thousand players had died under the blade of the Gravedigger Demons.

One group of Gravedigger Demons had already successfully reached the city walls and were laying massacre upon the players.

Glancing at the towers, Frost pulled out her Severing Beauty Sword and sent out a command. A hundred Dragon City Warriors raised their swords and charged over. These were originally Unsullied knights. They rode their Snow Wolves and let out a roar as they poured forward towards the crowd of monsters. The knights waved their swords and cut down the monsters before them. It seems that of everyone in Dragon City, only they could face these Level 1 – Level 2 Hybrid Monsters.

“We can’t hold them off any longer!!”

A scream came from the [Valley of the Gods]. Lu Dong Bing raised his staff and quickly retreated. His expression was furious, “What the motherf*cking kind of quest is this? How come the monsters are so godd*mn strong? How are we even supposed to fight against them?! Retreat, we can’t hold them off…”

The two Vice Guild Masters of [Valley of the Gods], War Tent and Ay Zi Ya had both turned around to run. However, ten Gravedigger Demons with half of their health still left sprinted forward and shouted, “Kill, cut down these shameless losers!”

In the end, the Gravedigger Demons chased them all the way into the middle of Dragon City to a small alley way. The Gravedigger Demons were trembling as they halted in their steps. One of them said, “Such a strong power, who is this? What kind of a person is here…”

In the darkness a black figure lunged forward, a Dragon City badge shining on its shoulder. It held a blade in one hand and swung it at the group of demons. At that second, the blade’s qi was released, cutting right through all ten of the Demons. At the same time it shouted, “To dare step into my Dragon City, you are looking to die!”

It was none other than the Ran Min. Gripping his bloody sword, he sprinted forward and with three to five attacks he killed all dozen of the Gravedigger Demons. A cold breeze blew through the city. Clearly, if any Hybrid Demons really dared enter the city, Ran Min would immediately slaughter them.


After watching the situation behind us, Wolf gritted his teeth, “That NPC Ran Min really is broken. On the other hand, Old K, your Ran Min is….”

Old K raised his battle axe to block an attack and was thrown back by the Gravedigger Demons attack. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth and he smiled, “Don’t say anymore. How can you compare me with an NPC? Motherf*cker, it’s already pretty good if I don’t get instantly killed by these Level 2 Hybrid Demons. Look at [Vanguard] and [Prague]. How many of their people have been instantly killed!”

Li Mu swung his Tian Chen Sword and cut down a Gravedigger Demon in front of him. At the same time, he was thrown back by another attack. Wang Jian immediately rushed forward to protect him, thus preventing Li Mu from getting instantly killed. Everyone was working hard. On the bright side, the system was still a bit considerate. The crowds of Gravedigger Demons were marching in formation. If they had come at us all at once, then the players in the city would’ve probably all been slaughtered.

I roamed the entire frontline. On one hand, I focused on dealing as many attacks as possible, on the other hand I was protecting the [Azure Dragon Crossbow]s that I had set up. Again and again, my [Wall of Dou Qi] would shatter again and reform, shatter and reform. Like that, I helped hold off the storm for the [Zhan Long] players behind me. Luckily I had [Cleansing Rain] to support myself. That way I wouldn’t be beaten up too badly. [Zhan Long]’s core took the most attacks compared to the other guilds, but we also killed the most monsters. Before our formation were countless piles of Gravedigger Demon corpses that were slowly evaporating away. That was enough to prove [Zhan Long]’s battle potential.


As we were killing, Qing Qian suddenly walked over to me and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, Jiu Li City’s battle has already ended. [Legend] took Jiu Li City’s first player fort and is now putting all of its effort into the Tempest Fort event. Based on some reliable information, the monsters at the fort are also extremely strong Hybrid Demons. [Legend], [Judgement], and [House of Prestige] aren’t losing any less players than we are…”

I nodded and glanced around. The number of players are us were getting less and less. I said, “Report on our numbers. If we have less than 4000, then immediately call on reinforcements!”


Beside me, Wan Er added, “We brought 5000 players here and we only have a little more than 2200 left. I’ve already talked with the Guild Masters of our divisions. The Third divisions Guild Master “Death God’s Elegy” is about to bring reinforcements over. Thus, we’ll replace the 2800 that we lost with them!”

I replied, “This is a battle of stamina. Tell her to prepare thoroughly. After these 2800 get here, this wave of Hybrid Demons will most likely be finished off within 3 hours.”

“Don’t worry, everyone has prepared themselves.”



Not long after, [Zhan Long]’s reinforcements arrived. An army of players with [Zhan Long: Division Three] insignias on their soldiers marched into the city. Standing before them was a high level Knight carrying a long spear. He was Lv 93 and his ID showed “Death God’s Elegy”. It was clear that he had put all of his points into explosive power. With a smile he said, “Guild Master, our losses are really great!”


I glanced at his equipment and couldn’t help but ask, “Death God, your spear… it’s Saint Tier?”

“That’s right…” He grinned, “Last week our brothers went up the Ice Ridge Mountain to kill a BOSS and it dropped a Lv 87 Saint Tier equipment. Of course it’s stats are a far cry from Guild Master’s equipment, but it’s enough for a Knight like me.”

“I heard you were an explosive type Knight. How much health do you have?”

“Eh….” He coughed and said, “My attack power is at 6100, defense is 6500, health is 23,000. How is it, not bad right?”

I smiled, “Of the [Zhan Long] Knight type players, you’re probably one of the top three. Keep it up!”


He laughed and raised his spear, “Brothers, advance to the frontline. Let’s let the main guild’s brothers take a breather and show off our power!”

A large group of Division Three players charged forward and seemed to have no fear before the Gravedigger Demons attack. With that one charge, they lost 10 players already, but none of them retreated a single step. This bravery was praiseworthy. If we had a few more charismatic Guild Master’s like that, then what worries would [Zhan Long] have in our journey to the top?


After killing for a long time, a dark cloud began to come towards us slowly. Within it, we could hear a screech.

“The BOSS is here!”

Li Mu narrowed his eyes and looked forward, “Our luck isn’t bad, its coming right towards our direction. Looks like this BOSS is [Zhan Long]’s!”

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