Zhan Long

Chapter 553

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Chapter 553 Demon’s Shadow

“Gu Dong!”

Looking into the northern forests, Li Mu couldn’t help but gulp. He tightened his grip on his Tian Chen Sword and said, “There’s only ten minutes left. Who knows what kinds of monsters the first wave of Hybrid Demons will be?”

Wan Er wryly smiled, “I don’t know, but it’ll probably be fierce! Li Mu, don’t get instantly killed. As the number one player in Valiant Bravery, if you were to be instantly killed it would will destroy our soldiers spirits.”

Li Mu smiled, “If this was any other battle, I’d have the confidence to say that it’s no problem. But today… our enemies are the Hybrid Demons. That’s a much harder task. I’ll just do my best….”

Qing Qian added, “Why’s the enemy we’re against so strong? While Jiu Li and Fan Shu City only have to get an easier SS Tier event? So unreasonable, too unfair…”

I replied, “Not necessarily right?”

Yue Yao Yan glanced at me, “Oh? What kind of wise advice does Guild Master have?”

I smiled, “It isn’t any wise advice. However, the commander fighting Dragon City is Lin Han. He’s ranked eleventh among the fourteen Hybrid Demons. He’s pretty much at the bottom, whereas the Hybrid Demon Commander at Tornado Fort is ranked seventh among the fourteen kings. And so, even though we’ll be facing more pressure overall, but the strongest BOSS may be the one Jiu Li City is facing. Either way, Fang Ge Que, Mu Xuan and Ye Lai aren’t going to have an easy time.”

Yue Yao Yan smiled, “Alright, Guild Master is wise!”


As we were talking, Qing Qian suddenly narrowed her eyes and said, “Careful, they’re here!”

Right as she said that, a screech came from the near distance and the system sent out a message as Dragon City began to shake——


System Notification: All players please be aware, the first wave of enemies are here. Be careful of the incoming danger!


At the same time, Frost stood beside one of the Black Cliff Crossbows in front of the NPC camp and suddenly pulled out her Severing Beauty and shouted, “Careful, they’re here! Everyone prepare for battle!”

Figures began to appear from the blizzard before us. Clearly the ones with the slight figures were Demon Hunters. The carried long spears in their hands and began to screech. Just as expected, the Level 1 Hybrid Demons were the first wave!

“Make sure you defend against the ranged attacks from these Demon Hunters; When you’re targeted, immediately activate [Dou Qi Armor] and [Heavenly Shield Wall]!” I shouted from the front line. At the same time, I activated [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning], increasing the defense of all players around me by 40%. A crimson flag also appeared on Matcha’s shoulder. All friends within a thousand meters also got a 20% increase in attack power. This way, for the most part [Zhan Long]’s players were not going to be at a disadvantage.

The wind sliced at our faces and spears flew along with it. In the next moment, the first wave of spears descended upon the Ba Huang City players, instantly killing most of them. Screams of pain filled the air. I, Matcha, One Second Hero, and Wan Er all retreated several steps. We had been hit by the spears, but that didn’t necessitate us getting instantly killed. Of course, besides us core members, a dozen other [Zhan Long] members were instantly killed. The damage was terrifying.

A group of Demon Hunters screeched and raised their long spears. Then, with their sharp claws they began to climb the cliff. As they screeched, they also cursed, “Damn you all, these shameless humans have taken up the fertile Southern Lands for tens of thousands of years. We will take back this land. This is a piece of land perfect for darkness, we cannot let those useless pieces of trash let it go to waste. Kill… Take the blood of our enemies to fill up the emptiness in our souls!”

Dancing Forest lightly flew up and then shot a [Meteor Shot]+[Hell’s Meteor Shower], raining it upon the incoming enemies. She then quickly descended, dodging the swords being thrown. Tang Xin and Matcha stood at the border of the wall, blocking the hits while receiving heals.


On the other side, [Prague] and [Vanguard] were taking damage at an alarming rate. Flocks of players were being killed off. Even Simple was trembling from the ferocity of this attack. She raised an elegant eyebrow and said, “We cannot continue like this. If we keep this death rate up, don’t say 48 hours, we won’t even be able to last 24 hours….”

Jian Feng Han raised his sword and said, “Sister Yun, there’s no other way. Don’t let your heart be moved, this is a quest…”


On the [Zhan Long] side, Wan Er’s beautiful eyes glanced across the landscape as she raised her iron umbrella and sent out a command, “Everyone in the front row retreat five yards. We’ll use the broken line to dodge these attacks. All ranged players in the back row, prepare your attacks. We’ll deal a blow that will make them regret even coming! Do not be polite!”

“Yes ma’am!”

Crowds of people began to retreat and noticed that they truly did not suffer as much pressure as they did before.

Shortly afterwards, they were accompanied by a hissing sound as the first wave of Demon Hunters appeared right in [Zhan Long]. I immediately unsheathed my Zhen Yue Sword and cast [Blade Spin] against the monsters. Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest also started attacking with multiple AOE damage spells. The result was the entire wave of Demon Hunters to be completely slaughtered. The more people there is, the stronger one will be!

TL Note: AOE stands for area of effect which basically means a spell that is targeted towards hitting multiple enemies.

However, as the numbers of the Demon Hunters continued to increase, the amount of pressure put onto the players also increased. Even high ranking players were unable to keep up with the flow of rapid attacks and ended up being stabbed to death. The entire battlefield of [Zhan Long] was engulfed in flames, battle marks, and screams. The amount of attacks did not stop even once. As the Demon Hunters screamed in agony, they also dropped their experience and equipment, to which we took in.

Very quickly, the entire field was in the complete control of the player guilds. The deaths of the players were considerably lower than the deaths of the monsters. The amount of experience was plentiful as well as the item drops. In a short time of two hours, many players were able to jump a level. However the amount of deaths were still really high. Out of the 5000 [Zhan Long] players that came, 1,000 perished in the fight.

The edge of the city was piled with the corpses of the Demon Hunters. As the Demon Hunters were already extremely scarce in numbers, their continuous attacks were easily dealt with. Li Mu and Wang Jian took players to sweep the fields and kill any last remaining monsters. Thus ended the first barrage of attacks by the Demon Hunters.


“ Ha Ha…”

A Knight from [Prague] carrying a long halberd laughed as he picked up a ring drop, “My luck is great today, to think that a Divine Tier Ring would drop from a Level 1 Demon Hunter. It even has 12% life steal. Lucky me, lucky me…”

Right as he finished his sentence, he heard shouts from behind him. A huge shadow rose from the bottom of the city’s walls. A giant monster with 6 arms suddenly appeared. With 8 swords behind his back, he pulled out his swords and instantly stabbed toward the Knight. He was caught unaware as he was pierced by two swords.



As the Knight was instantly killed, his ring was also dropped down into the abyss. Damn, that’s just too bad. [Prague]’s Uncle Yan Zhao is probably going to die from heartbreak!


Yan Zhao raised his sword and yelled, “A Divine Tier ring! Gahhh! What the f*ck is this? He can 20k damage to a Knight?”

Everyone looked over to see the boss of the first wave, “Demon’s Shadow”, a Lv 101 Saint Tier BOSS. The boss for the first wave was bound to come sooner or later!

Jian Feng Han carried his long sword and yelled from afar, “Yan Zhao Warrior, do you need help taking down that boss?”

Yan Zhao Warrior pulled out his sword and stabbed it into the ground and yelled, “ No need! [Prague]! Expand the defensive formation! This first boss is ours. Commence attack! Archers attack the boss from afar. Tanks go attack the boss in close combat. Healers keep up!

It was the same tactic as before and relying on our strength in numbers. An enormous crowd of [Prague] players charged forward. Whittling down the BOSS’ health was only a matter of time. Of course, this BOSS truly was fierce. It’s six arms held 6 different blades and sliced through the crowds of people without any hesitation or obstacle. He was cutting people up as though he were wielding a kitchen knife. To top it off, he had a cruel smile painted on his face as he cut through [Prague]’s army——

“Ge ge, how come your attacks are so weak, little nubs!”

“Oh, I think I felt your hit there. Here, put a little more back into it you d*mb*ss*s!”

“That bastard standing in the distance. All of the wrinkles on your face look as though an earthworm crawled all over it. Ha ha, I swear upon my name as the Demon’s Shadow, you probably haven’t even married yet!”


Yan Zhao Warrior was infuriated by the BOSS’ words. He raised his sword and roared, “Kill, cut that motherf*cker up! F*ck, I’m p*ss*d!!!”

At that moment, everyone watching just felt highly amused. As the Guild Master of [Prague] he was actually provoked by a BOSS’ words. However, that BOSS was just too human like. He nearly pissed our Uncle Yan Zhao to death. These game designers really are too cruel.

A moment later and under Yan Zhao’s command, the Demon’s Shadow’s health had dropped to the bottom. Even though he had cut down hundreds of [Prague]’s warriors, he still couldn’t escape his final destiny. After all, he was just a Saint Tier BOSS. We didn’t need to fear that he had some kind of OP power like Lin Han. We’ve all witnessed Lin Han’s strength. To say that he could crush Dragon City with a single fist wasn’t an exaggeration, and that was what we were all worried about.

With a scream, the Demon’s Shadow knelt to his knees and died. With that, he dropped a pile of equipment.

Despite the good fortune, [Prague]’s players did not celebrate because their losses were just too great. That BOSS had cut down at least 400+ of their friends. Yan Zhao Warrior’s face didn’t have a shade of happiness either. All he did was furrow his eyebrows in worry. He began to go through the equipment and shared the information with us. There was one Saint Tier battle axe, one Valkyrie Tier Helmet and one Valkyrie Tier ring. Overall it was pretty good. At least the Saint Tier battle axe was still a treasure on the market. Exchanging three levels from 400 people was actually, in reality, pretty worth it.


After the first wave’s battle finished, the ground before the city was in complete chaos. There was no time to sweep the battlefield. Very soon, another system notification rang through the sky. The second wave of monsters was coming ——


System Notification: Players guarding the city be aware, the second wave of enemies have already reached the gates. Please proceed with caution!


Li Mu gripped his long sword, his voice quivering slightly with excitement and nervousness, “The second wave, what are they going to be, Level 2 Hybrid Demons?”

I gulped, “Don’t jinx it. Let’s just hope they’re Level 1….”

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